Sustainable Production Makes Waiakea Water a Top brand


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Waiakea is one of the most refreshing brands of volcanic bottled water, which has been ranked top in the list of 10 best volcanic water brands of 2017. The research, which is conducted by independent researchers from 10 Best Network LLC and 10 Best Water, uses a number of qualitative and quantitative points to come up with the list.

Sustainable practices that are focused on protecting and conserving the environment is one of the key pointers that enabled Waiakea to clinch the top spot in the list. The company clearly understands the community in which it operates. Therefore, all its activities are designed to match the needs and aspirations of Hawaiians, who historically depended on the environment for their daily survival. This forced them to be front-runners in protecting and conserving the environment at whatever cost. As a responsible company, Waiakea has also taken into consideration many initiatives that have not only ensured its product is of the highest quality but also environmental friendly.

The bottles used in packaging Waiakea water are made from either 100% RPET or recycled polyethylene terephtalate. These materials are more environmental friendly as opposed to ordinary plastic bottles. 100% RPET, the bottles are capable of saving up to 85% energy and 90% water while reducing carbon emission to negligible levels during the manufacturing process. Despite making these significant strides towards environmental conservation, the company is not ready to look back in promoting sustainable practices. Currently, Waiakea is looking into the possibilities of using renewable biopolymers to make biodegradable bottles.

The source of Waiakea water indicates the level of Waiakea’s environmental consciousness. In a single month, the source located on Mauna Loa volcano, sustainably yields water that can be consumed for a year globally.

Waiakea has also been an active participant in various reforestation initiatives. All these programs are aimed at bringing Waiakea’s carbon emission to net zero. The company continuously engages the services of top environmental consultants to measure and minimize the effects of its business activities on the environment. Due to this commitment, Waiakea made history by becoming the first beverage brand to receive Carbon Neutral certification.

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