Drew Madden Improves Healthcare Industry


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Technology Professional | Posted on 19-11-2017

Drew Madden is a Healthcare IT specialist, aimed to create a company setting with high-quality staff, unique economic design and partnerships.

Drew has been the president of Nordic Consulting Partners from 2011 to 2016. With him, the company has grown to 725 employees, 150 client partners, and 130,000,000 annual revenue.

Drew Madden has a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering with a degree in Medical Systems from the University of Iowa. Before taking on his position at Nordic Consulting Partners, Madden served as a sales director at Ingenix Consulting for a regional branch of the company. He was the Midwest Sales Director in consulting sales and developing client partnerships in Epic, Allscripts Practices, and GE-IDX. He has also been a consultant for the Healthia company. Mr. Madden has also spent two years as a consultant for Cerner Corporation.

His great experience as a healthcare IT specialist has given him all the experience in organizing and optimizing health records in hospitals across the United States. For this, he has numerous EPIC certifications.

In his work, Drew Madden provides a space in which all partners are provided with transparency about the work of the company. The industries in which he works provide the means for improvement of the patients’ health and healthcare organizations through necessary services.

While the president of Nordic Consulting Partners, he has given a vision of a company in which patients receive the most effective care, are satisfied with interactions throughout their stay at the hospital, and get a sense of compassion from the healthcare staff. In the healthcare industry, the team is involved in the continuous improvement of medical service quality. The technology of the hospitals is thoroughly thought out before it is bought and is fit to serve the process in such a way so that it does not stand out from the hospital settings.

Drew Madden, as an expert healthcare consultant, is continuously working on improving and finding solutions to bettering the healthcare industry through different companies that he works for. Partner clients are always actively involved in the process, giving a feedback on things that can be improved in the healthcare service.

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