Marcio Alaor Discusses New Airline Business Venture


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David Neelman, a man widely regarded as one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the aviation industry, has effectively completed one of his biggest accomplishments this year. The executive of Banco BMG, Marcio Alaor, announced on June 11th that Neelman had recently purchased the TAP (transportes aeries portuguses) airline. Alaor went on to explain that investment negotiations had been taking place between David Neelmen and Humberto Pedrosa, the owner of the Barraqueiro investment group. The two businessmen developed a new investment group, which they used to purchase the majority percentage of the TAP airline. Marcia Alaor made remarks about the purchase and its impact on the Portuguese government and economy.

Neelman further expressed his elation that the company was now owned by his financial group and explained the new direction that he wished to take the company in. He announced that the newly re-developed airline’s target model would be emphasizing a low cost model for consumers who wished to find the cheapest flights. He explained that the new brand for TAP airline would target both consumers who were seeking the best deal on their flights for their money and customers who did not mind paying higher prices for a better quality of flying. The business model was developed to suit the needs of every individual customer.

The owner of the Blue, in addition to the company in Brazil, has also set up two companies in the United States. These airlines are newly developed and are called Morris Air and JetBlue. Neelman and his associates have also developed a new airline in Canada called WestJet. David Neeleman has American and Dutch origins, but was born in Brazil in Sao Paulo in October 1959. Mario Alaor revealed that Neelman moved to the United States at the age of five. The BMG executive further elaborated on the early life of Neelman, expressing that Neelman, though he is considered an expert in the aviation field, was a bit of a slacker during his school years and, in fact, hated to study. The businessman suffered through years of failing grades and was later diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD.
Alaor relayed that the attention deficit disorder was a major hinderance to the future businessman and entrepreneur because of the fact that he disliked taking medication for the disorder due to the negative side effects and therefore rarely took it. According to statements of the businessman, David Neeleman, who actually suffers from the disorder, even after reaching a certain level of success in business, people who struggle with the disorder still experience a feeling of dissatisfaction and hopelessness. Neelman gives hope, however, to any person who may suffer from this learning disorder or any other learning disorder that perseverance will lead to success despite obstacles.

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The Best Food for Man’s Best Friend


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As consumers become more health-conscious, they are paying special attention to the kinds, qualities, and quantities of ingredients that they are putting into their bodies. Gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, and purely organic diets are but a few of the diets families today are selecting for the sake of health.

This relatively new demand leads to new opportunities within the health food market. As families go the healthy route, they want to be sure they include every family member. But where are all of the quality foods for our adopted family member--man’s best friend?

Never fear! Companies are producing top-of-the-line dry and wet foods for our furry friends with increasing fervor. According to a Daily Herald article, the pet-food industry is worth $23.7 billion, and it is growing. Several companies are introducing new foods with emphases on easy digestion, grain-free recipes, and naturally-occurring antioxidants.

One such company spearheading the way is Purinastore’s Beneful. The proof of how serious this movement is can be seen in Beneful’s use of an entire nutrition research team to develop its products. The Beneful team is full of immunologists, biochemists, and of course, nutritionists to ensure that the quality of the food is not only tasty, but effective in providing Fido with the healthiest food that he can get.

The delicious-sounding and well-rounded common formula in Beneful’s wet foods is this: meat, such as beef, chicken, turkey or even salmon; vegetables, such as carrots, peas, or potatoes; and a grain, such as barley or wild rice. That means Beneful provides a dish in which the main ingredient is real meat and complete with the nutritional benefits of a few vegetables and the energy of a healthy grain. My, oh my. That is certainly enough to get a human’s mouth watering, not to mention a dog’s. With healthy premium dog food like this on the market, Fido could not ask for more if he sat at the table with the family.


The Success Story Of Marcio Alaor, The Vice President Of BMG Bank In Brazil


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BMG is one of the top banks in Brazil, and it has worked to remain the best by hiring top quality people to run the company. Marcio Alaor is one of the best executive personnel working with the bank. Starting from grass, Alaor has made his way up striving for excellence in all the banking aspects.
He started as a show shiner at a time when Dr. Wilmar was the head of the bank, and he took the motivation from him to become the best of the banking world. Dr. Wilmar inspired him to always strive for excellence and this played a crucial role in elevating him from a shoe shiner to a top bank executive. His drive to succeed remained in him even after attaining the high position, and this has made him contribute towards many successful projects.
Marcio Alaor is the vice president and director of BMG bank where he has played a huge part towards the success of the bank. He has a degree in business administration from the Instituto Metadista Benett which helped him to facilitate many contributions as a board member in the bank executives. His management skills have been crucial for the success of the BMG making it one of the top banks in Brazil. He contributed to the sponsorship of Brazilian football with BMG bank, where a total of 39 clubs bears the banks sponsorship due to his efforts as an executive of the bank. Apart from football teams, the sponsorship also extends to volleyball and basketball teams for both men and women.
Alaor was born in Santo Antonio, a Brazilian citizen who now resides in Rio. He is known to have both strong entrepreneurship and investment skills. His position at the bank has made him contribute greatly towards the growth of rural and economic system of his home town. As a result, there have been many activities done to honor him in his home town. For example the 33rd agricultural show in Santo Antonio focused mostly on the life of Marcio Alaor, where there were exhibition of a food court that was named after him. This was done so as to appreciate his numerous charitable aids towards the development of the town.
His biography also includes many accomplishments he has made in his years of service. He is known to be a generous man who gives importance to friendship and people over money. He is known to use his financial ability and proficiency in informing the Brazilian citizens concerning the world financial market. His acquaintance of international financial market and a devotion to help the economic staple of his nation has made Marcio a well respected man all over the world.

BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Said Brazil’s Deficit In 2015 Is The Worst in Fifteen Years


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Last year, Brazil had a R$ 111.249 billion deficit. That figure represents more than 1.8 percent of Brazil’s economy. In 2014, the deficit was less than that figure, but it was still a big number. BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães recently told Portal.Communique that the Chinese economic debacle is the main reason for the deficit. Brazil depended on China’s import needs and those needs are much less than they were three years ago.

The Chinese have a major economic growth issue on their hands and the rest of the world is suffering along with them. Stock markets around the world got off to a disappointing start, and some investors like Guimarães say 2016 will not be a good year for stock investors.

Mr. Guimarães is closely watching the yuan to dollar exchange. He believes that the yuan will be devalued in 2016, and that will not help Brazil unless the government decided to dabble in the exchange market and do a short-sale on the yuan. The chances of that happening are slim, according to Guimarães, but the government is on the verge of injecting $15 billion into the economy to help businesses and middle-class Brazilians.

Ricardo Guimarães and BMG Bank have been helping middle-class Brazilians for years. published an article about the Guimarães family and how the family accumulated their wealth. It all started with Antonio Guimarães. Antonio was a mining entrepreneur that made an incredible amount of money in the mining business. He opened the Land Credit Bank of Minas Gerais in 1930 to help miners. His son Flavio expanded the bank while he was president, and he changed the name to the Bank of Minas Gerais or BMG Bank. In 1998, Ricardo took over after learning the banking business position by position.

Ricardo worked for the bank for ten years after graduating with a business degree in 1988. In 1998, he was named president of the bank. It took Ricardo a couple of years to get the bank in a position to advertise, but when President Luis de Silva decided to expand the middle-class by easing banking regulations, Guimarães saw an opportunity.

An article published by explains how Ricardo used soccer to promote bank products. BMG Bank sponsored one soccer club, the Atlético Mineiro Club, first, and then the bank expanded the sponsorship program to seven other clubs. The article also notes that Guimarães was president of the Atlético Mineiro Club from 2001 to 2006, so Ricardo learned the inner workings of a soccer club before the bank expanded their sponsorship program.

Soccer fans call BMG Bank agents when they need money. In fact, fans call BMG Bank before they call the big banks because soccer fans stick together in Brazil.

How Will Ricardo Guimarães Bring Two Banks Together?


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Ricardo Guimarães is the scion of the family that owns and operates BMG Bank of Brazil. Their company started as a small bank in a rural area, but it has grown to serve many people in the nation of Brazil. BMG Bank is involved in international investment, loans and other activities that help the country grow. Growth in Brazil has brought in many different banks from around the world, and BMG must fight against these banks for marketshare. A new merger will help BMG survive with a greater marketshare, and this article explains how Ricardo put it together.

#1: Ricardo Wants To Merge With Itau Bank?

Itau Bank is another moderately-sized bank in Brazil that is in need of a merger. Itau brings its own set of customers to the merger, and Ricardo believes that the companies must come together to remain strong. Ricardo is willing to step aside and offer control to some of the members of Itau Bank, and he hopes that the merger will keep both banks going strong.

#2: What Is The New Product Offering?

The new product offering from BMG and Itau is one that focuses on payroll financing. Payroll loans are wonderful products that serve businesses and individuals. A business may day out a payroll loan to keep their payroll on track, but an individual may take out a payroll loan to get extra cash. There is an appeal across Brazil for all these products, and both banks believe they can make the country solvent by helping smaller businesses and citizens.

#3: What Are They Giving Up?

Both companies are giving up larger loans that they believe are a bit too risky. Payment on large loans has not been faithful over the years, and the Dino Blog notes that the companies would prefer to work with loans that are much smaller in scale. The two banks will make up for large numbers with volume, and the two banks will have quite an easy time creating new loans every day. This is a necessary national service that helps people have cash on-hand all the time.

There are several reasons why BMG and Itau must merge, but it took the wisdom of Ricardo Guimarães to bring the two banks together. The companies will have an opportunity to retain staff, and each company will create more customers with help from more welcoming loan products. Everyone who needs extra capital in Brazil may turn to this partnership between Itau and BMG. The larger banks that have moved into the country are taking away customers, but BMG and Itau plan to take those customers back by putting aside their pride to work together on a new payroll loan program.

George Soros Call Donald Trump On The Carpet For Hate Speech


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George Soros was reported in an article in Forbes Magazine speaking on the subject of the current United States presidential election. George was asked to speak on the candidates who are involved in the race, and his opinion is valuable given his ties to political campaigns. This article explains how Soros used Donald Trump as an example of unintended consequences.

#1: Donald Trump Is Doing ISIS’ Work

Donald Trump has used a slew of hate speech to fuel a campaign that attracts angry people who want change. Trump is exercising his first amendment right to free speech, but he does not realizes the consequences of what he is doing. George Soros has seen these problems in the past with hateful rhetoric, and he believes that ISIS is recruiting based on what Trump says.

#2: Closing Borders Never Helps The Situation

George does not want to see America become an isolationist country, and he wants to use the EU as an example of openness. There is a zone where people may pass freely in the EU, and he hopes that Americans will use the EU as example. People who are fleeing the current crisis in Syria will find homes in many EU countries, but those countries must be willing to deal with the financial burden. He sees the opposite happening in America even though the country can handle the financial implications.

#3: Other Candidates Are Not Doing Much Better

Forbes billionaire George Soros is watching the presidential campaign with great interest, and he believes that every Republican candidate has used some form of hate speech to gain followers. People like Ted Cruz are trying to be as hateful as Donald Trump, and the candidates together are creating a firestorm of hate in the middle east. Any Muslim who is predisposed to hating the west will have an even greater reason to join the movement, and it will be harder to fight terrorism in the future.

#4: Soros Work Closely With Democrats

Soros has funded many democratic campaigns, and he runs the Open Society Foundation to help promote equality and democracy. He is seen as one of the most liberal minds in the world, but his words on Trump are beginning to ring true. George has seen hate spewed all over the world in his nonprofit work, and he was subject to quite a lot of anti-semitic hate when he made his fortune speculating on the British pound.

George Soros is something of a sage in the political world. He could be dismissed as partisan, but he clearly has the experience to speak on the subject of the most recent election. Hate speech that is left unchecked could cause a resurgence of Muslim radicalization just as George has predicted.

Get Your Wiki: The Best Wikipedia Writing Service to Work With


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For any business, having a Wikipedia page is a necessity that helps attract more clients from the online sphere. If you do not have a Wikipedia page, you should consider getting one created as soon as possible. Having one will help you tap into more business and create a wider client base from those people who visit the internet to search for related information. The easiest way to go about the creation of such a page is hiring Wikipedia writers to do it for you.

Get Your Wiki provides you with all your Wikipedia writing solutions. Get Your Wiki is a group of experienced writers who have specialized in writing content for Wikipedia pages. These writers have been in this business for so long that they have mastered all the tricks involved in creating great and acceptable pages. The writers have learned all the rules relating to Wikipedia writing to an extent that they cannot make any mistakes during the writing process. For someone who does not know the rules, it can be very difficult to apply them when writing. This is not a problems for Get Your Wiki writers. This team of writers can make a Wikipedia page within a very short time. Their mastery of all the regulations and the experience they have acquired in this art has given them a speed advantage over all other Wikipedia writers.

Additional services are also offered by Get Your Wiki. If you would like to have your Wikipedia page managed, this is the group to turn to. The management services offered by this team include the updating of pages. In case your business expands and you increase the number of products or services you deal in, these are the experts to make the updates for you. They also ensure your dates reflect the correct information and make amendments to any data that is not correct. The management services also cover checking for malicious edits by other people. Since Wikipedia allows other users to edit information contained on Wiki pages, there could be some people out there who have malicious intentions. Get Your Wiki will monitor your page for such editing to ensure your information remains accurate and free from any malicious intentions from competitors.

You can surely benefit from all the services that Get Your Wiki has to offer. Their services will certainly relieve you from a lot of trouble and worry in creating and maintaining your page. Visit these writers at and see their great offers.

Using Apps to Date


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Online dating is almost a thing of the past now that everyone owns a smartphone. Dating apps are the new rage amount singles and those wishing to expand their social circles. Dating apps take online dating a step further by using the location features of smartphones. With the location feature enabled, dating apps allow users to see who is in their vicinity, creating a faster and more immediate way of finding a date.

Dating apps pave the way to larger social circles and intimate networking. With online dating in the past it could take a weeks to find another member who checks their profile and responds, but with dating apps it’s immediate. Users can locate people that are active at that very moment and in the general area and schedule to meet up. It is a great way to meet people, not only for romantic rendezvous, but also just to hang out.

Skout is the leading app for expanding social circles. It is available in many different countries and languages. With Skout, users can identify other users in their area to chat and potentially meet up. It is a convenient way to meet friends and make new acquaintances in the same area who enjoy the same activities.

Skout conducted a study about people’s lifestyles and determined that friends are an important part of keeping New Years Resolutions. The study revealed that people are more likely to need emotional support when dieting. 82% of people who took the survey wanted to make new friends this year. With Skout installed on their smartphone that won’t be hard to do. Other findings in the study included things like friends are needed to support lifestyle changes and get promotions at work.

Apps are definitely the next generation in dating. They are quick and easy to use and use the location capabilities of smartphones to limit the distance between potential matches. Not to mention, it definitely makes snapping a profile pic more convenient considering all smartphones come with cameras. Now users will need to learn how to take a good selfie to put as their profile pic. Having the right picture increases chances of getting a date.

Most online dating sites that are popular among singles, also have a corresponding app for the phone. This means that you can browse profiles or update personal information on the fly. Having an app will give immediate notifications if someone tries to contact you. Overall, having a dating app is the more convenient way to date.

Finally a Little Good News For US Markets


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Finally, some good news for the U.S. Stock market. For the first time in four weeks, U.S. stocks closed on a positive note on Friday. This was in large part due to oil recovering from multi year lows.

The S&P 500 got a 2 percent boost while energy jumped 4.3 percent. Oil settled in at $32 which was its highest since the first week of the year. According to Chris Gaffney, president at EverBank World Markets, it was all about oil on Friday.

Oil stopped its massive slide and was even able to rebound by about 9%. This gave investors a little confidence and was just what many of them needed to dip their toes in the market once again.

The week ended with the major U.S. averages being at least a half percent higher. The Nasdaq, which happens to be the best performer, was up 2.3 percent.

Joe Sowin, the head of global equity trading at Highland Capital Management, was quoted as saying, “I think this week’s rally’s (was) largely due to short covering.”

Highland Capital Management is one of the largest and most experienced global alternative credit managers in the industry.

16 years ago, under the leadership of co-founder and current CFA James Dondero, the company launched its first commingled bank loan fund. Every since then Highland Capital has continued to grow year after year.

This is in large part due to the more than 30 years of experience James Dondero brought to the table. Jim, as Mr. Dondero is often referred to, started his career in 1984 as an analyst for the Morgan Guaranty training program.

From 1985 to 1989 he worked for the financial services corporation American Express. He started out as a Corporate Bond Analyst and was later promoted to Portfolio Manager. Jim currently lives in Dallas Texas were he focuses the bulk of his attention on high-yield and distressed investing.

Original article about US Markets closing higher can be found here:
Stocks close higher, post first positive week of the year

Darius Fisher And The Digital Fixer


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Welcome to the 21st century and the age of the instant impression, where you or your company’s first impressions are made at the touch of a keyboard. It used to be that a first impression was made only in a face to face meeting. Well, that’s how it used to be. Unfortunately, those days have gone the way of the Dodo bird and the American bison, because we now live in the age of the digital personality. If you are a company, celebrity, business executive or even a CEO, that first impression you make is generally never made face to face, it is made instantly by your web presence. To retrieve it all you have to do is type the name of a person or company, into the search box of your favorite search engine and you will come up with pages and pages of digital information about your subject, some of it positive and some of it negative. We are not concerned with the positive information all we want to focus on is the negative information, the digital garbage. This garbage has the ability to digitally taint your image and do it permanent harm. It really doesn’t matter if the information is true or not true, the only thing that matters is that it is available to everyone that looks up information about you or your company. Is there any way you can counteract this?

Welcome also to the age of the digital fixer. One of the new and effective businesses in this digital arena is Status Labs led by crisis expert Darius Fisher. Darius and Status Labs are in the business of giving public figures, executives and even businesses a digital second chance by repairing their online presence. While Fisher’s methods have proven quite effective, and the long list of Status lab’s satisfied customers backs this up, it is still not an easy task. It is generally a long and complicated process, and for those clients that are serious about it, it is also a solution that needs constant attention.

Fisher and his team of professionals haven proven to be experts at handling and resolving destroyed or inaccurate reputations. This fixer says that it can be done using one or two steps or both. The steps include inoculating clients in advance or repairing the damage after the fact. Repair can be done using several proven techniques including the creation and promotion of new search engine content about the client. For the fixer, the trick here is to create new content for the web that is not only relevant but also genuinely interesting so search engines will pick it up and not dismiss it. This is also why changing someone’s search results can be such an intimidating problem.