Wengie Hacks Your Hair with Easy Curls


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Beauty Blogger | Posted on 26-04-2017

If you are like me and have straight and flat hair then you understand the insane amount of envy and work that goes into transforming a flat mess into something resembling volume. In our battle to banish flat hair everyone has their favorite curler that they swear by, I know mine is simply the best and nothing can change that despite how my hair sometimes turns out.


But what happens if you’re stuck somewhere without your trusty curler?


That nightmare scenario became a reality for me on a weekend trip I took last month. Four hundred miles away from my usual curler, my travel iron decided the weight of life had grown too heavy and quit working leaving me seemingly doomed to a weekend spent in a beanie.


Luckily while perusing Grumpy Cat videos in a bid to be less grumpy myself, I stumbled across Wengie’s latest life hacking video.


Wengie’s Quick Curler in a Pinch


The Youtube starlet and all around fashionista got down to business in creating a unique curling iron from what she had available, and luckily for me as well something I had in the hotel room already.


By using a hair dryer and a spoon, preferably a clean one without Greek yogurt on it still, Wengie fashioned a quick curling solution that was able to save my hair and weekend from sweating into a beanie during my entire trip.


If you want to learn how to hack your hair too, visit Wengie’s Youtube channel.