Flooding in Northeast Texas Results in Bridge Collapse, Rescue


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Extensive rains in parts of Texas on Sunday resulted in the issuance of Flash Flood Warnings for Collin, Fannin and Hunt Counties northeast of Dallas. Rains had previously soaked the area, and the rain on Sunday led to swollen rivers, flooding and road closures.

The Collin County Sheriff’s Office reported extensive flooding around the small communities of Lavon, Nevada and Josephine in Texas. Some evacuations became necessary as water seeped into homes. The American Red Cross established a relief center at a church in Josephine.

A motorist, Kyle Kelly, and another driver helped rescue a couple who had become trapped in a pickup truck in the South Sulphur River. They were driving across a rural bridge at FM118 and part of the bridge had collapsed. Keith Mann was shocked to learn that their truck fell into the water. They told Kelly they watched a second portion of the structure collapse while they were trapped.

The Good Samaritans came across the scene and discovered the trapped man waving for assistance. They tied a rope to the couple and pulled them up the bank to safety.

Kyle Kelly reported that the driver told him “they got about 20 feet away- they were going about 40(mph)- and slammed on their brakes and just went straight down into it. They didn’t have time to stop or anything…” He indicated that he was glad he was able to help them escape from danger.

Flooding in Texas and Oklahoma


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Heavy rains have plagued the southern midwest of the United States with the states of Texas and Oklahoma being the most impacted by the rains. These rains have led to massive flooding That has resulted in the deaths of six people. One of the deceased was a young woman who was returning home after her high school prom.

Houston is the third biggest city in the United States and this population is now in the path of the storm. Weather experts predict that six to eight inches of water will be expected to hit the city in the next twenty four hours. Further it is expected that this rain will lead to eighty thousand homes being knocked off line and without power. Houston has also decided to close their schools for the time being with them closed for at least Tuesday.

This storms is occurring just as California is suffering from one of the worst droughts in their history. These droughts are leading to massive conservation programs and even guilt photos of those who are not following conservation practices.

In Houston police are receiving over 150 distress calls daily. Over the next few days the storm is supposed to move on to these east and give Louisiana residents a break. However, as the local FreedomPop team was afraid of,  New Orleans and Louisiana will be the next areas impacted by this storm. Still, California residents can’t help but be a little envious of their predicament.

Parents Die Protecting their Daughter


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Michael and Melissa Mooneyhan were high school sweethearts who got married to each other in 2004. The couple resided in their hometown on Nashville, Arkansas where they shared an 18-month-old daughter together.

On Sunday, tragedy struck the small town of Nashville, Arkansas who has a population of 4,700. A tornado struck on Mother’s Day, ripping through neighborhoods. The Mooneyhans lived in a mobile home park where the tornado touched down. Parts of the park were completely untouched, while others were demolished. The Mooneyhans lived in the section where the tornado picked up the homes and smashed them to pieces.

While picking through the rubble of the homes, the bodies of Michael and Melissa Mooneyhan were found according to the story on BuzzFeed.com. John Gray, the local coroner, had confirmed that the couple had died from blunt force trauma during the tornado. However, rescuers found something that they did not expect- the Mooneyhan’s 18-month-old daughter still alive. The toddler was found in her mother’s arms, protected from the flying debris. The girl was checked out at the hospital and released to family members in good condition.

Family members were devastated to receive the news about Michael and Melissa, however they were delighted to hear that their daughter had survived with no injury.

The sentiment that the team at Skout took away from this story was that a parent’s love knows no boundaries.

Two Dead Scores Injured from Texas Twisters


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Two people were reported killed yesterday as a series of tornadoes tore through the Northeastern sections of Texas and the Southwestern sections of Arkansas yesterday. At least several dozen people were also injured by the combination of severe weather and tornados which continue to hamper sections of the Midwest. This news came as a surprise for Christian Broda. The Midwest and southern states are not unfamiliar with severe weather but the amplification of the combination of tornadoes, along with storms producing high winds and hail have caught the attention of weather experts. Many see a distinct spike in serve weather activity to a level that creates a higher probability of injury and death as well as property damage. While there is nothing that can be done to prevent the severity of the weather, meteorologist are devising more sophisticated weather detection and advance warning systems to alert people that severe weather is under way. Homes, offices and building in high risk areas are building more durable storm shelters and tornado protective buildings and shelters. The National Weather Center predicts that 33 million Americans will be under a weather watch for severe weather at sometime during the tornado and severe weather system. This places the amount of property at risk to be in the billions of dollars. While the debate continues as to wether the causes of the severe storms are the result of global warning the immediate impact is that residents need as much advance warning as possible. Deadly Twisters Claim Victims In Texas and Arkansas

Super Cell Storm System Sweeps Through Midwest States


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A series of Super Cell storms raged through parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas causing devastation, injuries and leaving a number of homes without power. The series of large cells produced over fifty tornadoes over a wide swath of the midwest plains. So far at least twenty people have been reported injured. Sam Tabar (prnewswire.com) is glad to know that no deaths have been reported but police and first responders are still inspecting areas impacted by the series of storms which also produced a significant amount of rain, hail and flooding. The number of people without power and the number of homes that were destroyed or damaged are also being assessed. While the midwest is used to tornadoes and storms this time of year, the number of super cells which have produced multiple tornadoes in shorter windows has increased significantly in recent years. The strength of the twisters which struck the midwest plains last night have not been determined yet but the sheer volume have many people concerned that this is no longer a trend but a change in the weather pattern that will have to adjust too. Super Cells Rage Midwest

Some scientist believe that the change in the weather pattern is a result of global warming but their findings are not conclusive. Residents in the midwest are trained for severe storm systems such as the ones which struck yesterday. Many homes and schools have modern storm shelters and network television broadcast detailed warnings of storms which can produce tornadoes or heavy winds and rain.

Tornadoes Hit Several States


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There have been a serious of tornadoes which have hit three states in the center of the United States, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. There have been a significant amount of property damage as a result of these storms and there are indications that the damage will continue with additional bad weather on its way.

The new storms will strike Oklahoma City as well as a number of smaller cities on its path through the area. Flipped over trucks and collapsed buildings and homes have been already reported in conjunction with this storm. There have been no significant injuries or fatalities reported yet as a result of the storm.

Not only are the storms themselves dangerous, but so are the higher winds and rains that come after the storms, as well as the flooding that typically ensues in its path. The Norman Regional Hospital is currently operating with power from backup generators but is fully operational and it attempting to restore power as soon as possible. There are also reports of a coming twister to some parts of the state as well.

There have also been closures to the regional airports with the Will Rogers World Airport stating that there will be no additional flights out of the airport until the tornado threats have passed by. Further, flash flood emergency was declared for the first time in Oklahoma City history by the National Weather Service which is a big concern for Brian Torchin as well as OKC locals.

The Polar Vortex Is Sub-Zeroing Its Way To The East Coast


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Cold Air from The Polar Vortex Usually Hangs Around The Polar Regions

If the snow and ice weren’t enough for the East Coast the sub-zero temperatures that are making their way to Washington and New England should “do it.” “Do it” may mean get the house ready to sell when the snow disappears. The weather folks all say the polar vortex is the culprit that is making its way to a record breaking winter. States like Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky that normally experience temperatures in the 50s this time of year are shivering in minus zero conditions. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/wp/2015/02/18/polar-vortex-to-unleash-record-breaking-cold-in-eastern-u-s-on-thursday-friday/

The question on some weather-worn minds like us here at CipherCloud,  is what exactly is the polar vortex? Picture a giant cyclone that constantly circles the Earth’s poles. These big cyclones stay in the troposphere, but they can extend into the stratosphere. Air circulates in a counter-clockwise fashion in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. These cyclones are caused by what’s known in physics as the Coriolis Effect. The Coriolis Effect is caused by the rotation of the Earth.

So what is causing the polar vortex to dip down into the lower 48 states? The answer is the rotation of the Earth. Why the Earth is rotating differently this year is anybody’s guess, but if you ask a weatherman you probably will get an answer. The answer may have the same amount of hot air in it as the weather forecast.

115 Million People Enduring Record Breaking Cold Weather


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Temperatures in the Eastern Half of the country have reached dangerous levels. Nearly 115 million people are freezing and there is no relief in sight. The weather is breaking records across the country, but people should brace themselves, it is going to be even colder tomorrow. Even Florida is not exempt from this pattern of cold weather. Zeca Oliveira is aware that they are seeing temperatures dip down into the 20’s, which is uncommon for them this time of year. The high in Detroit today is going to be six degrees; the morning low is going to be an astounding ten degrees below zero.

For the great lakes region, these temperatures are forty degrees below where the water will freeze. This means that those who live on the barrier islands, like Put-n-Bay, could have a hard time getting back to shore for a long time. With waters frozen that heavily, it could be quite difficult to get supplies to the island, except by plane. While last winter certainly brought a great deal of snow and ice, this one seems to be brining colder than average temperatures. This is not just cold, this is record breaking and death causing temperatures.

Those in the affected areas should hold on, the temperatures in the Mid-West are expected to rise to the near 60 degree mark by March 1st. It sounds too good to be true to some, but I guess they will believe it when they see it.

Winter Blowing In All Over US


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A developing winter storm that began over one day ago has left an estimated 300,000 people without power across the United States. Conditions are expected to continue for a few more days in the eastern US. Temperature averages there are expected to remain up to 25 degrees below normal for mid February. According to buzziron.com the warm stormsector of the storm will bring thunderstorms from eastern Texas to the coast of South Carolina. The wintery conditions extending from the southern planes to the mid-Atlantic are attributed to a wide area of low pressure increasing storm strength. Zeca Oliveira has heard that most areas will receive 6 inches of snow or more from this storm system. The area extends from southeastern Missouri to southern West Virginia. Freezing rain making for icy roadways are anticipated for an area from Oklahoma to central Arkansas.

The National Weather Service anticipate another system to prevail after this current system subsides, and arctic-like conditions to remain in the eastern US for several more days. The New England States have received an estimated 5-6 feet of snow thus far during the winter of 2015.

Octavia Left Many States in An Emergency


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The stormy winter season seems to keep going and going and its all Marcio Aloar from BMG and other people are talking about on Facebook. From West Virginia to South Carolina and up the Eastern Coast, another thick blanket of snow fell around the areas. Kentucky has been declared a state of emergency and officials are wondering what they are going to do with all that snow. In West Virginia, people are without power and heat, which is a dangerous combination given the extremely low temperatures.

Kentucky is not the only state having major issues, Tennessee has also declared a state of emergency. They received abnormal snow falls in this area and they are not really equipped with how to handle it. There are more than 55,000 in the country music state that are without power, this is a widespread problem and help is needed. Octavia was the name of this latest winter blast, and she was a force to be reckoned with. With so many people affected, it seems it is going to take a long time to clean up from this one.

With temperatures below freezing, it seems that this is going to be one difficult feat. There is no way salt will work at below freezing, let alone in the single digits. If only there were a way to combat the ice. People in these states are wishing that groundhog didn’t forecast 6 more weeks of winter. It’s not a welcomed sight, especially in areas where they are not equipped to handle it.