Baby Galapagos Tortoises Found on Island


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For the first time in over a century, scientists have reported finding baby tortoises on Pinzón, one of the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. Scientists hope this means the huge tortoises, which can weigh over 500 pounds, can be brought back from the brink of extinction.

The Galapagos tortoise’s problems began when European sailors arrived on Pinzón Island in the mid-18th century — and inadvertently brought their rats with them. The rats quickly established themselves on the island and ate the tortoises’ eggs and young.

By the 1960’s, only 100 tortoises were left. Conservationists then collected the all unhatched eggs they could find and incubated them on another, rat-free island. Five years later, they put the hatchlings back on Pinzón, since they were now large enough to be able to protect themselves.

Brian Torchin has read that, in 2012, scientists used helicopters to dump a poison attractive to rats, and only rats. The poison proved to be effective; two years later, all of the rats on Pinzón had been eradicated. The rats’ demise gave the tortoises the first time to breed in generations.

In December, 2014, scientists did a survey — and found 10 hatchlings. They found 300 tortoises in all, but they believe there are more, including more babies.

Global Warming Speculation Shows NASA and NOAA Somewhat Right


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There was a lot of speculation last week when President Obama claimed 2014 was the hottest year on record. Spectics like Flavio Maluf have claimed on and across other popular social media sites the data is not being properly scrutinized and that it is only minimal changes that have no real impact on the world. However, the President said that global warming was a real threat to the US national security and world security. This is because higher temperatures are the cause of melting ice in the northern and southern hemispheres causing an increased amount of water in the oceans, and in the atmosphere. When this occurs it results in more rainfall to areas not accustomed to it such as the deserts. It also will result in harsher winter storms with more snow fall and winter systems that reach further south causing ice storms along the gulf coast last year.

In the backing of these statements the White House pointed to NASA and NOAA, who conducted the studies determining the higher temperatures. It turns out after these studies have been viewed by critics that this data was correct, but its the probability of these statements that have renewed controversy. The reason is because they cannot predict with 100% accuracy what year was the hottest. The best probability they are able to assign is 48% that 2014 was the hottest year. While they also admit that 2010 may be the hottest and are 17% sure of this claim being correct. Hence the speculation on global warming.

Massive Blizzard Moving Into The Northeast


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This Monday the Northeast is expected to receive a blizzard of massive proportions. Although they are no stranger to snow storms this one is said to be possible crippling for that area. According to a map on areas in New York, New Jersey, and parts of New England are facing up to 30 inches of snowfall. 30 inches! That is enough to stop production and leave people stranded where they are. The National Weather Service is also reporting the possibility of winds up to 65 miles per hour.

The Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, has asked his residents to avoid traveling today if possible. He also told them to stay out of city parks and keep walking to a minimum. Gianfrancesco Genoso was saying on Hotfrog that the storm must be serious if a city that is known for it’s pedestrian traffic is asking for a halt on it today. It is even possible that the freeways, subways, and bus routes will be shut down as well. Reports are coming out that supermarkets in the areas are being cleaned out in preparation for being snowed in.

Not only is New York City coming to a stop but most major airlines have cancelled flights for Monday and Tuesday out of area airports such as Newark, JFK, and La Guardia.


Northeast Prepares for the Worst


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With reports in some areas predicting 2 – 3 feet of snow, possibly more, in this big snow storm headed to the north east, a lot of schools have already closed for the day as well as businesses sending their employees home early. Several major cities are under a blizzard warning, with the mayor of New York asking people to please stay home unless there’s an emergency.

According to West Orlando News, more than 5,000 flights have already been cancelled including Dan Newlin’s-starting Monday night and all of Tuesday. This could have an impact on air travel nationwide for the rest of the week. In light of this, major airlines are actually waiving cancellation/change fees.

On top of the large amounts of snow, they are calling for some heavy winds, with gusts up to 75 mph. If this storm lives up to the hype, it could be the worst storm to ever hit this area.

Acid Rain Contributed To Permian Mass Extinction


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According to a study published in the journal Geology, researchers have found that acid rain was one of the contributing factors of the Permian mass extinction 250 million years ago. Scientists found that rock samples from the Dolomite Mountains in Italy contained an organic compound called vanillin which indicates that the soil was extremely and lethally acidic. Lots of acid rain showers would have caused that.

People like Zeca Oliveira know that the rock samples from the Dolomite Mountains had been underwater 250 million years ago and had come from sediments near the coast of the super-continent Pangea. They contained the remains of compacted plant matter. The vanillin the team found occurs in plants and normally oxidizes into vanillic acid after the plant dies. That process, however, is slowed or halted if the soil is extremely acidic. Given the ratio of vanillin to vanillic acid in the rocks, the researchers concluded that the soil was very acidic.

The Permian Period was the last geologic period before the Mesozoic Era or “Age of Reptiles.” All of the land masses on Earth had fused into the supercontinent Pangea which was covered with forests. It ended in the largest mass extinction known. A series of volcanic eruptions are believed to have released gases that caused acid-rain showers all over the planet that were so extensive they damaged the biosphere. 96 percent of all marine organisms were wiped out, as were 70 percent of terrestrial vertebrates and 83 percent of all insect genera. It was known as the Great Dying.

Winter Storm Slams into Northeast, Snarls Traffic


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Atleast five people died over the weekend in the Northeast, United States when a Winter storm mixed with freezing temperatures, culminating in a freezing rain and ice that turned roadways into skating rinks. The storm which effected Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey barreled into the area just before day break. By 8am, roadways were heavily covered in ice, and salting trucks were no match for the winter weather.

In Pennsylvania, a 50 car pileup left one person dead, and one woman was killed in Connecticut, another individual involved in a separate accident in Pennsylvania died. As the storm barreled towards the area, the government tried to stop drivers from getting on the road. The New York area closed the interstate from Newburgh New York, to the New York City Line. Several parkways in Westchester and Rockland counties, bedroom communities for New York City were shut down due to black ice.

By mid-afternoon temperatures rose above freezing and much of the freezing rain turned over to traditional rain, however, flooding soon became a problem. Westchester county highways remained closed throughout the day due to flooding and the potential for black ice to form as the temperatures dipped back below freezing.

In fact, the situation was so bad in New York, that Sultan Alhokair of says 911 calls were on backlog as operators dealt with the influx in accidents.

While The Tri-State area is no stranger to winter weather, freezing rain, according to experts, poses a very specific risk and problem. Traditional salt, the type used to treat roads for snow, does little to help in the case of ice. Specialized trucks outfitted with sand must be used instead. The freezing rain came so quickly that local municipalities had little time to react, and sanders could not be dispatched fast enough to deal with the numerous roadways in the area.

House Speaker Not Willing To Get Into Climate Change Debate


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The House Speaker John Boehner has taken a unique approach to avoiding talking about the climate change issue. He has pushed it on to scientists to worry about the debate of climate change. He says that he is not going to concern himself with the climate change debate, but rather he will “let scientists debate that”. reports that Boehner at least conceded that their are changes to the environment that are occurring, but he refused to say that such changes were a product of man made burning of fossil fuels. Instead, he said that he would let scientists debate this issue and allow them to decide what was happening. Of course by playing his cards this way, the House Speaker did manage to side step the issue. However, he did not really get completely out of it.

It should be noted that the Speaker and all of his colleagues in the House and Senate are the ones who are tasked with making public policy as it relates to the environment. It means that it is their job to care about such issues and to study them. By side stepping the issue, the Speaker is throwing off his responsibility to the public to care about these issues and try to do something about them. He is clearly avoiding the issue for political reasons, but doing so is only damaging to the public discourse about one of the most important issues on the agenda. Advocates for global warming policy are obviously outraged by this lack of agency for the environment. However this lack of government recognition allows citizens, like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, to start organization to spread awareness about the dangers of climate change.

Skout Takes a Whole New Approach to Dating Apps


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In the world that we live in, technology is becoming more and more mobile. Apps seem to be the new big thing, and when there is a hit app, it really catches on quickly. There are many different apps to choose from, so how do you really know which app is right for you? This is something that you can find when looking at current trends. If you are looking at getting the right social dating app, you need to take a look at Skout. Skout is a very popular app that has been downloaded over 100 million times.

Skout is taking a whole new approach to the world of dating apps. There are many new features on this app that make it so much more than just your regular dating app. With the addictive shake chat feature, you can connect with individuals who are in your area and are looking to meet new people. This is much different than most apps where you have to wait for the approval of people that you find attractive. The fast paced world of Skout really makes this app one of the most loved dating apps out there.

When it comes to most dating apps, there is a low feeling of urgency when it comes to responding to those who have messaged you. You will feel like messages can just get lost in the sea of many different incoming flirtations. However, with Skout, digital gifts can be given. This is a great feature that makes it much easier to remind someone about your online digital courtship. With a digital gift, the recipient will feel much more inclined to return the favor, and a real life interaction is one step closer to actually happening. This is a great thing that Skout has going for it.



4G Technology in Motors


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The term 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) is the most advanced in terms of data transfer between standard mobile devices. While the technology is imperfect at the moment, grat leaps have been taken in order to create the type of network that is ideal for the data requirements of our modern society and companies like Status Labs.

In 2014, General Motors started the commercialization of 4G LTE version of connected services OnStar, embarked on many models of North American and Chinese lines of Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC.

This technology promises to make it finally viable for connecting television, telephone and video conferencing on the move, and to remotely diagnose the mechanics of your vehicle.

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas, OnStar has finally taken the advantage of high-speed 4G LTE to attract the driver’s attention to promotional offers from partners.

OnStar claims to complement its online services supposed to help monetize every journey in time, purchasing power and safety. From summer 2015, OnStar customers can subscribe to a new driving style evaluation service over a period of 90 days. The incentive will be provided by the US Progressive Insurance in the form of discounts on the premium amount.

Lovers of Motor Cars are really excited and anxiously waiting for regular use of this technology in future cars. No doubt, this new technology is a real ‘game changer’ in the market.

Internet in the UK Thanks To Sheep


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It may be possible one day to find Wi-Fi in open country looking for the nearest sheep! Indeed, experiments conducted in Status Labs within the UK by the University of Lancaster plans to equip wireless electronic necklaces sheep that could turn into as many Internet access points.

After dirigibles and military drones sheep will perhaps also be used to create Wi-Fi access points. The idea could is carried by Professor Gordon Blair of Lancaster University (United Kingdom) who is also found on LinkedIn. It is part of a wider project to explore the feasibility and scope the Internet of Things in the rural environment.

This could include help avoid certain problems of agricultural pollution, drought, flood, but also to follow the cattle breeding.

Thanks to a grant of just over 171,000 pounds (about 217,000 Euros at current prices), Blair and his team start conducting an experiment for 18 months in the Conwy County which located in the north of Wales. It began in early December with the deployment of a network of sensors installed on the banks of rivers.

As for the movement of the sheep, this technology also makes a number of strides in utilizing this tracking to provide an efficient and consistent wireless service for the area.

These collars emit on frequencies between 900 and 144 MHz for the transmission of data and their range is five kilometers. This could help to improve Internet access in remote rural areas.