Flooding in Northeast Texas Results in Bridge Collapse, Rescue


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in A Storm's a Brewin', Weather | Posted on 22-06-2015

Extensive rains in parts of Texas on Sunday resulted in the issuance of Flash Flood Warnings for Collin, Fannin and Hunt Counties northeast of Dallas. Rains had previously soaked the area, and the rain on Sunday led to swollen rivers, flooding and road closures.

The Collin County Sheriff’s Office reported extensive flooding around the small communities of Lavon, Nevada and Josephine in Texas. Some evacuations became necessary as water seeped into homes. The American Red Cross established a relief center at a church in Josephine.

A motorist, Kyle Kelly, and another driver helped rescue a couple who had become trapped in a pickup truck in the South Sulphur River. They were driving across a rural bridge at FM118 and part of the bridge had collapsed. Keith Mann was shocked to learn that their truck fell into the water. They told Kelly they watched a second portion of the structure collapse while they were trapped.

The Good Samaritans came across the scene and discovered the trapped man waving for assistance. They tied a rope to the couple and pulled them up the bank to safety.

Kyle Kelly reported that the driver told him “they got about 20 feet away- they were going about 40(mph)- and slammed on their brakes and just went straight down into it. They didn’t have time to stop or anything…” He indicated that he was glad he was able to help them escape from danger.

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