An Insight into the Life of Adam Milstein


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Born in Haifa, Israel, Adam Milstein has established himself as one of the most notable Jewish leaders of modern times. He has even been recognized by the Jerusalem Post for his philanthropic efforts towards humanity. Adam Milstein is married to Gila Milstein and together they co-founded the Adam and Gila Foundation. He is well known for co-founding Israel-American Council where acts as the chairman. Adam Milstein moved into USA in the year 1981 and settled in California. He is a graduate of Technion University where he specialized in business and economics. Earlier on, he had served in the Israel Defense force and fought in the war several years after enlisting.


Several weeks ago, Adam Milstein had the chance to talk about his own life. He said that the idea of the Hager Pacific Properties was as a result of frustration by the real estate industry. Employers undermined his experience and paid him little owing to the fact that he had even mastered at the University. He decided to venture out on his own and started as a real estate commercial broker. Adam Milstein days are usually very involving. Whenever he gets bored, he says that he gets involved with some philanthropy.


Adam has the idea that for someone to succeed in life, there is the need to develop the art of consistency, persistence and following up. Adam says that he has never had a bad job and he believes that he has made the right choices about his life. He emphasizes on the need of understanding yourself and learning not to depend on other people. He also advises people willing to succeed in life to learn to solve problems by been part of the solutions. He does not believe in setting specific goals as this can be very limiting and frustrating. He advocates for self-drive and the importance of working as hard as one can.


Adam Milstein did not end the discussion without discussing greed. This is where someone wants to make fortune in a fortnight. Adam says that real success takes time and there is no need of investing all your money in one project. Adam learnt this concept while he was in school and has since then avoided repeating the mistake. Adam is a fan of technology when it comes to business. He also advises the young people willing to succeed to master the art of reading.



Martin Lustgarten on Investing the Right Way


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Martin Lustgarten is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten, Martin in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. This is a firm that advises its clients on investing. Martin Lustgarten will work with a client to see their whole financial picture and then together develop a financial plan to fulfill their financial goals whether it be shorter term like buying a house or longer term retirement goals.

An Investment Banker gives advice to his clients in order for them to determine their risk tolerance, develop a financial plan, and monitor and manage their investments. Lustgarten has been doing this for many years and has developed at team at Lustgarten, Martin that can successfully get the company’s clients on the right financial path. They will develop a customized plan for their clients portfolio assets and expertly allocate the funds between such areas as domestic stocks, international developed stocks, international developing stocks, and domestic and international bonds as deemed appropriate for that client. Lustgarten can also give advice to his clients on issues such as tax laws as well as insurance decisions. He is well versed in helping clients save for such goals as retirement, their children’s education, and other short and long term goals.

Martin Lustgarten, holding citizenship in both Austria and Venezuela, that holding international stocks is absolutely key to meeting your financial goals. It spreads out your funds increasing your porfolios diversity, which is needed so as to gain from the market while also minimizing your risk. Lustgarten’s reputation has led to him having clients in both North America and South America.

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Talk Fusion Awarded for it Superiority in the Communication Industry


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Just recently, Talk Fusion’s revolutionary cross-communication platform has won TMC’s 2016 Communication Solutions Products year award. Talk Fusion is well-known for its superior achievement in the world of communication.


TMC is a media giant that recognizes excellent communication platforms that facilitate video, voice, and data communication. They award the newly introduced or significantly improved upon products in the last one year. Rich Tehrain, the CEO of TMC says it is a great pleasure to honor Talk Fusion as the recipients of 2016 Communication Solutions Products annual award. He added that the award goes to companies that have demonstrated leadership within their industries. The honorees of Communications Solutions Products award represent the quality of products and services on the market.


Talk Fusion uses WebRTC technology to facilitate communication on devices such as smartphone and windows. Their revolutionary video chat app is now available in the iTunes and Google Play Stores. The second award from TMC demonstrates Talk Fusion’s continued momentum to improve the communication industry. According to Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s founder, the second recognition from TMC marks the beginning of a brighter future for their integrated video marketing solution. Talk Fusion’s dedicated IT professionals’ stays ahead of the curve stand out from the pact amid increased competition in the world of communication.


In addition to Bob Reina’s comment, Ryan Page, Chief Technical Officer of Talk Fusion said that the award confirms a greater future for their video marketing solution. The award is a testament as to how Talk Fusion is creating great applications through their efficient and innovative team and processes. To supplement the second recognition from TMC, Talk Fusion launched a new website, and introduced a free trial of its WebRTC technology in less than a year. With a commitment to developing a pipeline of products and solutions geared towards helping Talk Fusion’s associates and users reach and impress their clients, it seems like 2016 is shaping up to be Talk Fusion’s memorable year.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is the pioneer of the world’s first all-in-one video marketing solution. Through its incredible marketing tools, Talk Fusion helps businesses to increase their sales and stand out from the competition. The firm was established in 2007 by Bob Reina.


3 Reasons Millennials Love Evolution Of Smooth


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Just For Young Women

Lip balm is commonly considered a unisex product, but lip balm is actually used by women far more often than by men. Evolution of Smooth cofounder Sanjiv Mehra understood this and decided she wanted to market a brand of lip balm specifically towards young women. As a result of that smart move EOS is now the second most popular brand of lip balm in the market. It routinely sells 1 million units a week and has generated $250 million in revenue so far.

The Benefits Of Star Power

Millennial women are the key target of Evolution of Smooth and the marketing reflects this. To reach out to young women EOS uses both celebrities and web personalities to appeal to its target demographics. The product placement includes just about everything from music videos by Miley Cyrus to video tutorials by beauty bloggers. The celebrity factor gives EOS an edge over the likes of other lip balm brands. Evolution of Smooth is an undeniably cool and hip brand. It speaks the language of young people and it has embedded itself into the culture of today’s teens and 20somethings. The brand can be seen at the shelves of large retailers like Walmart. And even on the online shopping giant

A Brand Of Their Own

Recently, Goldman Sachs decided it wanted to conduct a survey to better understand what young people want in their brands. This study revealed the 50 most popular brands among Millennials and Evolution of Smooth was on that list. When young people fall in love with that brand they tend to stick with it throughout their lives. EOS lip balm isn’t going to go away like other fads and trends. Young people seriously love what the natural ingredients and ease of use this brand gives them. Years from now others will continue to look at Evolution of Smooth as a source of inspiration.

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An Innovator in Cancer Research and Development


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Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. Clay Siegall is the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of the company. He built a company that concentrates its efforts on an investigative examination of the scientific process through research and development in pharmaceuticals while always maintain top of the line patient care and satisfaction. Seattle Genetics is a biotech company that is known around the world for its research in cancer related medication research and development. Under his supervision, Clay Siegall assisted Seattle Genetics to become one of the international leaders in antibody drug conjugate research and develop. They secured FDA approval in 2011 for the drug which is a major accomplishment in cancer research. Clay Siegall has also been a part of the integral plan to make this technology very profitable for the company. This technology is now used in over 60 countries.

Before founding Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall was deeply invested in institutes that focused on cancer research. From these opportunities Siegall gained invaluable insight into the world of cancer research and development. These experiences and opportunities allowed him to build such a successful and innovative company in Seattle Genetics.Clay Siegall has a PhD in Genetics from George Washington University. He also received a BS in Zoology at the University of Maryland. Dr. Siegall had position at several organizations and institutions before beginning his career with Seattle Genetics including the National Institute of Health, the Bristol-Myers, the National Cancer Institute, and Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He has received numerous recognitions and accolades throughout his career. He has obtained over 15 patients and 70 publications. His is a well-respected member of the cancer research community and serves currently serves on the Board of Directors for various companies.

George Soros: A Philanthropist and Democratic Leader


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George Soros has changed American and European culture. His accomplishments address his reputable, inspiring character. What he has accomplished in terms of Democratic reform on and creating philanthropic organizations demonstrates that he should not only be recognized for what he as accomplished in the modern era, but also serve as an inspiration for others to follow in the future.

As a philanthropist, George Soros has helped various philanthropic organizations with his generous contributions. Between 1979 and 2015, Soros contributed roughly 11 million to different philanthropic organizations. His philanthropic and democratic idealism led him to create Open Society Foundations, an organization that helps various countries transition from Communism to Capitalism. Open Society Foundations also addresses Soros’s concern for citizens rights, minorities, and different citizens’ opinions. This liberal democratic corporation is the foundation of what Soros believes in.

Furthermore, his work in democratizing different European countries as well as the U.S. demonstrates his desire for liberalized politics. One of the issues that Soros is attempting to accomplish is helping establish less voting restrictions in the U.S. that involves voter identification requirements. Internationally, George Soros has spoken critically of the European Union. He argues that there is a need for the European Union to act as a unified force and to be more efficient. Soros’s concern for the people is also addressed in speaking about the European Union crisis dealing with the asylum seekers. Voicing his concern for asylum seekers – refugees – Soros believes that each European state needs to act in the interest of refugees and not in their own interest.

Soros’s accomplishments as a philanthropist and a liberal democratic leader defines his success as an individual. His philanthropic work in Open Society Foundations shows his concern for peoples’ rights on, in providing more political power to the people, regardless of gender, class, race, sexual orientation, and citizenship. His work as a liberal democrat also shows his concern for the people, hoping to give more citizens of different countries political power to vote or obtain more individual rights. For example, he has a strong desire to give refugees more political power. Overall, Soros has achieved success by being an individual committed to helping the people, by making a humanitarian change; a political change that helps every individual.

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Buying A Cleanse For Yourself


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A Look At The Dherbs Cleanse


If you want to upgrade your health in ways that are so useful to you, there are a number of things you can do. One of the best steps that you will be able to take is to purchase a product from This is a company that will allow you to make the most out of your health when you are looking to acquire something that is healthy, energizing and life affirming. When this is what you are looking for, stop by in order to learn as much as you can about the way that these products will be useful to you.

The Types of Products


Where truly shines is that they offer a number of different products that you will be glad to use. They have everything from formulas for breastfeeding mothers to people trying to cleanse their respiratory systems and get over infections. It is for this reason that so many customers speak highly about this company and the products that they provide. What’s best is that these products are vegan and completely hormone free. This gives you the opportunity to make sure that you are able to infuse yourself with some nutrients that will make you healthy, strong and energized.


The Facebook Page


This company provides you with a lot of different perspectives from customers who have used their products before. They have a strong social media presence, which is why you can browse the page and see that people have given glowing reviews about it. The page is very neat and in place, showing their web site, their business hours and so much more. This will provide you all that you need in order to keep your health up to par, and you will be able to exchange notes along this social media platform, in order to give yourself a boost in terms of knowledge and information related to their products.


So with this in mind, make sure that you stop by in order to see what they can offer you. This company is one of the best when it comes to helping you out with any type of cleanse you are looking for.

When you want to be sure that you are able to make the most out of your health, you need to provide yourself the opportunity to give yourself a great cleanse. A cleanse gives you the opportunity to flush out your system in a lot of different ways. With this in mind, the Dherbs cleanse is a great way to go about it. This is a company that can provide you the opportunity to keep your health at its best. With this in mind, follow these tips to understand as much as you can about and why this is a great company to buy a cleanse through.

EarthlyBodies writes about how is a vegan product that will allow you to lose weight, clean out your system and a host of other issues. It will give you the health that you need to boost your body in a way that makes the most sense for you. Cleanses are popular in this day and age, and for good reason. To learn more about this line of products and how it can help you, read a few of the points below.


What is their Facebook site like?


This Facebook site features Egyptian symbolism and has a beautiful logo front and center. It has links to the store and has a number of different people who comment on the site on a regular basis. The Facebook users give glowing five-star reviews about the products and how they have been able to lose weight on a regular basis.


What kinds of cleanse products do they offer?


They offer you a number of different blends that will be useful for whatever you need. For instance, they have cleansed formulas for your lymphatic system, respiratory system, weight loss, ginseng boost and even a breast-feeding cleanse.


If this is a product that interests you, be sure to stop by their website to see a little bit more about the things they can do for you. They have a lot of different products that you will find amazing, so consider them as a potential stocking stuffer or New Year’s resolution gift during this holiday season.  Speaking of social media, you can also hunt down more information on Pinterest, as well as their extremely informative official Tumblr page.

Doug Levitt tells the stories of the struggling Americans


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Americans have millions of stories to tell. It could be a story of joy, struggle, or loss. The stories are usually really compelling. However, most of them go unrecorded. The stories of people that live in the poor areas of America often go unheard. Very few journalists have gone on a journey to write the stories of those struggling in poverty. However, Doug Levitt is one journalist that has desired to change things. He has recorded most of these stories in a bid to create a change in the society.


Doug Levitt has been an active journalist for many years. He started out as a foreign corresponded but soon gave up the whole idea because he enjoyed traveling and talking to people. He went on a journey where he spoke to different travelers. He was able to find their unique view of life. Doug felt a lot more educated after the travels. He loved the work he was doing because he knew that is what he had always wanted to do. The Greyhound Diaries is a collection of stories about the struggling Americans. Doug Levitt was able to write those stories after he went on a journey across America. He was able to meet several people that came from poor backgrounds. He went on with the project for ten years and made a final publication after it was completed.


Doug has used his skills in music to bring out the beauty in the poor society. Musicians typically use their music to reflect what they feel or know about a particular subject. The Beatles are famous musicians that express their feelings of love through their energetic experiences. It was after they toured different regions that they started getting attention. Singer and songwriter Doug Levitt did it differently. He traveled first, saw different lives and came up with a publication known as the Greyhound Diaries.


The Greyhound Diaries was the outcome of journeys of thousands of miles traveled by the Greyhound bus. He went through the whole journey for over ten years. The whole series inspired him to create writings, two albums, web series, a photo series, and a show.

Bruce Levenson’s Timeline From UCG To AIG Settlement Case


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Bruce Levenson is bringing an insurance company to court for their failure to cover a settlement that they filed in a claim. In this particular settlement, former General Manager Danny Ferry faced an employment termination situation that he filed an insurance claim to cover, and the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) group decided to buyout his contract. But AIG, the team’s insurance company refused to pay the claim, and Bruce Levenson and AHBE has decided to take them to court to sue for damages. According to Time Magazine, Levenson and AHBE sold their shares of the Atlanta Hawks in June of 2015 to Tony Ressler and company after owning the team for about 12 years.

Bruce Levenson was a journalist and entrepreneur before he became a sports franchise owner. He studied journalism at Washington University and even went to law school at American University, but decided becoming a lawyer wasn’t for him. He founded a business news organization, United Communications Group (UCG) in 1977, and it began building a portfolio of newsletters covering the oil, banking, healthcare and technology industries. UCG is the parent company to a technology product research and consulting company, TechTarget of which Levenson helped launch. Levenson bought the Atlanta Hawks in 2004, and has also served on the NBA’s Board of Governors.

Levenson has a passion for helping inner city young people achieve higher education, and as part of that endeavor he helped sponsor Hoop Dreams foundation back in the early 2000’s. He and his wife Karen also helped start the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland to encourage up and coming entrepreneurs to become philanthropists while running a business. Levenson is also a major donor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., and is also active in several Jewish organizations such as Seeds of Peace and Birthright Israel.