Yeonmi Park and her Sense of Humor


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While Yeonmi has gone through a lot of unbelievable horrors, there is one thing that she has kept. That is her sense of humor. She is a rather funny person in some cases. She also has some rather humorous answers to some of the interview questions. One example of her humor is when she was asked whether or not there would be a Kim in charge of North Korea in 50 years. Her response was that of it is not going to happen because Kim Jong Un will not live as long as her. One reason is that he is fatter than her. Another thing she points out is that he doesn’t like her. Yeonmi Park also appears on a South Korean show in which other North Korean defectors tell about their experiences in North Korea. However, she is going to have to be a little bit cautious with her life because she is being targeted by the Kim regime which is spreading NK News propaganda about Yeonmi. While the common idea is that the regime targeting Yeonmi is a sign that she has done something right, this has actually caused a lot of concern for Yeonmi Park for her family as well as her own life. Yeonmi Park understands that the Kim Dynasty does not value life. This is one thing that she does not take lightly. She does find the weight of that responsibility to be almost too heavy to bear. She almost gave up on the project. However, the idea of letting such an oppressive and barbaric regime continue has proven to be way too appalling for her to quit. As a result, she has continued on in the face of adversity and intimidation, showing a lot of courage in her. She will work very hard in presenting the truth to the media, no matter the cost. Yeonmi Park has undergone plenty of horrific situations that have gotten her to want to help people experience freedom from such oppression. She is slowly learning the risks involved in bringing forth a more humane society in North Korea. She is willing to risk her life and the life of her relatives to bring the North Korean regime to an end.

Kyle Bass Predicts Big Trouble in China


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Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass predicts trouble for banks all across Asia. The problem begins with China, but Bass suggests not pulling out of Chinese banks, just those institutions which deal with them.

Bass is the founder and managing partner of Hayman Capital Management, based out of Dallas, Texas. His current theory is that credit growth in Asia, China in particular, has become too big. According to Bass, banks in China have received too much credit and this has helped them grow beyond a sustainable size compared to China’s GDP. But the surprising takeaway Bass suggests is not to go short on Chinese banks, but to any banks in Asia (other than those in Japan or other banks in China) that lend to the Chinese banks.

Bass made his fortune and a name for himself by accurately predicting the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. But since then he’s made a large number of questionable moves or backed less than sensible policies.

Bass has been a big fan and supporter of the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, whom many economists have blamed for sending the once prosperous South American nation into economic turmoil – with a tanking economy and a devaluing currency. His recommendation is that Argentina only pays back its creditors who agree to take a reduced payment and that they should ignore the claims of all parties who insist on being paid in full.

Aside from flagrantly ignoring common international bankruptcy and debt service procedures, Bass is also best known recently for his scheme to profit at the expense of the medically needy. Bass short sells a pharmaceutical company’s stock and then launches a challenge on one of their patents (not through his name, though, but a front organization called “Coalition for Affordable Drugs”). This public kerfuffle has the short-term effect of both lowering the target company’s stock prices (pure profit for Bass and his hedge fund, Hayman Capital Management) which, coupled with the court fees associated with the patent challenge, causes the pharmaceutical company to raise their prices (which is a pure expense increase to the sick people who need their medicine).

But despite the controversy Bass continues to have a popular finance blog.  So, should we take at face value what an investment manager like Kyle Bass tells us about China? Bass has declined to mention any specific banks by name, but his advice is almost too broad. If credit in China does not sustain its current growth (steady double figures) then credit in the rest of Asia (except for Japan) can’t either.

Brian Mulligan is Always Ready For Change


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Change is Constant
Brian Mulligan is the C.E.O. who knows very well that change is a constant within every aspect of life. This includes the world of business. Mr. Mulligan is a leader who can keep up with the ever changing world. He is a remarkable and very fortunate man who believes in good old fashioned values. This includes a strong work ethic, a trustworthy character, along with the ability to keep up with the constant changes that are inevitable. A positive mental attitude is vital for any leader. Brian holds the powerful belief that a clear mental attitude is necessary for everyone. He includes himself in this belief.

The Current CEO of Brooknol Advisors
Brian Mulligan is the CEO of Brooknol Advisors. This is a media, entertainment, and sports advisory company. He is well versed in many areas. He has held the numerous positions. Brian Mulligan has a broad career that certainly reflects his own high standards and values. He is currently the CEO of Brooknol Advisors. This is a company that is all about media, entertainment, and sports advisory. Sound business innovation plays a vital role in this industry. Mr. Mulligan has been at Brooknol Advisors since January of 2006. This media and entertainment consulting does need an individual who is always ready for change.

The Man With the Impressive Career
Brian Mulligan does indeed have a broad and highly impressive career. This is a highly talented individual who proves to be impressive in everything that he does. He is interesting in every way. Success and Brian Mulligan are a trustworthy combination. It may be his unbending values that have led this man to a path of constant success. He is an individual who stays on top of the ever-changing world.

Always Involved
Brian Mulligan is more that just business and career. This is an individual who is always involved in the world. His life clearly shows his commitment in many ways. He does indeed have a full life that is separate from work and change. He has been involved in many philanthropic activities. He is an active participant of life. He has set an outstanding example for many. Sports has been a major expertise for Mr. Mulligan. His interests have spread out to Children’s Research Hospital. He has been known to coach and mentor youth. This is a man who is always involved and who is known to be ready for change.

The History of Citadel


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In 1990, a financial institution by the name of Citadel was founded. It works as an alternative asset manager for investors. Among the products that Citadel trades is equities, equity options and many more. One thing that sets Citadel from many other hedge funds is that it has a long life of more than 20 years. One of the traits that Citadel is recognized for is its performance on investment. This was all made possible by one man who began trading in 1987 while he was studying in Harvard. His name is Kenneth Griffin.

Ken Griffin has started trading from his dorm room with more than $200,000. By 1990, he has raised enough capital to start up Citadel after joining Glenwood under his mentor, Frank Meyer. The capital that was used to open up Citadel was $4.6 million. However, the company opened under a different name as Wellington Financial Group. The company didn’t become known as Citadel until 1994. Kenneth Griffin has used his skills and knowledge in order to give the company the ability to last a long time throughout many different financial issues. Kenneth has made sure that his company could earn back any losses tha it faces.

One of the reasons that Citadel remains a very successful firm is that it takes risks and manages its finances. It looks at many different companies and conducts extensive research in order to determine whether or not the company is a safe investment. It also knows when to cut its losses. It has made many purchases of portfolios which included its rival Sowood Asset Management. Among other things that Citadel has done is act as an advocate for legislation in finances. In response to the financial crises of 2008, Citadel has made a challenge for more honesty and transparency when it comes to trading derivatives.

Citadel is one of the most influential financial firms that is not only about business, but about making sure that the financial industry can be durable even in the worst conditions. Citadel is also known for speaking on issues of fairness in the market. For instance, Citadel has called Wall Street when it didn’t implement the Dodd-Frank Act when it was supposed to. Citadel and Kenneth Griffin are very passionate about making sure the markets handle finances in a fair manner. If they see something that does not look right, they will be one of those that will bring attention to the issue.

An Interest Rate Hike Could Help Avoid Another Economy Crash


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Donald Trump has done a number on the Republican Party. H number one in the polls by talking about issues that other candidates avoid. Most of his initial attacks didn’t have much to do with policy, but Trump is finally changing that strategy. Recently, Trump talked about interest rates and how low-interest rates have helped him in the past. But he believes the current interest rate may not be good for the economy. Trump pulled an old name out of his celebrity hat when he mentioned Paul Volcker, the Federal Reserve Chairman during the 1980s. Trump thinks keeping interest rates low could eventually create an economy crash similar to the crash of 2008.

Trump also thinks the Export-Import Bank should be shut down because it is used by politicians and large corporations that don’t really need its services. The Export-Import Bank’s role is the financing exports abroad, and that is a form of corporate welfare that’s unnecessary, according to Trump and other Republicans. The interest rate issue always prompts a lively conversation among economists. Christian Broda, the former professor of economics at the University of Chicago, and current managing director of Duquesne Capital Management and other economists thinks an interest rate hike might have a negative impact on the economy. Spending has picked up in the third quarter of 2015, but a looming interest rate hike might change that.

One of the main issues to avoid a spike in interest rates is the housing market, according to Broda and other economists. An interest rate hike will reduce home sales and other big-ticket items like automobiles. Fed Chairman Lockhart thinks a hike in interest rates is appropriate because the current economic data supports it. Wage increases, unemployment figures and inflation figures are influencing the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates. Some economists and investors aren’t convinced that a hike in interest rates are necessary this year. Investors think the Feds will keep the rates the same. Broda and other investors think a hike in rates could mean a drop in exports and a drop in international investments.

If the Feds raise interest rates, some consumers will stop buying certain items that require financing, The Feds think the economy is strong enough to support a hike. But the Feds have been wrong before. In fact, most economists say the Feds get it wrong most of the time.

Business Investment Entrepreneur Marc Sparks Helping Build Dallas, Texas


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Often, there’s a confusion, some people can’t seem to distinguish a manager and entrepreneur. For anyone becoming an entrepreneur, it’s essential to understand what the title comes with. Entrepreneurship involves tremendous responsibilities, vigilance, determination and expert leadership. It’s ideally an all-around function because an entrepreneur leads everyone else, care for the welfare of those below their capacity and discover new opportunities. Anyone can become a manager, but a leader is a natural, self-discipline that’s nursed and perfected with time. An entrepreneur has a vision and people who embrace it, including a manager need direction to stay the entire course. In this capacity, quitting isn’t an option when everyone has the heart set on his innovative ideas.

Entrepreneurship presents complex challenges and it takes an extraordinary mind, inspiring followers to deliver favorable output. When plans fail, managers report to their leader to know the next move and how to turn things around for a positive feedback. As leaders discover new ideas, they’ll learn the process, share their experience and inspire others to believe in the vision. An entrepreneur’s duty is never done. As the workload increases, management reports the demand and an entrepreneur will order new recruits. Even when everyone’s asleep, an entrepreneur keeps working and creating opportunities to increase profit margins. It’ll keep line workers and managers engaged while maximizing the full potential of a business idea. 

Marc Sparks, a successful Dallas-based visionary entrepreneur, and venture capitalist is an example of model leadership. He’s invested in multiple businesses, of which the majority are fruitful. He owns Timber Creek Capital, a financial firm that consults for venture investments. He’s provided capital funding to various startup companies in the region. With his expert knowledge of business planning, model strategies, and intensive industry experience, he’s the right candidate to consult for ideas. Sparks masterminded business strategies that led to the success of telecommunication giants Cardinal Telecom, LLC and Blue Jay Blue Wireless. With both companies, he consulted for start-up capital funding and business planning. 

Sparks have an upcoming book “They Can’t Eat You.” It’s his first-ever official publication. It’s an educational series focused on helping C+ students, nursing a high school education to succeed in today’s ever-evolving society. Alongside this achievement, Sparks has kept to his philanthropic duties as well. Surely, he’s had much success as an active investor and businessman, but he’s deeply involved in humanitarianism. His body-of-work at Samaritan Inn, a regional housing facility that provides temporary accommodation for citizens needing financial support and counseling are admirable. Sparks commits to helping the homeless find employment and treatment in hopes of achieving rehabilitation successfully. He consults for people seeking reportable employment and educate the community about improving financial management efforts. He’s inspired millions and as he continues to explore opportunities, he’s making each experience count.

Andy Wirth: Alive and Kicking


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It’s not often in today’s world one finds a life filled with adventure that doesn’t come from the silver screen. Andy Wirth has that kind of life. Born in West Germany, with university work from Colorado to Scotland, Wirth took his education and decided to break the mold. 

The wilderness is in his blood, being the grandson of the former Director of the US National Park Service, Conrad Wirth, and the great-grandson of Theodore Wirth, former Minneapolis Superintendent of Parks. With that background it was natural for him to gravitate to the outdoors, and so he did, working as a backcountry ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Parks and a wilderness ranger in the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. 

Then he made the move into the hospitality industry. It would prove to be momentous. The list of prestigious jobs held is long and distinguished, including chief marketing officer and executive vice president of sales and marketing of Steamboat Ski and Resort, and president and CEO of both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. That love of the outdoors didn’t just color his business life, but his personal life as well. He has served and is still serving on many sporting club and fire protection boards, often being promoted to a leadership role. 

His relationship with the wilderness has not always been peaceful. While skydiving in October 2013, a disorienting moment in the air led to a bad landing, severing his arm. His previous training allowed him to treat the wound enough to keep him alive, but it was singing Eddie Vedder’s “Just Breathe” that allowed him to keep his head. After surgery and intense physical therapy, his arm was his once again.

That event was not enough to kill his passion for the outdoors, and he still keeps to his trailblazing ways, taking part in the Ironman 70.3 in 2014. For most, the life described so far would be enough. Time to roll credits and sit back and relax. Not for Andy Wirth. He still has things to do.