Brian Torchin and Delivering Staffing Solutions


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The Ingenious President of HCRC Staffing
Brian Torchin is the ingenious president of HCRC who incorporated years of medical and staffing experience into this company. This is a staffing business that incorporates the following:
* ethics
* an approach that is detail-oriented
* direct
* consultative
Mr. Torchin is viewed as ingenious by Doc Cafe because he spent many years working in medical offices. He gained a vast amount of solid knowledge and then began the staffing of his offices with the following:
* physician assistants
* doctors of chiropractic
* physical therapists
He has management experience and many more valuable skills that ensure that he is more than qualified to provide 100 percent satisfaction to his clients around the globe.

Brian Torchin and the University of Delaware
Brian Torchin is skilled, qualified, experienced, and educated as shows. He attended the University of Delaware in New York. This is a chiropractic college. He is a person who has a remarkable medical background. He also has an impressive education at an upstanding college.

Brian Torchin Delivers
Chiropractic physician Brian Torchin and his team at HCRC will deliver every company the right solutions that will fulfill all of their staffing needs. Brian has developed a smooth hiring and interviewing process that delivers staff solutions on a timely basis. It is a fact that Brian Torchin is capable of delivering quality staff that ensures quality care.  His listings on are always some of the most popular and sought after.

Brian Torchin Thinks Big
Brian Torchin apparently thought ahead and thinks in a big way. HCRC is a leading provider that is one of the biggest medical staffing organizations. Brian and his team provide these beneficial services to all 50 starts in America. Thinking big seems to have been a part of his strategy for solutions.

Slyce Develops New Relations Among Retailers


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In an article from Yahoo Finance that was released for Slyce’s last year in their market, several crucial details were revealed that brings this visual search company into the spotlight for any potential investors. This information is helpful for anyone that considers working with Slyce, including retailers and customers. To know how the company is doing financially, technologically and to hear from the CEO in this release creates a picture of Slyce’s overall reception in their market. We’ll take some time in this post to cover the most important aspects of that report.

Technical Section

The section of the report that is concerned with technological growth shed some light on what Slyce has been doing to develop their platform and make it more consistent among all devices. The new feature called Slyce Link is in its beta testing period. It is being tested with Slyce’s first major retail customer. It has been in the development stage now for over a year, and Slyce is proud to present it now to its users. Slyce Link enables users to see items that might be out of stock by presenting other alternatives to the users’ first choice.

CEO Comments

In the Yahoo Finance report, the CEO of Slyce made some direct comments about the growth of Slyce and its expansion. Mark Elfenbein talked in detail about Slyce’s growth in their market and the visual search products that Slyce offers to help users search for anything they can see in their environment. In the release from Yahoo Finance, Mr. Elfenbein said, “We are now vigorously refining our sales process and expense stewardship.”

New Relationships With Retailers

There are several new developments reported in Yahoo Finance’s article about Slyce and major retailers. These new developments allow for users to find their products easier, and it increases the likelihood that Slyce’s platform will have their favorite products in stock with actual retailers. Some of the newest relationships over the past year at Slyce include Urban Outfitters and Show Carnival, among several other major brands.

Adequate Medical Care is Necessary for Flood Prone Regions in Brazil


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When a particular area is flooded by rain water it usually causes thousands or even millions of people to be displaced from their homes. Water damage to housing and infrastructure is not the only major problems caused by excessive flooding. Another dangerous issue that results from floods is the spread of disease.

Unfortunately, flooding typically happens every year around this time because of excessive rain flow into the region. Brazil’s rainy season usually starts in November and major flooding is not uncommon as some people might think.

Brazil’s State Secretary of Health Dr. Sergio Cortes understands how diseases can rampantly spread under these conditions. He has experienced this issue first hand throughout his many years of providing service to the public. The reason why diseases has a tendency to multiply among people has to do with the lack of hygiene and sanitation in a flood stricken area.

When people do not have clean running water or adequate plumbing they will not be able to wash-up, brush their teeth or use the bathroom. Sewer water also mixes in with clean water when an area has been flooded. Once this happens microorganisms begin to spread at an accelerated pace. People with viruses or some other type of contagious medical ailment can also spread it to their neighbors with fewer restrictions.

Dr. Cortes knows all of these factors are at play in flood impacted territories. To avoid increased cases of disease and sickness; Cortes is now visiting flood prone areas. He wants to make sure that people are receiving the best care possible. Dr. Cortes effort is helping to keep thousands free from disease and sickness.

Health organizations in these areas have a tendency to be overwhelmed in terms of resources, medical staff and having enough room to handle the inflow of sick people. With the right type of aid from the health minister they should be able to stay on top of this situation. Readers can find out more about Dr. Cortes plans for flood aid by finding out more about this story in Extra. People can also connect to Dr. Cortes LinkedIn account to get more information as well.

Performance Analysis For Madison Street Capital For The Year 2015 And 2016 Predictions.


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One of the most prestigious and most successful firms in the investment banking industry is Madison Street Capital, LLC. This firm operates internationally and offers investment baking solutions to its clients worldwide. Madison Street Capital have a reputation of giving high quality investment banking solutions that include strategic and financial advisory to its clients and also for its top notch customer services. This firm has alot of experience in the world investment banking markets since it has been operational in the industry for quite a long time. Their staff are highly qualified and professional and have good market knowledge and expertise in the investment banking sector. This factors have been able to put Madison Street Capital among the leading firms in the investment banking sector.

This top notch investment firm recently issued out their performance analysis in their 4th edition of the hedge fund industry M&A overview. This edition covered the general performance of the firm and its transaction activity and M&A opportunities for the just-ended year. It also focuses on this firm’s expectations for the due 2016 financial year. The reports indicate that this investment banking bigwig was able to pen down 42 hedge fund deals in 2015, from its clients all over the world. This was a record of more than 10 transactions in comparison to the 32 transactions for the previous year 2014. To add on this, from statistics released by AUM, the transaction volume went up by 27% in 2015 in comparison to 2014. The firm experienced numerous transactions in the fourth quarter of the year 2015. This increased transactions rate facilitated the good performance of the firm in the previous financial year.

According to Madison, their notably good performance in 2015 helped them come up with key drivers that increased their deal momentum. This means that the firm is currently in a good position for 2016. According to then, this year records will be broken and reset. They plan to make even more M&A transactions that will beat all previous records.

This Madison report also goes on to reveal that the assets of hedge fund industry still are at their all time high. There was also a poor performance in most strategies used by hedge funds in 2015. Institutional investors had to make investment allocations in the alternative asset management sector in numbers due to the snail-paced performance by hedge funds. This move was to offer these investors higher returns that are competitive with the rising liabilities. Things were tougher for small hedge funds, whose managers were desperate for new capital thus has to operate below optimal portfolio capacity levels. In general, all hedge funds had a higher operational costs and a downward fee pressure. In light of this, hedge funds had to consider strategic alternatives that would help the survive in the industry.


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As at 31st March, Solo Capital will mark the end of its financial year despite its incorporation being in September 2011. The four ears are a great time for Solo Limited Partners who have managed to have a net worth of $15.4 million, assets amounting to $67.5 million and liabilities adding up to $53.2 million. An expert in investments will term Solo Capital progress and positive, and the company is moving to greater heights as a private limited company. Before the company established a partnership, it was founded as an investment brokerage house in 2009 by its founder and retired director Sanjay Shah. Back then Sanjay worked as a sole proprietor, but his established partnership from the output of the company has no regrets.

Sanjay Shah was the company first director, but currently solo capita has 3 directors. Solo Capital has offices in the London United Kingdom and in Dubai where the retired company director Mr. Sanjay lives. About 20- 49 people are employed in the company as compared to when it initiated with only a few graduates getting employed. Currently, Solo Capital Limited is however in a wind down considering the end year, but investors should be on the lookout for opportunities to invest in this outstanding hedge fund. The company as a boutique of investment offers services like consultancy and proprietary services, and it also advises clients on financial investments. Solo Capital has been a regular better with the European foreign exchange. It never goes wrong when it comes to stock brokerage and for a long time has been authorized and regulated by the authority in the United Kingdom named Financial Conduct Authority.

The former solo Capital Director and American billionaire Mr. Sanjay Shah is a risk taker who founded solo capital in 2009 when many companies were fighting with a major financial crisis that was in Europe at that time. Shah is recorded as a great entrepreneur of this era as he has done exemplary well in entrepreneurship more than he even did with his degree in medicine. Shah owns over 35 companies in the United Kingdom with an inclusion of Solo Capital. Since 2011 he and his wife have been advocating or autism research after his child Nikhil who is the last born was diagnosed with the disorder. They saw the reason for supporting the vulnerable children with autism through research to create support services for them.

Autism is a lifetime psychological disorder that Shah emphasizes that his research is not to come up with a cure but increase the rate of awareness to the disease. Through his foundation solo says that they will fund research institutes in America and United States decision that will be made by the foundation’s board of directors. Solo from his love of music and his fundraising strategy is looking to combine music from pop artists and come up with an album for Autism Rocks.

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Sanjay Shah: What Made Him A Millionaire? The Solo Capital Legacy Explained!


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Today, former British stocks trader turned philanthropist, Sanjay Shah manages a fairly large collection of companies. Solo Capital became the investor’s golden enterprise, which earned him the better percentage of his fortune. Among Uk’s top-earning hedge fund capitalists, he’s amassed over $280 million. Prior to establishing Solo Capital, Shah held different positions trading in the investment and financial markets. Global Citizen-Magazine, a prominent media boutique revealed that Shah initially set out to become a medical doctor. While he was in pursuit of a career in medicine, Shah became an accountant. The well-founded King’s College graduate didn’t settle for a life of endless record keeping either. His desire for an eventful city life was too resolute. Firstly, Shah secured a job with Merrill Lynch Bank before joining others: Rabobank, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and ING.

While working for these companies, Shah learned a lot. Unfortunately, the investment banking executive career ended prematurely as institutions faced unpredictable challenges. As chaos consumed investment and financial markets in 2009, these institutions had no choice to redundant workers. Sanjay Shah was among the batch that was let off. He didn’t allow this disappointing reality to shape his future. Having earned an education from first-hand experiences commanding different investment banking institutions, agencies, and financial firms. This job uncertainty became his motivation. Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital and subsidiaries. Under controlling partner, Solo Capital Holdings, Shah manages other financial groups. The tally of companies he owns today is beyond 36. These companies are spread across different countries, including Luxembourg, London, Dubai, the BVI (British Virgin Islands), Cayman Islands, and Malta. Old Park Lane-Capital is the group’s latest acquisition. Today, Shah no longer trades as he’s focused attention to running his conglomerates and organizations.

Now, the retired investor organizes charity concerts presented by Autism Rocks. Shah son Nikhil is autistic. This life-altering reality opened his heart to giving. Through Autism Rocks, Shah has funded ongoing research conducted by ART (Autism Research Trust) and ARC (Autism Research Center). A component of Cambridge University, ARC conducts needed research into understanding autism. Sanjay Shah, a trustee of ART which funds ARC programs has been helping children worldwide especially the disadvantaged in India. He sponsors them through the charitable foundation, Plan International. Additionally, he took up office as director back in 2013, a position he still holds.

Autism Rocks presents some of the entertainment industry’s finest music acts, including rapper Snoop Dogg, Drake the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Prince and Michael Buble among others. Sanjay Shah Autism Rocks concerts are an invitation-only occasion, accommodating the country’s privileged donors and music lovers. Recently, Shah commissioned Done Events, a prominent entertainment consultancy agency in Dubai. With the new contract, Shah plans to promote his organization as he hopes to organize expansions. In 2014, he hosted a reggae festival, an event he’s planning to host yearly with Done Events expertise on entertainment planning.

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U.S. Jobs Report Exceeds Expectations


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On March 4, the U.S. Department of Labor released its figures for new jobs in February. The economy created 242,000 jobs last month, an unexpectedly high number. Experts had been predicting 190,000 new jobs. That reduced the unemployment rate to 4.9 percent, the lowest number in eight years, since the subprime mortgage crisis.

The figure for participation in the labor force went up to 62.9 percent, the highest in a year. The percentage of Americans working part-time jobs or too discouraged to look for work went from 9.9 percent to 9.7 percent, which is the lowest level since May 2008. This indicates that workers who had previously given up on seeking employment had returned to work. Labor also revised its new job figures for December and January, saying during those two months the economy added 30,000 more new jobs than it previously reported, according to the Fox News article.

This helps reduce some people’s worry the economy was returning to a recession. Since early this year some economists and experts had raised that fear. They cited the low cost of oil, the economic problems in Europe and China and the weakness of corporate earnings.

Average hourly wages declined by 3 cents, down to $25.35. And the average workweek went down by 0.2 to 34.4 hours.

All these figures are for nonfarm businesses.

When the Federal Reserve raised interest rates in December, it said one reason was the strength of the job market in the U.S. That was the first Fed interest rate hike in almost 10 years.

The industries that added the most jobs in February were food services, healthcare, construction and retail. And many employers are complaining of problems filling openings. Employment in most other industries remained stable. The energy and commodity sectors continued to lose jobs.

The outlook for the future is still uncertain. China and other overseas markets still demonstrate a lot of volatility. The EU is facing a lot of challenges, from whether the United Kingdom will leave to the masses of Syrian refugees to continued pressure from the weak economies on the continent. The price of oil is still declining. That seems to be positive for ordinary people filling up their automobile tanks, but is causing a lot of disruption around the world.

Madison Street Capital is a boutique investment firm offering investment banking services to small and mid-level businesses. They can help valuate such intangible assets as goodwill. They also provide administration services to private equity funds and hedge funds.

They help companies raise capital through private placements and mezzanine financing. Their headquarters is in Chicago Illinois, but they have other offices in North America, and in Asia and Africa. They can help advise firms on how to manage the restructuring of their capital, and on merger and acquisitions.

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Slyce’s Business Highlights: SHOES.COM Partnership


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Recent reports have been released on Yahoo Finance regarding Slyce’s financial statements, investor interests, business highlights, technology upgrades, CEO statements and other important data for anyone interested in the new rising power in the visual search industry. Slyce is identified as TSX VENTURES or SLC on the stock exchange. The recent report summarizes the 2015 year and fourth quarter for Slyce. The original report was written by Marketwired in Toronto, Ontario on March 1, 2016. The fourth quarter ended on October 31, 2015. The entire financial statement for Slyce, including the Management Discussion and Analysis should be viewable to any interested party when visiting

Summary Of Business Highlights

The Business Highlights section of this financial report includes some relevant information for key customers. It discusses business changes in Slyce that were officially announced in the fourth quarter, up until October 31, 2015.

The first key Business Highlight is the announcement that Slyce permitted on August 12, 2015. Slyce formed a partnership on this day with a major retailer known at SHOES.COM. This company that Slyce partnered with is a major retailer in the world of online footwear. The company goes by other names, such as ShoeMe.Ca and They are the major leading retailer of shoes in North America. The news in this partnership is the apparent update to Slyce’s system, and SHOES.COM users will now be able to use their phones and other mobile devices in order to conduct a search of SHOES.COM’s inventory.

Users of Slyce’s application can take a picture of any women’s footwear that they may find. This includes the apparent, real, 3D product that may be in front of the consumer, and it includes any type of 2D picture of women’s footwear that the user may find. The user will find that Slyce’s application produces adequate search results that are related to the image and may include exact matches for the desired product.

There are a myriad of other important updates to Slyce’s business, technology and interesting developments in their financial plans.

Nothing But Motivation


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I have been trying so hard for the longest time to get into Solo Capital as a private investor. So far I have not had any luck, but that does not mean that I am going to quit trying. I am full of nothing but motivation and pride, so failure is really not an option I am willing to accept. Solo Capital is one of the most popular private investment firms in the area and I would love to have a seat inside their business where I can start earning a nice salary for a change. I have worked at a bank for the past six years and the pay still hasn’t gotten any better. You would think that a bank would pay a person well to protect all the money that lies within the building, but that is not the case what so ever.

I have always been the type of man to provide for my family and working here is just not cutting it for me financially. This week I am going to write an email to Sanjay Shah personally, asking about the possibility of getting another interview. I honestly believe that if I explain my situation and the amount of ambition I have in me to succeed, that he will at least think his decision over once more. I would be a great asset to any firm because I do not have any children, I have an extremely flexible schedule and I have 2 bachelor degrees in business and law. Not to mention an associate degree in psychology. You wouldn’t think psychology would be beneficial to a firm, but it certain peculiar situations it is.

Sanjay Shah is a wonderful businessman himself who has a heart when it comes to everything in life. He even owns his own organization called Autism Rocks that he created for his youngest son who was diagnoses with Autism at an early age. A man with a heart that large is sure to sit down and listen to another mans story on his position in life and he needs this job so bad. If Sanjay was to hire me, I have nothing but the highest hopes that I would become one of the biggest most beneficial assets to Solo Capital. Not only will I bring new ideas to the table that could change the firm for the better, but I would bring laughter and a good personality to keep people calm and collected in nerve-wrecking situations.

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Slyce Brings A Human Component To The AI Driven Visual Search Industry


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Visual Search Developers Attempting To Solve Online Shopping Problems

The online shopping community is buzzing with innovative new tools that will forever change the way that consumers relate to their purchases. There are a plethora of image recognition tools that are out there for consumers to use for free to find the products that they are searching for online. The newest and most innovative service out there now is called visual search, and it is available from a variety of companies. There are plenty of start up companies around the world that are putting their own creative spin on this service. However, Slyce is the only company that has more to offer consumers than the typical artificial intelligence search generated results.

Slyce has done some major things in the visual search industry that are unprecedented. Like many of their competitors, Slyce has been focusing on what they can do in terms of their relationship with retailers. The retailer needs to know what products are selling fast, and they need to know what products they should anticipate sending to consumers because they will need to increase their supply. Slyce has been providing accurate analytic data to consumers since day one. However, they have also started to mix the AI technology with a real human interface. The human component is there to make sure that the AI is functioning properly.

Slyce’s human component is a customer care team. They are also doing the work of shopping assistants or personal shoppers. The customer care team is available to users of Slyce’s application. They are able to reach out the the customer care team by using Slyce’s real time chat menu. The users are able to ask any question they would like to ask. They often have questions about specific products that they are looking for on the app. This feature helps Slyce keep consumers happy, and it lowers the numbers of abandoned shopping carts.

In an article from Live Mint, Ram Prakash is a developer who aims to use visual search as a means to show precise analytic data to retailers. It is a problem that visual search companies think they can manage. They are hoping to put all the data in one place for retail companies to make the best use of for their supply side measures.