Good News for Equities First Holdings


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Equities First Holdings, an advisory and investment company established in 2012 to provide a broad range of financial possibilities, solutions and services to help people meet their personal and financial goals, has emerged as a leading global shareholder of finance. Since its establishment, the company has made strong long-term partnerships with the world’s largest and most popular banks as well as leading global law firms.

The company has expanded its offices to different parts of the world, including Australia, China and the United States. This move comes as an effort to better meet and serve the company’s ever-growing clientele. The London office has been recognized for the progress it has made in spearheading the company’s commitment of further investing $100m (US) for lending throughout Europe’s professional market. The company expects additional expansion and ongoing success due to their understanding of the organic nature of equities-based lending.

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Is ClassDojo The Breakthrough Education Has Been Looking For?


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If you ever dread your annual parent-teacher meeting because you’re unsure what you’re going to find out about your child student, or are unsure what you’re going to do about it, you may not have to worry about it much longer if ClassDojo comes to your school. ClassDojo is an app that’s taking over schools everywhere and many teachers have been amazed by how much less stress it’s brought to their classes. ClassDojo basically utilizes the strength of technology to get students excited about attending class and doing their work while also allowing teachers to set the tone and share with parents and principals how things are going without having to schedule unnecessary meetings.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don first came out with the app several years ago and have since brought additional members to the technical team. They graduated from college in the UK and came to the US to look at the education system, and they wanted to do more to encourage positive behavior and take a ground up approach to helping students learn. They felt if students understood the rewards for good behavior, they would be more motivated to uphold it, and after consulting with teachers at various conventions, Chaudhary and Don made the app into what those teachers wanted. The app has definitely grown in use and popularity and has so many more features that have turned it into a highly-developed classroom social media atmosphere, but it’s going to remain free always and stay true to its core values. There is a plan to add optional premium content to it.

The app could be seen as something similar to Facebook for schools, though it’s more managed by teachers who have to approve student posts and can talk directly to parents through the app. But unlike the constant complaints about Facebook, there’ve been many measures put in place for security and user privacy, and Chaudhary and Don have promised that they will never ever sell user data to data mining companies. Another great thing is that the app has relied on user reviews and people spreading the word about it for marketing instead of using paid advertising which has allowed it to save all its capital for making improvements.

Bob Reina Reveals What Makes The Updated Version Of Live Meetings Better


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Bob Reina and his company Talk Fusion just made some big updates to the companies Live Meetings computer program, which helps to simplify real-time communication. In a nutshell, Live Meetings allows its users to send one-way videos or host conferences through video on a seamless platform that can support up to 500 different participating users. People can connect to these meetings through their PC, tablet, or smartphone.


One of the updates that Bob Reina announced has to do with the interface of the program, which has been made much easier to use. The software also does not require users to download anything separately, but, instead, allows them to use the program through their favorite web browser. This means that there is no reason a user needs to install Adobe Flash Player, and no other plug-in type of software is needed. Bob Reina also commented that the WebRTC tech that Live Meetings uses has no match and that it helps marketing pros as well as your regular everyday computer user.


Bob Reina also revealed that the new version of Live Meetings has much crisper video, clearer audio, and has a new interface that is making it easier and easier to use. Along with this, there are new security features that are making it as safe as ever. While some video conferencing platforms present a choppy experience to its users, Live Meetings does not force users to suffer through distortion, choppy feeds, or echoes or other audio distractions that can take away from a meeting.


Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, and he studied at the University of South Florida where he graduated at the top of his class. After college, he served as a patrolman for quite a few years earning extra income on the side by working in sales. It wasn’t long before he realized he had a gift in sales, and he decided to move on from the police department and move on to network marketing. Some years after finding success in sales and marketing, he realized that the world needed a way to be able to send video messages through email. This was the birth of Talk Fusion, which officially launched in 2007. Learn more:


On top of being the CEO of Talk Fusion and a successful marketer, Bob Reina is also a giving philanthropist who just wants to make the world a better place. Together with his company, he has donated large sums of money to a variety of charitable organizations. Among some of these are Tampa Bay’s Humane Society and an orphanage in Indonesia. He has also made it ok for associates of Talk Fusion to give free Video Suite Software to the charities of their choosing.