William Skelley: A Force to be Reckoned With in Real Estate


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William Skelley is one-of-a-kind when it comes to the real estate game. What separates him from others is his ability to adapt, stay ahead of the curve, and be ready for anything that is thrown his way. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of iFunding, which is changing the way that people do business in the real estate game. Recently, he joined the distinguished Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders as a member. Once again, he is showing that he is someone to be taken seriously and someone that is considered among the very elite in his profession.

Just how prestigious is this honor you ask? It is invite only, so it’s not just something that anyone can get involved in with or attend. You need to be someone that is held in high esteem and respected by your peers. Respect, as they say, is hard to gain and easy to lose. William Skelley is growing in terms of his respect and his contributions to the real estate world. He was one of the first to get in on the ground floor of crowd funding. It takes tremendous ability to be able to have the foresight to look into the future and be ready for what’s ahead instead of playing catch up.

As far as iFunding, it is a wonderful platform that handles everything from condo estates, apartment towers, hotels, resorts, and single-family homes, malls, and offices to name a few. It is ever expanding and ever growing, which is the wonderful thing about it. It is a crowd funding platform in which fundraising is acquired for the above-mentioned locations. They give accredited investors a chance to partake in institutional-quality real estate deals, with an investment of only $5,000. You read that right, only $5,000. That makes it possible for people to live out their dreams each and every day.

They help you every step of the way and walk you through the process from start-to-finish, making sure you are comfortable and understand all of the nooks and crannies that go along with it. They are also easy to work with, understanding, and compassionate. It might be a business, but they really place a high importance on the human side of things. That starts right with William Skelley and is ingrained in each and every employee at Ifunding. They love putting smiles on the faces of customers.  Check out an interview with the CEO of iFunding on RealHeartland.

Brian Torchin and Delivering Staffing Solutions


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The Ingenious President of HCRC Staffing
Brian Torchin is the ingenious president of HCRC who incorporated years of medical and staffing experience into this company. This is a staffing business that incorporates the following:
* ethics
* an approach that is detail-oriented
* direct
* consultative
Mr. Torchin is viewed as ingenious by Doc Cafe because he spent many years working in medical offices. He gained a vast amount of solid knowledge and then began the staffing of his offices with the following:
* physician assistants
* doctors of chiropractic
* physical therapists
He has management experience and many more valuable skills that ensure that he is more than qualified to provide 100 percent satisfaction to his clients around the globe.

Brian Torchin and the University of Delaware
Brian Torchin is skilled, qualified, experienced, and educated as Angel.co shows. He attended the University of Delaware in New York. This is a chiropractic college. He is a person who has a remarkable medical background. He also has an impressive education at an upstanding college.

Brian Torchin Delivers
Chiropractic physician Brian Torchin and his team at HCRC will deliver every company the right solutions that will fulfill all of their staffing needs. Brian has developed a smooth hiring and interviewing process that delivers staff solutions on a timely basis. It is a fact that Brian Torchin is capable of delivering quality staff that ensures quality care.  His listings on Postings.com are always some of the most popular and sought after.

Brian Torchin Thinks Big
Brian Torchin apparently thought ahead and thinks in a big way. HCRC is a leading provider that is one of the biggest medical staffing organizations. Brian and his team provide these beneficial services to all 50 starts in America. Thinking big seems to have been a part of his strategy for solutions.

Eucatex Reports A 60 Percent Net Income Increase In The Second Quarter Of 2015


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Eucatex, the Brazilian building supplier, is enjoying records profits in spite of a weaker Brazilian economy. Eucatex reported weaker Brazilian sales because of the economic slowdown, but exports picked up the slack. The net revenue for the company was R$264.8 million which was a 3.8 percent increase, and net income was R$10.7 million which was a 59.9 percent increase over last year. Company exports grew by 44.8 percent, and export revenue grew by 111.5 percent. With that kind of performance, Eucatex is no longer just a Brazilian company exporting a few products. The company is an international building supply manufacturer and exporter that services commercial and residential builders all over the world. Thanks to a diversified product line, and the 2,300 dedicated employees that make sure the company is profitable, Eucatex is one of the leaders in the building supply industry.

The driving force behind Eucatex and its successful export program is CEO, Flavio Maluf. Maluf has been CEO of Eucatex since 2007. Maluf is a social activist and environmental leader that understands the need to use renewable raw materials for its diversified product line. Thanks to the efforts of Maluf and other executives, Eucatex continues to use eucalyptus wood in most of their products. One of Maluf’s missions is to use solar power and other renewable energy sources in all the company offices. Eucatex has offices all over the world. The four company factories in Salto, Brazil understand the value of recycling and one factory is specifically designed to process waste materials. Maluf and the company believe in protecting the environment, and the company has won numerous awards to prove it.

Eucatex has big plans for the future in terms of product additions and new sales strategies. Even though 2015 has been an incredible year, the executives of Eucatex are building for the future by investing in renewable energy sources, new raw materials, and a new business plan. Eucatex knows that in their business change is the only constant.

Tree planting campaign continues the development of S’well for Sarah Kauss


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The founder of S’well water bottles, Sarah Kauss, has stated to CNN she stumbled into life as an entrepreneur on the back of a simple idea and the need to help the environment. Kauss has always felt she cared for the environment, which surfaced in her commitment to carrying a stainless steel water bottle throughout her career as a financial expert. Inspired by a talk on water problems given at a business school reunion in 2009, Kauss felt the time was right for her to redesign the metal water bottle she had carried for many years to suit the lifestyle and style of modern executives.

According to their Wiki page, S’well launched in 2010 and has been an almost instant success as the insulated design of the bottles has led to ice water being kept cool for 24 hours and warm liquids hot for around 12 hours. Kauss believes this can have a major effect on the amount of water lost that warms over the course of a day in a plastic water bottle and limit the upwards of 50 billion plastic water bottles released into landfills each year in the US.

The latest step in the movement to help the environment by S’well is to develop a new design for bottles that provides a wood themed effect. Purchasing one of these wood inspired bottles means S’well will plant a tree in a US forest to help the environment benefit from the switch from plastic bottles to BPA free stainless steel insulated designs. Over 20,000 trees were planted in Florida in 2014 by S’well as Sarah Kauss continues to create an environmentally and socially responsible company in a growing field.

Business Investment Entrepreneur Marc Sparks Helping Build Dallas, Texas


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Often, there’s a confusion, some people can’t seem to distinguish a manager and entrepreneur. For anyone becoming an entrepreneur, it’s essential to understand what the title comes with. Entrepreneurship involves tremendous responsibilities, vigilance, determination and expert leadership. It’s ideally an all-around function because an entrepreneur leads everyone else, care for the welfare of those below their capacity and discover new opportunities. Anyone can become a manager, but a leader is a natural, self-discipline that’s nursed and perfected with time. An entrepreneur has a vision and people who embrace it, including a manager need direction to stay the entire course. In this capacity, quitting isn’t an option when everyone has the heart set on his innovative ideas.

Entrepreneurship presents complex challenges and it takes an extraordinary mind, inspiring followers to deliver favorable output. When plans fail, managers report to their leader to know the next move and how to turn things around for a positive feedback. As leaders discover new ideas, they’ll learn the process, share their experience and inspire others to believe in the vision. An entrepreneur’s duty is never done. As the workload increases, management reports the demand and an entrepreneur will order new recruits. Even when everyone’s asleep, an entrepreneur keeps working and creating opportunities to increase profit margins. It’ll keep line workers and managers engaged while maximizing the full potential of a business idea. 

Marc Sparks, a successful Dallas-based visionary entrepreneur, and venture capitalist is an example of model leadership. He’s invested in multiple businesses, of which the majority are fruitful. He owns Timber Creek Capital, a financial firm that consults for venture investments. He’s provided capital funding to various startup companies in the region. With his expert knowledge of business planning, model strategies, and intensive industry experience, he’s the right candidate to consult for ideas. Sparks masterminded business strategies that led to the success of telecommunication giants Cardinal Telecom, LLC and Blue Jay Blue Wireless. With both companies, he consulted for start-up capital funding and business planning. 

Sparks have an upcoming book “They Can’t Eat You.” It’s his first-ever official publication. It’s an educational series focused on helping C+ students, nursing a high school education to succeed in today’s ever-evolving society. Alongside this achievement, Sparks has kept to his philanthropic duties as well. Surely, he’s had much success as an active investor and businessman, but he’s deeply involved in humanitarianism. His body-of-work at Samaritan Inn, a regional housing facility that provides temporary accommodation for citizens needing financial support and counseling are admirable. Sparks commits to helping the homeless find employment and treatment in hopes of achieving rehabilitation successfully. He consults for people seeking reportable employment and educate the community about improving financial management efforts. He’s inspired millions and as he continues to explore opportunities, he’s making each experience count.

You Can Find Many Fabulous Homes Within New York City Real Estate


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Some people come to New York City in the hopes of finding their dream job, or some may be looking for fame and fortune. There are many reasons why people are moving to New York City, and many people move to the city every single year. With all the people that are moving to New York City, you may see different buildings going up in order to accommodate the new people moving to the city. Even those that currently live in the city may want better accommodations, compared to where they currently live now. Anyone looking for a new NYC luxury real estate, they should hire a real estate agent.

A real estate agent can really help when it comes to looking for a new home, especially since New York City can be very difficult when it comes to finding a great place to live. If you’re someone who is looking for better accommodations than where you currently live in New York City, then you’ll want to hire a Town Real Estate agent. Town Real Estate has years of experience when it comes to real estate in the New York City area, and they know all the best places that people want to live.

No matter what area in New York City you’re interested in, your Town Real Estate agent can accommodate you in finding your new home. Let your real estate agent know what type of home you’re looking for, and it’s possible that they have many of them available. Real estate agents aren’t only selling houses these days, but they are involved in every aspect of real estate, even if it’s leasing apartments, condos, lofts and other dwellings. Finding a home in New York City can be difficult, but the right real estate agent can make it a lot easier.

Take the time to go and see a Town Real Estate agent, and give them the requirements for your new home. You may quickly be able to find a new place that you love within a very short period of time, and you can soon move in, and you’ll start making yourself at home. If you take the time to look for your own place, you may be disappointed in what you find or don’t find. Your real estate agent is supposed to work for you, and they’ll easily take a lot of stress out of looking for your new home.

How Image Recognition Has Revolutionized The Way Shopping Is Being Done Nowadays


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Slyce is a leading visual search provider. Working with retailers and brands, this company knows too well that when their image recognition technology is in use, the retailers and brands can easily make sales. This company understands the retail needs of the future. They know too well that for a retail business to effectively compete with others, it has to have a cutting edge technology that allows customers to search for items using image recognition. This works for the retailers advantage because by going with a number of searches conducted; the management can quickly pinpoint what is in more demand.

Image recognition is a technology that is poised to make a tremendous impact on the future of shopping significantly. The ability of customers taking a snapshot of something they like on the street and then find the same or an equally similar item on sale is a very appealing concept. Truth be told, everyone has fancied the look of another person’s coat, shoes, jacket or handbag on the streets. With image recognition, one just needs to take the fancied item’s photo and search for it in their favorite retail shop.

The market has numerous apps offering image recognition today. However, the results are mixed. There are however those apps that have proved to work. These are the ones that leverage sophisticated algorithms that tend to copy the way the visual part of the human brain works. Image technology has brought an entirely new method in which retailers stock their inventory. When consumers use their mobile devices to search for images they want to buy, the retailers instantly know what items they need to stock.

Slyce offers a cutting edge solution to retailers so that they can develop their apps for their customers to find their own inventory. They provide the retailer with an API that ingests all the images they have in their inventory. The API also provides point files for each image that is used to describe the image and help with all future searches. This system is then connected to the retailer’s website or app and ready for all incoming queries.

When a search is conducted, the incoming image is converted into a point file, computed into a visual match that is then sent to the customer in form of visual similarity. Retailers that Slyce has worked with have seen clear ROI on the money invested in the technology.

Internet in the UK Thanks To Sheep


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It may be possible one day to find Wi-Fi in open country looking for the nearest sheep! Indeed, experiments conducted in Status Labs within the UK by the University of Lancaster plans to equip wireless electronic necklaces sheep that could turn into as many Internet access points.

After dirigibles and military drones sheep will perhaps also be used to create Wi-Fi access points. The idea could is carried by Professor Gordon Blair of Lancaster University (United Kingdom) who is also found on LinkedIn. It is part of a wider project to explore the feasibility and scope the Internet of Things in the rural environment.

This could include help avoid certain problems of agricultural pollution, drought, flood, but also to follow the cattle breeding.

Thanks to a grant of just over 171,000 pounds (about 217,000 Euros at current prices), Blair and his team start conducting an experiment for 18 months in the Conwy County which located in the north of Wales. It began in early December with the deployment of a network of sensors installed on the banks of rivers.

As for the movement of the sheep, this technology also makes a number of strides in utilizing this tracking to provide an efficient and consistent wireless service for the area.

These collars emit on frequencies between 900 and 144 MHz for the transmission of data and their range is five kilometers. This could help to improve Internet access in remote rural areas.

JP Morgan Closes The Year With a 21% Improvement in Profit


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JP Morgan Chase, the largest bank by assets in the US, opened the earnings season with a 21% increase in net profit for the year 2014. The turnover of the governing body of Jamie Dimon suffered, however, a slight down of 2%, which shows the difficulty for large banks to grow.

The financial group had a net gain of 21,760 million in the year. Of this total, 4,930 million for the fourth quarter, which is 12% lower than previous year in same timings, because it includes close to 990 million of legal costs associated with the investigation by the manipulation in the foreign exchange market charges.

JPMorgan Chase, the largest bank by assets in the US, opened the earnings season with a 21% increase in net profit for the year 201. Clients who gained found it to be a beneficial asset, including Dr. Jennifer Walden.

The income of the bank for 2014 fell to 97.900 million, or 23.550 million in the fourth quarter. The breakdown of the results shows that the mortgage business makes ballast. In fact, although all divisions of the financial group show solid results, the CEO says that challenges remain.

It is worth mentioning that JP Morgan was the most admired financial group in the years following the collapse of Lehman Brothers but the legal problems damaged its overall image. In addition, the new financial regulation requires further strengthening to its balance sheet and that could cause the company some profit downturn.

Wyoming Republican Does The Right Thing For Climate Change


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This is a surprising bit of news. It seems that a Wyoming Republican is willing to stand up for teaching climate change science in the classroom. Yeah, you heard that right, put away the Beneful and listen up. The Republican in question is none other than state representative John Patton. He believes that it is not right that the state has a law in place which bans the teaching of climate change science.

The National Journal reports that this move has been considered controversial by many, and that there are some who openly believe that the Representative is making the wrong move, even some within his own party. It doesn’t seem like the Representative much cares if the move is popular or not. He is pushing forward on this agenda and letting everyone know where he stands on the issue. It has been his utmost hope that others will start to see the way that he does on this one.

There has been little pushback in most areas, but there are some parts of the country that are just not ready to have this kind of education in their state. It has meant that certain children are not able to learn about the same things that are plainly taught as fact in other parts of the country.