Finding Where The Money’s At


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If it came down to it and I had to choose one company to fully invest all my stocks into, it would have to be Solo Capital. Not only have I been following the company for years and working with them from time to time, but I also know the CEO Sanjay Shah personally. I believe I have known him now for about seven to eight years and five of those years we had worked together. So my knowledge of investing in their company is very extensive. Although I no longer work for Solo Capital, I do believe the company has only gone up with their client base and financial accounts.

Where I am big into stocks, I have obviously looked at a large variety of firms other than Solo Capital. When I am doing my research I try to keep all other companies statistics in mind or written down on a piece of paper. This way whenever points drop I can see why it is happening and if it is happening to other companies for the same reason. Although I only invest my money in stocks with very few companies, I still like to keep my eyes open for any other rising companies. This way if one of my already chosen companies start to slide backwards, I will know which one to jump to next.

The funny thing about Solo Capital is that I actually invested money in them with stocks before I started working for them. It was when I saw them financially climb that I decided to apply for a position at their main office. Them only being four blocks away from my home was extremely convenient. Once I got hired at Solo Capital it was easier for me to see the financial side of things. During my time there I made more money than ever with my stocks as I knew when more money was to be made and when we were about to lose it. A tip to any stock investor is to get in close to where the money is at.

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Charles Koch Campaigns For Public Policy Revision: An Unfair America!


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Are Democrats and Republicans really favoring their cronies over public equality? Nobody’s really spoken out against this long-trending strategy, but Charles Koch boldly took up the mantle and expressed some valid points. In his very detailed Washington Post op-ed, Koch truly challenged politicians. What’s, even more, surprising is that he and campaigning delegate, Bernie Sanders are at war on the subject, shocked? It was reported that Koch went on criticizing how corrupt politicians have gained influence. Certainly, their long-standing commitment to privileged supporters has deeply hurt the nation.

With the election fully in gear for 2016, Koch’s remarks probably won’t influence the voter’s decision, but it’ll definitely pose future challenges. Charles Koch further criticized how politicians continue to segregate the nation as government policies distinctly celebrate socialism. He’s shed light on the ongoing injustice pirated by the federal government as well. By and by he’s observed that the privileged aren’t handed their due punishment irrespective of guilt. With regulations and policies favoring socialites, there’s really no equality among citizens. Now, in a world so flawed, how does the poor really get by? It’s obvious, there’s no escape from the law! Yet, when the rich commits folly, they’re pardoned and continue a normal life, untainted! Meanwhile, the poor ends up jobless and scorned.

The reality is, the poor will forever struggle as there’s no business loans, decent jobs, student sponsorship, housing or credit cards for ex-offenders. The nation needs fair public policies that extend equal opportunities and punishment for the people. After all, it’s one nation, sounds rational, doesn’t it? Koch isn’t apportioning blames to the government alone as other forces play a pivotal role in publications policy creation. Koch raised arguments about the long-standing America’s War on Poverty campaign organized by a former president, Lyndon Johnson in 1964. “Unfortunately, this initiative has failed to improve the aggressively escalating poverty rates in America, despite exhausting over $22 trillion in funding,” Koch stresses.

Who’s Charles Knoch? Born into a business empire, Charles Koch co-owns Koch Industries. A donor to various philanthropic endeavors and a renowned entrepreneur, Koch considers himself a liberal. Fred Koch started the family and the brothers continued after his reign. Today, Charles and David have expanded the dynasty into a billion-dollar-grossing franchise. Charles, the company’s chief executive controls 42% of the shares and so does his brother. Besides business, philanthropy and politics, Charles is a published author. His 2007 Market-Based Management manuscript on leadership has earned him an honorable mention.

Through the Koch charities, Charles support different humanitarian efforts across different industries. For the longest while, he’s been focusing on educational organizations of the free market. A sampling included GMU (George Manson University) prestigious Mercatus Center and IHS (Institute for Humane Studies). He’s raised funding of several Republican candidates/campaigns, culturally diverse institutions, libertarian groups and other charitable efforts too. Cato Institute is another creation of the influential Koch family as Charles founded the center with Elizabeth, his wife.

Talk Fusion For Small Businesses


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Video communication is very important in every business. Consumers want to see you talk to them and explain yourself; there should be communication in the management team. Suppliers and employees should also maintain a reliable communication channel if everyone has to go well. This can only be possible if there is a good communication channel. However, there are people who are not very comfortable in their faces. They do not want to be seen in the video communication because they consider their faces ugly. The most affected people are the individuals with bald heads, short people or individuals with acne. The special category of individuals like hiding their faces behind their emails and letters, and this can affect the performance of their businesses.

These special people can finally afford a smile. The Internet has brought a lot of changes in people lives, and the current beneficiaries are individuals who do not want to show their faces in the video communication. They will now be allowed to hide their faces and still impress their clients during video communication. The new communication technology will make business better for these individuals and everyone who is interested.

The new video technology has been created by Blue Bell, a well-known PA based in Kale Design. The institution develops quality graphics for its consumers, and these can be used in place of print, video or any other activities. It will be easier to get new clients using the new technology, and they will be very different from the rest of the crowd. It will be extremely easier to get attention from a consumer using the new Talk Fusion technology.

Talk Fusion is the new video communication technology that is on the market today. Consumers using Talk Fusion will be able to have video conferencing, social networking, broadcasting among other duties. The few people who have had the opportunity of using the technology say that it is the best, and they actually recommend it to others. This new technology has brightened the lives of people who prefer to hide themselves.

The new video communication from Talk Fusion is very easy to use. Someone doesn’t need a lot of training just to use the new technology. First of all, they will record themselves using a good video device to ensure quality videos. The video can then be uploaded in the Talk Fusion portal. They can then choose the graphics to use in order to impress his audience.

Keith Mann Announces New Scholarship


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Everyone in the United States of America should be entitled to an opportunity to enjoy free or discounted higher education. Unfortunately the opportunity to enjoy these luxuries do not happen for some of the nation’s youngest and brightest leaders. Each year students who at once had dreamed of not only attending school at a high level but dreamed of one day being lawyers, doctors, teachers and so much more suddenly watch their dreams come to a halt as they realize that their families are not financially stable enough to provide them with the resources necessary to attend college at the next level.

For years Keith Man has had a heart for education specifically the education of students in low income areas. Seeing the need in their community grow more and more Keith and Keely launched the he Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This scholarship is awarded to one high school senior each year who attends one of Brooklyn, New York’s Uncommon Schools. Uncommon School is a New York non-profit charter management organization.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship you must write a 1,000 word essay about how receiving this scholarship will assist you as you earn your college degree and pursue your professional goals.

Keith Mann has been working for over 15 years in the executive search world. In 2009, Keith Mann established Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). DSP is an alternate route to those who are interested in using a firm similar to an investment firm.

Check out the original BusinessWire Article here.

New Jersey dentist hope to help smiles across the world


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One dentist is out to ensure that everybody has a chance to smile.

Avi Weisfogel, a passionate dentist, has started a GoFundMe page to benefit Operation Smile,an organization set out to provide all children all over the world with access to safe surgery. Operation Smile is a group of medical volunteers traveling all over the world in attempts to aid children suffering from cleft palate and cleft lip. These birth defects in the mouth can impair a child’s ability to speak, eat, drink and most importantly, smile.

Weisfogel is no stranger when it comes to matters of the mouth. As a graduate of New York University’s College of Dentistry, the dentist has done much to bring his talents back to his hometown of Old Bridge, NJ. Upon graduation, he went to serve at Old Bridge Dental Care, where he won the title of “Best Dentist” numerous times.

He then went on to own Dental Sleep Masters Seminars. With the help of his psychology and biology degrees from Rutgers University, Avi Weisfogel teaches clients to treat sleep disorders and specializes in sleep apnea. Five years ago, he started the “Healthy Heart Sleep” to create a network to help other doctors like him be able to best treat patients with sleeping problems.

Three years ago, he began lecturing on sleep apnea and the complications following it. He then created Dental Sleep Masters two years later to explain to other dentists how to use oral devices to help with sleep problems, and how sleeping problems can indeed affect oral health.

Founded in 1982, Operation Smile was founded when plastic surgeon, Dr. William P. Magee and his wife Kathleen (who’s a nurse and a social worker) traveled to the Philippines with other medical volunteers to repair children with cleft lips and cleft palates. Upon arrival, they found nearly 300 families with children in need of surgery, but were only able to treat 40 children. After those 40, the Magees promised they would be back.

The project is now an international network of thousands of medical volunteers from over 80 countries banning together to help support the lives of children in over 60 countries.

Check out Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his GoFundMe campaign.
Check out the original article here.

Handy Has Now Added Furniture Delivery Services


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Handy is an excellent cleaning company that’s based in New York City and was created as a startup that has become extremely successful over the last couple years. Handy was so successful at a point that they were in talks to buy out Homejoy, which was a competing cleaning service, but the talks died out, and it’s now irrelevant because HomeJoy has gone out of business. Handy continues to clean homes as well as offer many other services to their customers, which has made Handy an incredibly popular service. Although Handy is based in New York, it’s available in 28 cities around the globe.

Handy has raised money several times in order to further their venture, and recently, they started the furniture delivery and assembly service, which is being added to their other popular services. Although many customers turn to Handy to have their homes clean, Handy wants to expand in order to be a one-stop service that has services for the home. Handy will be delivering furniture from IKEA, which can be purchased directly from the Handy website. The furniture can be delivered the next day, and assembly will take place after the furniture has been delivered.

Handy even offers a way for its customers to get the furniture from IKEA that they may not see on the website by writing to Handy directly to ask for the furniture, and then the purchase can commence afterwards. Handy currently has over 100,000 bookings every month, and 80% of those bookings are coming from repeat customers. Many who choose Handy as a service company will generally choose them for cleaning services, although furniture delivery and assembly, plumbing, electrical work, painting services and more are available through the same company.

Handy has become so successful that they are easily making $1 million in bookings every week, which is soaring the company over the top of any home cleaning services that are out there. Although many choose home cleaning services that are local, Handy is quickly triumphing over any local services because of the professional workers that are employed by the company, especially the fact that each worker has a background check performed.

An Overview of HCM’S 13F Filed by James Dondero


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A quarterly report filed by James Dondero, Chairman and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management (HCM), shows that they amassed a market value of $3.42 billion. This consisted of 69 new purchases of stocks, 119 stocks that they sold out, 62 stocks that they added to the ones they held and 80 stocks that they reduced from the ones they held. The portfolio value was a slight decline from that recorded during the previous quarter although it’s important to note that it only covered 22.73% of the total assets under their management. In this quarter, American Airls Group was their top holding valued at 204246(x1000). Salesforce Com Inc. followed closely followed by Ishare Tr. (put) both estimated at 145216(x1000) and 115206(x1000) respectively. The three holdings constituted 13.59% of their total US-listed securities.

Jim joined the University of Virginia where he studied Commerce. He graduated with the highest honors having had a duo major in Finance and Accounting. He then joined Morgan Guaranty training program where he began his career as an analyst. After the training in 1984, Jim Dondero joined American Express in 1985. He first served as a Corporate Bond Analyst and got promoted to a Portfolio Manager. Here he was responsible for fixed income worth approximately $1 billion. In 1989, Jim left American Express for Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. Here he served as a Chief Investment Officer and by the time he left in 1993, they had grown the business to over $2 billion.
In 1993, Jim Dondero went into a partnership and registered with SEC, Highland Capital Management. This became the birth of an investment adviser that has grown to become one of the largest credit managers with approximately $21 billion worth of assets under their care together with their affiliates. They have offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Seoul and Singapore with their head office being in Dallas Texas. They serve a clientele ranging from high-end individuals to pension plans, endowments, and governments among others.
Jim is also a Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant. Currently, James Dondero is has some leadership roles including, Chairman of NexBank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He’s also a Portfolio Manager of NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund, a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote and an affiliated advisor of NexPoint Advisors. He is also involved in a number of charitable activities mainly those dealing with education, public policy, and veteran’s affairs. Click here for more information.

Thanks To Andy Wirth, The Olympic Valley Was To Do Away With The Incorporation Motion.


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Recently, a cloud of worry and uncertainty was over the Lake Tahoe area due to the incorporation motion about the Olympic Valley. The incorporation of the Olympic Valley was not the best option for the Lake Tahoe community who fully depended on it as an economic pillar. The Olympic Valley is a popular tourist attraction to the area, and tourism drives the economy of this area. The incorporation was predicted to come along with the imposition of higher taxes on the area. The higher taxes would apply to the resorts and other depending businesses. This would lead to an increase in the prices of goods and services in this area. The incorporation of the Olympic Valley would also lead to a stop in services such as road maintenance and snow clearing which the area was enjoying.

An increase in the price of goods and services offered means that tourists will have to spend more on to get the services and commodities they used to get. As the expenditure of tourists is increased some will not be able to afford it and will be forced to look to cheaper alternative destinations. This was not going to play well for the area residents and business a reduced tourism activities would lead to reduced income. Andy Wirth, the owner, and founder of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which owns the largest and one of the most prestigious resorts in Olympic Valley, come out to oppose the incorporation. Andy Wirth, knowing the outcome of the incorporation, did all he could to prevent the incorporation, he even used his money and resources to fight the motion till it was dropped.

Andy Wirt is the founder, owner, president and chief executive officer of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings which owns the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley. In 2011, the Ski Holdings acquired the neighboring Alpine Meadows in an expansion move to connect the two terrains. Squaw Valley Ski Resort know has the largest ski terrain in the world that connects two mountains.

Andy Wirth is also a big fan of ski diving and its one of his favorite sports. In 2011, he had a horrific accident while landing that badly damaged his hand. He was lucky to have his hand reattached and went ahead to start the Wounded Warrior Support group with his Navy Seals friends who were from war. The Wounded Warrior Support offered emotional and psychological support to the soldiers who were returning home. It also helped those who had body deformities from war get artificial replacements. He also formed the Crowdrise campaign which collects funds to donate towards the Navy Seals Foundation.
Andy Wirth hopes that as the businesses in Olympic Valley and the Lake Tahoe region resume early after a four-year drought that saw them close down, a good season is coming. Since the seasonal winds are early this season, he anticipates that the number of tourists to the area will increase. He says this will come to a relief after the four-year drought that rendered the Lake Tahoe area economy stagnant.

Published through the Reno-Gazette Journal.

Town Residential Navigates Predictions in the NY Real Estate Market


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Speculating about NYC apartment for rent and real estate is something a lot of professionals do. They have to speculate somewhat on where the market may be going in the future. This is how decisions are made regarding buying and selling. Both buyer and seller have to look down the proverbial road to make a prediction about the market. The New York Daily News recently published an article that put forth a few logical predictions. Based on the way the predictions are presented, they make a great deal of sense.

The Daily News article states buyers are going to focus mostly on prime locations. This does make sense, since the prime locations are sure to maintain their equity even when the real estate market goes soft in other ways. Similarly, sales in luxury condos are sure to increase. Even in a down real estate market and economy, the buyers who can afford luxury condos are not going to be impacted as much. They can still afford the condos, and the sales for luxury condos is likely to remain strong.

In terms of general (non-luxury and non-prime) real estate, deals may prove harder to put together. This does not mean the deals won’t happen, but closings are going to be tougher. Working with a firm like Town Residential is going to be vital to moving deals to the close a lot quicker. Town Residential is one of the top real estate firms in New York, and the firm has enormous experience with handling buying, selling, and renting deals.

One factor sure to add complexities to the buying and selling of real estate is the eventual gradual rise of interest rates. Interest rates have been kept low for quite some time now. More than likely, interest rates are going to go up and this should put lead to some issues. Buyers are expected to take longer to make a decision. Higher interest rates factor into drawn out negotiations and the like.

Having the right people handling the deal counts for a lot. Town Residential employs highly experienced representatives to handle all buying and selling negotiations. Regardless of where the real estate market is headed, the people at Town Residential are surely up to the task of handling things.

Solo Capital Partner Founder Sanjay Shah Manages Succesful Business And Philanthropic Projects


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Solo Capital Markets is a financial services company, founded by Sanjay Shah, specializing in international boutique investments. The firm was incorporated in 2011 and has headquarters in London, while being registered and regulated in the United Kingdom.

A Successful Five Year Run

Solo Capital has several divisions including proprietary trading in commodities and derivatives and consulting services for investments and human capital. The company is also into professional sports investment, with services ranging from talent acquisition to performance and asset management. Its total worth is estimated to be £15.45 million, with assets worth £67.45 million and cash inflow amounting to £30.26 million.

The firm is currently managed by Solo Group Holdings, under Aesa S.a.r.l., with founder and CEO Sanjay Shah at the helm of all three companies. The company currently has 3 directors and employs about 40 people.

Beginnings And Expansion

Shah gained experience in investment banking by working as an accountant with major investment banks including Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. In September 2011, Shah decided to launch a brokerage company of his own, leading to the foundation of Solo Capital Partners LLP.

A well-known businessman with British roots, Shah has a network of over 39 companies in London, Dubai, Malta, The British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, and more under his name. Before Solo Capital’s incorporation in 2011, he was reported to have earned £19 million through his hedge fund. In 2014, he led Solo Capital’s acquisition of Old Park Lane Capital, a natural resources-focused stockbroker company. This move ended up boosting Shah’s current estimated net worth to about $280 million.

Autism Research And Other Philanthropic Projects

Shah is also widely known for his many philanthropic projects, the most famous being Autism Rocks, a fundraising organization dedicated to autism research. Autism Rocks was founded in 2011 after Shah’s son got diagnosed with the nervous disorder.  Since then, major names from the music industry like Snoop Dogg, Drake, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Buble have been associated with the project and contributed to raising millions for autism research.

Shah has also held the position of trust director of the Autism Research Trust since January 2013. He, alongwith his wife Usha Shah, sponsors autistic children in India and is a regular donor to the Autism Research Centre of Cambridge University.