USHEALTH Group – One of the Most Preferred Insurance Providers in the United States


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For many years, the insurance market of the United States has been witnessing high growth along with high volatility. It is primarily because of the increasing cost of medical treatments, inflation, and many other factors. Even though there are many insurance providers out there, not all of the companies have the products that the consumers can be proud of after buying.



It is where the USHEALTH Group comes in, which is among the biggest health care insurance providers in the country and has sold its products to over 15 million consumers so far. USHEALTH Group has a nationwide network and aims to reach out to more and more customers through its distribution companies named Freedom Life Insurance Company and the National Foundation Life Insurance Company. The company continues to add new products to its inventory as the insurance market evolves and transforms, and as per the general need of the consumers.



Some of the leading products offered by USHEALTH Group are accident insurance, dental insurance, term life insurance, disability income insurance, general health insurance, medical insurance, eye insurance, specific illness insurance, and more. The company offers its products at a very reasonable price, which allows the people from the low-income group also to be able to afford health insurance. The primary aim of the USHEALTH Group and its CEO, Troy McQuagge, is to make the health insurance affordable for the majority of the country’s population.



The insurance products offered by the USHEALTH Group can be personalized as per the needs of the customers and also provide first dollar benefits, which ensure that the end users get the maximum coverage and interest. USHEALTH Group is also known for providing highly responsive and attentive customer service so that the customers can get the answers to all their queries whenever they need. The agents of the company are spread through the country and are easily accessible. In a recent event, Troy McQuagge, the CEO of the company won the Best chief executive officer of the Year Award as well at the highly reputed One Planet Awards. He has helped in ways more than one to make USHEALTH Group one of the most preferred insurance providers in the country.

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