Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Greg Finch Finds Ways Of Easng Pain In The Entire Body


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The entire body is the domain of an orthopedic surgeon, as Australian medical expert Dr. Greg Finch will often explain the need for a level of understanding of the entire human body as an orthopedic surgeon must be responsible for the care of bones, tendons, and ligaments. The many different forms of orthopedic surgery can include the replacement of hip joints, spinal fusion, and knee cartilage replacement therapy.


The need to complete these forms of surgery can be driven by many medical problems, but for Dr. Greg Finch a specialty of minimally invasive spinal surgery has become one of his most used technical areas; spinal fusion is a commonly used technique that requires two or more vertebrae that are fused together using screws and metal plates when this part of the spine is compressed and causing large amounts of pain. High wear rates on the knees can cause pain and discomfort that requires a high level of therapy and surgical skill to repair, including the use of drilling to promote cartilage production and the use of laser treatments.


Dr. Greg Finch is a leading orthopedic surgeon who believes in a continued level of education that can allow the latest technologies to become an integral part of the orthopedic surgery completed around the world on a regular basis. After becoming a successful orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Greg Finch has continued to develop his skills and believes the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques is now one of the most important aspects of this medical field moving into the middle of the 21st century.


The work of Dr. Greg Finch still remains in the public domain of Australian medicine where he works at the publicly funded Rockhampton Hospital in Douglas. The global nature of the work and training completed by Dr. Greg Finch are reflected in the fact he is a members of many professional associations, including the North American Spine Society and the Spine Society of Australia.


Highland Capital Knows How To Take Care Of Their Community


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Dallas has some great locations for victims of domestic violence to go so that they can get away from the trauma while taking care of other family members who are also caught in the crossfire. One of those is The Family Place which worked hard recently to meet their capital goals. Thankfully, James Dondero has brought in his company Highland Capital Management to help them meet the goals outlined by awarding a cool $1 million towards that end.


As president James Dondero always holds such causes dear to his heart and looks to help out the surrounding city and community as much as possible. In fact, his company has a section called the Highland Dallas Foundation which is setup to work with philanthropic motives. The only thing which The Family Place has to do is raise a similar amount since Highland is going to be donating at a 50% match rate. That should not be much of a problem for the domestic violence soldiers since they have already raised so much towards their $16.5 million fundraising goal.


Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas Police Chief David Brown have recently sent out calls to action because of the myriad of life-threatening issues that their city is facing. They understand that it is going to take everyone making an effort in order to ease the bleeding, and thankfully there are a number of like-minded individuals in management positions which allow them to make charitable decisions like James Dondero did through this grant. At the same time, the business leaders of the future can leverage the firm’s Tower Scholars program.


H may have his hands full with a number of great things happening at the company as well. There are things like the new Korean health care fund which has Highland Capital Management’s fund managers in Asia looking for deals on the ground. There have already been so many commitments there, and South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS) serves as the anchor investor which should have a lot of people interested. A lot has changed since the early 1990’s when Dondero co-founded his firm, and so many initiatives continue to benefit Dallas.


OSI Group: acquires Baho Foods


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After graduating from Iowa State University in 1987, David McDonald began working for OSI Group. Since then he has become the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group LLC. McDonald serves as a chairman for the North American Meat Institute and as an independent director for Marfrig Global Foods.

Headquartered in Aurora, OSI is a privately held corporation that operates in more than facilities in 17 countries. With 8 factories and 2 new facilities in the works, OSI Group will become the largest poultry producer in the nation. They are currently the leader in value-added protein items, such as sausage links and beef patties. OSI supplies companies with items, such as sandwich supplies, pizza items for the leading food service and retail brands.

According to OSI’s president, offering more to OSI customers isn’t limited to, product capacity, but to product development, as well. Partnering with companies helps to provide them with the products they need to grow their businesses.

OSI acquired Baho Foods, a Dutch Manufacturer of convenience foods, deli meats and snacks. By adding Baho Foods to the OSI European business umbrella, they are able to broaden their presence in Europe. According to McDonald, Baho Food’s portfolio complements OSI’s processing strengths and broadens their capabilities for providing elite customer service to their clients.

Baho Foods contain 5 subsidiaries with plants in Germany and the Netherlands. By merging Baho foods with David Mcdonald OSI Group, they are able to combine their strengths to better support their customers and incorporates strategies that will broaden their portfolios.

Mcdonald linkedin : www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137

Thor Halvorssen In a Fight For Rights


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Thor Halvorssen is someone that has made it his life priority to fight for the rights of others that are going through tough times in their oppressive country. Thor takes care of all of the issues that are prevalent in countries like North Korea, and other dictatorship countries. Thor is also someone who has dealt with some of the problems that come with corrupt governments and human rights violations. He is someone who does not just sit around and talk about human rights. He also goes into the countries and experiences some of the foul treatment that the victims of the countries experience.

There are quite a few countries where the ruler treats people as less than human. A lot of times, the ruler would have his people look to him like he is a god. This is one of the ways that human rights violations occur. As a result, the dictators secure their position as the ruler of the country. Often times these regimes have been in effect for decades before someone is able to catch that. In many cases, it is going to take a huge fight to be able to take care of this issue. It also takes a good strategy. Thor at Facebook.

Fortunately, people like Thor Halvorssen are willing and able to take on the matter with a good strategy so that they can be effective in what they are doing so that the problem can be solved once and for all. Thor is someone who is making a really good impression in the world of human rights activism. He is not only revealing the issue for human rights but is also showing people that activists do more than just talk the talk, they also walk their path towards a more humane world where people are treated as equals.

http://www.weeklystandard.com/troublemaker-for-tyrants/article/899824 for more.

Honey Birdette Experiences Continued Intercontinental Success


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Eloise Monaghan founded lingerie brand Honey Birdette in 2006. Since then, the Australian lingerie brand has expanded from 3 stores to 40 stores. Plus, the e-commerce store has grown by 374% in a single year. This was the point where the brand decided to launch their US stores.

The brand is showing that it is going to be very successful globally because of its local success. The fact that Honey Birdette has 55 stores open in its own country speaks volumes. The company decided to launch its first store outside the homeland of Australia in London’s Covenant Garden. Honey Birdette has its sight set on opening additional premium locations in Europe. The private investment company BBRC is backing Honey Birdette. BBRC has five different retail brands under its umbrella with Honey Birdette being one of them.

Honey Birdette offers free delivery on nearly all orders, particularly orders over $50. The vast majority of items are $50, though the price point ranges from $35 to $100. More than likely, most women will be opting in on this offer, as most items are around this price point. Honey Birdette has made returns very simple in the event that a customer would want to make one.

The brand offers beautiful, modern designs that women expect to see this season. From full bodysuits to shouldered bras, Honey Birdette displays its unique and sensual designs in a number of ways. At least 10 more stores are lined up to open in the United Kingdom. The brand is planning on opening additional stores in the UK, by the end of 2018, the store will be opening 40 stores.

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Facebook.

Take Charge of Your Health with Life Line Screening


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Taking charge of your health is every person’s responsibility, and being proactive will give you peace of mind. You can’t fix something you are unaware of when it comes to health. Life Line Screening provides every person the opportunity to know the status of their health through:

  • Screening for cardiovascular disease of plaque buildup in the arteries. An ultrasound screening may indicate the onset of health problems such as stroke or other cardiovascular disease.
  • Identify the onset of congestive heart failure.
  • COPD and lung cancer screening.
  • Advance notice of other heart conditions.

Life Line Screening goes beyond your annual health check-up. Personal health insurance, in many cases, does not cover special screenings until symptoms are prevalent. Everyone should check with their physician to see if their insurance covers preventive health screenings and if it is not covered, schedule an appointment to have these screenings done though Life Line Screening. The procedures are painless and affordable.

In addition to screening for cardiovascular disease, Life Line Screening performs many other tests, efficiently, painlessly and inexpensively.

A few of these health screenings are:


  • C-Reactive Protein
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer

Taking charge of your health is the most important thing you can do for yourself because so often health conditions go unnoticed and without warning. Life Line Screening also has a “6 for Life” assessment. If you are in the category of ‘high-risk’ you should have the “6 for Life” screening done annually, but if you are not in the ‘high-risk’ category, every five years is good. The test consists of screenings for coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, congestive heart failure, COPD, and lung cancer.

Make an appointment today and take charge of your health.

Learn more: https://www.bbb.org/cleveland/business-reviews/health-and-medical-general/life-line-screening-in-independence-oh-43001049

Vincent Parascandola Professional Profile


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Vincent Parascandola is a prominent financial advisor from Brooklyn, New York. He is the senior executive and president of AXA Advisors, LLC. His responsibilities as the senior executive include overseeing the growth and development of more than 225 financial professionals in the Central New Jersey and recruiting and training new advisors to the firm. Parascandola is also responsible for the overall growth of sales by improving the existing producer’s output while ensuring that the appropriate profit margins are maintained.


Mr. Parascandola has worked as the financial advisor, chief sales, and President of AXA Advisors, LLC. He served as the President of Continental Division from 2009 to 2012, as President of Northern Division in 2009, as the President of Advantage group in 2008, and as the executive vice president from 2005 to 2007. AXA Advisors, LLC is a firm that provides various financial products like retirement accounts, life insurance, investment in brokerage, advisory, and mutual funds. AXA has a network of more than 6000 financial professionals who create strategies and products that aim at providing protection from financial products and investments like asset allocation, college, business, retirement, and estate planning to cater for the clients’ financial needs throughout their lives. He has made a publication on AXA Advisors Disclosure.


Mr. Parascandola has worked with the Mony Group. This is one of the largest and oldest mutual life insurance companies in the US. Parascandola served as the field vice president of this company from 1998 to 2005. He also served as the managing director for two years. He was a sales manager for four years and a financial professional for three years. Mr. Parascandola has a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Pace University. He went to Xaverian High school. Parascandola began his career with Prudential as an agent in 1987. He got the title of the National Rookie of the year. He has had a long career with more than 25 years of experience. He has a broad range of skills that include financial services, asset management, retirement planning, and estate planning. He has been awarded numerous management awards including GAMAs Career Development and Master Agency Awards. Parascandola is an eloquent speaker. He is a member of GAMA.

The Benefits of Talk Fusion


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The Benefits of Talk Fusion


When you need to make sure that you are able to get the most out of your marketing — it is critical that you acquire the right tools for the job. Talk Fusion is a product that allows people to do this, due to the fact that it helps you to communicate with your public in a way that is engaging and productive. In this regard, you will need to understand a little bit about the Talk Fusion platform and how it can serve you. Take advantage of these points of information so that you are better able to use this platform throughout the course of your business.


#1: What makes this form of marketing so useful and beneficial?


In terms of marketing platforms, you need to be sure that you are using multimedia whenever possible. Multimedia marketing is excellently beneficial due to the fact that you will engage with your clients in a meaningful manner which builds brand loyalty. This allows people to be better stewards of their customers overall, while also getting high quality advertising at a much less expensive price.


#2: What sort of issues does Talk Fusion help people solve?


In terms of the marketing issues that you have, Talk Fusion is incredible. This company is excellent in terms of helping people out with all of their mass market needs. They will be able to carve out a niche amongst their competitors which makes people want to come back for more on a regular basis.


There are a number of companies that have taken advantage of this sort of service, to include giants such as the Norwegian Cruise line. This form of marketing is also incredibly useful to nonprofit organizations in order to raise money. This is useful, because nonprofit organizations rely on donations and fund raising in order to thrive and continuously grow so that they are able to provide greater value to the public.


#3: What functionality and specifications come into play with Talk Fusion?


When it comes to the all-in-one video marketing solution that Talk Fusion has to offer, you need to understand the functionality and specifications that come with the territory. For one, it consolidates the services that you will be receiving from a number of different companies. As opposed to hiring one professional to handle your email marketing efforts, while another conducts videoconferencing, you will get the exact same thing from a company that can assist you. Because we handle all of these issues in-house, you will also be able to take solace in the fact that we can serve you quicker than it would take to reach out to each and every one of these independent companies.


We are very organized and will also allow you to store your contacts, stash away your files and make sure that you are in good hands with any and all marketing campaigns.


#4: What sort of future plans are in the works for Talk Fusion?


It is important to understand that we are and will continuously be at the cusp of technological advancement. Our company is great at implementing new technology and data and will provide you the opportunity to make the most out of your use for video marketing as a whole. We continuously provide updates for platform so that your company can continuously drive.


By understanding these points, you will understand exactly why Talk Fusion is just what you need. Allow these four tips to guide you if you are looking into ways to make the most out of your multimedia marketing in a way that makes the most sense to you.


Jason Hope Shows How The Internet Of Things Is Affecting Air Travel


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Increasingly, the Internet of Things is becoming a reality rather than something that is far off science fiction. Every day more and more everyday objects are wirelessly communicating with each other, and one leading technology research company says that by 2020 more than 25 billion devices will be able to do so.

Air travel is one of the areas where the Internet of Things is already being used in a number of different ways. The first improvement is safety. Virgin Atlantic uses Boeing 787s that have virtually every part of the plane connected via a wireless network. This network uses real-time tracking of all of the parts of the plane in order to detect problems so that they can be resolved as quickly as possible. Another way the Internet of Things is helping is improved customer service, with things such as easy check-in, personalized travel, and the Internet of Things tags being embedded in luggage tags in order to make it far easier to track.

Jason Hope is a futurist who made a fortune by being one of the first smartphone app developers. He now invests in startup technology companies that he sees are creating groundbreaking, disruptive new products and services. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is a graduate of Arizona State University.

In addition to his passion for technology, Jason Hope is also passionate about giving back to the community. Jason Hope invests his time, skills, and effort in students who have promising ideas that could revolutionize the world.

Fabletics Plans Its Release of Demi Lovatos Collections


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They say with fashion, the individual is sending a message. However, many people don’t realize the type of message they are sending with their outfits. However, when people give more thought to the type of clothes they wear, then they are going to be more deliberate on the outfits they put together. For instance, Demi Lovato has chosen to be very deliberate on her outfits because she wants to send a message of someone who is very inclusive of people. Fabletics also wants to send a message with the clothes that it offers. Therefore, Demi Lovato is a good choice for a collaboration.


As of right now, Fabletics is coming up with a plan to release the products that are going to be a part of the Demi Lovato collection. As of right now, there is an event that is going to be launched on Wednesday in Los Angeles. Kate Hudson is going to be the host of this event. This event is going to give people a look at all of the items that are going to be in Demi Lovato’s collection. They are going to be amazed and inspired by the styles that are presented in the collection.


The good news is that each of these clothes are going to be available in a wide range of sizes. This makes it possible for women of all sizes to enjoy the products that are being offered to them. Ever since the company has made the announcement and the effort to be all-inclusive, the styles have expanded and the profits have increased. Demi Lovato herself wants to empower every woman to live out the type of life they want. One of the most important aspects of fashion is being fulfilled and actualized. The fun of finding a very unique and stylish item is that it helps the customer see value in herself.


These items are going to be made available online. Then it will be released to the physical stores that are open in the large markets. Therefore, people that live close to one of the physical locations are going to be able to look at the items and even try them on before they buy them. Demi Lovato’s sense of style is impeccable and respectful. She is one of the most admired women when it comes to the entertainment industry because she lives for a higher purpose. She is a great role model to teenage girls in many ways.