What is ClassDojo? How Will it Benefit Parents?


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Communication App | Posted on 03-08-2017

ClassDojo is becoming the new way schools are bringing students to a new level creating a sense of community for kids as they excel in class. The truth is that class is always tough to go through for certain kids, and every child responds to being in school differently. ClassDojo is here to help ensure that every child gets the necessary encouragement they need. This is a new famous app already being used all across the nation with thousands upon thousands of schools implementing it into classrooms.

The way the app works is very simple; the parents have the app and the teacher does as well. When a child receives good grades, they get virtual stickers and other great gifts as their source encouragement. Since most kids do have smartphones in today’s time, they also can have the app as well. ClassDojo is very powerful because teachers can let parents know what is going on with their child through their online app profiles. Students who accomplish something or need extra help can have a teacher let the parent know as soon as possible through ClassDojo. This app helps unite everybody from the students to the parents. It is such a great tool that involves a lot of work by both the parents and the teachers.

The app helps give a student the chance to shine. It gives them a voice. Teachers have the option to create a very positive culture for students by giving them a place to receive encouragement in an instant. ClassDojo is very well respected at the moment because there are countless people who just love the beauty behind how well it brings schools together. ClassDojo is the perfect app to add into your school district because it can improve the grades of students and keep parents in the loop.

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