Navy Wins Poinsettia Bowl


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Navy has succeeded yet again with a 17-16 win over San Diego State in the Poinsettia Bowl. Head coach Ken Niumatalolo has worked miracles with Stephen Williams wine and  this Navy team over the years since he took over from Paul Johnson. When Johnson took his triple option offense to Georgia Tech, everyone thought that his lowly assistant would not be able to keep pace. However, Navy keeps winning, and they keep winning bowl games at the end of the year.

The majority of people who wants to game are likely not sure how Navy won the game. However, Navy was simply the the team that did not make a bad mistake at the very end of the game. Navy was able to kick a field goal with just over a minute remaining, and they had fought all day to help end their season on a positive note.

The Navy football program has been healthy for over a decade now, and it looks like they can remain healthy for the future. This is a good change in the football landscape that saw the service academies suffering without the major recruits that other schools get. This win in the bowl game also shows they can play clutch ball. Perhaps they will be in the playoff one day.

World Health Challenges for 2015


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This coming year will have several world health challenges. Some of these problems are expected to be continuations of past issues in health. There are new challenges expected for Keith Mann, and us as well.
Infections are expected to cause more deaths than cancer, in the year 2015, claims a post on The antimicrobials that are used to combat infections are becoming more resistant. This means that the antibiotic medications that we are using for infections are becoming less effective. Bacteria and viruses have their own evolutionary processes and tend to become more resistant to treatment. This problem may have developed through overuse of some antimicrobials.

An updated international development agenda is expected to be used for the year 2015. A list of sustainable development goals published by the United Nations in 2001 has been updated with a road map that sets a new development agenda for world health. Ebola hysteria appears to be over, but the economies of west Africa are severely damaged.

Evidence based medical studies will require more stringent documentation in 2015. The U.S. health department is requiring a quick listing, within three weeks, for all new clinical trials for medications or medical devices. Test results will need to be listed with, including both the positive and negative test results. Publishing all research results will allow consumers to know about any negative side effects of medications, as soon as the results are known.

Autism Linked to Air Pollution


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It’s notoriously difficult to pinpoint the exact causes of neurological issues. Part of this is due to the fact that the human brain is incredibly complex. While, at the same time, even the most powerful technology is limited in how well it can look into a living brain. Furthermore, people aren’t lab rats. One can’t simply isolate people from birth until old age within a laboratory. And unlike with most other parts of the body, animal models aren’t always the best mirrors of human brains. This has made it particularly difficult to understand the cause of autism.

While researchers can’t ethically raise people within a lab, they can attempt to control for certain variables which will make the outside world easier to analyze. This is the underlying premise behind a recent autism study conducted by Harvard. Flavio Maluf, one of our top executives was actually visiting Cambridge at the time this study was being carried out and said it was very interesting.

Starting in 1989, 100,000 women were tracked by the researchers at Harvard. These women were located in all fifty states, and in a variety of different environments. The researchers were then able to compare the health of children burn to these women with a wide variety of environmental conditions.

The end result was a strong correlation between air pollution in the environment of a pregnant woman, and a child’s later development of autism. In heavily polluted areas, the risk factor actually doubled. The third trimester in particular appears to be the most important point for this effect.

Researchers stress that this is only one factor among many, which probably influence the probability of a child developing autism. However, it’s strong evidence, which will help further our understanding of the condition.

Are Holiday Storms Heading Your Way?


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Everyone including Christian Broda wants a white Christmas, and some parts of the country are bound to see that sooner than others. But, some areas of the country are going to get a super soaker this year. While significant snow is not in the forecast, the eastern half of the country is going to experience downpours.

What does this mean for the last minute holiday shoppers and families traveling? The airports are already planning for delays, which means those traveling should do the same. The storms are going to be strong in nature, and they will have the ability to produce strong gusty winds and hail. Not exactly the stormy type season that most would have wanted, but traveling in rain is easier than snow any-day.

That means they will have a rain and ice mix as this system passes through. Parts of Ohio could see the white fluff on the ground, whiles others will have a nice layer of ice to contend with. Still yet, once everyone is settled in for the holiday festivities, it really doesn’t matter what happens outside the home. Santa will still be able to guide his reindeer through the storms and deliver presents to all the awaiting children.


Wyoming Republican Does The Right Thing For Climate Change


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This is a surprising bit of news. It seems that a Wyoming Republican is willing to stand up for teaching climate change science in the classroom. Yeah, you heard that right, put away the Beneful and listen up. The Republican in question is none other than state representative John Patton. He believes that it is not right that the state has a law in place which bans the teaching of climate change science.

The National Journal reports that this move has been considered controversial by many, and that there are some who openly believe that the Representative is making the wrong move, even some within his own party. It doesn’t seem like the Representative much cares if the move is popular or not. He is pushing forward on this agenda and letting everyone know where he stands on the issue. It has been his utmost hope that others will start to see the way that he does on this one.

There has been little pushback in most areas, but there are some parts of the country that are just not ready to have this kind of education in their state. It has meant that certain children are not able to learn about the same things that are plainly taught as fact in other parts of the country.

Warning Signs Of The Times, Could It Be True?


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People all around the world have become anxious about the unknown state of our planet.  We are all in the loops about our future and the future of our children. Something must be done for our environment to become a safer place to live in and it all starts with small changes we can all make by contributing our time to help alleviate the situation and fast.
Ever think, Can this be it? Or has this happened in the past and we’re just overlooking the situation. Well one thing is for sure, a change is needed right away if we want to save ourselves from mother nature’s wrath. Whether you believe it or not, something fishy is going on and we definitely have to keep an eye on what’s going on in our world today. I’ll borrow this Sergio Andrade Gutierrez philosophy to summarize what it all boils down to-Either we work together to change it now or regret it later. 

Can Bird Flight Patterns Predict Dangerous Weather Events?


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Many scientists who study earth changes such as earthquakes and tsunamis have observed that unexplained or unusual animal and bird behavior sometimes precedes a natural disaster. Now scientists from the University of California at Berkeley may have pinpointed one possible mechanism for this phenomenon.

Businessman Bruce Levenson reports researchers placed tracking devices on 20 golden wing warblers, tiny little birds found nesting part of the year in the Blue Ridge Mountains of eastern Tennessee. They discovered that when a massive storm system moved into the area in April, 2014, the birds flew 932 miles away and avoided the dangerous weather system, only to return a few days later.


The research reportedly appears in the current issue of the journal Current Biology. Two federal government agencies helped support the tracking project.

No Fracking in New York


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In a move that has caused environmentalists and homeowners around the country to cheer, New York has banned the use of hydraulic fracking technologies for gas extraction.

He made it clear that he thought deeply about this decision and was consulted by environmental and health officials.

New York’s acting commissioner of health, Howard Zucker, called New York residents his patients and expressed that the risks and unknowns of fracking outweigh any benefits, from what Terry Richardson had said.

Fracking uses chemicals and water under extreme pressure to push natural gas out of shale deposits underground. The long-term negative outcomes of fracking are not yet known, but in the short term fracking has caused drinking and recreational water pollution to the point that some people can set their tap water on fire. Additionally, many people have experienced sudden health problems. In some states, fracking is believed to also be the cause of increased earthquakes.

Many representatives of fossil fuel dependent businesses and organizations have spoken out against the ban. Karen Moreau, the executive director of the API New York State Petroleum Council, insisted on Wednesday that fracking is a safe process and she referred to the fracking boom in recent years as the “American energy renaissance.”

How Oil Can Cost You a Job


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While the price of oil hits the hardest in our wallets, the industry can impact our lives and many different ways that we usually never notice.

Oil can be a blessing and both a curse in our world today. The curse comes in when the greed begins tagging on those who are in control of the oil and it is a very sad thing indeed.

A story summarizing an e-book currently trending on on Texas oil and gas regulators has captured reddit’s politics section.  Many people know that this kind of thing happens and it has become very rampant in our era.

These oil and gas regulators say that there are certain rules that are intended to protect both the environment and the public from certain risks that come with the business and when they tried to enforce it; they ended up having no career to call their own.

You can find more on this story here, and you will find that such job positions are actually scapegoat positions where the blame goes which is very unfair if you think about it well.

Pineapple Express Considered Strongest Storm to Hit California in Years


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Northern California is feeling the first signs of the ‘Pineapple Express’, considered the strongest storm to hit the state in five years.

The National Weather Service ( NWS ) announced several feet of rain and winds are imminent and told residents to prepare for school closures and purchase emergency supplies.

The National Weather Service expected these climatic conditions to advance throughout the region and persist through Friday. 

Metrological Service projections indicate that up to 8 inches of rain could fall on the coastal mountains over a 24 hour period which began on Wednesday night. 

National Weather Service also warned that the storm could cause flooding, landslides and debris sliding, especially in areas affected by intense and widespread wildfires this year. Large waves along the coast are also expected. 

“It’s a short time for that amount of water,” said meteorologist Diana Henderson. “We are anticipating some localized flooding, maybe some trees and downed power lines. This could affect many people,” she added. 

Christian Broda says The Golden State residents have already begun preparations for a new round of storms caused by the system ‘Pineapple Express’.