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Adam Milstein is famous because of his charitable undertakings. He is Israel-American citizen and lives in Los Angeles in the United States of America. Adam Milstein spent most of his young age in Kiryat where his family lived and joined the army in 1971 as is custom to join the army in Israel. After joining the army, he also fought against the Arab League because it has attempted to destroy Israel and he survived the fight. After coming from military service, he went to Technion School where he earned his degree in Economics and Business.

He is married to Gila, and they have three and grandchildren too. Adam Milstein is hard working, and that is why he went to America to further his studies and later ventured in real estate after promoting his education. Adam Milstein also earned an MBA and later got a job with a private commercial company where he was working as a sales agent. Adam was introduced to the real estate business by his father, but he managed to stand out from the rest due to his hard work and today he has achieved great success in the world of business. Since he was young, he wanted to achieve success, and today he has now succeeded.

Today he has become a successful investor who is keen to use every investment opportunity that comes along. After achieving such success, he has extended the same to his Jewish community because he is always working to ensure that there is a connection between the Jews and the Americans because he wants to make sure that the identity of Israeli-American is strong. Even with such great success, Adam Milstein is humble and patriotic to his country. He loves the people of his country, and in his career, he has tried to diversify to philanthropy helping the Jewish people.

Not many people are passionate about giving. Majority of entrepreneurs are focusing on their gains, but Adam Milstein is different because he loves taking part in philanthropy. He has formed philanthropic organizations with the aim of helping the needy to gain strength and start earning to change their lives for the better.

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