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The couvade syndrome is the replication of pregnant spouse feelings and conditions to the male partner. It’s frequent in the male with spouses in their late pregnancy period. Sergio Cortes is a trained medical doctor who explores the causes the syndrome. According to Doctor Cortes, the condition is rampant in first time parents that are anxious to graduate to fatherhood. The excitement causes an elevation in hormones and the brain replicates the conditions experienced by the pregnant partner to the male partner. It’s not classified as a mental condition since it’s involuntary.
The condition does not require some theater treatment or physician control. It can only be important to seek medical attention should the situation turn to be a nuisance. According to the Cortes, the syndrome displays the bond of affection between the father and the unborn child. The major symptoms include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, weight gain and belly bulge.
In some places, the situation is referred as a taboo. Mainly, it’s because female pregnant symptoms that display in male partners. It’s known as men pregnancy. The researchers have identified what is the cause of couvades syndrome, but nevertheless, that isn’t the case. Men can’t get pregnant physically.
The joy and excitement that comes with first-time fathers is the probable cause of the couvades syndrome. The term is derived from French and means incubating a set of factors that weren’t initially possessed. The anxiousness is natural for every father waiting to graduate to fatherhood.
The weight gained from the syndrome or any other way may be a threat to good health. Doctor Sergio Cortes advises on several ways to reduce exercise weight through regular exercise a proper dieting. According to the medical expert, the current lifestyle is the major challenge to overweight. There are active work programs to attend to and also little or no time is set aside for exercise. The other reason for increased weight gain is poor dieting, the diet timing including the interval between lunch, dinner, and breakfast have significant influence on body weight.
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Apart from his outstanding medical profession, Cortes is also the cabinet secretary for health in the state of Rio.

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