Cancer Treatment Centers of America Stepping Up Their Prostate Screenings


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 11-10-2017

Last month, Cancer Treatment Centers of America began their new prostate screening program. This idea was developed by this cancer organization, LabCorp and The National Football League Alumni Association. Both of the other organizations are actively involved in this health prevention program. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is encouraged by the response received so far. They had offered free screenings to a select number of men. After that number was up, the center continues to offer a reduced cost screening for any eligible aged men. This is a way to improve outcomes of any prostate cancer cases found. Early detection is a key focus of the organization’s effort.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been serving adult patients with cancer for decades now. Their innovative approach to care, dedication to cancer research and personable staff make this a first choice for many going through cancer. The facility includes family in their customized care plans that extend to all areas of patient life, not just treating the patient medically. Support, cancer education, nutritional assessment, focused nutritional care plans, emotional support and award winning medical treatments make this organization shine brighter than any other. This organization is working hard everyday to end cancer completely, so no one will have to suffer from its detrimental effects anymore.

Patients that come here feel empowered instantly. They gain back hope for the future. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is continuing to expand and better their cancer care services. Maybe someday soon, cancer will be but a word in history.

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