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Shafik Sachedina heads one of the leading healthcare companies in the world, known as Sussex Healthcare. The institution is based in the United Kingdom, and it has grown so much in the recent times.

Apart from being an instrumental figure in the institution, Sachedina works as a dental surgeon who has assisted many people in the world. Many people have benefited from his dental surgeries, especially in the United Kingdom. Sachedina spent his first years in Tanzania where he was born. When growing up, his parents relocated to the United Kingdom, taking Sachedina to study there too.

While staying in the United Kingdom, the businessman went to college to study dentistry. After studying at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School for several years, Sachedina graduated in 1975. The businessman chose to practice in UK for several years before he could venture into other businesses. His passion for helping people in the community motivated him to forge ahead and create a heath care company that has assisted so many people in the world. The businessman was only interested in taking care of the elderly people in the society. Individuals living with mental disabilities would also be served by the healthcare company founded by Sachedina.


When Sachedina got this idea in his mind, he decided to start a healthcare firm that is known as Sussex Health. For the company to become successful, Sachedina partnered with professionals in the medical world so that everything can fall into place. When starting the company, Sachedina was first focusing on providing affordable and high-quality services to the mentally disabled people in the country. The businessman also wanted to impact the lives of the older generation. People with special needs have received a lot of support and care from the trained professionals who are working at the company. Patients who are living with dementia have been the greatest beneficiaries of the company.

The medical world is one of the most challenging field in the modern times. Sachedina understands the competition in the field, and this is why he has chosen to only work with healthcare professionals who are highly experienced so that the clients in the company do not have to complain about the services they are getting. Sachedina has managed to acquire numerous awards due to his humanitarian deeds in the in the society. When he is not helping his clients at the company, the businessman is involved in community work.

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