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Environmental Law is the protection of the natural environment through the use of policies against harmful human activities. Impact assessment is the study that measures the outcome of these human activities to the environment. This test ensures that the following factors are in perfect condition: air quality, water quality, management of waste, chemical safety and contamination cleanup. Environmental law as a discipline is comprised of several principles that compliment its operations. These principles consist of equitable boundary responsibility, sustainability development together with transparency. Environmental Law is a very vast and detailed discipline that requires the complete commitment to pursue it. However, there have been veterans in this field who have tackled Environmental Law and prospered to great heights. One legendary Attorney in this field goes by the name Frans Schoeman on slideshare, a versatile and prominent attorney who has accomplished a lot in this field.

Environmental Law was more of a calling to Frans Schoeman since he picked up his career at a rather high notch. His latest endeavors were in 2010 when he became the Legal Director of TG Mister Consulting, an independent and accomplished law firm. He settled down immediately and dutifully undertook his duties diligently which included: negotiation of contracts, drafting and completing legal mergers. He later on became the Managing Director of Phatsima Diamond in the year 2006 whereby he was responsible for ensuring the mining concession was working perfectly. His law firm’s credential is quite admirable as it happens to have various attorneys whose knowledge and capabilities are way above par. Their prowess is well known to many, and they have used this as a factor to attract more clients for the good of their firm. Many of its clients comprise of other companies and well-established businesses that may require the services of the firm from time to time in case of any legal constraints.

Frans Schoeman has got a massive range of complicated skills that he may offer if need be. These skills have made him to stand out as an accomplished attorney hence increasing his demand in the legal world. His skills comprise of corporate governance, commercial litigation, legal writing, legal advising and also litigation. His education credentials marches his pedigree of being an established attorney. He graduated from Free State University back in the year 1990. The school’s history gives him credence for being a very industrious and hardworking student in his pursue his Law degree. In campus, he also joined the Student Legal Society, which was considered as a move of showing interest in Law while still at a juvenile stage of his life. He also happens to have won several certificates thanks to his hard work in the field of Environmental Law. For instance, he achieved a paramount certificate known as the Certificate of the Law Society of RSA. This is a firm where Frans Schoeman was able to go and sharpen his attorney skills and was later awarded this certificate because of how professional he turned out to be. Various organizations have also enjoyed his contributions. This includes the likes of LSSA organization for which he started being a member back in 1990.

Middle Class Investment Options


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Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, LLC, Brad Reifler, saw a problem and worked toward a solution. Family members, including his father-in-law, wanted similar investment opportunities as those that were being offered to the one percenters. However, they were unaccredited, meaning they did not qualify for the same opportunities.

Reuters said that using his experience as a successful entrepreneur, founder of multiple business firms and an investment advisor, Mr. Reifler founded Forefront Income Trust, a closed end investment company. This new enterprise was formed to benefit the middle class by organizing diverse product offerings in order to mitigate the risk that is inherent with higher yield investment opportunities. The funds chosen for investment opportunities are well collateralized and clearly structured.

Mr. Reifler hopes that by making these opportunities available to the middle class, that the economic gap between them and the upper class will shrink. This lucrative business plan is structured to cater to the investor, mitigating their risk, and providing them with peace of mind. LinkedIn also writes that the return on an investment must be more than 8% before a management fee is charged.

His recent successes as CEO and founder of several other investment firms only lends more confidence and credence to his latest efforts. Mr. Reifler feels that this may be his most rewarding and profitable venture.

Mr. Kenneth Griffin and his Hedge Fund, Citadel


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Mr. Kenneth Griffin is a Chicago-based investing expert. He is the CEO of Citadel, a large hedge fund he founded in 1990. Mr. Griffin hails from Daytona Beach, Florida. He started attending Harvard University after he finished up high school in 1986. During his freshman year, Mr. Ken Griffin had the genius idea to attempt to start a hedge fund. Fortunately for him, he was able to get his hands on some money that came from friends and family, and he was able to start his very first hedge fund with a little over a quarter of a million dollars. Within a year, Mr. Griffin transformed the worth of his portfolio to more than a million dollars. He went on to graduate from Harvard University in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

A year after graduating, Ken Griffin on citadel decided that he would open up his own company. Mr. Griffin decided to call that company Citadel, Limited Liability Company. Within eight years of its inception, Citadel was managing more than one billion dollars worth of assets.

Mr. Kenneth Griffin has appeared in a number of magazines for his investing prowess, such as being named one of CFO Magazine’s Global 100, which contains the most influential people in finance from all over the world. Griffin has also been listed on the Forbes 400 – in addition, he is the youngest self-made person to have ever been mentioned on the list.

Currently, Mr. Kenneth Griffin serves as a member of the G100, which contains 100 Chief Executive Officers from around the world that discusses the situation of the international economy.

Aside from his very successful business endeavors, Mr. Kenneth Griffin is surprisingly very active in his philanthropic work, collecting art, and funding big politicians as a donor. Mr. Griffin has donated to political causes such as Eric Cantor of Virginia, Mark Kirk of Illinois, and Mitt Romney’s presidential run back in 2012. Some of the art works that Griffin owns include the painting Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl, which sold for about sixty million United States dollars to Griffin in 1999. He once purchased False Start, a painting by Jasper Johns, for more than eighty million dollars.

Mr. Kenneth Griffin has easily donated more than five hundred million dollars to charity in his lifetime. Just this year, he gave away ten million dollars to the Museum of Contemporary Art in his residence of Chicago. Once, Griffin donated $150 million to Harvard University, solely for financial aid purposes.

Foreign Buyers are Excited About New York Real Estate


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New York City is a place that has an almost mythic quality. Without question it takes its place right beside other great cities in the world, including Rome and Paris. New York, however, with its all-American energy and its truly legendary ability to comeback in a big way from misfortune and seemingly inescapable decline, is truly in a class all by itself. That’s why today the NYC real estate market on Town Real Estate is taking off once again, and Chinese buyers are showing major interest.


As outlined in a recent feature story in The Real Deal, Chinese residential buyers today are excited about real estate in New York as this city is unique in the constant demand that exists for properties here. Along with this, New York has been cleaned up remarkably since the dark days of the economic downturn of the 70s and 80s. Today, many foreign investors regard New York as one of the safest big cities anywhere, which is high praise indeed.


Years ago, the attitude in upscale New York circles was that there was New York City, and then there was everything else. The boroughs were considered a rather dowdy alternative to the glittering Manhattan scene, but today, that attitude is considered completely dated. As many upscale professionals have left Manhattan for more affordable areas in Brooklyn and the other boroughs, those areas have gone through their own incredible revitalizations. Given all this, many investors today consider Brooklyn to be as attractive as Manhattan as far as real, actual real estate value goes.


What’s clear is that it’s critical that buyers work with New York real estate professionals who know this city and know how to offer that knowledge to their clients. TOWN Residential is one of the top players in today’s luxury New York apartment market, and this company has taken off in a big way since its beginnings in 2010 by being expert at it does. TOWN is a leader in its ability to offer top quality, personalized service to its clients. That’s why today many Chinese residential buyers are working with TOWN Residential to ensure they have first look at the many quality properties now coming on the market in New York.

Beauty Products Designed for Individual Expression


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For centuries, women have been using beauty products to enhance their appearance. In ancient civilizations women would outline their eyes with charcoal and enhance the color of their lips with berry juice. Today, women have the ability to not only enhance their natural features with makeup, but to also express their individuality.

The Natural Look

There are many beauty products designed to create a natural appearance for a woman’s face by subtly hiding the imperfections. Foundations and powders can help even out skin tones to make the face color appear smooth and even. A bronzer or blusher will add a subtle highlight or glow to cheeks, foreheads and noses, creating a natural sun-kissed look. To create a natural look with makeup products, the colors chosen are generally a shade or two lighter or darker than the actual skin tone.

The Bold and the Beautiful

In contrast to the natural look, there is also the bold look. To achieve this look, women will choose more colorful lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes. Lips could be enhance with a shade of deep burgundy or highlighted with a pastel blue. Eyes could be made more dramatic with a magenta or more mysterious with a soft shade of plum. This look draws attention to specific features, while enhancing the natural beauty of the woman.

Makeup for Creative Expression

The line of products available from Lime Crime are designed on dollskill to let people express their creative side. The Grunge Palette of colors includes powdered shadows in both light and dark shades. These colors range from the deep chocolate Icon to the cream colored Aura. These shadows can be further enhanced with the addition of any Zodiac glitter color placed on either the lid or under the brow.

The line of products from Lime Crime provides people with freedom of expression. People can express their individuality by combining multiple colors for creating looks unique to them. Combining the blue lip color with the rose color will create a subtle and sensuous shading on the lips. Nails can become canvases for artistic expression by combining the different vibrant shades available from Lime Crime.

Beauty Products for Everyone

Products designed to enhance a person’s features are not limited by age or gender. While the majority of people who use makeup are female, males can also use beauty products to enhance their features. Many young men use lip and nail colors to express their individuality. These colors can range from the darkest black to the more expressive lime green. Many young people will choose makeup colors they can coordinate with their expressive hair colors.

Older adults can also express their creative side by choosing deeper shades to highlight their eyes for an evening out. Deep rich shades of plum, magenta and brown can be used to create the perfect look for clubbing. The artistic colors of beauty products can also be used to replicate looks worn by many top models.

Handy Redifining Home Cleaning Services


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Handybook is making waves in the new market for cleaning and home repair booking services. Founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, Handybook allows customers to order for a plumber, home cleaner or handyman through their mobile phones on Through a mobile app and a website, this service saves customers the stress of having to deal with maid services and cleaning agencies that are often unreliable and complicated.

Customers who want to get access to this service only need to enter their ZIP code, the start time and the rooms that need cleaning. They then get a price quotation that includes a tax and tip. There is no need to worry about being overcharged anymore.

Handybook not only benefits the customer but the cleaner, too. Professionals who get to work with Handy benefit from a flexible schedule and a dependable pay. They earn between $15 and $22 per hour. Moreover, they get to choose the hours they are willing to work for and the amount of money they want to earn before accepting a job.

Due to quality concerns, Handybook professionals are highly vetted through background checks and face-to-face interviews. Out of the thousands who have applied, only 3 percent have been accepted. As Hanrahan puts it, it is actually harder to get in Handybook than it is to get into Harvard. If the customer happens to be unsatisfied by the work done, Handybook guarantees that they will get their money back. It also takes care of the replacement costs for any damage done.

This new business model looks to benefit both sides of the market. For the cleaners, it is like having an ATM machine in your pocket. They are able to get reported income and never have to worry about being undercharged for their services anymore. To the customer, the service is like having a remote control in your home.

Two years after its inception, Handy has grown immensely. Bookings per week have gone up to $1 million. According to the CEO Umang Dua, the run rate has increased to $52 million up from $3 million. All these has been achieved through re-branding.

Handy currently operates in 25 cities in the United States, two cities in Canada and is now in London. More than 200,000 potential cleaners and workers have applied to the site. More than 5,000 professionals are actively working, doing at least one job per month.

Consumers are really warming up to the idea of mobile phone service booking. Handy hopes to extend its services beyond home cleaning. At the moment, a whopping 85 percent of the revenue comes from house cleaning. The other 15 percent comes from a combination of plumbing services and handyman services.

Brian Mulligan is Always Ready For Change


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Change is Constant
Brian Mulligan is the C.E.O. who knows very well that change is a constant within every aspect of life. This includes the world of business. Mr. Mulligan is a leader who can keep up with the ever changing world. He is a remarkable and very fortunate man who believes in good old fashioned values. This includes a strong work ethic, a trustworthy character, along with the ability to keep up with the constant changes that are inevitable. A positive mental attitude is vital for any leader. Brian holds the powerful belief that a clear mental attitude is necessary for everyone. He includes himself in this belief.

The Current CEO of Brooknol Advisors
Brian Mulligan is the CEO of Brooknol Advisors. This is a media, entertainment, and sports advisory company. He is well versed in many areas. He has held the numerous positions. Brian Mulligan has a broad career that certainly reflects his own high standards and values. He is currently the CEO of Brooknol Advisors. This is a company that is all about media, entertainment, and sports advisory. Sound business innovation plays a vital role in this industry. Mr. Mulligan has been at Brooknol Advisors since January of 2006. This media and entertainment consulting does need an individual who is always ready for change.

The Man With the Impressive Career
Brian Mulligan does indeed have a broad and highly impressive career. This is a highly talented individual who proves to be impressive in everything that he does. He is interesting in every way. Success and Brian Mulligan are a trustworthy combination. It may be his unbending values that have led this man to a path of constant success. He is an individual who stays on top of the ever-changing world.

Always Involved
Brian Mulligan is more that just business and career. This is an individual who is always involved in the world. His life clearly shows his commitment in many ways. He does indeed have a full life that is separate from work and change. He has been involved in many philanthropic activities. He is an active participant of life. He has set an outstanding example for many. Sports has been a major expertise for Mr. Mulligan. His interests have spread out to Children’s Research Hospital. He has been known to coach and mentor youth. This is a man who is always involved and who is known to be ready for change.

Finding That Special Someone Through Online Dating


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When it comes to dating, many people find themselves at odds with the entire idea. It is relatively easy to understand why so many people have an aversion to dating. After all, it is not exactly the most comfortable idea, especially considering the fact that people are really putting themselves out there when they go on a first date. The truth is, a lot of people feel like they are essentially setting themselves up for failure. First dates can be rough, especially when there have been several first dates before them that never materialized into anything more. As a result, people are searching for something different so that they do not have to continue to try to meet people in the traditional fashion. That is one reason that dating has changed so much over the last decade.

While it is true that the face of dating is certainly nothing like it used to be, there are actually a lot of reasons for this change. The most important reason is because people simply don’t want to meet others in the same way that their mothers and fathers did. However, a lot of it goes back to the way that people live their lives on a daily basis. People are busier today than they have ever been in the past, often trying to fit multiple activities into a very limited number of hours. This is frustrating, even under the best of circumstances. It leaves most people very little time to date. That is where dating online comes in. It can be a real time saver and it can help people narrow down possibilities in order to find someone that is more suited to their particular tastes right from the start.

In recent years, online dating has really taken off. It seems like almost everyone that is looking for someone is on one dating site or another. Thousands upon thousands of people make the decision to try online dating each and every day. For many people that have tried it, it has allowed them to go out with people that they never would have met otherwise. As a result, many people see it as a truly effective means of helping them find dates and have a good time as opposed to sitting alone in a bar and hoping that someone comes up to talk to them. It is another tool that people can use to save time and it gives them more control over the situation to begin with.

One of the most prominent online dating sites is called Skout on techcrunch. This is a very unique site because it gives people the opportunity to meet someone without making them feel like they are locked into a permanent relationship. The site truly provides people with the best of both worlds. They have the chance to find new people to share their interests with but they don’t necessarily feel like they are pressured to develop a long-term relationship as a result of meeting each on the site. This is because Skout sets up its website from the beginning with the intent of letting people know that it is more about bringing people together to have fun than anything else. For anyone that has never tried online dating in the past or is apprehensive about the whole idea, Skout just might be the perfect website because it allows them to get their feet wet without forcing them to make a commitment.

Investing Basics


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There are many people all over the country that have a desire to learn more investing and building wealth. However, few people have a good base of knowledge in the world of finance today. There are a lot of companies out there that promise high returns to customers who use their services. However, it is best if people learn the basics of investing for themselves so they can make educated decisions. There are essentially two factors that will affect how much a person can make over a time period. These are the rate of return that they earn and the amount of money they can invest. Many people would actually be able to build more wealth over time if they could increase their income or decrease their expenses. Many people have high interest rate debt such as credit cards. This is detrimental to build wealth, and people that have this issue should work on paying down debt first. Highland Capital founded by James Dondero on nexbank is an investment bank that wants to help people plan out their finances over time. There are many customers today that are in a great financial position due to the work of Highland Capital. Here are several investing basics for anyone wanting to take the next step with their finances.

Expense Reduction

There are many expenses that people have every month that can be cut out. The more expenses are reduced, the more money people will have in order to invest and build wealth. One of the easiest expenses to reduce is entertainment. Cable television can cost hundreds of dollars per month, and will all of the online streaming options that are available many people do not notice a different. Another area that should be targeted is housing. Many people are house poor, which means all of their income goes to paying for their house or apartment. Down sizing can be a great way to free up income every month in order to invest.

James Dondero

Jim Dondero founded Highland Capital many years ago with the goal to help as many people as possible with their money. Over the years, he has grown the company to one of the largest investment banks in the world. Highland Capital concentrates on the investing basics with their customers. Over time this makes a huge difference in their net worth. If people can understand the basics and change their behavior, they are all set to succeed over the long term with their personal finances. James Dondero has built a great business by helping others with their money. Highland Capital is poised for rapid growth over the next few years due to his leadership. Anyone wanting to build more wealth should look at their services.

Eric Pulier helps Computer Sciences Corporation increase output, lower costs


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Founded in 1959, Computer Sciences Corporation has come a long way since it was started with a mere $100 by Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones to develop a business language compiler known as FACT. Nutt gave CSC its technical direction and his partner, Jones did marketing and over the next few years it became a very prosperous computer company that created systems software.

CSC Grows to be Worth Millions, then Billions in its History

Five years later CSC was worth around four million dollars and had more than 200 workers. They then expanded their operations and switched gears to make their focus on serving the computer users instead of the manufacturers. By doing this, CSC developed into a company that provided computer users with the needed technical services to help support the creation and operation of computer based information systems.

CSC fast became one of the top information technology companies and is still one of the biggest computer companies in the federal government. They have since expanded their offerings and do things such as Internet hosting, and business process outsourcing for monetary services, health care, as well as chemicals, consumer goods and other types of services.

CSC CEO helps Build the Company and Lead it to its Success

The CEO of CSC is Eric Pulier (Twitter), a successful man involved with not just his company’s interests, but also being a technologist, as well as a coveted public speaker, a writer, former CEO of Service Mesh and a popular entrepreneur and business man.

Over the history of his tenure as the CEO Pulier has helped to guide the company to its current successful state. Part of that success is that CSC is a member of the Fortune 500, and they also pride themselves on putting the client first and in developing innovative solutions in new technology to meet the needs of those clients. Eric Pulier’s profile is linked.

CSC Grows to Global Proportions

The CSC has grown from its humble beginnings and its headquarters located in Falls Church, Virginia to having business offices all over the world. They now operate in over 70 different countries and have more than 70,000 loyal employees.

So, thanks to the efforts of those employees under the guidance of Eric Pulier, their CEO, CSC has remained the successful computer company that is always looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve in providing for their customer’s all of the information technology needs for now and in the future. They continue to work together to keep the company strong and in its position as a leading computer services provider and are active in areas such as the IRS and the tax system modernization, NASA, the Department of Defense and other topics of interest.