Adequate Medical Care is Necessary for Flood Prone Regions in Brazil


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Doctors, health | Posted on 23-03-2016

When a particular area is flooded by rain water it usually causes thousands or even millions of people to be displaced from their homes. Water damage to housing and infrastructure is not the only major problems caused by excessive flooding. Another dangerous issue that results from floods is the spread of disease.

Unfortunately, flooding typically happens every year around this time because of excessive rain flow into the region. Brazil’s rainy season usually starts in November and major flooding is not uncommon as some people might think.

Brazil’s State Secretary of Health Dr. Sergio Cortes understands how diseases can rampantly spread under these conditions. He has experienced this issue first hand throughout his many years of providing service to the public. The reason why diseases has a tendency to multiply among people has to do with the lack of hygiene and sanitation in a flood stricken area.

When people do not have clean running water or adequate plumbing they will not be able to wash-up, brush their teeth or use the bathroom. Sewer water also mixes in with clean water when an area has been flooded. Once this happens microorganisms begin to spread at an accelerated pace. People with viruses or some other type of contagious medical ailment can also spread it to their neighbors with fewer restrictions.

Dr. Cortes knows all of these factors are at play in flood impacted territories. To avoid increased cases of disease and sickness; Cortes is now visiting flood prone areas. He wants to make sure that people are receiving the best care possible. Dr. Cortes effort is helping to keep thousands free from disease and sickness.

Health organizations in these areas have a tendency to be overwhelmed in terms of resources, medical staff and having enough room to handle the inflow of sick people. With the right type of aid from the health minister they should be able to stay on top of this situation. Readers can find out more about Dr. Cortes plans for flood aid by finding out more about this story in Extra. People can also connect to Dr. Cortes LinkedIn account to get more information as well.

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