Video Chat Application by Talk Fusion


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Video has been ranked as the best communication tool. The aspect of including video in emails was introduced by Talk Fusion which is based in Florida. Recently it launched a new product into the market which has received a very positive feedback. The product introduced is called Talk Fusion Video Chat. This communication program that is patented to Talk Fusion has already been embraced across the world by different countries. Marketing through video is fast gaining momentum and has been embraced by quite a number of marketing gurus.

In the year 2007 Talk Fusion started with video emails and since then with the leadership of the founder and CEO it has created and released a wide range of products into the market. It specializes in video conferencing, live chats and live meetings among many of its products all in what is referred to Talk Fusion Connect.

Talk Fusion provides a world class video technological experience available in the best HD enabling people to live their dreams and to connect to the world. What makes it the best is that it is compatible with any device and its performance in terms of speed is amazing. Talk Fusion is ranked as the 8th best video solution provider in the world. Through its team of dedicated and best professionals in the technology sector ranging from those in the graphics and video experts the company boosts of providing the best video technology that meets customers needs and satisfaction.

Gauging from the response that it has received from its launch of Video Chat, Talk Fusion is very optimistic and anticipates the launching of quite a number of products in the coming months which they believe will capture its customers’ needs.

One can now access the video chat application from Google play stores and iTunes online.

On 12th of April 2016 Talk fusion will be launching 30 days free trial on its products which will enable its customers to know the products that are available from the best video marketing giant.

Talk Fusion’s products are easy to use. The products are thus best suited for marketers as it provides the best platform to reach its esteemed customers.


Tackle Spring Cleaning with Handy


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In a recent article by Re/code, Handy, the home and cleaning services company, was featured for its rapid growth and almost overnight explosion onto the on-demand services market. Handy CEO Oisin Hanrahan announced that in just three short years of existence, the New York-based handyman and cleaning services company has grown into over one million users. What is even more impressive is that an estimated one half of those million bookings took place in the last seven months, which shows that the company is definitely on the constant rise. It would seem that the new marketing strategies embraced by Handy have definitely paid off in new customers. The majority of Handy’s business relates to its cleaning services, but the handyman portion of the company’s services is steadily on the rise. One of the things that sets Handy apart from its competitors on the market is that while Handy experiences incredible growth in a short amount of time, it is also able to maintain the same level of quality standards. It considers to receive rave reviews from extremely loyal customers who appreciate the efficient and customized service that they receive every time that Handy is put to the challenge.

As spring cleaning season approaches, consider calling upon the local Handy independent contractors in your city to take care of your cleaning needs. Handy has been described as the Uber of household cleaning services and matches the perfect services provider for each customer’s job and budget.

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Talk Fusion For Small Businesses


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Video communication is very important in every business. Consumers want to see you talk to them and explain yourself; there should be communication in the management team. Suppliers and employees should also maintain a reliable communication channel if everyone has to go well. This can only be possible if there is a good communication channel. However, there are people who are not very comfortable in their faces. They do not want to be seen in the video communication because they consider their faces ugly. The most affected people are the individuals with bald heads, short people or individuals with acne. The special category of individuals like hiding their faces behind their emails and letters, and this can affect the performance of their businesses.

These special people can finally afford a smile. The Internet has brought a lot of changes in people lives, and the current beneficiaries are individuals who do not want to show their faces in the video communication. They will now be allowed to hide their faces and still impress their clients during video communication. The new communication technology will make business better for these individuals and everyone who is interested.

The new video technology has been created by Blue Bell, a well-known PA based in Kale Design. The institution develops quality graphics for its consumers, and these can be used in place of print, video or any other activities. It will be easier to get new clients using the new technology, and they will be very different from the rest of the crowd. It will be extremely easier to get attention from a consumer using the new Talk Fusion technology.

Talk Fusion is the new video communication technology that is on the market today. Consumers using Talk Fusion will be able to have video conferencing, social networking, broadcasting among other duties. The few people who have had the opportunity of using the technology say that it is the best, and they actually recommend it to others. This new technology has brightened the lives of people who prefer to hide themselves.

The new video communication from Talk Fusion is very easy to use. Someone doesn’t need a lot of training just to use the new technology. First of all, they will record themselves using a good video device to ensure quality videos. The video can then be uploaded in the Talk Fusion portal. They can then choose the graphics to use in order to impress his audience.

Handy Has Now Added Furniture Delivery Services


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Handy is an excellent cleaning company that’s based in New York City and was created as a startup that has become extremely successful over the last couple years. Handy was so successful at a point that they were in talks to buy out Homejoy, which was a competing cleaning service, but the talks died out, and it’s now irrelevant because HomeJoy has gone out of business. Handy continues to clean homes as well as offer many other services to their customers, which has made Handy an incredibly popular service. Although Handy is based in New York, it’s available in 28 cities around the globe.

Handy has raised money several times in order to further their venture, and recently, they started the furniture delivery and assembly service, which is being added to their other popular services. Although many customers turn to Handy to have their homes clean, Handy wants to expand in order to be a one-stop service that has services for the home. Handy will be delivering furniture from IKEA, which can be purchased directly from the Handy website. The furniture can be delivered the next day, and assembly will take place after the furniture has been delivered.

Handy even offers a way for its customers to get the furniture from IKEA that they may not see on the website by writing to Handy directly to ask for the furniture, and then the purchase can commence afterwards. Handy currently has over 100,000 bookings every month, and 80% of those bookings are coming from repeat customers. Many who choose Handy as a service company will generally choose them for cleaning services, although furniture delivery and assembly, plumbing, electrical work, painting services and more are available through the same company.

Handy has become so successful that they are easily making $1 million in bookings every week, which is soaring the company over the top of any home cleaning services that are out there. Although many choose home cleaning services that are local, Handy is quickly triumphing over any local services because of the professional workers that are employed by the company, especially the fact that each worker has a background check performed.

Facts About Online Dating That You Need to Understand


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Getting a partner nowadays has been made easier and fun by the presence of different applications and software that bring people with similar interests together. Online dating has revolutionized the experience of dating and more people are appreciating the advantages that come with this system. However, lack of information about how to go about online dating safely has landed many in trouble. It is necessary to conduct due diligence while online as there are scammers whose aim is to fleece unsuspecting members of different online dating platforms. Here are basic tips that can help while online searching for love.

Pick someone with similar interests
Dating is all about getting a perfect partner that one can blend with flawlessly. Therefore, it is advisable to choose someone with similar interests and qualities as this minimizes chances of conflicts occurring. In most cases, people who choose partners with similar interests find themselves in a perfect relationship, which often leads to marriage. So, contrary to popular belief that it’s difficult to find love online, online dating has offered many people an opportunity to meet up with people they now call their wives or husbands. It’s a matter of getting things right and sticking to the right priorities.

Don’t be too choosy
When one tends to get too choosy, it becomes difficult to find the right person. Being too serious and choosy will always repulse potential partners, who believe your requirements are way too high beyond their expectations. It would be nice if the profile reads information that is easy to understand as opposed to complicated requirements that are rare to find. Getting the right person does not involve making things too tight. Each person on dating websites holds the potential to make a partner to a certain person with similar interests.

Choose the right site
Due to the high influx of dating websites, it has become difficult for one to identify the right website. This has been heightened by the fact that some of the websites available online do not offer the right features for users to have easy time navigating. Anastasia Date is among well reputed companies that have stepped up to make ideal dating websites. They offer unique features that are meant to enhance the dating experience for users online.

Anastasia Date has also launched an application that allows users to connect more easily through their mobile devices. The company is always dedicated to ensuring their members get the best security features and all information shared on the platform is kept secret. They also offer unique sort features that allow members to sort through different users based on criteria like age, occupation, and so on. It is one of the most stable and trusted platforms one can embrace for online dating.

Finding That Special Someone Through Online Dating


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When it comes to dating, many people find themselves at odds with the entire idea. It is relatively easy to understand why so many people have an aversion to dating. After all, it is not exactly the most comfortable idea, especially considering the fact that people are really putting themselves out there when they go on a first date. The truth is, a lot of people feel like they are essentially setting themselves up for failure. First dates can be rough, especially when there have been several first dates before them that never materialized into anything more. As a result, people are searching for something different so that they do not have to continue to try to meet people in the traditional fashion. That is one reason that dating has changed so much over the last decade.

While it is true that the face of dating is certainly nothing like it used to be, there are actually a lot of reasons for this change. The most important reason is because people simply don’t want to meet others in the same way that their mothers and fathers did. However, a lot of it goes back to the way that people live their lives on a daily basis. People are busier today than they have ever been in the past, often trying to fit multiple activities into a very limited number of hours. This is frustrating, even under the best of circumstances. It leaves most people very little time to date. That is where dating online comes in. It can be a real time saver and it can help people narrow down possibilities in order to find someone that is more suited to their particular tastes right from the start.

In recent years, online dating has really taken off. It seems like almost everyone that is looking for someone is on one dating site or another. Thousands upon thousands of people make the decision to try online dating each and every day. For many people that have tried it, it has allowed them to go out with people that they never would have met otherwise. As a result, many people see it as a truly effective means of helping them find dates and have a good time as opposed to sitting alone in a bar and hoping that someone comes up to talk to them. It is another tool that people can use to save time and it gives them more control over the situation to begin with.

One of the most prominent online dating sites is called Skout on techcrunch. This is a very unique site because it gives people the opportunity to meet someone without making them feel like they are locked into a permanent relationship. The site truly provides people with the best of both worlds. They have the chance to find new people to share their interests with but they don’t necessarily feel like they are pressured to develop a long-term relationship as a result of meeting each on the site. This is because Skout sets up its website from the beginning with the intent of letting people know that it is more about bringing people together to have fun than anything else. For anyone that has never tried online dating in the past or is apprehensive about the whole idea, Skout just might be the perfect website because it allows them to get their feet wet without forcing them to make a commitment.

Meet Slyce – A Leader in Product Recognition Technology


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Ever wondered what kind of jacket someone walking past by you is wearing? Or ever wonder what kind of item is being displayed on a storefront that is not labeled? Did you ever want to purchase these items yourself? If you said yes to any of the following questions then you should consider getting a product recognition technology application for your smartphone.

What exactly is product recognition technology? It is technology that allows you to determine what kind of brand of clothing a person is wearing, what product is being displayed on a storefront, or any item that you spot somewhere that peaks your curiosity. Product recognition technology allows you to find out what the item is exactly and gives you details such as what the product is called and where you can purchase it online or in store.

So how does product recognition technology work? Product recognition technology works in a straightforward manner. You take a photo of an item with your smartphone using an image recognition technology app. The item in the photo is then analyzed by a computer program that has a database of items. After the analysis is complete, you get a result that lists the details of the item, such as name, brand, price and where it can be purchased. Product recognition technology uses the features of the item in the photograph to come up with a matching product or item. It analyzes features such as color, patterns, textures, logos, size and tags. New advancements in image recognition technology are being developed to make results more accurate.

A leading company in the development of product recognition technology applications is Slyce. They have created numerous apps that allows users to download applications that will determine what brand and style an item is by taking a simple photograph. Slyce also works with major retail chains such as Neiman Marcus and small businesses alike in developing custom tailored image recognition technology apps. Businesses have seen a significant increase in e-commerce sales after partnering with Slyce and using their image recognition technology apps.

If you have your own line of clothing or unique specialty items, you can partner with Slyce to have your item listed in their database. Users can then use the image recognition technology app from Slyce to take photos of clothing and items that peaks their curiosity. If a person happens to stumble upon an item of yours, and it is returned by the app, then you have a potential sale right there. Businesses large and small can benefit by using Slyce’s apps. Slyce also has apps for scanning coupons directly onto smartphones for easy and convenient use.

Product recognition technology is an exciting and revolutionary new way of shopping. It gives shoppers the chance to find out what an item is and purchase it right away if they must have it. Businesses can benefit from increased sales by having their items and products listed in product recognition technology databases. The product database is constantly expanding and evolving, and new developments and apps are underway.

How Image Recognition Has Revolutionized The Way Shopping Is Being Done Nowadays


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Slyce is a leading visual search provider. Working with retailers and brands, this company knows too well that when their image recognition technology is in use, the retailers and brands can easily make sales. This company understands the retail needs of the future. They know too well that for a retail business to effectively compete with others, it has to have a cutting edge technology that allows customers to search for items using image recognition. This works for the retailers advantage because by going with a number of searches conducted; the management can quickly pinpoint what is in more demand.

Image recognition is a technology that is poised to make a tremendous impact on the future of shopping significantly. The ability of customers taking a snapshot of something they like on the street and then find the same or an equally similar item on sale is a very appealing concept. Truth be told, everyone has fancied the look of another person’s coat, shoes, jacket or handbag on the streets. With image recognition, one just needs to take the fancied item’s photo and search for it in their favorite retail shop.

The market has numerous apps offering image recognition today. However, the results are mixed. There are however those apps that have proved to work. These are the ones that leverage sophisticated algorithms that tend to copy the way the visual part of the human brain works. Image technology has brought an entirely new method in which retailers stock their inventory. When consumers use their mobile devices to search for images they want to buy, the retailers instantly know what items they need to stock.

Slyce offers a cutting edge solution to retailers so that they can develop their apps for their customers to find their own inventory. They provide the retailer with an API that ingests all the images they have in their inventory. The API also provides point files for each image that is used to describe the image and help with all future searches. This system is then connected to the retailer’s website or app and ready for all incoming queries.

When a search is conducted, the incoming image is converted into a point file, computed into a visual match that is then sent to the customer in form of visual similarity. Retailers that Slyce has worked with have seen clear ROI on the money invested in the technology.

Here Comes The Apple Watch


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The Apple Watch was unveiled, and it sure is getting a lot of attention. Of course it is though, after all it is an Apple product. Some people love it, others hate it. Some people think it’s genius, and some people think it’s dumb. I think something that we can all agree on is good grief those notifications are going to be a nightmare.

We hear them on our phone constantly. The vibration of a text message, the ding of a Facebook notification, the chime of a new email…it seems constant. We can get away from it though. We have the ability to simply put our phone down and forget about it. But, can we get away from those notifications with the Apple Watch?

According to BuzzFeed the constant interaction on the watch may be hard to get away from. After all, all it takes is one quick tap to get the attention of another Apple Watch user. All the things you could do on a cell phone, you’ll be able to do on a watch. But, you won’t be able to get away. That watch will be on you. And since it is a cool new product, you most likely will not want to take it off.

So remember to take some time to step back from technology and remember a simpler time when watches just told time. Zeca Oliveira ( agrees that the Apple Watch is a nifty little gadget, and will be popular for a while but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tale a break every now and then.

Skout Takes a Whole New Approach to Dating Apps


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In the world that we live in, technology is becoming more and more mobile. Apps seem to be the new big thing, and when there is a hit app, it really catches on quickly. There are many different apps to choose from, so how do you really know which app is right for you? This is something that you can find when looking at current trends. If you are looking at getting the right social dating app, you need to take a look at Skout. Skout is a very popular app that has been downloaded over 100 million times.

Skout is taking a whole new approach to the world of dating apps. There are many new features on this app that make it so much more than just your regular dating app. With the addictive shake chat feature, you can connect with individuals who are in your area and are looking to meet new people. This is much different than most apps where you have to wait for the approval of people that you find attractive. The fast paced world of Skout really makes this app one of the most loved dating apps out there.

When it comes to most dating apps, there is a low feeling of urgency when it comes to responding to those who have messaged you. You will feel like messages can just get lost in the sea of many different incoming flirtations. However, with Skout, digital gifts can be given. This is a great feature that makes it much easier to remind someone about your online digital courtship. With a digital gift, the recipient will feel much more inclined to return the favor, and a real life interaction is one step closer to actually happening. This is a great thing that Skout has going for it.