How White Shark Media Is Working To Make The Company Even Better


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in SEO | Posted on 29-12-2017

White Shark Media is a Miami, Florida based company that helps people with small businesses advertise their products and services on the internet. It was in July 2014 that this company became one of the few companies that are named as a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner. They had to meet a plethora of strict training and eligibility requirements which few other companies have been able to match. Additionally, they have been hand-picked to be a Bing Ads Elite SM Partner which is also hard to meet the requirement for.

On review sites White Shark Media gets fairly good reviews from their customers. One reviewer in Baltimore, Maryland, said that since signing up his ads have been much more focused and his return on investment has been great. Another one in Fort Collins, Colorado, said that his account representatives were great and very responsive. He complimented them for their punctuality.

White Shark media runs a blog in which they also say they’ve had some complaints to resolve. They have used these complaints to improve their service and make changes for the better. Some of the complaints have come in because they’re a relatively new company with some growing pains.

One way they’ve improved is by redesigning their reporting procedures so that customers can see their reports in a timelier and more informative way. Another way is by getting rid of their call center and instead having each of their account representative having an extension. This lets their customers get hold of them much easier.

The team behind White Shark Media has also started to review their customer’s SEO providers. They know which ones are good and which aren’t and will review any SEO proposals that their customers have received. A SEM Strategist will review it and see if it meets the customer’s individual needs.

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