Artificial Sweeteners: Are They Really That Bad?


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Artificial Sweeteners, health | Posted on 10-04-2015

Over the past couple years there have been numerous innovations that have changed the face of colas and other types of carbonated drinks. Of the newer modernizations that have been made in the soda-pop industry, sweeteners that are artificial have become conventional. This is changing the way dieters and other consumer’s purchase their drinks on a daily basis. However, are these low-calorie and zero calorie drinks really harmful to your health?

New Simulated Sweeteners

What is a reproduction sweetener? Fundamentally, any sweetener that has been added to your favorite beverage that is not natural or from nature is considered to be artificial within certain courses of action of the law in the United States of America. This can include some sweeteners that seem to be healthy and natural. Despite this, it can be a major deception of consumers.

Sam Tabar (bloomeberg) has learned that artificial sweeteners play a major role in the human brain. Unlike when a person consumes natural sugars such as fructose or cane sugar, artificial sweeteners fool the brain. This can increase hunger which in turn can create a platform for increase caloric consumption after the drink with artificial sweeteners has been consumed.

This can lead to increased obesity and weight gain over an extended period of time. Therefore, artificial sweeteners may not be as sweet as they seem. This means that drinking a diet soda may have a negative impact on your health.