Bob Reina, His Company Overview, & His Contributions to His Community


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Global fusion is a world leader when it comes to video marketing solutions. They finally launched their highly-anticipated 30 day free trials. The Trials come in 9 different languages and are available in over 140 countries. Customers around the world now have the opportunity to try the product for 30 days with no obligation.

The project took thousands of hours of hard work, not to mention the planning that also took place. Talk Fusion team is very excited about giving possible customers the chance to fully understand how effective the video marketing product is. The trial gives customers the opportunity to have a first-hand experience before making a final purchasing decision.

Potential clients who are interested in trying out the product can sign up on the newly-designed Talk Fusion website, located at Another great thing about the sign up is that customers are not required to enter any financial information, such as credit or debit cards.

Once a user signs up, he/she will get a full 30-day trial and will be able to access video email, live meetings, video newsletters, and sign-up forms. In other words, the users will be able to see the major advantages that the powerful marketing tools have to offer.

Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion. Mr. Reina has a strong commitment to his company, his employees, and his customers. He also has a strong vision about creating the next billion-dollar brand with this type of Technology.

In addition to being passionate about his business, he is also passionate about animals. He has been very outspoken about promoting success and awareness about the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He also contributes many other things to the Tampa Bay Community.

One person who worked with Reina describes him as a great mentor. The individual went on to say that Reina is very clear on what he wants to do with his business, and he has direction and purpose.


George Soros Buying Gold


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US Money Reserve podcast likes to inform listeners of all of the events in the current economy. One of the biggest news stories of the past week is that George Soros is buying gold. This is a surprising move because it seems like the economy is doing better.

Anytime George Soros does something, it is good for investors to take notes. Buying gold is a great protection against bad economic times. In this podcast, the hosts talk about why gold can be a good investment if you think the economy is about to go down dramatically. There are times throughout history where gold has been a great trade and hedge.

Buying Gold

There are a lot of ways to purchase gold. Some people simply buy gold index funds, and these funds track to the overall price of gold. Other people prefer to have gold bars, and this is referred to as physical gold. Whatever you choose, a percentage of your portfolio should contain some gold in it. Learn more about U.S Money Reserve: and

Many investment advisors recommend less than five percent of your portfolio in gold. George Soros has a diverse spread of investments from his work over the years. No one knows exactly what percentage of his portfolio is in gold.

Watching the Economy

On the surface, the economy is doing better than it was several years ago. However, there are a lot of challenges coming in the future.

Anyone who wants to look for area to invest in may have trouble finding good investments. The stock market is trading at a high multiple right now, and this is simply a calculation that looks at the price-to-earnings ratio of various companies in the market. Read more: US Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730 and U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

Historically, this ratio has been closer to 15. Right now, it is hovering around 19 and is only going up from here if the market improves.

Following George Soros

Investors need to understand what their financial goals are before blindly following any investment advice and end up crashing in the US Money Reserve. George Soros is someone who has a lot of experience investing in various areas of the overall market.

With his time in the industry, he has been able to build an enormous amount of wealth. One of his biggest advantages is the fact that the wants to help other people with their investing.

This has led to his popularity growth over the years with investors. He is never afraid to speak his mind, and he is often times right about what he says.

The Development And Application Of Visual Search And Recognition Technology


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Many companies are behind the new development and use of visual search technology. This innovative new technology attempts to use images as the main criteria for finding matches in a search engine database. One of the leading pioneers in the development of visual search engine technology is Slyce. This is a company that has developed real world and practical applications for visual search engine technology for both business and consumer use.

One of the niftiest ways of utilizing visual search recognition technology to provide convenience to people is through Slyce’s snip snap app. This new app lets people snap a photo of their coupons at home and upload it onto their mobile phone via the snip snap app. The coupons you have taken a photo of, can then be used at checkout and scanned directly from your smartphone.

Snip snap also allows people the ability to download coupons from the internet directly onto to their smartphone. This app provides a major convenience to shoppers. If they leave a coupon at home, but they have it uploaded onto their smartphone via snip snap they can still use it at checkout and save money.

Another use of visual recognition technology is through tagging items in social media photos on MySpace and Facebook. These platforms already have a tagging feature to tag individuals in the photo. Companies like Slyce are now developing technologies that can recognize and tag clothes and other items in a photo. This tagging feature stemming from visual search engine technology can have significant marketing potential. For example, popular Facebook photos that have certain brands or styles of clothing tagged could quickly gain in popularity. The increased popularity or awareness can boost sales of the item or brand that is being tagged.

Visual search engine and image recognition technology work in the following way. Information from a retailer or clothes maker is uploaded into a database. Metrics such as the color, tags, logos, texture, luster and size are recorded for each item. When a person uses an application that uses image recognition technology, that photo is analyzed and compared against the items in the visual search engine.

When the item in the photo matches the exact parameters of an item that is in the database a match is shown to the user of the app. If an exact match is not found, a very similar item will simply be shown instead. The results in a visual search engine often display traits such as the the name of the item, brand, price, where to purchase and other important information. 

Restored Electricity In Venezuela Brings Bright Spot In A Dim Country


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While there is little to celebrate in Venezuela, Facebook bloggers recently reported on an ease in the electricity rationing in the country here.
The waters at the Guri reservoir, where tow-thirds of the country’s electricity come from, rose this week and will allow the country to try to return some things back to normal. The two-day work week for public sector workers will be changed so workers can work Monday and Tuesday at regular hours, and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday they will work half days. Schools will return to 5 days a week, allowing children to return to their classroom schedule, and weekend rationing will also come to an end.
While the government claims the drought caused the shortage due to their electricity coming from a hydroelectric dam, opposition to the government claimed it was further proof of corruption in the government.
While the citizens of the country were already dealing with a lack of basic supplies including medicine and food, the lack of water and electricity simply added fuel to the fire that is growing as the country continues to sink in a pit of financial crisis, says economic czar Diaz Granados.


Tech Firm Coriant Makes a Corporate Appointment


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For a company to achieve maximum production, it has to be armed with professionals as well as considerable expertise. Every business works towards emerging the top. It is the wish of every company that it gets the maximum recognition the best. Coriant is no exception.

Coriant established itself as an independent company back in 2013. The launch of the enterprise under the name Coriant was announced in March 2013. The initiative deals with sales involving hardware and software for optical transmission of voice networks, information, and mobile networks.

The company became independent from Nokia Siemens Networks, which was owned by Marlin Equity Partners. However, Marlin Equity announced the merging of Coriant and Tellabs which will now operate as Coriant

Driven by the zeal to succeed, Coriant has delegated power to Shaygan Kheradpir as its new CEO. Shaygan is well recognized for his remarkable leadership qualities as well as great experience. Kheradpir is a man of high intelligence. He has worked with various companies.

Shaygan has been an operating partner in Marlin Equity Partners. He has also worked with Barclays as the chief operations and technology officer. Shaygan was also the CEO of Jupiter Networks. These positions gave Shaygan a firm leadership background. Coriant is, therefore, optimistic that Shaygan will direct it to its next phase of development.

What is even more pleasing is the fact that before his new role at Coriant, Shaygan was the Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. His primary focus was on strategic telecom and technology investments.

That fact comes as a natural fit for the company as he has vast knowledge about the company’s running. Shaygan is therefore in the best position to strategize and drive Coriant to the greatest level of success.

Coriant’s advanced technology and expanding customer base is one of the top factors that attracted Shaygan. The fact that the company has been winning great deals with international carriers is also a great encouragement to Shaygan. The only challenge left for Shaygan is to help the company grow against its competitors such as Cisco and Infinera.

Shaygan is a recognized entrepreneur and a technology expert with over 28 years of experience within the telecom, technology, and financial services industries. Coriant is confident in Shaygan’s ability to lead Coriant to its next level of growth.

Shaygan earned a Ph.D., master’s, and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He has multiple patents spanning telecom and media as well as on the Cornell University Engineering Council.

To discover more about Shaygan Kheradpir, check out

Securus Technologies Launches Newest Upgrades To THREADS


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Securus Technologies is all about modernizing the incarceration experience. This company provides the corrections agencies, public safety and law enforcement industries with a technology solution that is second to none. The team of professionals that have come up with this innovative technology are made up of some of the best in engineering, design, technologists and thinkers. The product software has become the golden standard when it comes to civil and criminal justice technology.

Securus Technologies offers the THREAD platform which is their cornerstone product. It has recently received a facelift and a software tuning. The THREADS 3.1 software has shifted from Silverlight to HTML 5 which, has proven to be far more compatible. Other products such as the Secure Call Platform (SCP) can now be integrated along side THREADS 3.1. Thanks to HTML 5 investigators now have a proactive tool at their disposal which will aid them in their work. The launch of this upgrade package of their flagship software was announced on For a more detailed review please visit. Or watch the Securus Youtube video.

The user interface has been modernized and the software coding streamlined in order to make the software experience more pleasing and efficient. Search functions as well as record loading have been simplified in order for users to require only minimal training to gain full benefits of the technology. Not only has the THREADS platform been the gold standard it also provides the officials with analysis tools which can monitor criminal activity. This keeps the incarceration experience safer for the public as well as the inmates.

Securus Technologies promises all its users a free upgrade to the new and improved THREADS 3.1 free of charge. This will allow them the access to an industry leading software technology that is revolutionizing the industry.

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Alexei Beltyukov Wants Russia to Focus on Entrepreneurs


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Recently the Russian economy has a number of deep seeded problems. A number of reports show that Russia’s economy slowed sharply at the turn of the year, with investors pulling their money out of the country. Drops in the stock market have also been numerous as a result of the Ukrainian struggle. With so many problems there have been very few solutions. However one entrepreneur, Alexei Beltyukov has had ideas on how to fix some of Russia’s financial disaster.

Alexei Beltyukov has made it clear to Russian officials that in order for Russia to reestablish itself, it needs to truly celebrate entrepreneurs,like himself. He firmly believes that the Russian government needs to put systems in place to support small business and entrepreneurs. Beltyukov is already doing his part to help entrepreneurs through his Skolkovo Foundation. This foundation works with entrepreneurs in the technology field to give them opportunities for success.

Alexei Beltyukov appears to be the perfect person to advise the Russian government. a philanthropist and entrepreneur has a history of success on his own. Beltyukov graduated from the prestigious INSEAD with a Master in Business Administration. He would later go on to start the Russian Alumni Scholarship for the same school. Alexei He is responsible for founding numerous companies including A-Ventures a foundation created to help groups within in Russia with monetary help when they are in need. This further proves his qualifications to advise the Russian government.

Alexei Beltyukov continues to work with his country’s government to provide financial advise. His Skolkovo Foundation remains set on being extremely passionate about bringing forth growth in the Russian economy. Beltyukov would like Russians to take his example and expanded it to larger proportions. He believes that Russia could have hope with this focus on entrepreneurs. If the government makes this investment he believes it will lift the economy out of it’s current hole.