Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye Line Rocks Customers


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Lime Crime has finally released a line of products that it has been working on for several years. The production took so long because the creators wanted to make sure that they made a batch that would be irresistible to the masses. The unicorn line has 13 amazing shades that shoppers will go crazy over immediately. They are long-lasting hair dyes that the manufacturer crafted with only the finest vegan ingredients. No bleach or ammonia exists in it.



The color choices for the product are absolutely fabulous. Shoppers can choose from colors such as salad, noon peach, dirty mermaid, sext, bunny and more. Salad is a green color that makes a person think about chomping on a garden salad. Bunny is a soft pink color that could complement the ensemble of someone who wants to create a school girl look. Sext is a teaser of a name, but it describes a gorgeous shade of purple. Dirty mermaid is a unique member of the blue-green family. Shoppers will be delighted by how amazing these dyes look on their hair. Furthermore, rumors say that they last long. The full coverage dies can last a person for up to 12 hair washes.



Perhaps the most wonderful aspect of this brand of products is that it doesn’t even put a dent in a consumer’s wallet. It costs less than $20 and can at least last two weeks but probably longer.



No one is more excited about the release of this gorgeous line than Doe Deere is. Doe is ecstatic over this group of hair dyes because it fits her vision and helps her to achieve her goal. Her goal since she opened her stores was to provide the masses with hair products that could help them to express their individuality and their capabilities as artists. Each piece of makeup or hair dye that a customer buys gives that person an opportunity to be unique and create a new fashion trend. She hopes that the unicorn line ends up in every household in the nation. Fashion fiends can grab some bottles from Lime Crime today.

Lime Crime Makeup: We Dare You To Try Some On!


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When it comes to makeup, a lot of us get stuck in a rut or routine. That’s when our cosmetics become a uniform of sorts.


It’s easy to get bored with our lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes, and that’s why it’s always stylish to mix things up and explore new trends.


Lime Crime has quickly become the go-to brand for women who want something sexy, new, naughty and modern in their makeup bags. The company likes to think outside the box and allow women around the world to define their own beauty.


The CEO and founder is Doe Deere. She launched the brand in 2008 because she felt the beauty industry was not entering new territory. Instead, women were told for decades what makeup shades were proper for day and night. If you wanted a little excitement, those kinds of cosmetics were far and few between. Doe Deere wasn’t going to let the beauty giants rule the world, so she jumped in head first.


Lime Crime is a blast, and the kooky color palettes are not only bizarre and out there, but the attitude of the makeup is fierce and unforgiving.


For example, the brand’s cult-favorite liquid matte lipsticks are always selling out. These gorgeous pigments and long-lasting shades definitely turn heads. Blue, green, mushroom, yellow, purple and gray lipsticks with pretty glitter and iridescence are just a few of the “normal” looks fans adore.


It’s an empowering brand that allows women and men to create their own look and to feel comfortable wearing the cosmetics they choose. Now it’s accepted when women show up in denim-colored lipstick or bruised red eye shadow in public. You can thank the forward-thinking brand for softening the approach to modern makeup. Hollywood has fallen in love with these wild, alluring cosmetics, and the love-fest extends beyond famous faces.


Doe Deere and her brand are major on social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and others.


The company has added a popular line of Unicorn hair dyes that deliver beautiful bold shades like purple, green and orange.


Lime Crime is fun; try some on.

Lime Crime Venus and Venus 2 Eye Palettes


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Created by Doe Deere, Lime Crime cosmetic, hair and nail products pave the way for ultra bright and fun make up. The Lime Crime product line is comprised of unicorn hair vegan and cruelty free hair color, eye shadow, hi-lite compacts, make up brushes, lipsticks and nails. LC currently features three fun and funky eyeshadow color palettes. The Venus, Venus 2 and Venus Bundles are LC exclusives.


The Venus Grunge palette contains 8 not so basic nude colors that can be worn alone or meshed together to create a new ultra grunge eye look. Rust Red, Brick Brown, Burgundy and unconventional neutrals make up this eight color eye palette. With names like Venus, Shell, Aura, Creation, Icon, Divine, Rebirth and Muse this fun eye collection can be incorporated into every day make up wear or done up for a night out.


The Venus 2 eye shadow palette contains 8 more fun and edgy colors to up the eye shadow effect. Colors available in this paletta are Pigeon, which is a pearl colored shadow with a green and brown shift. Filter is a glow matte shadow in a luminous cornflower blue hue. Moss is a glossy green gray matte shadow. Mustard is a corduroy creamy matte. Fly is similar to the wings on a fly, it is a pearl color with a Ivory and green color shift. Creamy matte Jam is a pumpkin spice inspired color. Rich burgundy and brown shaded Mud goes on with a creamy texture and looks like bruised fruit. Boot is the sparkly shadow in the Venus 2 palette, it is a Nebula black with multi-color sparkle and perfect for a night out.


The Venus Bundle is for Lime Crime eye palette lovers. This bundle combines all 16 shades available in the Venus and the Venus 2 collection. Those who want to experience all of the colors offered by LC opt for the bundle.

5 Reasons I Want a Gift Card to Lime Crime for My Birthday


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OK, true, my birthday is not for another three months, but this girl is planning ahead! Every year my parents ask me what I want so they can tell the rest of the family, and I’m keeping it really simple. This year, just give me gift cards to Lime Crime. Here’s why:


1.) Vegan and cruelty free- This is number one with a cause. I can’t stand brands that test on animals, so when I found out on Facebook the brand is PETA certified to be cruelty free, I was really excited. Plus, its vegan, so no weird animal byproducts going on my face. I would like to keep my clear connection now that I’m past my teenage years after all!

2.) Amazing colors- I quit living the dull life this year. My hair is currently purple and pink colors from Lime Crime Unicorn Hair…or what they call “pony” and “bunny”. I love it. It smelled great going on and my bleached hair feels so much softer now. I can’t wait to add more colors in next time and be a walking rainbow. The lipsticks are super colorful too; they even have metallic and glitter lipstick to go along with the usual mattes. I don’t know how I will look with green lips, but I want to find out!

3.) Student discount- I’m eligible for a 15% student discount with my UNiDAYS membership. That’s for sale items too, so I know I can manage to be thrifty and get the absolute most out of gift cards. I have earned some referral bonuses from them already that I need to cash in as well, so that comes in handy.

4.) Girl Power- You have to love a brand founded a run by a colorful woman. I follow the founder, Doe Deere, on Instagram and I’m always impressed by the creative looks she does. Her purple hair is amazing, and the looks some of the models show in photoshoots are personal makeup goals.

5.) Because I love Lime Crime! Enough said, right?