A Farm Fresh Apple A Day Won’t Keep This Dentist Away


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From the time he was very young, Akhil Reddy knew he wanted to become a dentist. He loved medicine and hands on work, and also engineering. As he grew up, he attended dental school and after graduation, also discovered an inner passion for entrepreneurialism and mentorship. His offices in Texas are part of the MB2 Dental network, which provides mentoring, business guidance, and other tools to independent dental practitioners who join the partnership.He earned his degree at the University of the Pacific’s accelerated dental program, first earning a bachelor’s degree in biology then receiving his full doctor at 23. Even after graduating, Dr Akhil Reddy still feels a strong connection to his alma mater. He serves on the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry alumni association’s board of directors, and enjoys mentoring new dentists who are just starting their careers.

MB2 Dental, of which Dr. Akhil Reddy is an associate, is a broader network of dentists in the United States. Much of their work centers around helping new dentists get started in the field through mentorships with more experienced dentists in other offices, but the network also gives solo practitioners help with human resources and other back-end operations essential to a successful practice. Akhil Reddy owns several offices in his home state of Texas, but is centralized in Fort Worth.His specialty is both general family practice and cosmetic dentistry. Some days, he sees patients, and on those days, that is his primary focus.

On office days, Akhil Reddy stays focused on the broader goals for his chain of offices, including bringing a high standard of care to all people regardless of where they stand on the socioeconomic ladder. He has made an effort to expand into suburban and tertiary markets where access to affordable yet high quality dentistry can be difficult. For complex problems, Dr. Akhil Reddy understands the importance of having great mentorship for himself too, and will reach out to other dentists for advice on how to grow his business in the direction he wants it to go.Outside of the best dental office, Akhil Reddy enjoys spending time with his family, his border collie, and especially his fiancée. He is a firm believer in the healthy mind and body concept, bringing food fresh from farm to table, juice blends every morning, and taking care of the self as a way of reaching any goal.

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