Frank Guerra to Co-Lead in the Syngenta Corn Litigation


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Francisco, “Frank” Guerra (iv) from Watts Guerra Company was appointed to be a Co-Lead counsel for the In Re: Syngenta Litigation on August 5, 2015. According to Business Wire, honorable Thomas M. Sipkins signed an order file no. 27-CV-15-3785 to usher in Mr. Frank to double as Co-Lead counsel and a member of the Plaintiff’s Executive committee. The MDL no.2591 allows for the consolidated Minnesota action to cooperate and coordinate with the existing Multidistrict Litigation while waiting for Honorable John W. Lunsgtrum of the United States District Court for the district of Kansas. It is still pending before the Honorable. The MDL team and the Guerra team already have a Formal Joint Prosecution Agreement.

Guerra’s firm currently has 21,000 claims from individuals who are against Syngenta that amounts to approximately 92% of the total cases involved. Following the figures, the judge appointed him (Mr. Guerra) to coordinate litigation that specifically involves Genetically Modified corn and its impact to the American corn price drop.

For his acceptance speech to the two roles bestowed upon him, he said, “I am honored to represent American farmers and other American workers and businesses. I was raised working on my family’s land, and I understand the impact of the corn market price drop caused by Syngenta’s actions. Our firm looks to bring justice and financial assistance to those financially damaged by Syngenta’s actions.”

The lawyers and associates of Guerra’s company have also made notable milestones. One such milestone is that of Mr. Mikal Watts, a partner of the company Watt Guerra LLP. He filed in the court of law the very first Federal Pradaxa Injury and death cases in the whole of the United States. He then moved to consolidate the federal litigation and spear headed $650 million in resolutions to the affected parties. In addition to that, it is the only company in the whole country to represent Pradaxa Injury and wrongful deaths.

For his prowess, the 45-year old attorney, Mr. Watts, graduated from the University of Texas after only two years of schooling with A Bachelor of Arts high honors. And at the age of 21, he already had a bachelor’s degree of law from University of Texas Law School under his belt.

Frank and his company have also won some notable legal wars such as coordinating hundreds of cases against Firestone and Ford. Injuries were caused by Firestone injuries AT tire failures.

So Much Can Be Done With A Good Piece Of Real Estate


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The Houston real estate is something for people to consider when they are wanting to purchase a beautiful place for themselves or their business. There is just something about Houston that makes people want to stick around. Whether someone is starting up their own business, moving their practice, or just moving their family, Houston is a great city for them to consider. The real estate there is especially beautiful, and they are going to love the places that are offered to them when they are looking to buy.

In the WhitePages Haidar Barbouti was happy with what he found when he was looking at the Houston real estate years earlier, and when he purchased the Highland Village he made it into something great. He took the piece of real estate and added many popular stores and restaurants to it. Now people come and enjoy what is offered in the Highland Village. They are able to appreciate the work that Haidar Barbouti has put into it. He cared enough to pick out a great piece of real estate for himself, and to turn it into something even better than what it had already been, and people can respect him for that.

So, when someone is considering purchasing a piece of real estate for their family or their business, then they are going to want to consider what Haidar Barbouti has done. They will want to look at a place and think about the changes that they can make to it to make it into something that is even better. They will want to see the potential that each place has, and then they are going to want to buy based off of their observations. Houston offers many amazing pieces of real estate, and it will only be a matter of time before someone is able to settle on a place that they love.

Ridiculously Resilient Ridge, El Nino and the California Ski Prognosis According Andy Wirth’s Interview On KCRW


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Recently Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in Olympic Valley, CA, near Lake Tahoe, discussed the effects of the drought on Skiing in California on KCRW “Press Play with Madeline Band”, How will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts? The ski season for 2014 ended early due to lack of snow and warmer weather. Wirth explained that the resort faced a weather pattern described by the National Weather Service as a “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge”, which simply stated prevented moisture to enter the area. As a result Wirth said his ski visitors were down 20%. However he quickly reported that his resort still did well in 2014 and he anticipates continued financial success.

Andy Wirth explained that it is key to take advantage of the weather conditions as they occur and to make accommodations as needed. Weather patterns continue to fluctuate. As the “2014 Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” leaves El Nino in 2015 will be a factor. Wirth stated he must be prepared. They will continue to use science to best make and manage snow. The resort currently has the potential for 6000 acres of skiing. Last year however, only 4000 were utilized due to lack of snow fall. Also year round use of his resort are increasing: summer sports, conferences, reunions and weddings. Wirth reports Squaw Valley was sold out this past summer.

Andy Wirth is not just a businessman looking to make a profit off his resort. Rather he is an environmentally conscience, keeper of the mountain. He strives to protect and preserve the natural wonders of the area. He has reduced the carbon foot print of the resort in hopes of reducing the negative impact on the environment. In his KCRW interview he stated he cares deeply for the mountains and takes the managing of its resources seriously.

Andy Wirth is the President of Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club Board of Directors. He graduated from Colorado State and attended Edinburgh University in Scotland. He is training for the 2015 IRONMAN Lake Tahoe. His training helped him recover from a ski diving accident in 2013 in which his arm was nearly severed during a failed landing. Surgeons were able to repair the damage and after many ups and downs he has nearly recovered. Navy Seals who train at the Squaw Valley Resort became his good friends and supporters. As a result he is currently raising money for the Navy Seals Foundation through his 2015 IRONMAN Lake Tahoe team, Special Warfare Warriors.

Eric Pulier Helps The Computer Sciences Corporation To Improve


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The Computer Sciences Corporation is more dedicated to the people that it is serving than most other big corporations. It realizes that giving customers good quality service that is always improving is the way to keep them around, and that is why the company has made it a point to do just that. The Computer Sciences Corporation has taken on quite a few challenges, recently, as they went ahead to make their technology even better than it had been previously, and it has paid off for the corporation as it has drawn even more people to it.

Some might wonder how a corporation gets a good start like that, and how it is able to do so many good things with itself. Well, the answer would lie in the CEO. If the CEO is a hardworking individual that wants nothing but the best from everyone who is employed by the company, and that has great plans for where he would like to see the company go, then the company will have a much greater chance of doing well. That is what the Computer Sciences Corporation has. They have Eric Pulier working for them as their CEO, and he is a man who lets nothing get in his way when he is determined to do something.

Eric Pulier is a father of four children, and he makes sure that he has time to spend with them despite his busy schedule. He is a published author and a public speaker. He is a philanthropist who cares about the work that he does for sick children. And he is a technologist and entrepreneur. And, he has worked hard for each of these titles, and he continues to work hard to maintain the positions that he holds.
The Computer Sciences Corporation is able to keep improving in the things that it does because of the CEO and others like him who are employed in the company. Eric Pulier’s profile is linked.

What Your Dog Needs To Eat


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Dogs come in all sizes from tiny Yorkies to giant Great Danes. The American Kennel Club officially recognizes 184 different breeds all with one thing in common. They all need to eat. Dogs need a balanced and well-formulated food to keep them at their healthiest and happiest. Poor nutrition from foods that use filler ingredients can lead to serious medical problems for you pet, so while you don’t have to spend a lot to feed Fido, you need to get the best quality dog food you can.

The Nestle Purina Petcare Company has a brand of pet foods called Beneful. These foods have been thoroughly researched over the years and are manufactured here in the United States to the highest quality standards in the industry. The main ingredient in both their wet and dry foods is real meat from beef, chicken, turkey, and salmon. Protein is an important nutrient for dogs that helps them build and maintain strong muscles. Real meat is the best source for protein and that’s the only kind you will find in Beneful.

Dogs also need micronutrients and antioxidants to help them stay healthy. All Beneful foods have the vitamins and essential supplements your dog needs. Each serving contains the iron, manganese, and calcium needed to build bones and make red blood cells. Natural grains and vegetables contribute fiber to help the digestive system and add carbohydrates for the needed energy to play.

Purina’s Beneful is available in a variety of sizes and as wet food or a dry kibble. There are also a series of treats for your favorite furry companion. Some of the treats help control doggy breath and keep Fido’s teeth clean while others help keep his heart strong. Treats can be overused so be careful not to give your friend more than 10% of their daily diet in treats.

The Purina Company was purchased by the Swiss multinational food company Nestle in 2001. That transaction was valued at $10.3 billion dollars and created Nestle’s second most profitable division. Now known as the Nestle Purina Petcare Company, the St. Louis-based firm has expanded into the largest manufacturer of pet food in the United States. The 6,500 employees are encouraged to bring their own pets to work with them and participate in a number of volunteer opportunities. Purina has been consistently ranked as one of the best companies to work for in a number of local and regional polls.

Purina also is heavily involved in pet welfare, and by choosing Beneful products you support a $10 million annual contribution to a network of over 1,500 shelters. The company also has built on its fifty-acre campus a multimillion-dollar arena where various dog and agility shows can be held. Research has been a long standing tradition at Purina since its founding in 1894 and a new four-story research lab can also be found on campus ensuring that Beneful and Purina’s other brands will continue to be the best pet foods available anywhere in the world.

Newark is Changing and Growing with Help from the NCEDC


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The city of Newark, NJ is growing and expanding, and the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is one of the reasons for this trend. Recently, the corporation changed the name from Brick City Development Corp., moved the main office and brought Kevin Seawright on board as Vice President and CFO.

Mr. Seawright came directly from Maryland as the Director of Operations, but his education is from Notre Dame University in Leadership of Non-Profits/ and he has a Masters from Almeda in Accounting, so the board of NCEDC knows that he will be the right man for the job.

These changes will offer downtown business owners an incredible opportunity to work with the renewed and revamped NCEDC to continually improve Newark, which is the largest city in New Jersey.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Supports and Inspires Newark

Newark is thriving city of over 278,000 and has a rich history of Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian immigrants who spread out into 27 communities within the city.

With Kevin Seawright as an ambitious leader, the NCEDC will be an organization that is prepared to support the city while inviting new business and real estate ventures into the city. This expansion provides an extraordinary catalyst for economic development in New Jersey’s largest city.

The main purpose of NCEDC is to attract new businesses and to assist business and homeowners who are already in Newark to prosper. They offer small and minority businesses loans for eligible businesses, which encourages real estate development. The NCEDC is a small business’s best friend throughout all of the 20 diverse neighborhoods because they direct their attention to Newark, which is their sole client.

NCEDC and Newark

Newark is the caveat of New Jersey, and NCEDC works directly with the Newark Department of Economic & Housing Development as well as many other agencies to bring about consistent economic growth by creating new jobs and wealth for the citizens. For these reasons, relocating to Newark is a progressive step that offers a fresh, new lifestyle and hope for a successful tomorrow.

Because of the efforts of NCEDC on a daily basis, the citizens of Newark enjoy endless opportunities for starting their own small business and purchasing a home at a reasonable price.

The History of Citadel


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In 1990, a financial institution by the name of Citadel was founded. It works as an alternative asset manager for investors. Among the products that Citadel trades is equities, equity options and many more. One thing that sets Citadel from many other hedge funds is that it has a long life of more than 20 years. One of the traits that Citadel is recognized for is its performance on investment. This was all made possible by one man who began trading in 1987 while he was studying in Harvard. His name is Kenneth Griffin.

Ken Griffin has started trading from his dorm room with more than $200,000. By 1990, he has raised enough capital to start up Citadel after joining Glenwood under his mentor, Frank Meyer. The capital that was used to open up Citadel was $4.6 million. However, the company opened under a different name as Wellington Financial Group. The company didn’t become known as Citadel until 1994. Kenneth Griffin has used his skills and knowledge in order to give the company the ability to last a long time throughout many different financial issues. Kenneth has made sure that his company could earn back any losses tha it faces.

One of the reasons that Citadel remains a very successful firm is that it takes risks and manages its finances. It looks at many different companies and conducts extensive research in order to determine whether or not the company is a safe investment. It also knows when to cut its losses. It has made many purchases of portfolios which included its rival Sowood Asset Management. Among other things that Citadel has done is act as an advocate for legislation in finances. In response to the financial crises of 2008, Citadel has made a challenge for more honesty and transparency when it comes to trading derivatives.

Citadel is one of the most influential financial firms that is not only about business, but about making sure that the financial industry can be durable even in the worst conditions. Citadel is also known for speaking on issues of fairness in the market. For instance, Citadel has called Wall Street when it didn’t implement the Dodd-Frank Act when it was supposed to. Citadel and Kenneth Griffin are very passionate about making sure the markets handle finances in a fair manner. If they see something that does not look right, they will be one of those that will bring attention to the issue.

The Future of Visual Effects


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When people think of visual effects, they typically look directly towards movies. Now, this is a good way to look at effects. The majority of cutting edge visual effects do take place in movies and there have been some truly incredible changes and revolutions within the visual effects world over the last few decades. Understanding how this has manifested into what it is today is important, not only for film buffs but for general interest levels. Beyond this, there are other forms of live visual effects that are being used in performance pieces and other productions. One of the top names in this industry when it comes to live performances is John Textor, and while he has worked in the movie industry on some of the top production movies in terms of visual effects over the last decade, there are far more movies and shows he has worked on concerning live events.

Visual effects truly started to take off with the development of computer aided production shots. Up until the end of the 60s and into the 70s, most visual effects remained more physical effects than anything else or tricks using smoke, mirrors, strings and anything else crews could do. However, this started to change with the creation of movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Tron and Star Wars. All of these movies helped add to the visual spectrum of movie magic and it really kicked off the special effects revolution in the 80s. By the time the 90s came around, larger than life visual effects started to take shape. Jurassic Park proved to be a turning point, and this movie even influenced George Lucas into testing out the effects in the Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition and then the eventual release of the Prequel Trilogy.

Now days, just about every summer movie seems to be backed full of special effects to the point where it just hits the viewer over the head in order to outdo other movies on the docket. That does not mean these are the only forms of special effects though. Even though John Textor has worked on movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers and the Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons (which he and his crew won an Academy Award for), there are stage productions that are now taking on a new form of special effects.

Hologram imagery has started to take shape. This real time production is essentially a projection, but from all angles in order to come together to create this projection. The hologram of Tupac set things off, and since then they have created stage performances of past celebrities including Michael Jackson and even Elvis, all to breathe new life into the individual.

Highland Capital Management: The Necessity of Quality Leadership


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Managing other people’s money and investments is an incredibly large undertaking. The team at Highland Capital Management, however, are very efficient and effective at this endeavor. Since the founding in 1993, Highland Capital Management has grown far beyond what anyone’s highest hopes for the company could have been. Today, they are in charge of over 20 billion dollars. Although they are based out of Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management has offices in New York, London, and Singapore.

The success of such a lucrative company, however, would not be possible without quality leadership. In fact, it could most certainly be argued that quality leadership is the vital key to taking a company like Highland Capital Management from having the potential for success to being an actual successful company.

In the case of Highland Capital Management, they had this quality leadership since their original inception in 1993. Co-founder and president James Donerdo is certainly the driving force behind said leadership. His guidance, past and present, has been a crucial factor in guiding Highland Capital Management to the current success that the company enjoys today.

James Donerdo was no stranger to success when he co-founded Highland Capital Management. Donerdo had graduated from University of Virginia with the highest honors possible. After graduation, Donerdo worked as a credit investor in various positions for American Express. In fact, he was responsible for over 1 billion dollars for American Express in the 1980’s. This was just the very beginning of James Donerdo’s more than 30 years of successful experience in investigating.

James Donerdo has also used his success and leadership skills for a lot of very important philanthropic and community involvement. He has worked on various initiatives from public policy to education to veteran’s affairs. In this way, Donerdo really brings to life the old cliche that excellence is more of a habit than an act. Discontented to simply be successful at Highland Capital Management, James Donerdo also strove to be successful in his community.

Companies like Highland Capital Management take on a lot of financial responsibility. Responsible for more than 20 billion dollars, Highland Capital would not possibly be able to operate without the experience and expertise of quality leaders. Highland Capital Management found this leadership in co-founder and president James Donerdo. Denerdo brought a wealth of knowledge with him that spans back 30 years. He also has taken his leadership qualities from his professional career and used them to help his community on everything from education to public policy and veteran’s affairs. It is certainly nice to see such quality people in charge of companies like Highland Capital Management.

US Farmers Sue Swiss Company Over Corn Problems


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The issue of genetically modified organism’s has been a major one for a number of decades with many pressure groups and government agencies refusing to accept crops grown from GMO’s. In the US the use of GMO affected seeds came to the fore in 2014 when a strain of seeds sold by the Swiss company Syngenta was identified as being infected with GMO properties. These seeds led to the banning of all corn from the US to China, which caused chaos for farmers and the commodity markets as the infected corn could not be removed from the food chain. Only now has China allowed the import of American grown corn back into the country as US farmers still feel the economic effects of the export ban.

Mikal Watts of the Watts Guerra law practice is leading a class action lawsuit against Syngenta filed in the US in a bid to regain some of the losses US corn farmers have endured. Watts is a well known figure in the agricultural industry as he has preciously fought big businesses on behalf of farmers affected by problems crossing the entire agricultural industry. Watts has already won a $750 million settlement for farmers affected by an issue with Bayer Crop Sciences tainted seed.

The major problems the US corn industry faced were with the fact that tainted corn was mixed with safe crops to make it impossible for the GMO affected products to be removed from the food chain. As much as 20 percent of all US corn is exported each year with the removal of the Chinese market causing a flood of corn back in the US resulting in lower than usual corn prices. The effect was damaging for many US corn farmers who were left with diminished profits for their products and economic problems that continue to this day.