Thor Halvorssen Leads The Human Rights Foundation To Success Across The Globe


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The success achieved by Thor Halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation is not measured by the number of column inches the Venezuelan born founder of the activism group achieves, but is instead determined by the number of political prisoners released and how much disruption can be caused to tyrannical regimes across the planet. Halvorseen established the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 after beginning to feel his impact as a human rights activist was being limited by the approach taken by the major activist groups he was working with; Thor does not believe his work is best served by working in areas of activism that are largely based in democratic countries such as the U.S. and member states of the European Union. Watch Video .

Thor Halvorssen quickly decided the Human Rights Foundation would be best served by being based in New York where the group would largely be free from political interference, but wished to make sure the majority of the work completed would be completed in parts of the world where dictators were limiting the opportunities of their citizens. Thor has felt the people of the world are best served by identifying those nations who strip their citizens of their basic human rights, the decision to award an annual prize to Cuban graffiti artist El Sexto made headlines for breaking the convention of avoiding the human rights abuses committed by socialist leaning governments.

Thor Halvorssen believes has led the Human Rights Foundation to become a major part of the activism community across the world because of the large number of events and programs the organization has taken part in. As a winner of the Romanian governments silver medal for his services to human rights, Halvorssen has become a global figure who attended the United Nations Council Member Elections in his role as the founder of the Human Rights Foundation to detail the abuses committed by those governments standing for election to the UN Human Rights Council. for more.

Cuts With A Knife


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There are times when you need to cut something, or you might want to see how strong a knife really is against some objects around the house. Wengie uses a 1,000-degree glowing knife when she cuts various items. One of the first things that she cuts is a Coca-Cola bottle that she shook up so that it has a lot of bubbles inside. She stands the bottle on a table and heats a knife until it’s so hot that it glows. As the knife cuts through the bottle, the drink sprays everywhere. The drink cleaned the knife as Wengie cut through.


The second object is a candy surprise egg. The chocolate melts, but it’s hard to get through the aluminum foil on the outside. The plastic egg inside is melted, and the surprise is a bit damaged from the heat of the knife. She tries to cut through an egg, but it doesn’t work. The egg rolls off of the table and cracks. However, when she uses the knife to go through the inside of the egg, the egg begins to fry on the knife. A Nutella container gets the knife as well. It easily goes through the container, and the chocolate begins to melt on contact with the knife. The chocolate almost burns against the heat that is used. It’s a mess on the table. Other objects that Wengie cuts through include crayons, stuffed animals and even a roll of toilet paper, but the toilet paper burns where the knife is being used and isn’t easy to cut.


Sam Tabar appointed COO of FullCycle Fund


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Just recently, Sam Tabar was selected to become the chief operations officer at an institution known as FullCycle Energy. The new job comes as no surprise to the many, given the expertise acquired by the financial strategy in the recent past.

Bloomberg reported that Sam Tabar is one of the most successful attorneys in the United States. Tabar is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has changed the lives of many people in the world. At the moment, the successful finance strategist is based in New York City.

Tabar went for his master’s degree in law at the prestigious Columbia University. Before going to this university, the businessman had attended the famous Oxford University where he received his Bachelor of Degree in Arts. After completing his studies, the businessman worked for different law firms. Some of these include Arps, Meagher, Skadden, and Slater.

Sam Tabar’s vast experience in the finance industry was acquired after working at some of the most respected finance institutions in the United States. Tabar worked at Flom LLP as an associate for several years before joining Merrill Lynch to work as the head of capital strategies.

The successful attorney, later on, went to Schulte Roth where he operated as the hedge fund manager.

At his new position at FullCycle Energy, Tabar will be in charge of several activities. The businessman is expected to use his expertise to help the company to meet his various objectives.

The entrepreneur is expected to help in reducing environmental pollution that is caused by carbon monoxide. He will also play a significant role in making sure that the company produces better fuel at affordable prices for the consumers. Learn more about Sam Tabar:

Apart from being successful in the finance industry, Tabar has started several ventures. He has also partnered with different organizations to help needy people in different parts of the globe. The lawyer is part of an institution known as THINX.

The organization was established to help empower women in African by providing sanitary pads. According to, through this organization, Sam Tabar wants to ensure that women in Africa have an opportunity to go to work and school. He helps to raise money for THINX campaigns.

Fabletics Success and Founders


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Fabletics is an online membership retailer that offers ladies’ sportswear and frill, regularly alluded to as “athleisure.” The organization is best known for its internet business approach and furthermore has 18 physical stores. It offers its individuals customized outfits decided for them in light of their way of life and form inclinations. It is an auxiliary of JustFab, re-branded to TechStyle Fashion Group in August 2016.


Fabletics was established by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson in July 2013 and formally propelled on October 1, 2013.


In June 2015, Fabletics launched FL2, its men’s activewear line with Kate Hudson’s sibling and performer, Oliver Hudson. In March 2016, the organization extended its stock past athletic wear by including dresses and bathing suits. They implement contender Lululemon and utilize film shot by Hudson on her cell phone as part of their publicity.


As indicated by Forbes, Fabletics has expanded its income by 35% every year, with a valuation of $250 million inside its initial three years of business. The organization utilizes pop-up stores to build up membership. In these areas, Fabletics stocks clothing in line with online patterns and demand.


Kate Garry Hudson (born April 19, 1979) is an American performing artist. She rose to unmistakable fame in 2000 for playing Penny Lane in the film Almost Famous. She won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.


She continued her success in movies like, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003),Raising Helen (2004), The Skeleton Key (2005), You, Me and Dupree (2006), Fool’s Gold (2008), Bride Wars (2009), Nine (2009), The Killer Inside Me (2010), The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2012), Wish I Was Here (2014), Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) and Deepwater Horizon (2016).


Prevailing in fashion when Amazon controls 20% of the design web based business market is no small feat. Yet Kate and the team at Fabletics is doing just that. Fabletics has grown 35% a year, steadily since it’s introduction in 2013. In only it’s third year the company is already valued at $250 million. Another interesting approach, Fabletics utilizes a membership mechanic to sell clothing to its clients. It’s pretty straightforward, clients like brands that motivate the individual, blend this with accommodation and enrollment and you have a recipe for success.


The success Kate has achieved with Fabletics is amazing and should be commended. They are a wonderful company who deliver only quality products and help change the lives of women worldwide. Beautiful!

10 inexpensive Wengie hair hacks


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The opening of the video just makes your happiness quotient soar. The colors, patterns and music are lively. Hugs are offered right away for being one of Wengies You Tube subscribers. Her room is decorated beautifully and feminine.


The vitamin hack

Her recommendations for vitamins and minerals remind you of the value of each particular vitamin. Omega 3 fatty acids are for shine, biotin builds strong hair, vitamin A helps keep the hair follicle and scalp healthy, Folic acid helps you avoid hair loss and lastly Vitamin C maintains and supports hair growth. Wengie recommends her sponsors vitamins because they are natural and vegetarian friendly.


The clean brush hack

Cleaning your hairbrush regularly helps keep your hair clean and healthy.


The ponytail hack

Make a double ponytail so your hair looks fresh and new.


The hair mask hack

Condition hair with coconut oil because it is anti microbial and has anti oxidants.


The hair-drying hack

Don’t dry your hair with a towel because it damages hair; use a soft tee shirt.


The hairspray hack

Wengies idea to smooth your baby hairs with a toothbrush is genius.


The split end hack

Everyone loves saving money on hair appointments; Wengie shows you two great tricks to keep split ends at bay.


The cool curl hack

Put hair into a ponytail and curl different sections for fullness and volume.


The dry shampoo hack

Use a dry shampoo to soak up the oil overnight and create volume.


The satin pillow hack

Using a satin pillowcase will help keep your hair as well as your skin smooth and beautiful. Usage of cut up nylon stockings instead of elastic hair ties is recommended if you must use a loose braid.



EOS’ Brilliant Strategy To Target The Millennial Generation


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Colorful orbs of EOS lip balm are everywhere; Miley Cyrus is using EOS, Cosmo beauty editors are recommending the smooth spheres and the lip balm adorns the aisles of mass retailers, such as eBay, Target and Walgreen’s. Beauty bloggers are raving about EOS’s fun flavors, like Pomegranate Raspberry ( and Passion Fruit and EOS lip balm, yet the brand seemed to come out of nowhere.

Chapstick and Burt’s Bees had the market cornered on lip balm, and it wasn’t a very exciting market, therefore, it was a surprise when the Evolution of Smooth orbs appeared. EOS wasn’t a fad; the founders put a great deal of thought into the shape, the flavors and the colors ensure that they have a unique product that appeals to women. However, the company’s brilliant marketing strategy made EOS the second most popular lip balm in the U.S.

EOS founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller told Fast Company that they decided to make their lip balm appeal to women, which other brands did not do, even though women used lip balm far more often than men. Next, they targeted the millennial generation using influencer marketing and product placement tactics to get their brand noticed. Building an engaging social media presence also helped; EOS is especially active on Facebook and Instagram. In the end, EOS’ founders received the ultimate compliment; Blistex started selling their lip balms in round containers.


Tidal under strong negotiator Desiree Perez


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There is a deal going on the Tidal and Samsung. There are already talks going on with Jay-Z and Samsung together with a long term associate and leader Desiree Perez. The corporation is said to have held discussions with Kanye West regarding the release of the album The Life of Album. It seems there are big plans that are underway. Samsung has worked with great artists before such as Rihanna of Roc Nation. It is a Korea-based company. is a music streaming company that is working its way to the top of the game. The company had experienced a series of events which contributed negatively. Previously, there had been leaders defecting from the enterprise, and the company also struggled with financial issues. However, while many thought that the company would go down to the drain, there is now new development and Jay-Z the talented rapper decided to hire Desiree Perez to help in the management of the company. The company has seen strains regarding finances, but that is now gone. The company is now at the top, and there are great things that are happening right now.  Check this on


Large corporations such as Google and Spotify have been looking forward to signing a deal because they know the potential that the firm has. There are also other investors who have approached Desiree Perez so as to seal a deal but that seemed not to go through probably because their offers were not such lucrative.

Read interesting news here.

Running a music streaming company needs someone who is strong willed and who is ready to negotiate for good deals. There is no one else who could occupy this position apart from the great associate of Jay-Z, Desiree Perez. She is a woman who has succeeded in business as well as in the management of business. She has seen the development of many great artists. It is because of being able to make a smart decision that makes her able to negotiate for great deals. She also runs the Roc Nation Sports which is also owned by Jay-Z.

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Tidal Comes Alive Thanks to Desiree Perez


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There was a time when no one really thought that Tidal would be able to do much in the music streaming industry. The market was already flooded with Spotify and other companies like Pandora. It seemed like Jay-Z was trying to steer a sinking ship. That was before Desiree Perez came along. She pushed inside of the Tidal music streaming enterprise and this has given this company new light. People are really starting to see this company and her leadership as a threat to other music streaming giants like Spotify. She knows what it takes to make people take interest in music streaming, and she has been doing everything in her power to help Jay-Z build a solid music streaming company.  Hit on .


Check this out.


There is a lot of talk about how Tidal has become an authority on video content. There are things like the Tidal X concert and other videos that may be released exclusively through Tidal for a certain amount of time. This is great for music lovers that like to also see what they are listening to. There are also other things like documentaries behind albums that are found on This makes it a one stop music streaming service that has a lot of things outside of typical audio streaming.


Desiree Perez took chances to make Tidal stand out, and she focused on this in order to bring more customers to his company. It is a true testament to her marketing skills. She has shown people that she knows what it takes to make someone pay attention to what she has to offer. She is not an official employee within this organization, but she is a great friend to Jay-Z and she has shown her loyalty by helping him build this company up in a short amount of time.

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