Healthy Spirit, Healthy Body: The Joseph Bismark Way


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I thought it was funny to see a businessman primarily described as being interested in a healthy lifestyle. Health is Joseph Bismark’s way of life, as described in the blog Left Handed, Right Mind.” But for Bismark, health doesn’t just mean eating your vegetables and exercising; he is concerned about the health of the spirit, too, and the health of the planet. The company for which he is the managing director is called the Qi Group, and it encourages the use of materials recycling, solar power, and paperless workflows. 

Bismark learned about the importance of being healthy in his body and mind when he spent several years in an ashram in the Philippines. He decided to leave the ashram to bring his values to the world of business. I think it is very important for businessmen to love wellness, and not just to focus on money all of the time.

Bismark is a dynamic leader and believes strongly in encouraging teamwork, creativity, and entrepreneurship in his employees. He thinks that everyone can do great things. These values have led to success for his company. He is also affiliated with the RYTHM Foundation, which gives back to the community. 

We need more business leaders to be inspiring examples of humanity. We need them to care about the health of human beings’ bodies and spirits, as well as the health of our world. Joseph Bismark’s commitment to health is therefore an inspiration to many.

Let Personal Injury Attorney Dan Newlin Get You the Compensation You Deserve


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Once you are injured in an auto accident, at work, or while visiting an establishment and find yourself experiencing a loss of time at work due to your physical injuries, that’s when you need a highly qualified, experienced and compassionate personal injury attorney to make sure your rights are protected. Attorney Dan Newlin and his team of professionals are a clear choice to get you all that you deserve for your suffering and lost wages. In fact, The Law Offices of Dan Newlin are proud to be included along with the less than five percent of attorneys and law firms in Florida to have the distinguished honor of being recognized as a Super Lawyer Law Firm.

Even as a teen growing up in Indiana, Dan Newlin knew he wanted to serve the public. His first job was as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), working in the City of New Chicago, Indiana. From there, Mr. Newlin joined the police force for New Chicago where he stayed on the force for several years before being offered the post of Orange County Florida’s Deputy Sheriff. Mr. Newlin’s expertise in law enforcement spans numerous sectors in the field of protecting the citizens in his care. From fugitive apprehension to narcotics and auto theft, Dan Newlin’s diligence and dedication earned him numerous awards.

When you’re injured, you need to focus on healing and not all the legal issues that you may be facing. Having a veteran personal injury attorney on your side can make all the difference in getting your life back on track. Having recovered more than $150 million for his clients, Mr. Newlin has a remarkable track record for obtaining favorable outcome for those he represents.

With offices in both Illinois and in Florida, Dan Newlin has amassed a top-notch team of attorneys to include former State Prosecutors, a Board Certified Surgeon who retired that profession in lieu of law, as well as a Board Certified Trial Attorney with 30 years of experience in the courtroom. Practicing in a wide range of personal injury areas, The Law Offices of Dan Newlin are poised to protect your rights as a victim and to get you the compensation you deserve. Consultations are free, and a friendly team member is ready to speak with you and to be by your side as you begin your journey back to recovery.

Business Investment Entrepreneur Marc Sparks Helping Build Dallas, Texas


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Often, there’s a confusion, some people can’t seem to distinguish a manager and entrepreneur. For anyone becoming an entrepreneur, it’s essential to understand what the title comes with. Entrepreneurship involves tremendous responsibilities, vigilance, determination and expert leadership. It’s ideally an all-around function because an entrepreneur leads everyone else, care for the welfare of those below their capacity and discover new opportunities. Anyone can become a manager, but a leader is a natural, self-discipline that’s nursed and perfected with time. An entrepreneur has a vision and people who embrace it, including a manager need direction to stay the entire course. In this capacity, quitting isn’t an option when everyone has the heart set on his innovative ideas.

Entrepreneurship presents complex challenges and it takes an extraordinary mind, inspiring followers to deliver favorable output. When plans fail, managers report to their leader to know the next move and how to turn things around for a positive feedback. As leaders discover new ideas, they’ll learn the process, share their experience and inspire others to believe in the vision. An entrepreneur’s duty is never done. As the workload increases, management reports the demand and an entrepreneur will order new recruits. Even when everyone’s asleep, an entrepreneur keeps working and creating opportunities to increase profit margins. It’ll keep line workers and managers engaged while maximizing the full potential of a business idea. 

Marc Sparks, a successful Dallas-based visionary entrepreneur, and venture capitalist is an example of model leadership. He’s invested in multiple businesses, of which the majority are fruitful. He owns Timber Creek Capital, a financial firm that consults for venture investments. He’s provided capital funding to various startup companies in the region. With his expert knowledge of business planning, model strategies, and intensive industry experience, he’s the right candidate to consult for ideas. Sparks masterminded business strategies that led to the success of telecommunication giants Cardinal Telecom, LLC and Blue Jay Blue Wireless. With both companies, he consulted for start-up capital funding and business planning. 

Sparks have an upcoming book “They Can’t Eat You.” It’s his first-ever official publication. It’s an educational series focused on helping C+ students, nursing a high school education to succeed in today’s ever-evolving society. Alongside this achievement, Sparks has kept to his philanthropic duties as well. Surely, he’s had much success as an active investor and businessman, but he’s deeply involved in humanitarianism. His body-of-work at Samaritan Inn, a regional housing facility that provides temporary accommodation for citizens needing financial support and counseling are admirable. Sparks commits to helping the homeless find employment and treatment in hopes of achieving rehabilitation successfully. He consults for people seeking reportable employment and educate the community about improving financial management efforts. He’s inspired millions and as he continues to explore opportunities, he’s making each experience count.

Andy Wirth: Alive and Kicking


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It’s not often in today’s world one finds a life filled with adventure that doesn’t come from the silver screen. Andy Wirth has that kind of life. Born in West Germany, with university work from Colorado to Scotland, Wirth took his education and decided to break the mold. 

The wilderness is in his blood, being the grandson of the former Director of the US National Park Service, Conrad Wirth, and the great-grandson of Theodore Wirth, former Minneapolis Superintendent of Parks. With that background it was natural for him to gravitate to the outdoors, and so he did, working as a backcountry ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Parks and a wilderness ranger in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. 

Then he made the move into the hospitality industry. It would prove to be momentous. The list of prestigious jobs held is long and distinguished, including chief marketing officer and executive vice president of sales and marketing of Steamboat Ski and Resort, and president and CEO of both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. That love of the outdoors didn’t just color his business life, but his personal life as well. He has served and is still serving on many sporting club and fire protection boards, often being promoted to a leadership role. 

His relationship with the wilderness has not always been peaceful. While skydiving in October 2013, a disorienting moment in the air led to a bad landing, severing his arm. His previous training allowed him to treat the wound enough to keep him alive, but it was singing Eddie Vedder’s “Just Breathe” that allowed him to keep his head. After surgery and intense physical therapy, his arm was his once again.

That event was not enough to kill his passion for the outdoors, and he still keeps to his trailblazing ways, taking part in the Ironman 70.3 in 2014. For most, the life described so far would be enough. Time to roll credits and sit back and relax. Not for Andy Wirth. He still has things to do.

You Can Find Many Fabulous Homes Within New York City Real Estate


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Some people come to New York City in the hopes of finding their dream job, or some may be looking for fame and fortune. There are many reasons why people are moving to New York City, and many people move to the city every single year. With all the people that are moving to New York City, you may see different buildings going up in order to accommodate the new people moving to the city. Even those that currently live in the city may want better accommodations, compared to where they currently live now. Anyone looking for a new NYC luxury real estate, they should hire a real estate agent.

A real estate agent can really help when it comes to looking for a new home, especially since New York City can be very difficult when it comes to finding a great place to live. If you’re someone who is looking for better accommodations than where you currently live in New York City, then you’ll want to hire a Town Real Estate agent. Town Real Estate has years of experience when it comes to real estate in the New York City area, and they know all the best places that people want to live.

No matter what area in New York City you’re interested in, your Town Real Estate agent can accommodate you in finding your new home. Let your real estate agent know what type of home you’re looking for, and it’s possible that they have many of them available. Real estate agents aren’t only selling houses these days, but they are involved in every aspect of real estate, even if it’s leasing apartments, condos, lofts and other dwellings. Finding a home in New York City can be difficult, but the right real estate agent can make it a lot easier.

Take the time to go and see a Town Real Estate agent, and give them the requirements for your new home. You may quickly be able to find a new place that you love within a very short period of time, and you can soon move in, and you’ll start making yourself at home. If you take the time to look for your own place, you may be disappointed in what you find or don’t find. Your real estate agent is supposed to work for you, and they’ll easily take a lot of stress out of looking for your new home.

Meet Slyce – A Leader in Product Recognition Technology


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Ever wondered what kind of jacket someone walking past by you is wearing? Or ever wonder what kind of item is being displayed on a storefront that is not labeled? Did you ever want to purchase these items yourself? If you said yes to any of the following questions then you should consider getting a product recognition technology application for your smartphone.

What exactly is product recognition technology? It is technology that allows you to determine what kind of brand of clothing a person is wearing, what product is being displayed on a storefront, or any item that you spot somewhere that peaks your curiosity. Product recognition technology allows you to find out what the item is exactly and gives you details such as what the product is called and where you can purchase it online or in store.

So how does product recognition technology work? Product recognition technology works in a straightforward manner. You take a photo of an item with your smartphone using an image recognition technology app. The item in the photo is then analyzed by a computer program that has a database of items. After the analysis is complete, you get a result that lists the details of the item, such as name, brand, price and where it can be purchased. Product recognition technology uses the features of the item in the photograph to come up with a matching product or item. It analyzes features such as color, patterns, textures, logos, size and tags. New advancements in image recognition technology are being developed to make results more accurate.

A leading company in the development of product recognition technology applications is Slyce. They have created numerous apps that allows users to download applications that will determine what brand and style an item is by taking a simple photograph. Slyce also works with major retail chains such as Neiman Marcus and small businesses alike in developing custom tailored image recognition technology apps. Businesses have seen a significant increase in e-commerce sales after partnering with Slyce and using their image recognition technology apps.

If you have your own line of clothing or unique specialty items, you can partner with Slyce to have your item listed in their database. Users can then use the image recognition technology app from Slyce to take photos of clothing and items that peaks their curiosity. If a person happens to stumble upon an item of yours, and it is returned by the app, then you have a potential sale right there. Businesses large and small can benefit by using Slyce’s apps. Slyce also has apps for scanning coupons directly onto smartphones for easy and convenient use.

Product recognition technology is an exciting and revolutionary new way of shopping. It gives shoppers the chance to find out what an item is and purchase it right away if they must have it. Businesses can benefit from increased sales by having their items and products listed in product recognition technology databases. The product database is constantly expanding and evolving, and new developments and apps are underway.

Everything You Need To Know About Eric Puller


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Eric Puller is an influential entrepreneur to the eyes of many people. His passion for technology did not start just the other day. This man started doing computer related stunts when he was still a young kid. When he was in fourth grade, he was already programming computers and was excellent in it. During his early high school days, it is when he made his first stab at business when he started a database company. This man proceeded to Harvard University in the year 1984 where he majored in English and America literature. While on campus, he was still actively involved in journalism ad was at one time the editor of The Harvard Crimson. He was also attending to MIT classes while at Harvard.

Puller eventually moved to Los Angeles in the year 1991 where he started a company called People Doing Things (PDT) which was exclusively dealing with health care issues and education. This company used technology to solve problems related to the two. Following PDT’s success, in 1994, he started another interactive company called Digital Evolution.

After four years of being in active business, the company merged with US Interactive LLC in the year 1998. His love for technology and solving social problems was already evident in the first two companies he formed and that is why opportunities and more challenging ones kept knocking on his door.

This man proceeded to be part of the team that established Starbright World which was a company that dealt exclusively with chronically ill children. This company developed a platform where those children would chat, make blog posts and most importantly, meet and know others who shared similar experiences. 

This invention was a game changer in the way people dealt with chronically ill children. Puller was also selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee in the year 1997 to develop and also execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition which was held in Washington DC.

Soon after that exhibition, he was part of Vice President Al Gore’s technology and health forum that did an awesome job at advising on health care and technology initiatives. This man has made a tremendous input in various such related initiatives that have all been a success. Some of these ventures include Media Platform and Desktone. His literary genius would later be shown in practice when he co-authored a book called Understanding Enterprise SOA.

Like many similar successful entrepreneurs in his league, Puller is a philanthropic man. He donates to many non-profit organizations and also sits on the board of the X-Prize Foundation which organizes competitions that seek to solve problems related to humanity. He is particularly actively involved in causes that deal with kid problems and especially if the problems are health related.

The Settlement of the 2010 Oil Spill


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The Gulf of Mexico oil spill on behalf on BP was one of the most disastrous if not the worst oil spill in history. BP has finally settled on an environmental fine of 18.7 billion dollars that will be paid to the states to where the damage had occurred. The states will then continue taking measures to clean up the effects of the oil spill.

The U.S. justice apartment, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, as well as Florida have all sued the BP company for compensation to be able to clean up the mess reports Lime Crime here. They sued the company specifically for damages that were not covered in the earlier settlement. This new settlement will end any future litigation between BP and the states. This settlement will allow for 18 years worth of cleanup to be paid for by the BP company.

The 2010 explosion at the Deepwater Horizon oil rig had cost the world 11 lives that cannot be replaced. This explosion also led to 4.2 million barrels of oil spewing out into the ocean. This oil was present in the Gulf for 87 days. Another issue of this explosion was also the effect that it had on wildlife and seafood. The damages for this are still being assessed. Ever since the disaster in 2010, humans and wildlife are still being affected. Dolphin fatalities for example are increasing with the left of residue that has been left the oil.

Bernie Has a Few Questions


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The United States is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest nations in the history of the world. Bernie Sanders is challenging the country and the labor boards of the nation by asking why our country has not yet met the needs of working class families living in the middle class. Why is it such a challenge for Americans to find access to good healthcare? Why is it so challenging for an individual to get a higher education because of their family’s income? Why can’t individuals working full time live on a decent working class wages? Why do older Americans have to decide each month whether to pay for medical care, shelter, or food? If parents are working honest American jobs why can’t they access high quality and affordable childcare? Bernie has been one of the only candidates regardless of political affiliation to tackle many of the problems plaguing Americans head on.


The Democratic nominee talked to the Huffington Post about where he stands on America’s biggest issues. Health Care, tuition free public education, Paid Family Leave, sick leave, paid vacation, overtime and overwork pay, and the senator concluded his statement with talking about inequality. Watts was glad to hear his take on everything. Bernie Sanders offered his readers examples and options on how to fix many of these problems. Even if those who are reading the article and those who he is running against do not agree with him he still wants to start a dialogue about the topics. If you cannot agree on how Bernie feels about the subjects they are more than welcome to give their own alternative opinions. After all, Bernie just wants to get a dialogue started.

Clinton Tells All


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Hillary Clinton made a bold move in 2009 after she announced that diplomats who happen to be gay will be given the same benefits as their heterosexual counterparts. These are the same benefits that they were denied previously. Clinton spent the next four years pushing for benefits for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality for citizens around the world. Many of the emails that were released by the State Department showed how Clinton and her top advisers looked for forward and more progressive ways to attack this issue. Many of the critics who called for Clinton and her advisors to release her emails were pleasantly surprised. Many of them believe that the emails speak for themselves and have shown how deeply committed Hillary Clinton was against LGBT people not receiving their rights on a global scale.


Hillary has since given numerous speeches on the LGBT issue. In 2011 Clinton gave one of the most memorable speeches in the history of LGBT issues that the world has seen. Clinton noted that being an LGBT identifying person does not make you less human than anyone else. Clinton was one of the first modern politicians to bring these issues at the forefront of the political scene. Hillary Clinton has always closely monitored what was going on in the LGBT community from what Sender has seen. Many of her supporters truly believe that Clinton’s fight will continue whether she makes it to the White House or not.