Robert Ivy – A Mastermind For Architects


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Robert Ivy is an architect that has been very up and coming in the past few years since he graduated from Tulane University with his Masters of Architecture. However, before this Ivy was involved in getting his Bachelors in Arts, the main focus on English, from Sewanee: The University of the South.

However, this was just the start of an amazing career that he would have and would just start to be the proof that he would need to have to get to the level that he has obtained today as CEO of the American Institute of Architects, a position he obtained in 2011.

Prior to reaching this level of professional excellence, Ivy would be working as a principal for Dean/Dale. He would become with Dean & Ivy a tremendous critic of a lot of the national publications. This is very interesting considering the position that he has held now for several years and how he has managed to come to the position as well.

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In addition to being one of the main critics of the national publications, Ivy would be on the jury to help select the architect that would help to design the Dwight Eisenhower monument. This may not seem like it would be that important of a decision, but it was an honor that he had to be on this very distinguished panel of architects.

Architectural Record is a journal that not many people outside of the architect world may have heard of before. However, this is a magazine that is one of the leading journals when it comes to architects. Robert Ivy, when he took over as the Editor in Chief position would help to grow the magazine by leaps and bounds to become one of the most widely read architectural magazines around the globe, instead of having it localized to a single country.

With regards to publishing books, Ivy would not disappoint people. In fact, Ivy would publish a book entitled, Fay Jones Architect. This is a book that would showcase the works in the biographical format of Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright was often seen as a very forward thinker and well ahead of his time for the period.

Robert Ivy is one of the architects that you may have never heard of before. However, in the world of architects, he is one of the most influential people and has been seen as a trend setter around the globe.

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How You Should Prepare for a Life Line Screening


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Life Line Screening is a company that gives tests to the general public for the purpose of detecting any abnormalities in their organs, arteries and vital processes. These are the same tests that are performed in hospitals and medical testing facilities.

Test such as a limited electrocardiograph, which detects an irregular heartbeat, a bone density to detect osteoporosis, and a finger-stick blood test to get a full lipid panel to gauge cholesterol are among the many tests that are given.

One major group of tests uses ultrasound which enables the technician to literally have x-ray vision, as the circulation of the veins and arteries can be viewed in real time. This can help to view blockages and circulatory patterns of the vessels.

Preparation for these types of tests is not particularly out of the ordinary. People are advised to wear loose fitting clothing with women wearing a top and some slacks. Men can wear a sports shirt and loose fitting trousers.

Depending upon the type of test you are going to have done, diet the 12 hours before a test can be critical. If you are having blood work done you should find out if it is a fasting blood test screening that is going to be conducted. In this instance a person would fast for the 12 hours before the test. In most cases heavy eating before any type of test like this could be detrimental to the test results.

A person can expect that most screening tests will take up to an hour of time. There is some paperwork to be handled, but it is minimal and takes relatively little time. If an individual is having multiple tests done, the time period involved will be longer based on number of tests and their complexity.

Lifeline screening is a screening and testing company that caters to individuals who don’t go to doctors, is in between doctor’s visits, or just never thought about going to see a doctor. The screenings are given at a discount when compared to the costs charged by doctors and medical testing facilities. The convenience and discounted pricing attract many people who otherwise would have never been screened or tested for anything.

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Neurocore Joins the Fight Against Depression


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Depression is a broad term covering a wide range of depressive disorders. The most common depressive disorder is major depressive disorder also known as clinical depression. It is characterized by intense lasting feelings of sadness and hopelessness that persist every day for at least two weeks. Persistent depressive disorder is similar to major depressive disorder except that symptoms are usually not as intense although they may last longer. Symptoms may come and go but typically do not dissipate for more than two months at a time. Postpartum depression is another common depressive disorder and occurs after childbirth. It can affect either sex and can last anywhere from two weeks to one year.
Symptoms of depression vary from person to person. Depression wreaks havoc on an individual’s personal life and interferes with their ability to hold a job. Depression causes changes in the brain and has physical effects as well. General symptoms of depression include enduring feelings of loneliness, sadness, anxiousness, irritability, sleeping too little or too much, drastic weight changes, headaches, stomach problems, and body aches.
People of any age can become depressed. There is no single known cause for depression though, individual’s who have recently been through a stressful life event such as divorce, death of a loved one, abuse, childbirth, survived a traumatic event or suffered a job loss are at a higher risk. Depression has also been linked to biological and genetic factors.
Treatment of depression usually involves a combination of medication and therapy. Complementary alternative therapies have been shown to successfully treat mild to moderate forms of depression. Examples of complementary alternative therapies include yoga, acupuncture, meditation, relaxation, chiropractic treatment, neurofeedback and massage therapy. Neurofeedback has received a lot of attention for its cutting-edge technology and success in treating depression and other mental disorders.
Neurocore Brain Performance Centers was founded in 2004 and specializes in information driven brain oriented assessments. These assessments utilize quantitive electroencephalograms to view and record brain waves. These recordings are the basis for a map of an individual’s uniques brain wave activity to diagnosis abnormalities and help provide a treatment plan.
Other parts of Neurocore’s assessment is analysis of heart rate , behavioral assessments and an integrated visual and auditory continuous performance test to detect attention deficit disorder.
Treatment is customized to fit the needs of the individual but generally an individual is fitted with sensors placed on the scalp. A movie is started while qEEG technology monitors brain wave activity. When abnormal activity is found the movie is paused temporarily. Once brain waves rebalance the movie continues. This is a positive reinforcement technique designed to reset and improve the way the brain reacts to stimuli. This state-of-the-art treatment may soon hold the key to treating a variety of neurological disorders.

White Shark Media: What You Need To Know


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Are you looking for a reliable PPC campaign management firm? Want to present your product or business to the right audience and increase your sales and profits?

PPC advertising specialists help clients set up profitable campaigns and start getting customers right away. There are many companies that offer to set up and implement campaigns for businesses and marketers but it is imperative to go with a company that is well known for producing great results for clients.

White Shark Media is a leading in PPC management and has been providing outstanding services for many years. Many organizations and business owners rely on White Shark Media and its knowledgeable advertising specialists to reach their target audience and start generating increased sales and revenue.

Pay per click, or PPC, advertising is one of the best ways for online marketers and other entrepreneurs to get high quality targeted visitors to their website. People go online, enter a search term or keyword phrase and see your ad that offers what they are looking for. Products and services are advertised and sold effectively through properly implemented ad campaigns.

PPC advertising is highly beneficial for entrepreneurs, marketers and companies. With PPC advertising you only pay for the actual clicks that your site has achieved. This type of advertising helps marketers and organizations to target their potential customers.

White Shark Media provides services that help business owners and marketers profit from PPC advertising. The company has efficient systems in place to simplify the process for its clients.

The knowledgeable and dedicated professionals at White Shark Media take the time to educate clients on the use of PPC to reach their goals and achieve tremendous success.

PPC management services provided by White Shark Media are especially beneficial and popular for their cost efficiency. Any business owner or advertiser wishing take their business to the next level, should consider getting in touch with White Shark Media for help.

When you get in touch with White Shark Media and its team of experienced PPC management experts, they will go over your advertising needs and determine how to approach it in order to get the highest returns on investment.

White Shark Media is your clear choice for generating more customers to your website and increasing revenue for your business. Their services not only drive traffic to your website, but also increase brand awareness.

Matthew Autterson is a business man with a passion for doing good for the community


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Matthew Autterson is a Bachelor of Art graduate in Finance from the Michigan State University. He also has graduated from the University of Denver on the Tax Program. In his earlier years, he studied at Brother Rice High School. He has shown a steady career path from when he began in First Trust Corporation to Falci Adaptive Biosystems. At Falci Adaptive Biosystems he is a member of the board. He has also worked and held different positions at Colorado State Chartered Trust and Resources Trust Company. Matthew has spent over two decades in the financial industry and has even held different leadership positions including been the President of one of the top most financial institutions in America.

Matthew Autterson is also a philanthropist who has volunteered and assisted in the leadership of Denver Zoological Foundation and the Webb- Warring Foundation among others. He has furthered his philanthropy by working with Falci Adaptive Biosystems which focuses on empowering the people with neuromotor disabilities to cope better with their ability to interact with their surroundings. He has used his business connections to raise funds for the organizations over the years.

Matthew Autterson has used his leadership skills in the Colorado business environment through his philanthropy acts. Matthew lives in Colorado but has been raised in Michigan. He has furthered his leadership by been a part of the GL3B Partners Limited, LLP as a Managing Partner. Matthew is currently holding different positions at CNS Bioscience, Inc., he is the CEO, President and also a member of the board. CNS Bioscience, Inc. works towards managing neuropathic pain for people. He also has skills in the management of wealth and can offer consultation services of various levels in leadership and management. Matthew Autterson is married to Lori and they have children. Together with his wife, they have managed to raise a lot of money for the companies and organizations they are committed to. This is in order to supports their efforts and goals.

Matthew can be depicted as a figure that has used his position in the market for the benefit of others. From the way, he conducts himself to the way he uses his connections for the benefit of others. His growth has been constant and beneficial to the whole community. He has a genuine concern for people and this can be seen by where he works and what he does. Besides been a family man who is a business man, he is a renowned philanthropist.

Sawyer Howitt Provides His Insight On RFID Technology


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RFID technology in a retail setting is something that Sawyer Howitt has written about quite a bit. As he sees it, RFID technology was created so that businesses can increase their sales as well as have a better idea of their inventory levels. Surprisingly there are a number of apparel businesses who have yet to embrace this technology even though it would be very useful for them to do so. Howitt thinks that it’s a combination of fear of this new technology among the businesses leaders as well as a general lack of awareness of what it is and how it would help their bottom lines.

While there are retailers that want to test this technology many don’t want to actually use it for one reason or another. This leads to people developing this technology believing that what they have created is being used more than it actually is. Sawyer Howitt also points out that many retailers are run by people who are very conservative in their outlook and thus won’t jump on board until they’re very certain the technology will help their business, exceeding the cost of adapting it.

Another factor in the limited adoption of RFID technology is this cost of installing the systems needed for it. Over time, however, the technology has been steadily improving and the costs of implementing it are coming down. Sawyer Howitt is expecting that towards the end of the year more retailers will be placing this technology into their retail locations. He says that by then the costs should have come down far enough that more retailers will be jumping on board with this new wave in technology.

Sawyer Howitt is a project manager at Meriwether Group in Portland, Oregon. the company he works for helps entrepreneurs succeed and expand their businesses. Sawyer is heavily involved in changing how retail stores operate through the use of RFID technology such as that which is being developed for checking out of a store. He will be leaving the company in September, however, as he will be attending the University of California, Berkeley in order to earn a degree in consumer economics.

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Cassio audi


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Cassio was born in brazil and did a lot to grow his music career. He put hours upon hours of hard work into his career and many people look up to him because of it. He is respected among genrerations of people because of his headstrongneess and being able to move around obstacles that were very difficult at the time. He didn’t let anyone tell him what he couldnt do and did his best keep moving forward regarding his music business. He helped other along the way and did his best not to just look out for himself but for others as well. He was very good with the drums and did his part in the band. He had a lot of talent in the life of using the drums and was very good at it. He really enjoyed playing the drums and a lot of hard work went into him using the drums. Iron Maiden influenced them a lot and the band really liked each other and they were able to work together to create very likable music that many people enjoyed over a long time spam. People enjoyed listening to their music and it spread around a lot.

Cassio was very popular because of there talents and so were the other band members. They worked very hard to get were they were in such a top likeableness among a lot of fans. Iron Maiden had a big affect on the way they wrote music and they imitated them a lot because they looked up to iron maiden as a band. Therefore after all they had done as a band soon others looked up to them as well. Their fist album was highly rated and a lot of people enjoyed listening to it and this became very popular over time.


The Firebrand That is Whitney Wolfe


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Whitney Wolfe, 28, is the founder and CEO of Bumble, an application that provides online matchmaking. Wolfe was inspired to develop dating App owing to the numerous problems encountered by women who use the traditional dating websites. Wolfe’s App is revolutionary: it allows women to scroll through potential dates, and women reserve the right to message first. The formation of Bumble was preceded by Wolfe’s dramatic exit from Tinder, an application she co-founded alongside others in 2012.

The prospects of Bumble shifting dynamics in online dating in the coming future are high. Wolfe has her sleeves rolled up, and she means business. She has rolled new products such as Bumble BFF to complement Bumble. Bumble BFF is a new service available to users who wish to make new friends through the App. Bumble Bizz is in the offing, a product intended to add professional services such as meeting a business partner to Bumble App. Wolfe is keen on improving Bumble, an indication that her vision was beyond dating.

Many people are asking themselves the question, “How big is Bumble?” Recent news indicates that Match Group—the parent company to Tinder, OkCupid, and—offered a whopping $450 million to buy Bumble, but Wolfe refused the offer. Match Group must have been impressed by Bumble’s performance over the last few years. Bumble has grown its customer base to an astonishing figure of 20 million, 10% of whom subscribe to Bumble’s premium services at $9.99 per month. The company realizes 50,000 new clients each day. Expectations are ripe that Bumble is set to receive over $150 million in revenues in 2018. All the stated achievements were achieved in a remarkably short period.

Wolfe is a determined woman that has overcome many challenges thrown her way. Her departure from Tinder might have been her lowest moment in life, many negative things were mentioned about her. However, she remains active in discouraging sexual abuse and discrimination against women. Wolfe’s parents divorced when she was 17 years. Her mother is supportive of her business ventures while her father thinks she should start a family beside business.

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The early life of Mike Baur, founder Swiss Start Up Factory


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Starting a company and seeing it grow into a big company is the dream of every entrepreneur. However, this is not always the case. Growing a company is actually hard than what many non-starters think. There are crucial aspects of a start-up business that needs to be taken care of effectively for it get to the next level. There are matters of finances and administration that are required. Unfortunately, many startups lack the knowledge and experience to make concrete and innovative decisions that will see their business grow. It is an unfortunate fact that the biggest percentage of startups will fall with a year or two after their establishment. It therefore required of the owners to spend most of their time working on their startups.



Mike Baur is the greatest example of people who know how to make start-ups grow. Mike Baur is the founder of Swiss Startup Factory. SSUF is a company that guides beginner entrepreneurs with advice on how to make startups grow. He has had deep experience in the field of entrepreneurship having worked for over 20 years in the banking sector. Mike Baur was born in Freiburg, Switzerland and since his childhood, he had a great passion for entrepreneurship. He spent most of his early life in school getting knowledge related to the financial sector and entrepreneurship in general. It is this effort that saw him earn an executive MBA from the University of Rochester and an MBA from the University of Berne. `



As a banker, Mike Baur worked for the biggest private banks in Switzerland, that is, the UBS and the Clariden Leu. He joined the sector at a very young age and was able to become the youngest banker to advise some of the wealthiest people and companies in Switzerland. His achievements at that age were one of their kind, he conducted roles that previously were left to those who had served in the sector for a long time and had amassed a lot of experience. He went on to receive some honors that no one else had achieved then at his age before. He had actually outdone any other banker to have worked in the Swiss banking industry. His achievements were simply by sheer hard work. He started working as an intern in the banking sector before going up the ladder and saw him become a bank manager. His intention to join the banking sector was not with no plan. He wanted to gather knowledge that he would later use in his future enterprises.


Talk Fusion to Get Business


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There are a lot of ways you can get customers for your business. You may not know what one is going to get you the best business and make you feel like you are doing something amazing with it. But how do you start?

Customer Videos

You can create videos that will help you with your customers and get you what you need for your business. These videos can highlight products as well as give your customers something that will help them understand your business. You can talk about what started the business and how you became who you are.


You can use advertising in order to get customers from online areas. These are simple, but can be used in emails as well as on your website. This way the people who are watching them will want to know more about your business. Talk Fusion can help with all of these things.

Customer Service

There are a lot of ways Talk Fusion can be used to help with Customer Service. If you use the video service, then you can connect even closer to your customers because you will be able to see them and they will be able to see you in order to ask questions.

Talk Fusion is a great tool for businesses and can help yours. You only need to take a minute and set up your account to start something that will help your business in the long run. Look at how you can create videos that are going to help you bring people into the business that want to know more. Learn more: