Highland Capital Management Doles Out Millions to Philanthropic Causes


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It’s a great honor to get a chance to ring NASDAQ’s opening or closing bells. That honor is always a preserve of the titans of industry; the act is left to the real shakers and influencers whose companies have had a pronounced impact on the NASDAQ Index. Well, on the 12th of October 2016, it was up to the co-founder of the award-winning investment firm, Highland Capital Management LLP to ring the closing bell. Now, let’s briefly talk about the charity endeavors of Highland Capital supports. Yes, the co-founder, Mark Okada, and James Dondero are both very passionate and focused towards making a positive impact in the immediate areas they operate.


SMU Tower Scholar Program


HCM, as the firm gets abbreviated, is stationed in the state of Dallas. The locals have been first to benefit from the generosity of the two leading executives at HCM. Area artists have received grants and loans from the financial institution to pursue further studies. In 2014, HCM was reported to have doled up $2M to support the Southern Methodist University ((SMU) scholarship program.


The ambitious plan hopes to attract ten new students each year. These children will mostly be pooled from the neighboring local communities in Dallas, Texas. The ten lucky scholars will then get an option of choosing to study courses like domestic politics or international economics in the US or abroad. James Dondero was quoted remarking how the company had given away a whopping total of $8M thus far in donations to charity.


About Highland Capital Management, L, P.


Highland Capital Management, as already stated, is a partnership investment firm owned by James Dondero and Mark Okada. It got founded in the early nineties, and the journey has been both long and winding for the investor duo. It has not been in vain, however. Today, the company holds a massive asset base of $19.5B. Highland is akin to a one-stop-shop whereby clients get timely investment advice on timely opportunities arising in a myriad of different sectors of the economy. Their rates have continued to come down in comparison to those of their peers in the mutual fund world.


Branches of Highland


Other core services on offer include CLO’s, capital announcements, retirement planning and equities trading on behalf of clients. The clientele base of the lender is vast, and it continues to surge with new offices now open in far-flung places like Sao Paolo, Brazil, Singapore and Seoul, South Korea.