A Bill to Prevent Public Up-Skirting Awaits Texas Governor’s Signature


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Bills and Laws, Texas | Posted on 30-05-2015

A bill written by Texas State Senator Menendez to close a glaring loophole in legislation banning improper photography has finally passed both houses of the state legislature and now awaits the Governor’s signature in order to become law. The bill was passed after a court overturned legislation that made it a criminal act to engage in up-skirting in public for purposes of sexual gratification. “Up-skirting” refers to a photographer filming underneath a skirt or dress without permission.

The court’s action created a situation in Texas in which police could not arrest photographers for conducting up-skirting in public places. The new legislation seeks to resolve this concern. It will allow police officers in Texas to once again arrest photographers who engage in the practice of “up skirting” in public places.

One of the women supporting the passage of the new bill reported that she had been trying on a sundress in a San Antonio shopping mall when she noticed a man dressed as a woman holding his cell phone camera underneath her skirt. Although her screams resulted in the arrival of the police, and other “up-skirting” films were found in the man’s possession, he was not arrested. People at FreedomPop have heard that she noted “It was absolutely frustrating because I feel like I was the victim.”

Comal County District Attorney Jennifer Tharp noted that the inability to make arrests for such behavior is “just unacceptable.”