Pet Health: Why Consider a Switch to Beneful?


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The Beneful brand of dog food is a product that my family and I can get behind 100%. The quality of the product for the price is well worth a switch for those who have not tried Beneful with their pets.

When we first got our Corgi Sadie, her breeder suggested a high quality pure protein dog food that was all organic. Because she was so small and had been raised thus far on the food, I was hesitant to switch her food. However, at almost $50 for a small bag, we eventually began looking for other options. Sadie’s vet suggested the Beneful brand, and we started her on it immediately.

As a puppy, we began giving Sadie Beneful’s Healthy Puppy with real chicken. The introduction of more grains into her diet did not hurt her stomach as I worried. In fact, I would say if anything that her fur got smoother due to added nutrition. Healthy Puppy is a dry food, but it has a mix of crunchy and tender bits to help with dental health.

At about one year we started Sadie on Beneful’s Healthy Weight Mix with real chicken. Some breeds, such as Corgis, must have their weight monitored because excess weight can cause stress on their short little legs. The Healthy Weight dry mix had all the nutritional benefits of the Healthy Puppy mix, but it was more calorie smart. As with the Healthy Puppy mix, the Healthy Weight mix also has crunchy and tender pieces.

On special occasions Sadie also enjoys the Beneful Chopped Blends wet food. There are special flavors such as beef, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice. On Thanksgiving, Sadie got turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach. All of the wet foods have as much nutrition as the dry foods. I have also found that the Beneful Chopped Blends wet food is excellent to slip medicine into after a vet visit. There is so much flavor in the wet food that Sadie doesn’t notice the medicine.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Beneful brand of dog food. It has all of the benefits of an expensive dog food without the high price. I have also found that Beneful tends to be on the shelf at most super markets, making it a convenient buy as well. I would highly recommend Beneful for a pet, and I am quite certain that Sadie would agree.

Beneful Dog Food Keeps Your Pet Healthy and Happy


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The good folks at Purina’s Beneful on petco dog food boldly stand behind their great dog food products. Many customers have added their positive comments to thousands of others, attesting to Beneful’s healthy benefits. Dogs that are fed this nutritious dog food, both the wet and dry varieties, are healthier and happier. It is chock full of good ingredients, such as real meat and veggies high in vitamins, and omega-rich antioxidants.

Beneful not only provides dogs with all the nutrition they need, they also make sure that their dog food supplies the wonderful flavors that dogs are sure to love. There are 20 varieties of this healthy food with the extra special textures dogs enjoy. It is 100% balanced and complete. Choose from a list of all kinds of flavors on, including: pork, chicken, lamb, and beef. There are thin sliced up to large meaty chunks in the Hearty Roasters variety. And, of course there is much more than meat, for balanced nutrition there are also a number of vegetables included, such as rice, carrots, green beans, and barley. This great dog food also comes in different convenient packages. The wet food comes in small 3oz and up to 10oz multipacks, which are resealable.

Dogs are not just our furry friends, they are also often considered members of our families. They deserve to be treated well and taken care of by people who understand the importance of supplying dogs with good nutrition as well as a safe home. Plus, just like us, dogs enjoy hearty flavors and fun textures in their food. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and much more likely to live a long and useful life. Do your dog a favor and switch to Purina’ Beneful dog food. And go the extra mile and recommend Beneful to all your friends, neighbors, and family. They will thank your for helping them learn the best dog food to buy and you can feel happy knowing you have helped them grow their dogs into happy healthy pets with shiny coats, good teeth, bright eyes, and that happy dog pink tongue and quick wagging tails.

What Your Dog Needs To Eat


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Dogs come in all sizes from tiny Yorkies to giant Great Danes. The American Kennel Club officially recognizes 184 different breeds all with one thing in common. They all need to eat. Dogs need a balanced and well-formulated food to keep them at their healthiest and happiest. Poor nutrition from foods that use filler ingredients can lead to serious medical problems for you pet, so while you don’t have to spend a lot to feed Fido, you need to get the best quality dog food you can.

The Nestle Purina Petcare Company has a brand of pet foods called Beneful. These foods have been thoroughly researched over the years and are manufactured here in the United States to the highest quality standards in the industry. The main ingredient in both their wet and dry foods is real meat from beef, chicken, turkey, and salmon. Protein is an important nutrient for dogs that helps them build and maintain strong muscles. Real meat is the best source for protein and that’s the only kind you will find in Beneful.

Dogs also need micronutrients and antioxidants to help them stay healthy. All Beneful foods have the vitamins and essential supplements your dog needs. Each serving contains the iron, manganese, and calcium needed to build bones and make red blood cells. Natural grains and vegetables contribute fiber to help the digestive system and add carbohydrates for the needed energy to play.

Purina’s Beneful is available in a variety of sizes and as wet food or a dry kibble. There are also a series of treats for your favorite furry companion. Some of the treats help control doggy breath and keep Fido’s teeth clean while others help keep his heart strong. Treats can be overused so be careful not to give your friend more than 10% of their daily diet in treats.

The Purina Company was purchased by the Swiss multinational food company Nestle in 2001. That transaction was valued at $10.3 billion dollars and created Nestle’s second most profitable division. Now known as the Nestle Purina Petcare Company, the St. Louis-based firm has expanded into the largest manufacturer of pet food in the United States. The 6,500 employees are encouraged to bring their own pets to work with them and participate in a number of volunteer opportunities. Purina has been consistently ranked as one of the best companies to work for in a number of local and regional polls.

Purina also is heavily involved in pet welfare, and by choosing Beneful products you support a $10 million annual contribution to a network of over 1,500 shelters. The company also has built on its fifty-acre campus a multimillion-dollar arena where various dog and agility shows can be held. Research has been a long standing tradition at Purina since its founding in 1894 and a new four-story research lab can also be found on campus ensuring that Beneful and Purina’s other brands will continue to be the best pet foods available anywhere in the world.

Purple Slugs


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Something terrifying has happened in the East Bay area, and it comes in the form of big, purple, and just downright scary looking creatures. According to Reddit, this area in San Francisco is home to something that’s never been seen before. Giant purple sea slugs are washing up on shore!

Of course this is something that sounds like it’s coming straight out of a movie, but that’s not the case at all. Brad Reifler ( is surprised to know that these big purple nasty things actually have a name and a purpose other than just terrifying everyone that stumbles across them. They are infact called sea hares, and they have many people scratching their heads. Who are they? How’d they get here? And why are they suddenly showing up?

The sea hares are pretty big. They’re usually about fifteen pounds and they can grow to be quite lengthy as well! The sad news, or good news depending on how you look at is, is the fact that when these creatures wash up on shore they are usually dead already. So why are these dead creatures washing up? There was a huge boom to the population about a year ago, and now that the year has passed, the creatures lay eggs and die. They then wash up on shore. The eggs that they lay are pretty freaky as well, they just look like a large pile of wet noodles.

Experts looking into this will say that the large number of these creatures is in fact unnusual, but they have a few theories as to why this population boom occurred. The slugs are mostly harmless. People can pick them up, look at them, and touch them. It is, however, not encouraged to take them home. They belong on the beach.