Lime Crime Makeup: We Dare You To Try Some On!


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in beauty products, Fashion | Posted on 20-07-2017

When it comes to makeup, a lot of us get stuck in a rut or routine. That’s when our cosmetics become a uniform of sorts.


It’s easy to get bored with our lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes, and that’s why it’s always stylish to mix things up and explore new trends.


Lime Crime has quickly become the go-to brand for women who want something sexy, new, naughty and modern in their makeup bags. The company likes to think outside the box and allow women around the world to define their own beauty.


The CEO and founder is Doe Deere. She launched the brand in 2008 because she felt the beauty industry was not entering new territory. Instead, women were told for decades what makeup shades were proper for day and night. If you wanted a little excitement, those kinds of cosmetics were far and few between. Doe Deere wasn’t going to let the beauty giants rule the world, so she jumped in head first.


Lime Crime is a blast, and the kooky color palettes are not only bizarre and out there, but the attitude of the makeup is fierce and unforgiving.


For example, the brand’s cult-favorite liquid matte lipsticks are always selling out. These gorgeous pigments and long-lasting shades definitely turn heads. Blue, green, mushroom, yellow, purple and gray lipsticks with pretty glitter and iridescence are just a few of the “normal” looks fans adore.


It’s an empowering brand that allows women and men to create their own look and to feel comfortable wearing the cosmetics they choose. Now it’s accepted when women show up in denim-colored lipstick or bruised red eye shadow in public. You can thank the forward-thinking brand for softening the approach to modern makeup. Hollywood has fallen in love with these wild, alluring cosmetics, and the love-fest extends beyond famous faces.


Doe Deere and her brand are major on social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and others.


The company has added a popular line of Unicorn hair dyes that deliver beautiful bold shades like purple, green and orange.


Lime Crime is fun; try some on.

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