Rocketship Education Believes in the Power of Student Potential


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Rocketship Education’s CEO, Preston Smith, recently published an article with the 74 Million, a news site dedicated to covering education in America. The article entitled “Smith: 10 Lessons from Rocketship Education’s First Decade as a Pioneer in K-5 Personalized Learning” analyzes the top aspects about non-profit charter schools that has allowed them to succeed in the past decade.

Smith encourages a pride in the idea of the public school. Rocketship Education provides a system of public charter schools to low income communities and he believes that the community needs to embrace that. He encourages them to shift their mindset regarding public education since it is a part of the American Dream.

He also demonstrates that building community makes the success of the Rocketship Education schools possible. No single teacher, parent, or student is able to succeed on their own. By building strong partnerships with the stakeholders in the community, they are able to create incredible success.

Another key characteristic of Rocketship Education is the creation of a particular learning environment that is built on mindset. They believe in hiring educators who are life-long learners themselves, who embrace and adapt to feedback, and who are constantly looking to master and improve their teaching practice. They encourage their entire community from the stakeholders to teachers, from parents to students, to use education as an opportunity to create change. Students learn through a blended learning system that allows students to have personalized learning tailored to their needs. Teachers are provided with ample opportunities to grow in leadership and professional development. Even the parents are provided with the opportunity, as Rocketship Education provides leadership programs so that parents can recognize their power in the political aspect of education.

Rocketship Education is a network of charter schools that focuses on bringing a thriving classroom and learning opportunities to low-income communities. Rocketship education wants to provide an excellent education to their students which they achieve through personalized learning. The students, or Rocketeers as they prefer to call them, receive personalized instruction with the aid of technology. They understand that the traditional school system doesn’t allow for the unique learning opportunities which is why they sought to create their specialized blended learning model.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Stepping Up Their Prostate Screenings


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Last month, Cancer Treatment Centers of America began their new prostate screening program. This idea was developed by this cancer organization, LabCorp and The National Football League Alumni Association. Both of the other organizations are actively involved in this health prevention program. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is encouraged by the response received so far. They had offered free screenings to a select number of men. After that number was up, the center continues to offer a reduced cost screening for any eligible aged men. This is a way to improve outcomes of any prostate cancer cases found. Early detection is a key focus of the organization’s effort.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been serving adult patients with cancer for decades now. Their innovative approach to care, dedication to cancer research and personable staff make this a first choice for many going through cancer. The facility includes family in their customized care plans that extend to all areas of patient life, not just treating the patient medically. Support, cancer education, nutritional assessment, focused nutritional care plans, emotional support and award winning medical treatments make this organization shine brighter than any other. This organization is working hard everyday to end cancer completely, so no one will have to suffer from its detrimental effects anymore.

Patients that come here feel empowered instantly. They gain back hope for the future. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is continuing to expand and better their cancer care services. Maybe someday soon, cancer will be but a word in history.

Eric Pulier the Philanthropist


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There exist thousands of phenomenally successful entrepreneurs throughout history who have impacted lives in many positive ways and built the economy through their innovations and ideas. Some of the wealthiest of these have stood out in their philanthropic efforts and Eric Pulier clearly deserves a spot on this list. He is a big name in the technology industry and his innovative success track speaks for itself. Using his experience and intellect he makes predictions of demands of the future market and makes analysis for which kind of innovations are bound to be successful. He employs a distinctive way of thinking about predicted and existing problems to come up with all sorts of viable solutions.

Born in Teaneck in New Jersey, Eric Pulier portrayed prowess in computers skills at a young age and read many materials on information technology and computer programming. In fourth grade Puller successfully built his own computer. He later joined Harvard University and studied Science and literature and continued to nature his love for technological innovations. He moved to Los Angeles after his studies and began to prepare for his journey as an entrepreneur. His first company in Los Angeles was called People Doing Things (PDT) which used technological solutions to solve real world problems. The company impresses many leaders in the city and he later sold it and continued to create many other companies including ServiceMesh which is also a technological innovations firm. His latest invention is known as vAtomic Systems and it aims at solving futuristic problems by merging both the physical and digital worlds.

The main reason, as to why he has achieved tremendous success where others do not, could be because of his research on varied interests arising from many passions and his natural genius in computer programming that makes it simple for him to discern even the most complex processes and patterns. Among his most commendable work include developing technological companies and raising funds for disadvantaged kids as well as funding other small companies that have risen to giants in the industry.

About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is from New Jersey. He became interested in technological matters right from his childhood. Apart from that Pulier was naturally intelligent. In his early age he could manage to handle computer programming. Something his age mates could not do.

Eric Pulier went to the Harvard University. At the Harvard, he was the editor of the Harvard publication known as the Harvard Crimson.

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How George Soros is Standing up to Donald Trump.


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There are few figures in the American political scene more impacting than George Soros. Ostensibly George Soros is a billionaire investor who has spent the vast majority of his life fighting for causes that he believed in. At 80 years old, and ranked as the 29th richest man on the planet, Soros continues to fight for social justice and democracy here at home in the United States as well as abroad. As a staunch progressive Soros has brought down the ire of America’s right wing in ways that are almost impossible to comprehend. In fact, if you listened just to right wing America you would be convinced that he was the boogeyman incarnate. In actuality, George Soros is one of the most important progressives in the world. Let’s look closer to his history and what he plans to do in the age of Trump and learn more about George Soros.

When Donald Trump took to the campaign trail in 2016 many people thought he was doing it as a joke in order to raise his own brand’s awareness. George Soros, a self made billionaire, was not laughing. Soros realized early on that Trump’s style of firebrand rhetoric and hateful nationalism could inspire a change in the country that was far too negative to joke about. Soros was, like many other things, correct. In fact, the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated thousands of protesters took to the streets to exemplify just how much they found his election horrifying. President Trump insulted them and laughed off their protests and read full article.

George Soros, who exists at the heart of too many laughable right wing conspiracy theories, quickly became one of the rallying figures for the progressive movement. Soros vowed early on that he was going to stand in direct opposition to the dangerous regime that Donald Trump was assembling — and we don’t use the word ‘regime’ lightly and George Soros’s lacrosse camp

What makes George Soros such a powerful figure to rally around is the fact that he has never been afraid to stand up for what he has believed in. When Soros was just a teenager he was living in Hungary as the Nazi soldiers rolled in for their year long occupation. His family didn’t turn tail and run, not immediately, and they instead stayed behind to help smuggle out other Hungarian born Jews before eventually leaving and fleeing to London and what George Soros knows.

Now, George Soros is continuing his role as the man who fights back against the oppressor only this time he has accrued generational wealth to his side and a voice for people to rally around. Soros’ involvement n American politics is a great sign for progressives in America. Soros is not afraid to put his money where his mouth is in order to fight back against Trump’s destruction and Follow his

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OSI Group Adds to Its Network of Subsidiaries


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OSI, a major food production company, recently acquired new facilities throughout Europe. OSI bought controlling shares in Baho Food in 2016. Baho is a Dutch corporation that also has roots in Germany and the Netherlands. Baho already provided 18 different nations with food. OSI has also bought Flagship Europe, which makes pies, condiments, and poultry. Other recent expansion occurred in Germany and Spain.

At home in the U.S., OSI bought a food plant in Chicago that was in danger of being shut down. The food plant was previously a Tyson Foods operation. Thanks to OSI’s $7.4 million offer, they were able to save jobs and increase their production.

OSI has managed to use their marketing and great product development to stay on top of the game and grow continuously, even in an economy that hasn’t been stellar for a number of years. Leadership in the company say it’s important to talk with the local consumers, as taste change depending on where you go. This is vital for a company with global roots.

Other considerations regarding local markets regard the ingredients and how they are sourced in addition to the price of the them. Certain areas might care more about organic food or natural themes, and others may just want the lowest price. The answer is to approach the solution with a balance to meet their needs.

Another reason for the company’s ability to expand is their standardization of their production. This helps make sure that food is safe and of high quality. They use the most recent technologies, such as metal detectors and xrays to make sure foreign items don’t end up in the food.

OSI Group is a private company that serves the food service and retail industry around the world. They can source, produce and even distribute foods solutions across the globe. The company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois and was founded in 1909. OSI produces hot dogs, meat patties, pizza, pork, poultry, fish, vegetables, and dough based products. Many of the private label foods that it creates are for McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and Subway. It has received numerous awards for its safety, health, and environmental management.

With over 20,000 employees and $6.1 billion of annual revenue, the company has enjoyed strong growth. It now has over 65 facilities in over 15 countries around the world across four continents. It is one of the largest private companies in the U.S. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO, who has said he wants to focus on quality and expansion of the brand. The company cares about the community, having a great relationship with the Ronald McDonald House and additional charities like Feeding America.

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