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As at 31st March, Solo Capital will mark the end of its financial year despite its incorporation being in September 2011. The four ears are a great time for Solo Limited Partners who have managed to have a net worth of $15.4 million, assets amounting to $67.5 million and liabilities adding up to $53.2 million. An expert in investments will term Solo Capital progress and positive, and the company is moving to greater heights as a private limited company. Before the company established a partnership, it was founded as an investment brokerage house in 2009 by its founder and retired director Sanjay Shah. Back then Sanjay worked as a sole proprietor, but his established partnership from the output of the company has no regrets.

Sanjay Shah was the company first director, but currently solo capita has 3 directors. Solo Capital has offices in the London United Kingdom and in Dubai where the retired company director Mr. Sanjay lives. About 20- 49 people are employed in the company as compared to when it initiated with only a few graduates getting employed. Currently, Solo Capital Limited is however in a wind down considering the end year, but investors should be on the lookout for opportunities to invest in this outstanding hedge fund. The company as a boutique of investment offers services like consultancy and proprietary services, and it also advises clients on financial investments. Solo Capital has been a regular better with the European foreign exchange. It never goes wrong when it comes to stock brokerage and for a long time has been authorized and regulated by the authority in the United Kingdom named Financial Conduct Authority.

The former solo Capital Director and American billionaire Mr. Sanjay Shah is a risk taker who founded solo capital in 2009 when many companies were fighting with a major financial crisis that was in Europe at that time. Shah is recorded as a great entrepreneur of this era as he has done exemplary well in entrepreneurship more than he even did with his degree in medicine. Shah owns over 35 companies in the United Kingdom with an inclusion of Solo Capital. Since 2011 he and his wife have been advocating or autism research after his child Nikhil who is the last born was diagnosed with the disorder. They saw the reason for supporting the vulnerable children with autism through research to create support services for them.

Autism is a lifetime psychological disorder that Shah emphasizes that his research is not to come up with a cure but increase the rate of awareness to the disease. Through his foundation solo says that they will fund research institutes in America and United States decision that will be made by the foundation’s board of directors. Solo from his love of music and his fundraising strategy is looking to combine music from pop artists and come up with an album for Autism Rocks.

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Nothing But Motivation


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I have been trying so hard for the longest time to get into Solo Capital as a private investor. So far I have not had any luck, but that does not mean that I am going to quit trying. I am full of nothing but motivation and pride, so failure is really not an option I am willing to accept. Solo Capital is one of the most popular private investment firms in the area and I would love to have a seat inside their business where I can start earning a nice salary for a change. I have worked at a bank for the past six years and the pay still hasn’t gotten any better. You would think that a bank would pay a person well to protect all the money that lies within the building, but that is not the case what so ever.

I have always been the type of man to provide for my family and working here is just not cutting it for me financially. This week I am going to write an email to Sanjay Shah personally, asking about the possibility of getting another interview. I honestly believe that if I explain my situation and the amount of ambition I have in me to succeed, that he will at least think his decision over once more. I would be a great asset to any firm because I do not have any children, I have an extremely flexible schedule and I have 2 bachelor degrees in business and law. Not to mention an associate degree in psychology. You wouldn’t think psychology would be beneficial to a firm, but it certain peculiar situations it is.

Sanjay Shah is a wonderful businessman himself who has a heart when it comes to everything in life. He even owns his own organization called Autism Rocks that he created for his youngest son who was diagnoses with Autism at an early age. A man with a heart that large is sure to sit down and listen to another mans story on his position in life and he needs this job so bad. If Sanjay was to hire me, I have nothing but the highest hopes that I would become one of the biggest most beneficial assets to Solo Capital. Not only will I bring new ideas to the table that could change the firm for the better, but I would bring laughter and a good personality to keep people calm and collected in nerve-wrecking situations.

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Sanjay Shah and Autism Rocks


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Sanjay Shah has created a gofundme account called Autism Rocks, to aid in the research and cause of the condition. His passion and drive to aid in the research and development of Autism was fueled by the diagnosis of his son in 2011. His son was two years old at the time, and there wasn’t a lot of information regarding the topic. Shah wanted to help his son as best he could by providing the best help possible. When he first learned of the diagnosis, he wanted to “fix” it. Once he realized that he can’t fix it, but he can help, he realized that’s the next step he needs to take in order to make a difference.

Sanjay Shah wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to make a difference, other than donating his own money, until an afternoon visit with his longtime friend Snoop Dogg. He was visiting his home in Dubai when they started talking about the topic of Autism and how Sanjay Shah can help raise awareness. That’s when he got the idea for Autism Rocks. With his past relationship in the music industry, he was able to come to an agreement with many famous musicians in the industry to stage concerts to help raise money for the cause. After a lot of hard work and dedication, he has been able to work with artists such as Michael Buble, Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Drake. The future of Autism Rocks involves many other artists who are willing to help out for the cause. Since Autism Rocks launched in 2014, it has helped raise a lot of money to aid in the research of the condition.

The funds that are raised go to the Autism Research Trust (ART) which Shah oversees. He also donates some of the funds to the Cambridge University to help them with their research and also help educated patients, as well as their family of the cause and effects of Autism. Shah’s passion is to understand Autism better and be able to help those in need. His next goal is to team up with some of his musician friends and have them donate one of their tracks to aid in the fundraiser charity event.