The Koch Foundations Donations to Higher Education Programs


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The Koch brothers are investing heavily in high education through their donations in colleges and universities in the United States. The brothers run a pair of private foundations that they use to wire the donations into U.S colleges and universities.

According to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of tax documents filed by the Internal Revenue Services, the billionaire industrialist streamed in more than $23.4 million in 2014 to the colleges. The amount is an increase in comparison to the previous year as they donated $ 19.3 million and $12.7 million in 2013 and 2012 respectively.

The Center for Public Integrity conducted an investigation to find the reason for increased funding in 2014. The study established brothers’ believe that the higher education programs they fund play a vital part in the formation of the massive organizational network. The networks aim at fighting for the enactment deregulatory government policies and elect conservative political candidates.

On the other hand, George Soros’ led foundations have spent marginally more money on smaller colleges and university than the Koch Foundations in 2014.The difference between the two donations is that Soros’ higher education endowments follow his domestic policy priorities as the major share being abroad.

The higher educational programs of the Koch Foundation align to the brothers’ philosophy in the promotion of free markets and laissez-faire capitalism in the U.S. According to Charles Koch Foundation spokesman Trice Jacobson, the foundation aims at supporting a broad range of ideas to enable students and scholars attain the limits knowledge. Additionally, Jacobson indicates that the grants help people to discover new and appropriate ways to fulfill their lives through supporting new research and programs on pressing matters.

The year 2014 has indicated the largest number of universities and colleges that the Koch Foundation has been funding over the years rising to 216 institutions. Additionally, the Koch Foundation also provided an enormous sum of educational scholarships to college students. Moreover, Charles Koch Foundation also spent several million dollars in think tanks, educational centers, and media organizations. At the end of 2014, the federal tax records indicate that the Charles Koch Foundation accounted for $527.7 million in support for higher education.

Charles Koch is a well-known entrepreneur renowned for his philosophy of Market-Based Management. Under Charles leadership, Koch Industries grew significantly generating $90 billion in revenue indicating an increase of over 2000 times in 2006. Charles Koch is from Wichita, Kansas.

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Madison Street Capital Demonstrates Effective Valuation Services For Global Industries


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A financial firm that offers various services such as business valuation and corporate advisory services, must have an advanced skill set to understand the inner workings of a medium and large-sized business. Firms that offer these services should have the staff, experience, tools and resources to identify the elements of a company’s infrastructure. A successful valuation requires the ability to analyze a corporation’s strengths, weaknesses and financial status (past, present and future). Once this data is collected, a firm should be able to construct a comprehensive assessment and action plan that outlines the intricacies of a company’s profile.

Here is a short video that outlines professional valuation services:

Experience is the key for facilitating a complex and intricate valuation. Fortunately, we live in a day and age that is abundant with analytical tools and software programs that aid in a well-structured and integrity-driven enterprise evaluation. These modern tools are able to craft financial models by using precise calculations that reflect a company’s ability to profit in a volatile market.

Financial firms like Madison Street Capital are achieving great success by assisting clients through every step of the process on both sides of the transaction equation – the buying side and the selling side. Companies like Madison Street Capital have a consistent track record for professionally managing the delicate process that proceeds the sale, transfer and merger of a company.

Madison Street Capital is able to effectively balance legacy systems with emerging software tools that fine-tune the evaluation process for companies that exist in diverse industries. Madison Street Capital has many specialties, which includes providing assessments for emerging growth corporations and mid-sized establishments.

Companies like Madison Street Capital are infusing life into the global economy by providing quality services, such as financial opinions, mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, purchase price allocations, reorganization services, financial reporting, tax compliance, corporate governance and more.

In order for financial firms to surge in the crowded financial sector, it is important to understand that people are the axis for every aspect of a company’s inner workings. When an advisory firm, like Madison Street Capital, adheres to this basic principle and philosophy, they are able to structure an assessment that aligns a company’s management and leadership, investment policies, growth strategies and long-term and short-term objectives.

Real Estate Companies in Brazil Aim for Excellent Customer Service


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When thinking about the kinds of investments that might be right for your needs, customer service is often at the top of the list when looking for help making decisions. A company that can provide superior customer service is one that can help provide anyone with the kind of aid they need when they are thinking about where to invest. Such a company will often have employees who are fully attuned to the needs of their client and look for the best possible ways to meet their needs. They will also have staffers who know the field well and can help people spot possible investment opportunities.

One of the hottest of all markets today is that of Brazil and the development going on in the West Zone. This part of the world is home to many companies who are helping Brazilians to invest in real estate here. One such company is Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos, a company that has employees in this region and offers many people the chance to be able to learn about possible investments here. Anyone who is looking for excellent investment advice and ideal customer service from friendly people will be happy to realize they can work with this company directly.

Those who choose to make this company their employer do so because they are devoted to the ideal of providing the best possible customer service for their client’s needs and wants. They are also devoted to helping people invest in the growing real estate market in this part of the world and doing so as safely and effectively as possible.

The right kind of real estate company is vital when considering where to invest in this part of the world, you’re going to want plenty of listings to choose from. An effective real estate company is one that can help the investor fully understand all aspects of the Brazilian real estate market and respond to it well. They can also help anyone locate the right kind of investment for their needs. Someone who knows the commercial real estate market may be aware of the intricacies of the residential real estate market. The same is true of those who know the residential market but has no experience with the commercial real estate markets. Each investor can benefit from having a skilled investor at their side who is able to help them navigate the market here well.  Someone with a website that makes them easy to contact, or even social media which can do much of the same.

The best possible real estate investment in this part of the world will be one that allows the investor to figure out how to work closely with all areas of the market and use the resources they have on hand to their specific advantage. This will enable a skilled investor to be able to work well within the confines of the system and enjoy a highly favorable rate of return.

Charles Koch Donations to Colleges and Universities


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Charles Koch, the CEO of Koch Industries has been funding a private non-profit foundation that is meant to support various programs in North Carolina region. Recently, the Charles Koch Foundation donated funds to Western Carolina University to support academic programs, economic centers, scholarships, lecture series and more. Charles and his brother David have been supporting programs so that free-market agenda can be promoted. The chancellor has openly supported this donation, and it was expected that the trustees of the school would vote and approve the center funded by Charles Koch Foundation. Charles would contribute $2 million in a period of five years while the university will fund $1.4 million.

The university senate had initially opposed the creation of this center, raising concerns on the academic freedom, reputation, cost as well as inadequate peer review. The faculty senate cited incidence when Charles Koch Foundation has been linked to approaching universities to support certain political views and in turn they receive monetary gifts. In this regard, the senate was not ready to approve the donation because of the fear of compromising their academic freedom.

The program proposed at Western Carolina University is one of many campaigns initiated by Koch to support programs at higher education level. The Charles Koch Foundation in partnership with other groups headed by Koch, donated close to $108 million to over 350 institutions of higher learning between 2005 and 2014. Out of this donation, 87 percent ($91 million) was donated to 147 institutions of higher learning in Southern region.

About Charles Koch

Charles Koch is an investor estimated to have approximately $40 billion. The entrepreneur is listed by Forbes as ninth richest person across the world. Charles is a co-owner of Koch Industries, where he serves as the CEO. The company is based in Wichita, Kansas, and operates in the oil industry as well as production of toilet papers. Koch Industries is a family operated business, and Charles Koch became the head of the business in the second half of the 20th century. At that time, Koch Industries had approximately $23 million in sales, and Charles has transformed it over the years, and today it has over $110 billion in sales.

Koch has criticized the U.S. government on many occasions and wants it to be more accountable when discharging its duties. According to Koch, there should be no discrimination against disadvantaged people seeking employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

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Let Me Tell You about Wonderful Beneful Products


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Dry Dog Food
Beneful offers dry dog food for all sizes of dogs and taste buds. Their recipe includes real meat, like beef, chicken, and salmon. The original recipes provide pups with 100% of their daily nutrients. This healthy meal gives dogs those crunchy bites as well as soft tender bites of food. Besides the real meat inside Beneful dry dog food, their recipe also calls for carrots, tomatoes, peas, and spinach as well as sweet potatoes and green beans. Beneful also offers dry dog food to help maintain your dogs’ health. They offer a Healthy Weight dry food that offers the same great ingredients and stellar taster but is calorie smart.

Wet Dog Food
There is a variety of wet dog food that Beneful offers on One terrific style is their chopped blends. These chopped blends come in flavors such as beef, salmon, turkey, chicken and even lamb. With each meat, the chopped meals are accompanied with peas and carrots, brown rice and sweet potatoes, and other delicious ingredients. Beneful on facebook has also introduced other flavorful meals such as beef stew, roasted chicken, beef and chicken medley, and roasted turkey medley, just to name a few. Just like their dry food, Beneful wet dog food provides 100% of your dogs’ daily nutrition with wholesome ingredients.

Yummy Dog Treats
Baked Delights
Everyone loves to treat their dog for a job well done. Beneful offers just the right treats that are nutritious and the perfect snack. Their Baked Delights come in five different varieties. Heartfuls is one of the Baked Delights that is heart-shaped with a yummy apple-flavored filling and real bacon inside. There are two different flavors of the Baked Delights Stars, the bacon and cheese flavor as well as the chicken and cheese flavor. Either are sure to be a delightful treat for man’s best friend. Beneful has treats they call Hugs which are baked treats filled with beef and cheese inside. And they offer Snackers, which are treats shaped as apples, carrots and peas that are filled with peanut butter and cheese.

Healthy Smile Dental Twists
Beneful also offers an enjoyable dental treat for dogs, the Healthy Smile Dental bones. There are treats with ridges and a twisted treat. Both offer the same great flavors and help your dog keep their healthy smile! These dental treats are perfect for dogs of any size since they offer minis, small/medium, and large.

The Best MJ Impersonator


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Sergio Cortes is said to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator of all times. A lot of people have tried, but Cortes is close to accurate as they come. He hails from Barcelona, Spain. His dance moves are not only like Michael Jackson’s, but his appearance closely resembles the “King of Pop”, so dubbed. If you close your eyes, one would swear they are at a Micheal Jackson concert.

When he was a youth, he enjoyed dressing as Michael Jackson, and made sure that he learned all his dancing moves. The people in his neighborhood saw the uncanny resemblance, and they would stop and stare, even doing a double take. Soon a reporter posted a videos on line, after that,this is where he began performing as Jackson. People even sold his pictures as the real Micheal Jackson.

When he got older he realized that he had a number of fans who was spurring him on to continue his impersonation, they loved watching him sing and dance. So it dawned on him that he had a future of imitating Michael Jackson.

Cortes really got deeper into this in 2009 ,when the singer passed away. He did a tribute to Michael Jackson. At this tribute he dance and made all the right moves, as his idol would. He also did over a few of Jackson’s videos. He was especially a sensation in Thriller and Smooth Criminal. If you happen to meet him in person, you will see the uncanny resemblance. His voice is even about the same pitch, making this almost too perfect. Anyone can easily get the two mix up, if Michael Jackson was still with us. When he preforms, he brings the audience to their feet, just wanting more. He aims to please.

You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

For those people who really missed seeing Michael Jackson preform, Cortes is a real treat. He keep his memory alive. If you want to see his performance, you may have to take a quick trip to Brazil. He will truly surpass your expectations.

You can follow him on Facebook or even Twitter. These pages will keep you abreast of what is going on with Sergio Cortes, an any upcoming performance he has schedule. He has not done anything in North America as yet, but during the upcoming year his plans are to come to the United States, hoping to also mesmerize the audience.


Computer Sciences Corporation its CEO, Mr. Eric Pulier


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Computer Sciences Corporation is a company that specializes in information technology products and services, and is located in Falls Church, Virginia. Computer Sciences Corporation currently maintains operations in more than seventy countries around the world, and employees more than seventy thousand individuals.

Computer Sciences Corporation has received many awards and accolades from various accrediting institutions. Some of the awards CSC has received in the past includes: 2009 Peruvian Company of the Year Award, NELI Award for Diversity and Inclusion, one of the Top 25 Technology Vendors for Financial Services Industry, and the SAP Certification for Cloud Services. CSC is undoubtedly one of the most awarded information technology services providers in the world, and has been ranked somewhere on the Forbes 500 list since the year 1995. CSC has also been ranked number eight on Software Magazine’s “Software 500,” which is a list of the biggest information technology companies.

Eric Pulier is the current Chief Executive Officer of Computer Sciences Corporation. Mr. Eric Pulier was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, and attended the prestigious Harvard University. Mr. Pulier received a bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature, and was also an editor for The Harvard Crimson. Mr. Eric Pulier graduated on time, four years after starting his tenure at Harvard University.

Mr. Eric Pulier has been a very successful entrepreneur before he became the Chief Executive Officer of Computer Sciences Corporation. After moving to Los Angeles upon graduation, Mr. Pulier founded People Doing Things. Three years later, he founded Digital Evolution. In 1997, three years after founding Digital Evolution, Mr. Pulier was chosen to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition, which was presented in Washington D.C. for the president, his cabinet, and other people of importance.

Computer Sciences Corporation was originally founded by Mr. Roy Nutt and Mr. Fletcher Jones in 1959, when information technology and computers were just beginning. Four years after its inception, CSC achieved the title of the biggest software corporation in the United States of America. As if that isn’t enough of an achievement, CSC was also the first information technology company listed on the American Stock Exchange.

CSC has three main branches, which include the North American Public Sector, Managed Services, and Business Solutions and Services.

Computer Sciences Corporation is known to be one of the United States’ government leading information technology services providers, and has served the government since 1961. The bureaucracies that CSC provides its services include the Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, Homeland Security, and NASA. Computer Sciences Corporation benefits significantly from the United States government, as more than a third of CSC’s revenue came from various branches of the US government.

Pet Health: Why Consider a Switch to Beneful?


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The Beneful brand of dog food is a product that my family and I can get behind 100%. The quality of the product for the price is well worth a switch for those who have not tried Beneful with their pets.

When we first got our Corgi Sadie, her breeder suggested a high quality pure protein dog food that was all organic. Because she was so small and had been raised thus far on the food, I was hesitant to switch her food. However, at almost $50 for a small bag, we eventually began looking for other options. Sadie’s vet suggested the Beneful brand, and we started her on it immediately.

As a puppy, we began giving Sadie Beneful’s Healthy Puppy with real chicken. The introduction of more grains into her diet did not hurt her stomach as I worried. In fact, I would say if anything that her fur got smoother due to added nutrition. Healthy Puppy is a dry food, but it has a mix of crunchy and tender bits to help with dental health.

At about one year we started Sadie on Beneful’s Healthy Weight Mix with real chicken. Some breeds, such as Corgis, must have their weight monitored because excess weight can cause stress on their short little legs. The Healthy Weight dry mix had all the nutritional benefits of the Healthy Puppy mix, but it was more calorie smart. As with the Healthy Puppy mix, the Healthy Weight mix also has crunchy and tender pieces.

On special occasions Sadie also enjoys the Beneful Chopped Blends wet food. There are special flavors such as beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. On Thanksgiving, Sadie got turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach. All of the wet foods have as much nutrition as the dry foods. I have also found that the Beneful Chopped Blends wet food is excellent to slip medicine into after a vet visit. There is so much flavor in the wet food that Sadie doesn’t notice the medicine.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Beneful brand of dog food. It has all of the benefits of an expensive dog food without the high price. I have also found that Beneful tends to be on the shelf at most super markets, making it a convenient buy as well. I would highly recommend Beneful for a pet, and I am quite certain that Sadie would agree.