Unsurprising Dolphin Study Results


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On Wednesday, May 20, David Biello for Scientific American examined results of a recent study that seems to have proven that the 2010 BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico was the cause of mass dolphin deaths between 2010 and 2012.

As Biello noted, researchers for the National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego started from an unbiased viewpoint by checking every other potential cause. When they were able to rule out all other causes, they then turned to the side effects of petroleum exposure in mammals and found that the dolphins had lung and adrenal conditions, such as weak lungs, small adrenal glands and/or poor immune systems, that are easily a side effect of oil absorption and inhalation.

For many people, especially those who live along the Gulf, this news isn’t surprising. A lot of people who haven’t even entered the waters since the spill have reported health problems connected to eating fish from the Gulf and coming in contact with rain water containing Gulf water and oil.

Environmentally conscious folks at The Aspire New Brunswick have learned that BP has used the lack of health data about the dolphins from prior to the spill as support of the company’s belief that scientists can’t prove to 100 percent accuracy that the oil was responsible. The researchers argue that BP is picking and choosing facts, as they were able to replicate the same health problems in laboratory animal experiments.

Nestle Continues to Bottle Water in California amidst Protest and Drought


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In corporations that don’t care about basic human rights news, Nestle has publicly stated that it will continue to bottle water in California amidst rampant protests and years of drought. Not only that but they also said they’d like to increase production in the water-sick state.

Residents of California are being asked to cut their water use by up to 36% in some places. All the while Nestle, a foreign company, is pulling in loads of water and selling it at a ridiculous markup to the same people who are being asked to turn off their taps.

As businessmen like Christian Broda are aware, Starbucks recently pulled the plug on their water bottling facility in California for ethical reasons. Nestle and Wal-Mart continue taking water from the state and selling it back to people for 100 times more than they paid for it.

Nestle sees the move as helpful to the people of California. After all, when no drinking water is available in your neighborhood where do you turn? Sometimes buying bottled water is the only way to access safe drinking water. In poverty stricken neighborhoods families spend up to 10% of their overall income on purchasing water to drink and cook with.

Pipe Responsible for Oil Spill in California


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As if California doesn’t have enough to worry about with the lack of water in the state, there has been an oil spill off the southern coast. This spill is the result of a broken pipeline. Residents who live in the area noticed the smell of fumes. There have been at least 20,000 gallons of oil that have spilled into the water with the leak stretching to about four miles wide. The pipeline has been shut off, and there are efforts in place to get the spill cleaned up before it spreads farther. This is the kind of incident that makes people wonder if drilling really is safe. Keith Mann (about.me) knows that there have been accidents before, but this is a simple pipe. If it can happen this easily, then where will the next pipe break? Who will take responsibility, and will there be anyone who steps up to find other resources instead of oil?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Doesn’t Give a Frack About Environmental Protection


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In a victory for Big Oil and Gas, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a law that prohibits local ordinances from preventing fracking and other harmful oil and natural gas activities. That’s right—the law is a ban on bans.

The impetus for the measure was a vote last November by the citizens of Denton, Texas, a Dallas suburb, to ban hydraulic fracking in the city. Under the law signed by Abbott, Denton’s ban would not be allowed not would similar ordinances by any other Texas city or town.

In a masterpiece of nonsense, Abbott said that “individuals have a much better idea how to run their own lives than do a bunch of government officials.” What he really meant was, “The State of Texas and the oil and gas interests that control it don’t give a frack about what individual voters in Texas municipalities want.”

Governor Abbott stated that he was protecting property rights from the heavy hand of local regulation. The folks at Handy are unsure just exactly whose property rights does Governor think he’s protecting?

Company Using Water in Drought Stricken California


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California is currently under water restrictions. There is a company that is using water from the state in its bottling. The CEO of the company was recently asked whether he would stop using the water from California, and his answer is something so ridiculous that you have to wonder why is in charge of the company in the first place. Not only does he not plan on stopping production, but he wants to consider using more water from the state. Most companies would realize the effects that this would have on the state. There are also companies that are simply too greedy and want the money more than they care about the people who are affected by their decisions. This is a man who NextPointAdvice and James Dondero feel should think twice about his bottling tactics as the state is already looking at a significant decrease of water for residents over the next few years.

Parents Die Protecting their Daughter


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Michael and Melissa Mooneyhan were high school sweethearts who got married to each other in 2004. The couple resided in their hometown on Nashville, Arkansas where they shared an 18-month-old daughter together.

On Sunday, tragedy struck the small town of Nashville, Arkansas who has a population of 4,700. A tornado struck on Mother’s Day, ripping through neighborhoods. The Mooneyhans lived in a mobile home park where the tornado touched down. Parts of the park were completely untouched, while others were demolished. The Mooneyhans lived in the section where the tornado picked up the homes and smashed them to pieces.

While picking through the rubble of the homes, the bodies of Michael and Melissa Mooneyhan were found according to the story on BuzzFeed.com. John Gray, the local coroner, had confirmed that the couple had died from blunt force trauma during the tornado. However, rescuers found something that they did not expect- the Mooneyhan’s 18-month-old daughter still alive. The toddler was found in her mother’s arms, protected from the flying debris. The girl was checked out at the hospital and released to family members in good condition.

Family members were devastated to receive the news about Michael and Melissa, however they were delighted to hear that their daughter had survived with no injury.

The sentiment that the team at Skout took away from this story was that a parent’s love knows no boundaries.

California Celebrities Aren’t Taking The Water Shortage Seriously


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Aerial Photos Prove That Hollywood Stars Continue To Water Their Gardens And Lawns In Spite Of The Drought And Water Restrictions

It had to happen sooner or later. The elite celebrities in Southern California have no plans to let their lawns and gardens suffer during the worst drought in 1,000 years. The Post released aerial photos of Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Julia Roberts, Cher, Barbra Streisand and Kim Kardashian’s exterior landscapes, and they are as green as the Amazon rainforest. Those stars and over hundred other celebrities continue to ignore the fact that California has than a year’s worth of drinking water left in their reservoirs.

The estates north of Los Angeles are using as much water as the estates in Beverly Hills, according to the Post. One official said that 70 percent of the district’s water is being used to keep the shrubs, lawns and trees green in over 100 estates. From what folks at Amen Clinics (washingtonpost.com) have found, the issue is those people can afford to pay for the extra water. The fine for using too much water is pocket change for them.

The Celebrities try to defend their excessiveness by saying they have cut their water usage, but most people know they won’t stop unless they are hit with fines that make a sizable dent in their bank accounts.

The Greening of NYC


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New York City may not be on the current short list of greenest U.S. cities, and even as it tops the list of densely populated areas, NYC is well on its way to championing sustainability.

The most recent step the city has taken toward a cleaner environment is the greening of the New York’s legendary food carts. A favorite of both tourists and the massive local work force, food carts have long been a historic staple. The New York City Council, in partnership with MOVE Systems of the borough of Queens, will provide 500 new alternative energy carts that will appear on the streets this summer. The new carts boast the energy saving technologies of alternative fuel, rechargeable batteries, and solar panels to eliminate the toxicity of gas-powered generators and potentially dangerous propane tanks, not to mention a great reduction in sound levels, and it’s all funded with private money, not tax dollars, so both the city and the vendors benefit from the program, and all can breathe easier.

The food cart evolution, as Christian Broda noted, follows the lead of several recent ventures in New York, including the greening of the massive Empire State Building, which has saved 7.5 million dollars in energy costs in the past three years and GreeNYC, the city’s public education program that popularly engages residents to involve themselves to promote a healthier and more sustainable environment in countless ways.

Two Dead Scores Injured from Texas Twisters


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Two people were reported killed yesterday as a series of tornadoes tore through the Northeastern sections of Texas and the Southwestern sections of Arkansas yesterday. At least several dozen people were also injured by the combination of severe weather and tornados which continue to hamper sections of the Midwest. This news came as a surprise for Christian Broda. The Midwest and southern states are not unfamiliar with severe weather but the amplification of the combination of tornadoes, along with storms producing high winds and hail have caught the attention of weather experts. Many see a distinct spike in serve weather activity to a level that creates a higher probability of injury and death as well as property damage. While there is nothing that can be done to prevent the severity of the weather, meteorologist are devising more sophisticated weather detection and advance warning systems to alert people that severe weather is under way. Homes, offices and building in high risk areas are building more durable storm shelters and tornado protective buildings and shelters. The National Weather Center predicts that 33 million Americans will be under a weather watch for severe weather at sometime during the tornado and severe weather system. This places the amount of property at risk to be in the billions of dollars. While the debate continues as to wether the causes of the severe storms are the result of global warning the immediate impact is that residents need as much advance warning as possible. Deadly Twisters Claim Victims In Texas and Arkansas

Drain Game


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There isn’t a day that goes by where most Americans, and even people in other countries, don’t use some form of electricity. America’s Markets just did a survey where they took data from 70,000 northern California residents to see what citizens used the most of. The data collected would be used to find out how much idle electricity is being wasted by devices while people aren’t even using them. Of the 70,000 people, they were asked to record how much time they spent using the following devices: washers, refrigerators, gaming devices, internet routers, hot water circulation pumps, cable set top boxes, televisions, desktop and laptop computers, cellphone/tablet/laptop chargers, audio receiver/stereo speakers, printers, furnaces, coffee makers, driers, and GFCI outlets which are standard electricity outlets. Of those items, the most commonly used devices were: water recirculation pumps, desktop and laptop computers, televisions, cable set top boxes, audio receivers/stereo speakers, printers, furnaces, coffee makers, driers, and ground fault circuit interrupter outlets. Data says that if Americans can unplug all of their idle devices, more money could go back into their pockets instead of out to the electric bill every month. Mark Ahn has read that consumers waste $8 billion dollars every year by not unplugging their devices. That means $165-$440 dollars could be saved by the average household and 44 million metric tons of carbon dioxide can be saved from the atmosphere annually. Unplugging idle devices creates environmentally friendly and thrifty possibilities.