Have The Best Fine Dining Experience At Brian Bonar’s New Bellamy Restaurant


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in Brian | Posted on 26-04-2016

According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar is a greatly successful businessman. His success has been built by his long-term experience in the business markets where he has worked for various market leading organizations. During his business career, Brian Bonar has largely held executive positions in most of his workplaces.

He is currently the chief executive officer and president of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has been with this firm for over a decade, and he has helped it greatly grow in the business markets. Brian Bonar has also worked for various great business firms like Trucept Inc., The Amanda Corporation, Smart-tek Automated Services Inc. and Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc.

Brian Bonar’s success in business is also greatly contributed to his strong academic foundation. He is a holder of an Undergraduate Business Degree, a Masters’ in Business Administration and a doctorate in the same field. He pursued all of his higher learning studies at Staffordshire University and also graduated from the same institution.

But Brian Bonar’s interests extend far beyond business into the hospitality and fine dining sectors. He is a great fan of fine dining, and this passion has made him venture into the hospitality industry. He is the owner of a famous San Diego fine dining restaurant known as Bellamy – http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/brian-bonar-receives-professional-networking-communitys-highest-honor-98913914.html.

Bellamy is a San Diego Based and Brian Bonar owned restaurant that has specialized in providing top quality French cuisines to the California people. This restaurant has Patrick Ponsaty as its Master chef. Mr. Pontasy is a Master French Chef, who has been in the hospitality industry for over 31 years. Brian Bonar recently opened a new outlet for his Bellamy brand at the Bandy Canyon Ranch. Patrick Ponsaty will be the Corporate Chef at this outlet. This restaurant seeks to incorporate luxury, space and fine dining into one environment. Brian Bonar says that he hopes his restaurant will be able to make a difference in the American hospitality sector by setting new standards and records.

Patrick Ponsaty is an award winning chef. So far, he has received over 15 awards in different categories. He is also one of the only two Master chefs that San Diego has. This Master Chef is also famed for his great personality and good interpersonal relationships. Brian Bonar had dedicated himself to providing his clients at the be Bellamy restaurant with the best services. He has picked the best professionals in the hospitality industry work with him. With his investment at the Bandy Canyon Ranch, Brian Bonar seeks to turn an over the 144-acre grassy property to a signature four-star restaurant that is capable of hosting large events. Brian Bonar says that his dream is to revolutionize the hospitality industry in San Diego and make it among the top fine dining destinations in the United States.