Foreign Buyers are Excited About New York Real Estate


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New York City is a place that has an almost mythic quality. Without question it takes its place right beside other great cities in the world, including Rome and Paris. New York, however, with its all-American energy and its truly legendary ability to comeback in a big way from misfortune and seemingly inescapable decline, is truly in a class all by itself. That’s why today the NYC real estate market on Town Real Estate is taking off once again, and Chinese buyers are showing major interest.


As outlined in a recent feature story in The Real Deal, Chinese residential buyers today are excited about real estate in New York as this city is unique in the constant demand that exists for properties here. Along with this, New York has been cleaned up remarkably since the dark days of the economic downturn of the 70s and 80s. Today, many foreign investors regard New York as one of the safest big cities anywhere, which is high praise indeed.


Years ago, the attitude in upscale New York circles was that there was New York City, and then there was everything else. The boroughs were considered a rather dowdy alternative to the glittering Manhattan scene, but today, that attitude is considered completely dated. As many upscale professionals have left Manhattan for more affordable areas in Brooklyn and the other boroughs, those areas have gone through their own incredible revitalizations. Given all this, many investors today consider Brooklyn to be as attractive as Manhattan as far as real, actual real estate value goes.


What’s clear is that it’s critical that buyers work with New York real estate professionals who know this city and know how to offer that knowledge to their clients. TOWN Residential is one of the top players in today’s luxury New York apartment market, and this company has taken off in a big way since its beginnings in 2010 by being expert at it does. TOWN is a leader in its ability to offer top quality, personalized service to its clients. That’s why today many Chinese residential buyers are working with TOWN Residential to ensure they have first look at the many quality properties now coming on the market in New York.

You Can Find Many Fabulous Homes Within New York City Real Estate


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Some people come to New York City in the hopes of finding their dream job, or some may be looking for fame and fortune. There are many reasons why people are moving to New York City, and many people move to the city every single year. With all the people that are moving to New York City, you may see different buildings going up in order to accommodate the new people moving to the city. Even those that currently live in the city may want better accommodations, compared to where they currently live now. Anyone looking for a new NYC luxury real estate, they should hire a real estate agent.

A real estate agent can really help when it comes to looking for a new home, especially since New York City can be very difficult when it comes to finding a great place to live. If you’re someone who is looking for better accommodations than where you currently live in New York City, then you’ll want to hire a Town Real Estate agent. Town Real Estate has years of experience when it comes to real estate in the New York City area, and they know all the best places that people want to live.

No matter what area in New York City you’re interested in, your Town Real Estate agent can accommodate you in finding your new home. Let your real estate agent know what type of home you’re looking for, and it’s possible that they have many of them available. Real estate agents aren’t only selling houses these days, but they are involved in every aspect of real estate, even if it’s leasing apartments, condos, lofts and other dwellings. Finding a home in New York City can be difficult, but the right real estate agent can make it a lot easier.

Take the time to go and see a Town Real Estate agent, and give them the requirements for your new home. You may quickly be able to find a new place that you love within a very short period of time, and you can soon move in, and you’ll start making yourself at home. If you take the time to look for your own place, you may be disappointed in what you find or don’t find. Your real estate agent is supposed to work for you, and they’ll easily take a lot of stress out of looking for your new home.