Nestle Continues to Bottle Water in California amidst Protest and Drought


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In corporations that don’t care about basic human rights news, Nestle has publicly stated that it will continue to bottle water in California amidst rampant protests and years of drought. Not only that but they also said they’d like to increase production in the water-sick state.

Residents of California are being asked to cut their water use by up to 36% in some places. All the while Nestle, a foreign company, is pulling in loads of water and selling it at a ridiculous markup to the same people who are being asked to turn off their taps.

As businessmen like Christian Broda are aware, Starbucks recently pulled the plug on their water bottling facility in California for ethical reasons. Nestle and Wal-Mart continue taking water from the state and selling it back to people for 100 times more than they paid for it.

Nestle sees the move as helpful to the people of California. After all, when no drinking water is available in your neighborhood where do you turn? Sometimes buying bottled water is the only way to access safe drinking water. In poverty stricken neighborhoods families spend up to 10% of their overall income on purchasing water to drink and cook with.

Company Using Water in Drought Stricken California


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California is currently under water restrictions. There is a company that is using water from the state in its bottling. The CEO of the company was recently asked whether he would stop using the water from California, and his answer is something so ridiculous that you have to wonder why is in charge of the company in the first place. Not only does he not plan on stopping production, but he wants to consider using more water from the state. Most companies would realize the effects that this would have on the state. There are also companies that are simply too greedy and want the money more than they care about the people who are affected by their decisions. This is a man who NextPointAdvice and James Dondero feel should think twice about his bottling tactics as the state is already looking at a significant decrease of water for residents over the next few years.

Nestle Bottles Water From Drought-Stricken California, Sells It Back To California


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Nestle is under fire after it became world news that one of its bottling plants, Nestlé Waters North America, which has been based out of Sacramento since 2010, is bottling water from the drought-stricken state and putting it back on the market.

This is not good for Nestle, a company that was heavily criticized only two years ago after CEO Peter Brabeck went on the record to say that clean water should not be a basic human right, and instead should be bottled and sold to remind consumers of its value.

The California drought has now hit its fourth year, and residents are appalled that a major company like Nestle is taking their limited water and selling it at a profit. While Nestle is trying to assure the public that it is paying for the water just like everyone else, there’s a question of human ethics as to whether Nestle is doing the right thing for Californians.

It takes 1.3 gallons of water for every gallon of water Nestle bottles, and 80% of it is staying in California. Meaning that Nestle is taking a much needed natural resource, repackaging it, and selling it back to the people, to put it lightly says Susan McGalla.

Sacremento activists plan to hold a demonstration in June.