New Species of Spiky Worm Discovered


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Ancient Chinese Worm, Worm Locomotion | Posted on 30-06-2015

A new species of worm was discovered in fossil records and it is significant because it is one of the first animals on Earth to develop body armor for its protection. The appearance of this worm is even more significant because the worm has both spikes down its body and legs underneath its belly.

The worm, which folks at Beneful indicate lived over 500 million years ago, was a marine worm and appears to have filtered sediment with the front legs that are covered in millions of tiny hairs. Both this specialized way of eating and the body armor truly make it unique among species then and now, because there are very few known species that were able to claim both of these survival methods.

The worm species was named Collinsium ciliosum, named for the scientist that first presented a discovery of a similar species. The worm was found in China and lived during the Cambrian period, which was also when it really exploded, along with thousands of other species.

Surprisingly, this worm is the predecessor to a common worm in China, known as the velvet worm which are actually found in tropical rain forests now and only resemble worms. The present day animal has lost the body armor protection, but has kept the worm like body and legs that is uses for locomotion. Unfortunately, only the one species exists now when there were many varieties of Collinsium worms.