The Settlement of the 2010 Oil Spill


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The Gulf of Mexico oil spill on behalf on BP was one of the most disastrous if not the worst oil spill in history. BP has finally settled on an environmental fine of 18.7 billion dollars that will be paid to the states to where the damage had occurred. The states will then continue taking measures to clean up the effects of the oil spill.

The U.S. justice apartment, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, as well as Florida have all sued the BP company for compensation to be able to clean up the mess reports Lime Crime here. They sued the company specifically for damages that were not covered in the earlier settlement. This new settlement will end any future litigation between BP and the states. This settlement will allow for 18 years worth of cleanup to be paid for by the BP company.

The 2010 explosion at the Deepwater Horizon oil rig had cost the world 11 lives that cannot be replaced. This explosion also led to 4.2 million barrels of oil spewing out into the ocean. This oil was present in the Gulf for 87 days. Another issue of this explosion was also the effect that it had on wildlife and seafood. The damages for this are still being assessed. Ever since the disaster in 2010, humans and wildlife are still being affected. Dolphin fatalities for example are increasing with the left of residue that has been left the oil.

Bernie Has a Few Questions


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The United States is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest nations in the history of the world. Bernie Sanders is challenging the country and the labor boards of the nation by asking why our country has not yet met the needs of working class families living in the middle class. Why is it such a challenge for Americans to find access to good healthcare? Why is it so challenging for an individual to get a higher education because of their family’s income? Why can’t individuals working full time live on a decent working class wages? Why do older Americans have to decide each month whether to pay for medical care, shelter, or food? If parents are working honest American jobs why can’t they access high quality and affordable childcare? Bernie has been one of the only candidates regardless of political affiliation to tackle many of the problems plaguing Americans head on.


The Democratic nominee talked to the Huffington Post about where he stands on America’s biggest issues. Health Care, tuition free public education, Paid Family Leave, sick leave, paid vacation, overtime and overwork pay, and the senator concluded his statement with talking about inequality. Watts was glad to hear his take on everything. Bernie Sanders offered his readers examples and options on how to fix many of these problems. Even if those who are reading the article and those who he is running against do not agree with him he still wants to start a dialogue about the topics. If you cannot agree on how Bernie feels about the subjects they are more than welcome to give their own alternative opinions. After all, Bernie just wants to get a dialogue started.

Clinton Tells All


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Hillary Clinton made a bold move in 2009 after she announced that diplomats who happen to be gay will be given the same benefits as their heterosexual counterparts. These are the same benefits that they were denied previously. Clinton spent the next four years pushing for benefits for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality for citizens around the world. Many of the emails that were released by the State Department showed how Clinton and her top advisers looked for forward and more progressive ways to attack this issue. Many of the critics who called for Clinton and her advisors to release her emails were pleasantly surprised. Many of them believe that the emails speak for themselves and have shown how deeply committed Hillary Clinton was against LGBT people not receiving their rights on a global scale.


Hillary has since given numerous speeches on the LGBT issue. In 2011 Clinton gave one of the most memorable speeches in the history of LGBT issues that the world has seen. Clinton noted that being an LGBT identifying person does not make you less human than anyone else. Clinton was one of the first modern politicians to bring these issues at the forefront of the political scene. Hillary Clinton has always closely monitored what was going on in the LGBT community from what Sender has seen. Many of her supporters truly believe that Clinton’s fight will continue whether she makes it to the White House or not.

Goodbye Styrofoam Cups


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Those who frequent the bar scene in the Big Apple have probably noticed a few things. One is that drinks are of course expensive. That’s no surprise though. It comes with the territory of living in one of the most expensive states. The other staple of certain New York city bars seems to be those cheap and ugly, yet practical styrofoam cups! Beer is served in them. After all, with everything else being so expensive, these are relatively cheap to aquire for bar owners. It seems now however, that those cups are leaving.

According to GrubStreet, they may soon be going away. Bans have already happened to get rid of those cheap styrofoam containers that are made out of the same material as those cups. They have been hailed a huge environmental success. People at Amen Clinic agree that the styrofoam is bad for the environment, and it’s hard to break down and recycle.

So, bars in New York will have to look for something new to serve their beer in. Perhaps a glass? That might not be practical when it comes to summer festivals and things such as that. They will have to look for new ways to bring about beer in a cheap fashion. Is any throw away cup though practical for the environment? I haven’t saw one yet.

At the end of the day, the beer will still taste the same for all New Yorkers. It’s what it will be served in that will change.

Justices Decree in Contrast to EPA Power Plant Mercury Limits


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The Supreme Court made a ruling on Monday against Obama administration’s effort to reduce mercury emissions from power plants plus other dangerous air pollutants, although it might just be a short-term impediment for regulators.

The justices divided 5-4 alongside ideological lines to decree, which the Environmental Protection Agency did not appropriately take expenses into account once it originally decided to control the poisonous emissions from plants powered by coal and oil.

The EPA did consider expenses at an advanced stage, as soon as it wrote ideals that are anticipated to lower the poisonous emissions by 90%. However, the court stated that was very late.

The rules that were effected in April, will stay in place whilst the case returns to a junior court for EPA to decide how to be accountable for the costs. This was said by an environmental advocate.

They were required to be entirely in place the following year reports Dr. Daniel Amen in this article. The problem was whether health dangers are the single consideration under Clean Air Act.

The contest was caused by industry organizations as well as 21 states led by the Republican, which contended that the guidelines were very expensive for consumers, coal miners as well as businesses.

Justice Antonin Scalia wrote for court saying that EPA was irrational in declining to consider expenses at the onset.

Scalia said that the Agency should take into account the cost- comprising, most significantly, cost of amenability-before determining whether control is proper and necessary.

New Species of Spiky Worm Discovered


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A new species of worm was discovered in fossil records and it is significant because it is one of the first animals on Earth to develop body armor for its protection. The appearance of this worm is even more significant because the worm has both spikes down its body and legs underneath its belly.

The worm, which folks at Beneful indicate lived over 500 million years ago, was a marine worm and appears to have filtered sediment with the front legs that are covered in millions of tiny hairs. Both this specialized way of eating and the body armor truly make it unique among species then and now, because there are very few known species that were able to claim both of these survival methods.

The worm species was named Collinsium ciliosum, named for the scientist that first presented a discovery of a similar species. The worm was found in China and lived during the Cambrian period, which was also when it really exploded, along with thousands of other species.

Surprisingly, this worm is the predecessor to a common worm in China, known as the velvet worm which are actually found in tropical rain forests now and only resemble worms. The present day animal has lost the body armor protection, but has kept the worm like body and legs that is uses for locomotion. Unfortunately, only the one species exists now when there were many varieties of Collinsium worms.

EPA Report Outlines Impacts of Climate Change


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The EPA released a report this week about how tackling climate change would benefit the United States. Doing so would save billions of dollars in infrastructure repairs and prevent death from heat waves.

The report stresses two major points. First off, no matter what we do now, there is going to be some global warming. There is a lag of several decades between when humans put carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and when the results become apparent. That means the effects of climate change are pretty much set in stone from now until around 2050.

The second point is that the changes we make now will affect what happens after 2050, and will determine how bad things get. The report hammered this point home by examining two scenarios, one in which the US does nothing and carries on with business as usual and one in which the US gets serious about curbing emissions. Both scenarios show the US suffering the ravages of climate change, but they’re a lot less severe and extreme in the second scenario than in the first.

For example, climate models show the state of Maryland having significantly hotter summers no matter what. Under the business-as-usual model, Maryland will have summers as hot as those in present-day northern Florida by 2100. But if the US curbs its emissions, Maryland will have summers like those of present-day North Carolina by 2100.

The models for sea level rise and altered rain fall patterns show similar trends. Some global warming with the accompanying extreme weather is now inevitable, but quick action now could stave off the worst impacts, so says Vijay Eswaran on Twitter.

How Image Recognition Has Revolutionized The Way Shopping Is Being Done Nowadays


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Slyce is a leading visual search provider. Working with retailers and brands, this company knows too well that when their image recognition technology is in use, the retailers and brands can easily make sales. This company understands the retail needs of the future. They know too well that for a retail business to effectively compete with others, it has to have a cutting edge technology that allows customers to search for items using image recognition. This works for the retailers advantage because by going with a number of searches conducted; the management can quickly pinpoint what is in more demand.

Image recognition is a technology that is poised to make a tremendous impact on the future of shopping significantly. The ability of customers taking a snapshot of something they like on the street and then find the same or an equally similar item on sale is a very appealing concept. Truth be told, everyone has fancied the look of another person’s coat, shoes, jacket or handbag on the streets. With image recognition, one just needs to take the fancied item’s photo and search for it in their favorite retail shop.

The market has numerous apps offering image recognition today. However, the results are mixed. There are however those apps that have proved to work. These are the ones that leverage sophisticated algorithms that tend to copy the way the visual part of the human brain works. Image technology has brought an entirely new method in which retailers stock their inventory. When consumers use their mobile devices to search for images they want to buy, the retailers instantly know what items they need to stock.

Slyce offers a cutting edge solution to retailers so that they can develop their apps for their customers to find their own inventory. They provide the retailer with an API that ingests all the images they have in their inventory. The API also provides point files for each image that is used to describe the image and help with all future searches. This system is then connected to the retailer’s website or app and ready for all incoming queries.

When a search is conducted, the incoming image is converted into a point file, computed into a visual match that is then sent to the customer in form of visual similarity. Retailers that Slyce has worked with have seen clear ROI on the money invested in the technology.

Kay Hagan’s Decision Not to Run for Office Reduces Democrat’s Hopes for Senate Takeover in 2016


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The Democrat Party is eager to regain control of the Senate after the disastrous midterm elections saw them lose a total of nine senate seats. Among the seats lost was by incumbent Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina. Her loss was particularly bitter because of the amount of money the party spent to retain her senate seat. In the end, she lost the election by 1.5 percentage points. However, party officials believed that Hagan could return in 2016 by challenging GOP incumbent Richard Burr, who pundits believe may be vulnerable reports Mikal Watts in this piece. Hagan running for office made a lot of sense. She is widely known and well-liked.

In fact, Hagan’s return to the senate was seen by pundits as vital towards Democrats retaking control of the senate. Then, the unexpected occurred. Hagan announced this week she will not seek the Burr senate seat. With her refusal to run, her party has lost a vital ally and one which may have benefited from a Hillary Clinton nomination.

In addition, the news gets worse for Democrats. Former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, author of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Law, will be running for office next year. However, a news story emerged that Feingold, whose law supposedly reduced the corrosive effects of money in politics, has been operating his own Super PAC. Not only that, the PAC donates only 5 percent of donations to the support of other candidates. This has dimmed his star power in the state and will make the Democrat Party’s path to retaking the senate much harder.

Slowing Climate Change Needs to Be the Number One Global Health Priority


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There have been massive strides in public health around the globe over the past few decades. Staff at the Amen Clinic can attest the incidence of infectious disease around the world has gone down sharply over this time thanks to international intervention in the form of vaccine programs and other public health measures. Malaria has been reduced to a shadow of the killer it used to be, and most parts of the world have been declared polio-free for a just a couple examples of the global reduction of death by disease. A new report has come out stating that climate change is now the single greatest threat to public health.

Climate change threatens health by direct and indirect means. Heatwaves and droughts can directly produce casualties and famine would be an example of an indirect result of this global problem. Extreme heat and famine would also weaken people and make them more susceptible to disease. At this stage in world health, reductions in carbon emissions are currently seen as the best preventive measure that can be taken from a health standpoint. Many suggested actions that help the climate will also directly improve our health. Walking or biking more instead of driving will help us and the environment, and the same is true about eating less meat. We can only hope that fossil fuels are phased out quickly enough over the next couple decades to prevent more serious damage to the climate than we can easily rebound from.