Shaygan Kherapdir’s Achievements in the Electrical Engineering Field.


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Shaygan Kherapdir is actually a graduate from the Cornell University, which is known to many people for producing very successful individuals. At the university, Shaygan studied electrical engineering, and he concentrated mainly in the control systems. He has a bachelors and master’s degree from that university.

In his career as an electrical engineer, Shaygan Kherapdir has managed to do very well, and he has become a role model to very many people because of his great achievements. Through a lot of hard work, he has managed to develop mission driven teams so that he can make positive and significant changes in each and every company he works for. He has done a lot in the engineering field in the many companies he has joined, and he has also made several positive changes in the world. His contributions are known everywhere.

Recently, Shaygan Kherapdir was appointed the CEO of a company called Jupiter Networks. This company is known to many because it actually pioneered the lucrative networking in the Silicon Valley. He currently works there.

Previously, before getting this appointment, Shaygan Kherapdir was the chief operations and technology officer in the Barclays Group. He started working there in the company’s headquarters which were in London. This was in the year 2011. While in the Barclays group, he managed to develop a lot of cultural changes which very important for the company. The company was able to develop from and transform from using the analogue system and procedures to the modern and effective systems. This made the company to achieve a lot because the modern technology is quite effective and reliable.

ShayganKherapdir started working in the GTE Labs, a company that is based on Boston. While in this company, he worked in the network routing, which is actually the control and also the management part of the institution. He worked extremely hard and after a short time, he was promoted to become the head of software systems in the company. While in that position, Kherapdir managed to do a lot for the organization, recruiting and creating a world class institution which brought the changes in development in the nations networking management.

Shaygan managed to work in the GTE offices in Boston for some time, and he later relocated to the company’s headquarters which are found in Dallas. At the GTE headquarters become the leader of the systems development for all the GTE units.

While working at the GTE headquarters, he managed to form a very strong and reliable team and they managed to nationalize and develop the core systems in GTE to more modern and current systems. This made the company to have a lot of operational excellence due to the good cost infrastructure.

After some duration of time, GTE and Bell Atlantic come together and formed a partnership. The partnership was named as Verizon. Shaygan moved to the New York City and become the president in the e business unit in the new company, Verizon. In this company, he still managed to get a better position through hard work. Although he doesn’t work there anymore, his efforts are still recognized up to date.

Jon Urbana Brings Lifetime of Charity Work to Bright by Three Fundraiser


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Learning does not start for a child when she first sets foot in school. Learning starts right away, when the newborn begins to take in all the world around her. The Bright by Three organization knows that crucial learning begins at birth and the organization strives to educate parents on how to become the young child’s most influential teacher.

The Colorado-based organization visits homes in order to education parents on how to start teaching children as a newborn. By following the organization’s three-step plan, parents can give their children a head start in the world of learning; setting them up for a lifetime of learning and achievement. But this growing organization needs to help in order to reach as many family’s as possible.

That is where former professional lacrosse player Jon Urbana steps in. The active Denver resident is running a fundraiser for Bright by Three on, and his LinkedIn profile as a professional athlete and philanthropist (see his GoFundMe campaign) can only help the cause.

Jon cares about Colorado’s residents; all of them. He is actively involved with organizations and companies that reach, educate, inspire and help others. He is the founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, where he uses Facebook year-round to pass on his knowledge of lacrosse to the youth of Denver. And through strong leadership on Twitter, he inspires an entire generation of athletes.

Urbana is also the Head of Business of Development for Elipse USA, a company that sells laser therapy treatments for the removal of varicose veins and skin pigmentation. His website at has more background info about this business. Elipse USA helps people all over the country deal with image issues.

But Jon’s focus isn’t only on people. An animal lover, Urbana has lent his name to other successful charity drives, such as ARAS. The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society of Colorado is a safe haven for stray cats. The charity cares for the cats and makes sure they are not taken by the city. The charity strives to find loving homes for the stray cats of Denver.

When Jon Urbana puts his name behind something, you know he cares about it. That is why the Bright by Three Campaign should be a rousing success for the young families of Colorado.

Adam Sender Shares His Art Collecting Techniques With The Community


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America’s most renowned and influential collector, Adam Sender, encourages great work
aficionados to employ practical business strategies when accumulating
an unique portfolio of prestigious paintings. Known for his expertise
in managing Exis Capital Management, this prominent executive seeks to
share his knowledge related to fine art purchasing with many
individuals worldwide. Because most great works are designed to
represent a customer’s unique personality or distinguished styles,
Sender’s expert guidance involves accumulating inexpensive prints
which appeal to an art enthusiast’s tastes and personal preferences.
More importantly, his mission is to present detail steps to acquiring
a profit on purchased paintings.

In order to amass an extensive collection of exclusive paintings,
Sender utilized his strategic business skills he acquired from SAC
Capital Advisors LP and Exis Capital Management. Essentially, his
responsibility at these renowned firms involved the meticulous
selection of promising equities for major hedge funds. Alongside his
professional endeavors, he used the same discerning eye to obtain
impressive art work at an inexpensive price. In essence, his goal was
to purchase fine paintings from artists who were on the edge of
stardom. By continually employing this approach, he gradually
collected more than 1,000 pieces totaling to approximately $100
million in current value. Notably, his holdings have greatly increased
in worth since the 1990s.

Sender’s collection of admirable paintings was available for view at
his Miami residence during the annual Art Basel Miami Beach exhibit.
Throughout the event, art enthusiasts were invited to observe and ask
questions about the origin of his contemporary holdings and their
respected current value. After the display, VIP individuals attended
the private bunch receptions along with other prominent art
aficionados such as the Rubell Family, Debra and Dennis Scholl, and
Martin Margulies. In addition, the exhibition also presented a
fictional enactment of an obsessive art collector who accumulated
numerous paintings which eventually forced him and his family to sell
their house.

Commendably, Sender’s primary objective is to share his vast
experience regarding fine work collecting with avid art connoisseurs.
Through various conferences, events, and exhibits, he hopes his
exclusive contemporary holdings will encourage many art enthusiasts to
engage in the exciting and lucrative hobby. Most prominently, he
stresses the importance of employing strategic business skills when
acquiring distinguished paintings. Ultimately, the goal is to purchase
prominent and inexpensive art which will increase in value over time.
For over twenty years, Sender has outsmarted his competition by
gradually acquiring a unique portfolio of paintings worth millions.
Unlike most art collectors, he hopes to individuals with his practical
business techniques. Notably, in the future, Sender intends to donate
a few of his renowned contemporary holdings to major art institutions
around the world.

Why Do Some Businesses Need Online Reputation Management?


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Any business will tell you that their reputation is all that they got. The moment a scandal is on the rise, the business needs to start consulting their publicist to find out how to fix the issue and make sure the brand gets back on top and the scandal is gone entirely. There are so many people who have wonderful businesses that they want to protect as much as possible. If you aren’t sure as to why some businesses will hire a reputation management company, here’s the exact reason why:

Why Do Some Businesses Need Online Reputation Management?

The reason why businesses will hire a company to help their brand and business is to use sure that their reputation online is protected completely. The truth about a business and their online presence is that it is so easy to fail in this business and lose out on growth if they don’t know what they are doing. Your business needs to watch out for online reputation problems that may occur. If you don’t know what you are doing with your reputation and you don’t know how to handle the work at hand, it may be a good option to consider having a professional help you out.

Any business will tell you that they only want their business to stay afloat and potentially thrive. The people who have hired companies like Status Labs know that they need intense protection online. The very moment that you fail to protect your reputation online is when you start seeing customer growth just falling down.

Every single businessman will tell you that any brand that wants to be proactive and avoid future struggle can easily work with Status Labs for fast progress. Darius Fisher, the creator of the company, s team is filled with expert marketers that can help prevent future problems with your brand name. Fisher knows how to find the right marketers and publicists to help repair any deflating brand. They have a team of experts who bring together their smart ideas and help ordinary businesses with their reputation. Now anybody can save their business with the help of Status Labs’ services.

Darius Fisher is the man who has created Status Labs. He has worked extensively hard over the years to help provide reputation management to all companies and brands. His programs and how he approaches the industry is what has allowed him to change the lives of countless business owners to stay afloat and still grow.

Status Lab-Reputation Bodyguards


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The Internet makes it possible for companies to project themselves around the world. People now derive their beliefs about you and your company from the information they get off the web. Additionally, the openness of the web has made it difficult for companies and individuals to protect themselves from unwarranted and unsubstantiated online attacks. Status Labs is a company that protects people and companies by managing their online presence both defensively and with aggressive reputation management campaigns.

Status Labs can re-engineer a company’s digital presence in numerous ways. Using proprietary technology combined with image management, Status Labs can help increase your visibility in search engines. Google is the standard for search engines and you want your company to be on the first page of Google results. Studies have shown that most searchers on the Internet never click to page two on searches. So for a company to stand out in their market it’s imperative they have a page one Google response.

As the e-commerce grows so does the need to rethink public relations. The strategies that worked a few years ago might not be relevant now. Status Labs is responsive to this new era and crafts public relation campaigns based on proven methods combined with new methods relevant for today’s technology.

These methods include Google Image Curation, making sure your company logo and pictures related to your company and executives are presented on the web as you want them. This includes removing the negative photos and promoting the positive images.

Executives, athletes, politicians, and even non-celebrities need to be acutely aware of how they are presented on the web. Whether they are re-branding themselves into another market, or protecting their online reputation from attacks, executives need to be proactive in maintaining their reputation.

Status Labs is a multinational corporation with offices in the United States, Brazil, and Mexico. The President, Darius Fisher, was listed by PRNewswire as one of the top 50 rising young starts of the public relations and digital relations field. Status Labs was also commended by Yahoo and the New York Times for their assistance to victims of the Ashley Madison hack. Additionally they have been featured in the Daily Beast where tips were given to ordinary people on how they could most effectively protect their online reputations.

CSC Makes Bold Moves Towards Greater Profitability


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With the defense draw-down finally starting to factor into the future plans of government IT contractors, the managed competition companies that were primarily working on defense contracts have started making adjustments to compete for more peacetime business. Lockheed and other conglomerates are considering changes, while CSC, until recently a hybrid government services and private business contractor, announced plans to acquire SRA.

The move forward by the government services unit of CSC was applauded by some as it creates a stronger entity that the US government and other governments can rely upon remaining solid even when defense budgets are pared.

Of course there is some work ahead for CSC to spin the combined companies off- yet they have made a good start with their announced partners and plans.
The company that eschewed providing its own vendor ware on a large scale until recently, made great strides towards increasing market share by acquiring Service Mesh last year and bringing on its CEO Eric Pulier to integrate the services that they provided as an option for the existing CSC customer base. Pulier came in and hit the ground running, creating a set of services that allowed CSC’s customers to have a lot more flexibility in their cloud space. Customer reaction was so positive that CSC was able to position itself differently, picking up even more customers that were attracted to a platform that their competitors were not yet providing.

They also made moves towards other vendors like IBM that had their own technologies that could be ported to CSC’s platform. This in turn grew their sales potential with IBM’s customer base.

As a result, today, the non-government business unit that will serve private businesses is in a position of strength in the US IT market. They have a reputation for having their consultants work with whichever technology partner can deliver the best solutions. They also now have their own platform that they can leverage into technology partners’ client sites.

In addition, CSC has consolidated its overseas data centers in one of its units, giving them the capability of providing even better security for their clientele. It was only a few years ago that another vendor had a British government security team bring a USB stick by their consultants’ offices. It was full of government data and it had been found in the parking lot of that vendor’s joint facility. This of course spawned a lot of discussion in the industry about how to create even more secure facilities, something that CSC has a lot of experience with.

The next few months are important for CSC as they get ready to make some major changes- but the moves that they have already made over the past year-and-a-half have set them up for greater profitability.



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Mr.Brian Bonar is an English mechanical engineer and a business entrepreneur. He went to Glasgow in Scotland to further his studies at the University of Strathclyde where he attained his first bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Mr. Brian Bonar further went to England in the United Kingdom at Strafford university. At the Strafford University, he attained his two degrees that are the master’s and the Ph.D. in Business development studies respectively.He has a lot of experience in management because he has worked and served in many capacities in various different credit and equity markets. Mr. Brian is the current chairman and the chief executive officer of Trucept Inc limited. He has been serving in the two positions since the March of the year 2010. Mr. Brian previously served as both the president, secretary-treasurer and chief finance officer Smart-Tek Solutions before it changed its name to Trucept Inc. He is still also the current chairperson and the secretary of Warning management services.

Amanda co-appointed Mr. Brian. To serve in the position of chief financial officer and later in the year 2010, he was declared the company’s acting chief executive officer.As the acting Chief executive officer of Amanda, Mr. James has helped to initiate programs to help entrepreneurs. Such programs include business startup capital, business planning, and investment. The initiated programs, however, have been embraced with the entrepreneurs since many of upcoming entrepreneurs have benefited a lot from it. Earlier on Mr. Brian had worked and served in many positions within the Amanda co. He served as the director of sales technology, acting chief accounting officer and deputy president of sales and marketing of Amanda.

In the year 2001, Mr. Brian was appointed to serve as the executive chairman and the chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Corp. At Dalrada Financial Corp, he worked with total commitment and developed new projects that saw the income of the agency gain an active growth. At the firm, he developed the marketing team for the company’s services and ensured that the customer-agency relationship is always better.

Before Mr. Brian was recruited to Daldara financial corp, he was working at Rastek corp. Mr. Brian served as the vice president sales and marketing of the firm. As the vice president of sales and marketing, he organized and marketed the firms’ products and its services globally. He also served as worldwide manager of sales for Adaptec Inc between the year 1991 to 1992.

Mr. Brian has also worked for the IBM United Kingdom Limited for over 17 years. Under the firm, he has been sent to work in many countries across Europe, Asia and America while serving in various positions.

Handy Is A Great Technological Advancement


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Having a clean home is directly connected to a persons happiness. All too often, people let their houses get dirty. This isn’t saying anything bad about them. It’s a fact of life. People sometimes are too busy or too tired to clean. That’s because they have previous commitments that take up a lot of their time. Unfortunately, having a dirty home really starts to take a toll on a person. For one, it has psychological side effects. A person can begin to think that they are a failure if they can’t keep their house clean on Secondly, a dirty home can have physical effects on a person. Clutter can cause a person to trip and fall. Clutter can be particularly dangerous for those homes that have small kids and babies.

That’s why home cleaning services were invented. Home cleaning services is composed of other people who come in to clean a persons home and get paid to do it. It’s an exchange for services that has been around for many years. Unfortunately, the mistrust has also been apart of these companies. Some just want to take a persons money and offer very little or very crummy cleaning jobs.

That’s why Handy was invented. It takes away all the guesswork that comes with a home cleaning service. Handy is compromised of individuals who have gone rigorous background checks. They have been deemed to be safe and trustworthy in a person’s home. They also have the qualifications that make them great cleaners! A person never has to worry about getting overcharged for a terrible cleaning job. Handy workers get the job done. They are upfront about the price quota which really makes it easier on everyone involved.

All a person has to do is specify when and where they need the Handy cleaning services. They can get as little or as many rooms cleaned as they need. The best part is that the workers of Handy do not judge. They understand that it’s hard to keep up with housework. They are happy to do it. When someone is happy to do a job they in turn do a better job of cleaning! Handy is great for a person who needs a one time tidy up or a reoccurring cleaner.

Overall, many people are discovering the joys of Handy. It’s truly a technological advancement in the field of home cleaning services. A person can book their cleaner right through their smartphones. This makes it quick and easy! Handy is truly a great resource for those who are too busy or who simply don’t know how to clean. These workers of Handy have been doing cleaning for quite sometime and they understand all the tips and tricks to make it work. They’ll know just how to polish a table to make it shine and how to make a room smell amazing!

Dr Jennifer Walden: Personality Traits for Success


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Dr. Jennifer Walden has been named as one of the best surgeons among 24 other surgeons in an issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. She is acknowledged as a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery. She has also received training in New York City among the best cosmetic surgeons. She has successfully established a practice in that area. She eventually returned to Austin in order to establish her own cosmetic surgery location. She is someone to look up to when it comes to cosmetic surgery. She has made a huge impact in the industry of cosmetic surgery. She is known in the media and has even written some work as a published author.

Women with her looks and success are often expected to be rather cold, stuck up and even snobby. Dr. Jennifer Walden is in fact the opposite of that. She is very calm, warm and friendly. She does work a busy schedule. At the same time, she does not appear to be in a rush. She is in control of her office in a firm manner. At the same time, when one is asked about her, harsh would not be the term that they would use. Given the power she has gained as a woman, she does show a soft motherly side when it comes to her twins.

One thing that helps Jennifer Walden gain such a reputation as someone who is successful an friendly is that she wants others to feel good about themselves. So if she wants that for other people, then naturally, she would treat people and interact with them in a way that would make them feel valuable. Even as a cosmetic surgeon, she helps people feel good about themselves as they are. Her warm and welcoming disposition is what attracts people to her office.

One trait that she has which helps her succeed is determination. Anyone that is looking to succeed in any field needs to be determined. Determination is what gets people through the discouragement and the obstacles that they inevitably face when trying to pursue some careers of their choices. Jennifer Walden is one of those people that are inspiring examples of people who have put in all of the work needed in order to make a name for themselves. She has also not allowed her success to go to her head and become prideful about it. She sees the same greatness in others that she has achieved.

Inauguration Of Alaor Marcio Araujo Food Court, In Honor Of BMG Bank’s Marcio.


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Amid the 33rd Agricultural exhibition of Santo on 21st to 24th of August, Alaor Marcio Araujo Food Court was officially unveiled. The exhibition square had Alaor’s name on it as an acknowledgement of the good work in serving the community of San Antonio. A special dish was also prepared in honor of the BMG bank entrepreneur Marcio Alaor that showed the people’s kind gesture of appreciation for his contributions.
During the inauguration, politicians, and local authority spoke well of Marcio. They said that his efforts had done a lot in the advancement of San Antonio, which is his hometown. The leaders praised Marcio saying that the changes that he made were very crucial in the growth of the town.
Mr. Luis Antonio Resende gave a speech on behalf of the people from the suburbs. He thanked Marcio for taking part in the exhibition. He acknowledged that marcio has a good personality because he did not ignore the people’s problems. Resende added that Marcio did all that he did from the heart without expecting any political favors in return.
Wilmar Son, the former mayor, acknowledged Marcio’s significant role to the people of San Antonio. He said that Marcio did a good job in converting the building, which was once a grain warehouse into a beautiful place that would become an amazing food court. Wilmar declared that that it was a good idea to name the food court after Marcio because just like the food court, Marcio fed the people with big dreams and hopes.
When the vice president of BMG bank Marcio Alaor took to the stage, he shed light on his past humble background. He said that his concern is not only the financial world but also the needs of people. Marcio thanked his family everyone who honored him. He appreciated this kind of gesture stating that only a few people get a chance to be honored like that when they are still live. He expressed his love for San Antonio and said that he will always assist whenever the need arises.
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