A Review Of Success Academy’s Unique Approach To Education


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Success Academy ranks as the largest charter school network in New York. Eva Moskowitz is the founder and chief executive officer of the successful organization. The charter school’s approach to education is unique. From the moment scholars join the charter school in elementary school, the organization is committed to their success throughout their life. Success Academy functions as a single system. To this end, as a scholar progresses, teachers alongside other school leaders collaborate on every child’s academic and social-emotional welfare. This strategy is used to facilitate the scholars to transition from one level to another smoothly.

The organization designs its unique curriculum across every school level for purposes of imparting core knowledge and critical thinking. Subsequently, they develop the independence and self-advocacy that scholars need for them to excel in their studies. According to Moskowitz, when she was establishing the organization, she had two goals. Her first goal was to establish high performing schools. Eva’s second goal was to improve the American education.

Recently, Success Academy started a new online platform, which intends to expand the network’s footprint. The platform is referred as the Success Academy Education Institute. It was launched at the organization’s headquarters in Lower Manhattan. Success Academy Education Institute provides access to the teacher development strategies and the curriculum employed by the institution’s 41 schools. Unlike zoned schools, Success Academy is authorized by the Charter School Institute of the State University of New York. This means that they operate independently.

Moskowitz noted that there are many kids nationwide that are in schools where they do not learn how to do mathematics or read and write at the basic level. For this reason, the institution felt immense pressure to play a role in offering the solution. The organization’s record in reducing the achievement gap and enhancing the academic results of low-income students was honored recently when Success Academy won the $250,000 Broad Prize. The prize benefited the students of Success Academy, as it was spent on preparing them for college.

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