Mike Baur and Guillaume Dubray join forces


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About Mike Baur


Mike Baur, a Swiss entrepreneur and business man, is the Swiss Startup Factory co-founder and also a managing partner. He has been in banking for more than twenty years and has worked for Clariden Leu and Sallfort. He quit his regular job and started investing in start-up companies then later co-founded the Swiss-Startup Factory with Oliver Walzer, and Max Meister. He took part in a startup pitching contest, the START summiteer, to pitch the Startup Factory. When Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI Invest, he was given the position of being a deputy managing director. In 2016, he directed the Swiss-Startup Factory through the accelerator program and also joined forces with Fintech Fusion.


About Swiss Startup Factory



Swiss Startup Factory is an accelerator that is based in Zurich and was launched in 2004. They look for digital entrepreneurs that are thriving and provide exciting opportunities for them through their strong network in Switzerland and around the world. The Swiss-Startup Factory has a three months program that provides unique coaching, services, mentoring, entrepreneurial network and office space in Zurich to help the entrepreneurs meet their goals.


Swiss Startup Factory’s partnership with Fusion


Fusion is a Fintech accelerator that is based in Geneva. Fusion partnered with Swiss Startup Factory early this year. The two accelerators collaborate on the pre-selection of startups, startup acceleration, exchange within the mentorship network, cooperation with universities, and office space for startups.


This partnership aims to bridge the gap between the German part of Switzerland and the French. These accelerators take on startups from their formation stage to prototyping in order for them to smoothly hand over, and test and come up with better entry into the market.


Guillaume Dubray, who is the founder of Fintech Fusion points out that digital transformation is taking place all over. Switzerland, which is a leader in innovation, offers perfect atmosphere for new and existing entrepreneurs to grow. Thus with Swiss Startup Factory his aim is to nurture collaboration between the best innovation platform that is business driven in Switzerland.


Mike Baur, who is the managing director and co-founder of Swiss-Startup Factory also points out that Switzerland lacks proper efforts to concentrate its resources and strengths because of its diversity in language and regional separation. Therefore the partnership transcends these challenges by bringing two independent accelerators together from diverse geographical and linguistic regions. This means that the partnership aims also at fostering collaboration between players from both regions.


Follow This Russian Entrepreneur’s Example In The Business World


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There are many inspiring businessmen out there in the world, and Alexei Beltyukov is definitely one of them. He is an entrepreneur who cares about more than himself. He has always made it a point to help others out in their businesses ventures. He has even started up an organization that does that.

He is an inspiration to anyone who wants to be a businessman, because he shows that you can be successful in the business world and still have a heart. He shows that you can care about your fellow humans and still do well for yourself in your own business ventures.

Alexei Beltyukov graduated from business school in Russia in 1997, and he has done a lot of work since then. He has founded multiple companies, and he has done a lot of work for them. He has also dedicated a lot of his time to philanthropic efforts, and he has proved himself to be a hero through that.

He really is a businessman that everyone should be looking up to. According to Angel.co, If you want to have success in your career, and if you want to be able to show that you are a kind person while doing that, then you are going to want to follow Alexei Beltyukov’s example. He is an extraordinary man. He has done many amazing things, and he is someone that we should all be keeping our eyes on.

There are quite a few businessmen who show that they care about others through their philanthropic efforts, but Alexei has done more than a lot of others. He has helped a lot of people to achieve their dreams, and he isn’t about to stop working for them, now.

If you have been searching for a good example of a businessman who cares about the people in the world around him, and who has still had success in his own career, then Alexei Beltyukov would be a great example for you to look up to.

IAP Worldwide Offers Careers In The Aviation Industry


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Being part of the aviation industry can be a wonderful experience on LinkedIn. Those who help create, test, fly and develop aircraft often find it to be the ideal way to help marry their love of machinery and their desire for a stable career. Those who are looking for a job in the industry have many companies to pick from. One of best is a worldwide leader in aviation and other assorted industries. IAP Worldwide Services is always looking for qualified professionals to join their team. This organization is happy to welcome those who wish to be with a company that is dedicated to offering superior services to the aviation industry. They welcome employees who share their dedication to the job and determination to help create the highest possible quality services and products. All those who work with the company enjoy many important benefits.

Human Capital

At IAP Worldwide, they fully understand that their best asset are the people who work for them. This is why they look for those who have the training and knowledge they need. They also look for employees who strive for excellence each day and are comfortable working as part of a team on clearancejobs.com. Potential employees with talent and training are always welcome to apply. Company officials need and want employees who can offer them something special that helps the company meet its goals and push ever higher. IAP Worldwide know that human capital is the most important part of any endeavor. This is they look for employees who have the kind of vision that fits in with the corporate mission are always welcomed here.

A Rewarding And Satisfying Place

Working at IAP Worldwide Services means finding a workplace that is rewarding and satisfying. Each day, company employees are pushed to help create work that is all about delivering products to the industries they serve that allows everyone here to feel they are part of something larger than themselves. All company members on glassdoor.comare valued for their ability to contribute something. Those who are looking for a career in the field of aviation need look no further than working here. A career at this company means a career that allows each employee to be a company with a long and storied history that still continues to offer superior services today. Anyone who seeking out a job in this exciting field should consider filling an application with IAP Worldwide to get their career started.

Kabbalah Centres and the Study of Kabbalah


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Kabbalah is the ancient wisdom that was formed before God brought the Jewish people together to form the nation of Israel. If you have been searching for the right church to attend, maybe you should consider studying the basic principles at a Kabbalah Center. Kabbalah is an amazingly simple, yet intense understanding of spirituality; it is not a religion, but a study that is designed to help the student make better decisions in their everyday lives through a connection with the spirituality of mind, body and soul and the connection to the Ultimate Source.
Even though the study of Kabbalah has been around for centuries, the students continued to meet in small groups. It wasn’t until the early 1920s that Kabbalah Centers were developed for the purpose of studying Kabbalah. In 1922, the first Kabbalah Center was established in Israel by Rav Yehuda Ashlag, and in the 1960s, the Bergs moved from America to go to Israel to study. They stayed 10 years, and then they moved back to the U.S. and established the first Kabbalah Center in America in New York City. They taught classes and began to translate the ancient documents into English and other languages, so more people could study.

Within two decades, the NYC Center moved to San Francisco and today there are 40 Centers and Study locations around the world. Centers were built in Arizona and Boca Raton, too. By the late 1990s, the Internet opened up the world, and the Bergs established the Kabbalah University online, which allowed people who could get the Internet to study the Kabbalah principles online. This opened up the ability to study Kabbalah tremendously, and today the Bergs son leads the University.

But, the online study of Kabbalah doesn’t allow students to come together like the physical, brick and mortar Centers do. The Kabbalah Centers have dinners so the members can get to know each other and do volunteer work in their communities. Karen Berg believes that volunteer work is extremely valuable and is a practical way to demonstrate the basic principles of the Kabbalah beliefs, and she prefers the interaction that the students have as well.

The $20 million unpaid CRDA loan raises queries about New Brunswick Devco


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DEVCO is an asset firm aiming at supporting medium-sized Nordic companies, together with their stakeholders, grow. The company focuses on all individual asset investment into the mid-size corporations with an international potential and considerable growth. Which have an income of $60 to $600 million? Contrary to the long-gone funding model, the company focuses on a limited number of corporations, which enables them to provide operational support for supportable long-term expansion.
The company strives to offer:
• Long-term financial resources to ensure a sustained growth in the future.
• State-of-the-art individuals among board members.
• Operational support to implement and initiate the well-defined programs of development.
DevCo was founded in Finland as a limited company and is backed by active investors with a vast horizon in ownership.

This past month, the Middlesex Regional Expansion Authority failed to pay back $1 million in interest and principal on their loan of $20 million it received from CRDA. The Expansion Authority has been in outstanding arrears or five years now, summing up to about $7 million in skipped payments. The loan, issued in 2005, financed the whole construction project of the Heldrich, a New Brunswick conference center and hotel that was developed by the non-profit organization by the name New Brunswick Development Corporation.

The Company has been in constant tout by Stephen Sweeney, the state Senate President, as a good example of a what happens when public funds are channeled through private firms to finance large-scale construction. The Brunswick guise is one of the models for the Atlantic City Development Corporation, a sister company that is expecting to oversee over $2oo million in private and public funding – including $19.5 million in new CRDA money- towards the development of the Chelsea section of the City Gateway project. Press Atlantic City wrote this article.


Monitoring And Managing Your Online Reputation Is More Relevant Than It Has Ever Been


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The internet is a part of almost every facet of modern culture these days. Like it or not, this is the way it is headed. As for the reputation of your business or personal life, it is largely responsible for how you or your company is viewed. As explained by experts from OnlineReputationReviews.com, this is the effect of the power of the internet and its ability to reach across the world in an instant.
This can be a powerful tool for success or failure, depending on how your reputation looks to the world at large while online. There are many sites for reviewing and rating businesses nowadays and the number of reputation management sites is growing as well. This was bound to happen to assist businesses in their continued success while being fully exposed online 24/7.

Some of the more common review posting and rating sites are Yelp, Trivago and other highly advertised sites. These help customers make informed decisions on purchases or services they are interested in using. Other sites such as Reputation.com are aimed at bettering the image of a business or individual for a fee. These sites clean up unwanted information, making it non-visible to the public at large. Any business that is serious about a sterling reputation uses a management site to do the dirty work, so to speak.

For example, there are many instances of false or exaggerated claims being posted about a person or business that can seriously affect the bottom line of your company’s income. Reputation management companies are in place to make sure these are never seen again. The best ones will give your personal or company image that mirror shine that you need to be at the top of those search results in a good way. For more information on this subject, click the links in this article.


IAP Worldwide Solutions Have Global Relevance


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Few companies would rival IAP World Wide Inc. in the provision of solutions to organizations and communities at a global scale. For more than 60 years, IAP Worldwide Services has provided a broad scope of services and solutions to the United States and other numerous international organizations as well as international government agencies. The company has about 100 offices in 20 countries across the world and is headquartered at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

IAP World Wide Inc. Values

The IAP Worldwide Services’ values are encapsulated in its Value Charter
, which advocates for humility and integrity, swift and responsible action towards emergencies, the practice of intellectual curiosity and rigor as well as acting with resolve in adapting and embracing change. The Value Charter also advocates for the pursuit of growth and learning amongst its workforce and partnering with customers, colleagues, and communities for mutual success.

IAP World Wide Inc. Activities

IAP’s activities range from tackling overseas battlefields to natural disasters. Currently, the company is a globally acclaimed leader in providing facilities management, large-scale logistics, and advanced technical and professional services. IAP Worldwide Services delivers technologies, programs and people management that is required for supporting workforce flexibility of their customers’ needs across the world.

Read more:
Jobs – Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan – IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

IAP World Wide Inc. Workforce

IAP has a workforce of about 2 000 in more than 25 countries across the globe. The workforce has extensive expertise and experience in planning, coordinating, and the execution of complex technical and logistical challenges. The workforce also manages, maintains, and operates research laboratories, civilian facilities and military installations of any size.

Corporate Responsibility

Profitability is not everything that drives IAP’s success. The IAP leadership places much premium on how the organization’s customer and employees are treated. The company has thus empowered its workforce with the knowledge and resources that they need in order to carry out their jobs effectively and safely.

IAP also believes in providing their customers and the communities they come from with satisfactory services. In this regard, IAP has invested heavily in community development because the company believes its success is measured by how much they have promoted the welfare of the communities they relate with.

The relevance for IAP World Wide Inc. is more apparent especially in a world that is increasingly faced with numerous challenges such as international terrorism, natural disasters, and the frequent outbreak of wars and civil unrest. IAP’s extensive human and technical resources, undoubtedly makes the company a ready organ for handling any emergency across the world.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: https://start.cortera.com/company/research/l1o5swo6q/iap-worldwide-services-inc/

How to Improve Search Engine Position


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Showing up I didn’t Internet search ranking is crucial for any blogs or online business. There are several different reasons why you may drop in search rankings. In many cases it might not be clear why you were dropped in search rankings, but there are several things you can do to fix the issue, including hiring online reputation management companies.

One of the biggest mistakes that website developers make is neglecting to internally wink webpages. If you fail to internally link one page on your website to another you could be missing out on a significant amount of clicks in traffic. By spending a few days going through your website and finding all potential relevant links, you could greatly improve your search engine ranking.

Another reason why it may be dropping in the search results page it’s because your website is too slow. By doing a simple check with google you will be able to see what your website loading speed is and can even use Google somewhere to increase the speed. Doing this should immediately increase your website loading speed and will pretty soon lead to a higher ranking on search results.

Another simple improvement that you can make to your website is to simply updated on a regular basis. Websites that have not been updated in recent weeks will likely start to look stale about the search engine and website visitors.by updating it with the current information you will not only build a better website, but you will also show up higher in Google search engine results.

If you are looking for professional help to improve your website search ranking, you will benefit greatly by employing reputation management services to help boost your good links. The professionals of Reputation Management Fixers have years of experience working with small businesses and websites to increase their presence and visibility online. They also suppress negative search results for clients and will boost positive links so that your clients are seeing your best professional self.



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Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company founded in 1998 and it has its headquarters in Bothell, Washington. The company finished its initial public offering in 2001 and it now listed in the stock exchange. The company has a staff of 800 employees who are all committed to helping people with cancer. Behind every successful company is a visionary leader. The leader in this case is Dr. Clay Siegall who is the co-founder of the company. He has a P.h. D. in Genetics from George Washington University and a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors
He has served and still serves in various capacities in the scientific world. He is also a recipient of a number of awards. Some of his awards are; 2013 University of Maryland Alumnus of the year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences and the 2012, Pacific Northwest Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He is also an author of more than 70 publications and he has 15 patents. In addition to being a great scientist, Dr. Clay Siegall is an ambitious entrepreneur. These qualities have enabled the company to achieve great scientific and financial success under his leadership.
The vision of Seattle Genetics is to improve the lives of people with cancer through innovative and empowered antibody-based therapies. The company seeks to ensure that the most effective and efficient method of treatment of cancer is found. The foundation of the research of the company is the needs of cancer patients. The values of Seattle Genetics are; passion for helping patients, integrity, scientific excellence, teamwork and mutual respect, innovation and great work experience.
Some of the successes of Seattle Genetics are; development of antibody-based therapies and great financial success. The sources of finance for the company are both public and private finance. The company has a great innovative culture and an aggressive entrepreneurial approach. The success of the company is attributed to a qualified and motivated staff and to the resources of the company. Seattle Genetics has also collaborated with various industry players so as to have a collaborative effort in the treatment of cancer.


Some Restaurants With Unique Private Rooms And Why You Should Choose Tarallucci E Vino


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When you travel, you want to tour the best places and live in awesome restaurants. Many people have been asking for suggestions over the internet and would like to know which Italian restaurants would match their preferences. It must be a difficult decision because there are hundreds of restaurants to choose from within some cities and each is built to offer unique features in a bid to compete well in the market. If you are among those looking for an awesome experience, here are few suggestions you need to look at.

China Blue
Located in Tribeca, this is a new spot that is fast gaining in popularity. The restaurant is built and designed to reminisce the Chinese culture and to offer the ambience that everyone would like. It is a calm spot that offers the imagination of how Shanghai would be. The music available includes themes around the jazz age Shanghai and there are lots of old-fashioned touches and ornamental fixtures that would remind you about the ancient Chinese culture. The menu is inspired by the Shanghai traditions and culture and is a great opportunity for visitors to explore the culinary skills of the Chinese people.

Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery
The Lafayette café offers three meals in a unique and beautiful brasserie space. The kitchen is furnished with hanging copper pots and there are horseshoe-shaped booths that create a spacious and inviting sight. Guests can also see the fresh looking bakery and the awesome smell from the bakery will have them request for some snacks. The dining area is also designed to enhance the calm atmosphere created around the café. This is an ideal meeting place for breakfasts with quality dishes that are inspired by French cuisine.

Visit Tarallucci E Vino
The Tarallucci E Vino caters for all event space needs in the NYC. The company offers several beautiful locations that are especially idea for events like weddings, parties and meetings. Clients can make reservations through their online portal or they can call them for more information.

Happy clients
Many clients who tried Tarallucci E Vino enjoyed the experience. Some of them attribute the success of their events to the ambient environment offered by Tarallucci E Vino while others admit that the choice of venue was detail-oriented and extremely kind. Tarallucci E Vino is managed well and has been in the forefront to ensure clients get to enjoy what they pay for. They even help clients on choosing the locations if they are not good at making comparison. They will pick the type of event presented and help the client to match it with a location that will ignite happiness in guests and leave them satisfied.

Weddings and parties
The Tarallucci E Vino also offers the best wedding spots and space for parties. This space includes custom areas that are meant for secret weddings as well as large areas for public events that can host many people. All their locations are arranged and planned by their team of professionals.