China’s Economy Headed for the Collapse Warns George Soros


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A debt-propelled economy carries enormous risks of collapse according to economists. In most cases, the risk of collapse and recession has a domino effect on on the economies of other states around the world. A perfect example is the global crisis of 2007-08 that started out in the United States.

China has produced enough evidence of a looming recession that reminds George Soros of the crisis mentioned above in the US. Soros pointed to the 2.3 Trillion Yuan of Chinese debt as compared to the global median of 1.4 trillion Yuan. Such a figure raises concerns over the sustainability of such debt in future despite the Chinese economy performing well in the last two months.

Indeed, the real estate market has boosted the Chinese economy. However, investors in real estate borrow heavily from Chinese banks which have led to a scenario of more loans than deposits. Soros also pointed to unhealthy lending practice on between individual banks to facilitate investment portfolios. According to Soros, such activity may promote growth in certain sectors but eventually the economy will witness a crunch.

The insights George Soros provides in such matters cannot be taken lightly and have prompted responses from various quarters. Some Chinese authorities had called a bluff on the prediction citing that Soros had made similar forecasts before but turned out wrong every time. Other authorities in the Asia- Pacific region have also questioned the Chinese government’s role in initiating structural reforms to address future risks.
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George Soros founded the Soros Management Fund, which later became the Quantum fund upon his retirement. Many consider him a pioneer in the field of investment banking on owing to his reputation in London and New York in the 1950’s where most investment banks sprung. Soros has served the most prestigious firms in those cities before going into private practice. He has also inspired other generations of bankers in the market.

One of Soros’ career highlights came from his successful wagers on currencies such as the Sterling Pound that earned him a $1 billion in a single day. This event of 1991 is known as the day the Bank of England broke. George Soros also led the Soros Fund from inception to grossing billions of dollars annually until the global financial crisis of 2008 hit. Soros believes in knowledge sharing, and he gives public talks and lectures on matters of investment and economic development.

Writing also allows Soros to express his varied opinions one economic, political and social issues. He has authored several books including the Alchemy of Finance, The Tragedy of the European Union as well as essays on the refugee crisis in Europe. George Soros also plays an active role in the organization of the Open Society Foundations he founded.

Have The Best Fine Dining Experience At Brian Bonar’s New Bellamy Restaurant


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According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar is a greatly successful businessman. His success has been built by his long-term experience in the business markets where he has worked for various market leading organizations. During his business career, Brian Bonar has largely held executive positions in most of his workplaces.

He is currently the chief executive officer and president of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has been with this firm for over a decade, and he has helped it greatly grow in the business markets. Brian Bonar has also worked for various great business firms like Trucept Inc., The Amanda Corporation, Smart-tek Automated Services Inc. and Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc.

Brian Bonar’s success in business is also greatly contributed to his strong academic foundation. He is a holder of an Undergraduate Business Degree, a Masters’ in Business Administration and a doctorate in the same field. He pursued all of his higher learning studies at Staffordshire University and also graduated from the same institution.

But Brian Bonar’s interests extend far beyond business into the hospitality and fine dining sectors. He is a great fan of fine dining, and this passion has made him venture into the hospitality industry. He is the owner of a famous San Diego fine dining restaurant known as Bellamy –

Bellamy is a San Diego Based and Brian Bonar owned restaurant that has specialized in providing top quality French cuisines to the California people. This restaurant has Patrick Ponsaty as its Master chef. Mr. Pontasy is a Master French Chef, who has been in the hospitality industry for over 31 years. Brian Bonar recently opened a new outlet for his Bellamy brand at the Bandy Canyon Ranch. Patrick Ponsaty will be the Corporate Chef at this outlet. This restaurant seeks to incorporate luxury, space and fine dining into one environment. Brian Bonar says that he hopes his restaurant will be able to make a difference in the American hospitality sector by setting new standards and records.

Patrick Ponsaty is an award winning chef. So far, he has received over 15 awards in different categories. He is also one of the only two Master chefs that San Diego has. This Master Chef is also famed for his great personality and good interpersonal relationships. Brian Bonar had dedicated himself to providing his clients at the be Bellamy restaurant with the best services. He has picked the best professionals in the hospitality industry work with him. With his investment at the Bandy Canyon Ranch, Brian Bonar seeks to turn an over the 144-acre grassy property to a signature four-star restaurant that is capable of hosting large events. Brian Bonar says that his dream is to revolutionize the hospitality industry in San Diego and make it among the top fine dining destinations in the United States.

Highland Capital Growth Plan


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Every company in business today wants to continue to grow and develop its leaders. Highland Capital recently made a great higher that will continue to propel it to the next stage of the industry. Over time, bringing in top talent is one of the most important things that any business does. James Dondero has a solid plan for the future of Highland Capital, and that is more evident than ever with this most recent hire. Anyone who wants to know how to run a business should look at his example over the past couple of years.

There are a lot of people who want to take their business to the next level. However, few people are able to put the time and work in like James Dondero has. There are a lot of steps to building a business over time, and Dondero has made an excellent plan for doing so. Even in bad economic times, he never lost hope and kept working like he knew that he would succeed. After many years of hard work, it is safe to say that he has done well for himself in the world of business. There are few people who understand what it takes to succeed at a high level like James Dondero. Over the long term, anyone looking to build a business needs to concentrate on delivering value to customers. It is safe to say that James has done that during his time at Highland Capital.

There are many customers looking for ways to invest in the future. As the economy comes back from the recession, it is important to invest in areas that have a lot of potential growth. Anyone who is looking for ways to invest should work with experts in the field like James Dondero. He has a great gift of breaking things down to make them seem more easy than complex. Over the long term, this strategy is one that has benefited him in a variety of different ways.

James Dondero has a lot of plans for Highland Capital in the coming years. One of the things that makes him unique is the ability to look out into the future and see the things to come. He is a great example of how to succeed in the world of business today, even while working in a difficult industry over time.


Keith Mann Donates to Education


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Education is one of the most important areas of the economy to invest in. Over the long term, this is the one area that can help people increase their standard of living over time. There are a lot of people who claim to care about education. Few people actually invest in education in the New York area like Keith Mann. Over a long period of time, education is an integral part of the economy for many people. In a recent development, Keith Mann announced the funding of even more schools. It is important to recognize his achievement in the field overall. There are a lot of people looking for ways to fund education even more than he has. However, few people have actually put money into the area like he has.

Mann has had a lot of success in business over the long term. Not only has he developed rapidly in a corporate setting, but he has also started a variety of his own companies. This is a great way for Keith Mann to develop his skills and influence in the field. There are few people who are able to impact the industry like he is. Investing in education is one of the most important things that anyone can do, and Keith Mann shows constantly that he cares about people from all income levels. Anyone who is wanting to help others should take a lesson from Keith. He has been able to change many schools in the New York area simply by investing his time and his money. There are few people who are as loved in the area as him.

There are a lot of school districts that do not receive adequate funding for their children. This results in the children not being able to learn at the rate they should. Over time, anyone who wants to invest their time and money can make a positive impact in the life of a child. There are a lot of ways to get involved in your local school, and Keith Mann sets a great example in his area by doing so.

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Movement for a Better Smile


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Dr. Avi Weisfogel primarily focused on sleep apnea throughout his career and specialized in the field of Dentistry while he attended college. After earning a BA in Biology and psychology from Rutgers University, he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree at the New York University College of Dentistry (DDS). As of now, he is the owner of Dental Sleep Masters in New Jersey, where he conducts daily investigations on multiple sleeping disorders.

Additional accolades from Avi Weisfogel consists of the following:

I. Founder of Healthy Heart Sleep (2010) – Organization that collaborates with physicians nationwide in order to created and manage sleeping labs.
II. One-on-one communication with dentists for the sake of designing treatment for patients with sleeping problems.

As of today, he’s contributing research efforts, alongside researchers at Seoul National University, towards the application of oral appliance treatments and development of protocols for male patients. In particular, these patients suffer from sleep apnea and and erectile dysfunction.

In an effort to provide better health care for children, who suffer from facial deformities, Dr. Weisfogel initiated a GoFundMe campaign. The goal of the fundraiser it to collect a minimum of $2000, where the funds will be allocated to free surgical procedures to kids nationwide.

Operation Smile, an international medical charity, aims utilize the money to facilitate the care of the children. In past endeavors, they’ve interacted with medical professionals in the hospital, and governmental staff to develop surgical care models. Furthermore, They imported several equipment and provided advice, from leading medical professionals, in order to personalize the health care that patients will receive.

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Video Chat Application by Talk Fusion


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Video has been ranked as the best communication tool. The aspect of including video in emails was introduced by Talk Fusion which is based in Florida. Recently it launched a new product into the market which has received a very positive feedback. The product introduced is called Talk Fusion Video Chat. This communication program that is patented to Talk Fusion has already been embraced across the world by different countries. Marketing through video is fast gaining momentum and has been embraced by quite a number of marketing gurus.

In the year 2007 Talk Fusion started with video emails and since then with the leadership of the founder and CEO it has created and released a wide range of products into the market. It specializes in video conferencing, live chats and live meetings among many of its products all in what is referred to Talk Fusion Connect.

Talk Fusion provides a world class video technological experience available in the best HD enabling people to live their dreams and to connect to the world. What makes it the best is that it is compatible with any device and its performance in terms of speed is amazing. Talk Fusion is ranked as the 8th best video solution provider in the world. Through its team of dedicated and best professionals in the technology sector ranging from those in the graphics and video experts the company boosts of providing the best video technology that meets customers needs and satisfaction.

Gauging from the response that it has received from its launch of Video Chat, Talk Fusion is very optimistic and anticipates the launching of quite a number of products in the coming months which they believe will capture its customers’ needs.

One can now access the video chat application from Google play stores and iTunes online.

On 12th of April 2016 Talk fusion will be launching 30 days free trial on its products which will enable its customers to know the products that are available from the best video marketing giant.

Talk Fusion’s products are easy to use. The products are thus best suited for marketers as it provides the best platform to reach its esteemed customers.


Tackle Spring Cleaning with Handy


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In a recent article by Re/code, Handy, the home and cleaning services company, was featured for its rapid growth and almost overnight explosion onto the on-demand services market. Handy CEO Oisin Hanrahan announced that in just three short years of existence, the New York-based handyman and cleaning services company has grown into over one million users. What is even more impressive is that an estimated one half of those million bookings took place in the last seven months, which shows that the company is definitely on the constant rise. It would seem that the new marketing strategies embraced by Handy have definitely paid off in new customers. The majority of Handy’s business relates to its cleaning services, but the handyman portion of the company’s services is steadily on the rise. One of the things that sets Handy apart from its competitors on the market is that while Handy experiences incredible growth in a short amount of time, it is also able to maintain the same level of quality standards. It considers to receive rave reviews from extremely loyal customers who appreciate the efficient and customized service that they receive every time that Handy is put to the challenge.

As spring cleaning season approaches, consider calling upon the local Handy independent contractors in your city to take care of your cleaning needs. Handy has been described as the Uber of household cleaning services and matches the perfect services provider for each customer’s job and budget.

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Koch’s Response for Growth in Trump Support


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When Donald Trump first started running for the office of the President of the United States, many people overlooked him as a non serious candidate who was only looking for publicity for himself. Trump’s success in invigorating the voters by choosing a populist platform has come as a big surprise for many political observers out there and he is currently leading for the Republican nomination.

Lots of Republican insiders and donors are not happy with the rise of Trump as he does not seem to emphasize the same ideals that they do. Many have labelled trump as a democrat for his prior support for Bill Clinton and his moves back and forth on abortion.

Charles Koch, half of the Koch brothers is one of those insiders who are not impressed. Koch has long supported the Republican nominees for President and sunk about $400 million into Mitt Romney’s campaign back in 2012. While that election left him feeling as if he didn’t get a good return on his contribution Trump has been publicly criticizing the outsized role that the Koch brothers have had On past elections. That is after the Koch brothers rejected Trumps appeal for their support who then went on a Twitter attack towards Koch.

Koch has long been involved in politics going back to the 1970s when he supported some libertarian causes and groups. Currently his focus is supporting Republican candidates for office who believe in his core stances on smaller government, lower taxes, and personal responsibility for each person’s actions. Despite the failure of the 2012 campaign Koch was planning on putting $900 million into the 2016 presidential campaign that was raised through his Super Pacs and consists of both personal money as well as money raised from outside donors in Koch’s network.

Trump changes all that and a spokesman for Koch has indicated that all options are currently on the table for Koch, other than supporting trump. Koch has resisted launching a campaign against Trump as many of the supporters in Koch’s Super Pac are also Trump supporters. That too is now on the table with Trump’s domination of the Republican primary. Alternatively Koch may simply sit out the 2016 presidential election and roll the raised money into either the next presidential raise or to some of the Senate and House races. What seemed unthinkable for someone as politically active as Koch is now in the realm of possibility.

How Premium Foods Are Making Healthier Dogs


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Healthy has established a whole new profit margin for premium dog food makers. Profits continue to climb as pet owners want their dogs and cats to eat as healthy as they do. Demands for foods with no artificial colors, saturated fats, and leaner meats have been met by premium food makers and they have seen exponential growth of their bottom lines.
Some of the dog food makers are also going to great length to make foods fresher. Many have added expiration dates to ensure that when their food is fed to your dog, it is at its freshest and will taste great. As inspectors go through the food manufacturing lines, they even take a taste of the foods to ensure that the meats are cooked to perfection and will stand the taste of discerning pet owners.

Purinastore’s Beneful has understood the need to feed our dogs better for years. They have formulated a whole line of healthy foods that offer the freshest vegetables and leanest meats for our canine friends. Wet and dry kibble are all a part of their healthy food lines. Delicious gravies that dogs loves, and lean, meaty chunks of beef, lamb, and chicken are all what pet owners can expect.

Excellence in manufacturing is an important part of making foods that are better for our dogs. Premium food manufacturers like Beneful understand that people want to give the best that they can for their pets. Higher standards that bring better tasting foods are a part of offering the best products available online

Excellence is something that Beneful has a long standing history with. Beneful’s goal is to make better foods that will not only be nutritious, but also help dogs live longer lives. Their team of experts include nutritionists, veterinarians and people who own and love their dogs.

Cost is always an issue. It is true that premium dog foods can cost a bit more than regular foods. The market trends have shown that people are willing to pay more to ensure that their dogs get the best that they can. This willingness to pay more to get better food is why the premium dog food market continues to grow.

Keeping Your Morals Can Lead To A Successful Career


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Before getting into the government industry, Helane Morrisson was just a journalist. All the same, when she got the chance to get into the governmental sector, she was determined to reduce all elements of corruption that had established their roots. Additionally, Helane is committed to fighting for the rights of the vulnerable individuals. Her high integrity morals made her stand out and do what is expected as she goes by the rules without any exemptions.
Ms. Helane Morrison completed her degree in journalism and went ahead to do her doctorate while working as the Chief in Editor of the law review of the University. Her experience while she worked as the law clerk incorporated with her passion for helping the vulnerable individuals led her to thrive.
Due to the increase of the soiled reputation of the business and finance industry, she worked even harder to pick out elements of corruption as an attempt to clean up the segment. She never strayed from her goal in the period of thirty years that she had been in the area of work. Instead, she led her colleagues with great charisma and determination until the change was recognizable to the rest of the country.
The global economic crisis in 2007 scared away numerous investors after their investments declined while some disappeared altogether. They were skeptical and insecure of putting in their money to use in the future. All the same, this crisis was an eye-opener as it unveiled a lot of scum such as falsified records, a bevy of unhandled deals and fraud in the finance sector. The repercussions were significant too as it led to unemployment and a collapse in the stock market. No sooner had the scandal been sold than all the investors had liquidated their assets.
Up to date, economists and investors are not at ease. This occurrence is due to the forthcoming elections in the year 2016. The presidential race has great effects on the economy causing the investors to take hold of all their assets and highly slowing down the stock market. The unrest in the financial sector led to reduced faith in the security of property put into the industry. Also, today’s economy is strenuous making it hard to get a hold of the basics let alone setting something aside for investing or saving. On the other hand, this has increased the popularity of investment as a method of attaining wealth as time goes by.
With more than eleven years in the industry, she had a significantly impressive record hence the government offered her the chance to be the Head of Commission and Regional Director. However, she could still balance her work and social life.