Ken Goodrich Revives Goettl


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Air Conditioning Maintenance | Posted on 15-05-2017

Ken Goodrich is known for buying broken businesses and fixing them. This has been his specialty for several years. In the year 2013, the businessmen decided to purchase an air conditioning company known as Goettl. This was his sixteenth business. Goettl had operated in Phoenix area for several decades, but it was experiencing several problems.


Goettl was once a family business that was founded by two brothers, Adam and Gust Goettl. The company had changed its ownership several times too. When Ken Goodrich acquired it, nobody knew that he was going to make a successful business out of it. The previous owners had only operated it for five years.


In a recent interview, Ken Goodrich says that the moment he saw the company portfolio, he saw the common signs of a business that needs to be rescued. This is because there were no profits, and there was poor morale. The air conditioning company was also getting losses every time.


As the new owner of the business, the organization had to look for solutions to the problems the company was experiencing. The former owners were questioned because of their business practices, and something had to be done. First of all, the legal matter had to be settled in court, leaving public perception scars.


In the past, the businessman had never experienced the challenges he faced with Goettl. Consumer confidence was lacking, and the company had serious legal issues. This was a new territory, and he needed to concur it using a new approach. The businessman had to use a traditional technique to solve these problems. He first builds the morale within the company by emphasizing the unique needs of the employees and consumers. This simple strategy worked perfectly for him, and in a short duration, the company had gained the trust of the customers. The sales increased significantly.