Thanks To Andy Wirth, The Olympic Valley Was To Do Away With The Incorporation Motion.


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Recently, a cloud of worry and uncertainty was over the Lake Tahoe area due to the incorporation motion about the Olympic Valley. The incorporation of the Olympic Valley was not the best option for the Lake Tahoe community who fully depended on it as an economic pillar. The Olympic Valley is a popular tourist attraction to the area, and tourism drives the economy of this area. The incorporation was predicted to come along with the imposition of higher taxes on the area. The higher taxes would apply to the resorts and other depending businesses. This would lead to an increase in the prices of goods and services in this area. The incorporation of the Olympic Valley would also lead to a stop in services such as road maintenance and snow clearing which the area was enjoying.

An increase in the price of goods and services offered means that tourists will have to spend more on to get the services and commodities they used to get. As the expenditure of tourists is increased some will not be able to afford it and will be forced to look to cheaper alternative destinations. This was not going to play well for the area residents and business a reduced tourism activities would lead to reduced income. Andy Wirth, the owner, and founder of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which owns the largest and one of the most prestigious resorts in Olympic Valley, come out to oppose the incorporation. Andy Wirth, knowing the outcome of the incorporation, did all he could to prevent the incorporation, he even used his money and resources to fight the motion till it was dropped.

Andy Wirt is the founder, owner, president and chief executive officer of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings which owns the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley. In 2011, the Ski Holdings acquired the neighboring Alpine Meadows in an expansion move to connect the two terrains. Squaw Valley Ski Resort know has the largest ski terrain in the world that connects two mountains.

Andy Wirth is also a big fan of ski diving and its one of his favorite sports. In 2011, he had a horrific accident while landing that badly damaged his hand. He was lucky to have his hand reattached and went ahead to start the Wounded Warrior Support group with his Navy Seals friends who were from war. The Wounded Warrior Support offered emotional and psychological support to the soldiers who were returning home. It also helped those who had body deformities from war get artificial replacements. He also formed the Crowdrise campaign which collects funds to donate towards the Navy Seals Foundation.
Andy Wirth hopes that as the businesses in Olympic Valley and the Lake Tahoe region resume early after a four-year drought that saw them close down, a good season is coming. Since the seasonal winds are early this season, he anticipates that the number of tourists to the area will increase. He says this will come to a relief after the four-year drought that rendered the Lake Tahoe area economy stagnant.

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Why Highland Capital Management Under Jim Dondero is Going All In


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When it comes to the stock exchange, you need experts to make any respectable return. One such expert is James Dondero.At a time when many are freeing the bear market, he is increasing the stocks of his company by 0.7 %.

James Dondero is a legend in the Dallas business scene. He is a serial entrepreneur with one venture after another. Jim is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management with Mike Okada.He founded it in 1993 and has grown to have over 1000 employees and a capital of $ 21 billion. He is also the president and co-founder of NexPoint and it affiliates.

In a recent Forbes article, it was noticed investors took a more cautious approach in the last months of the year. It was after the minor crash that saw shares tank by up to 15%. This mini-crash led saw the return of investor skepticism and risk focus. The subsequent recovery of the stock market did not, however, result in the rebuilding of investor confidence. The initial scare was enough to tank investor confidence, and the bear market has been bearish since.

It was at some point feared the market could lead to a domino effect hence affecting other sectors of the economy. The crash severely hit the Brazilian economy, and so was the Chinese Economy. Such is the power of the American economy.

The stock market, at the end of 2015, is right where it was at the start of the year. The flat line capital gains performance hold a silver lining: a shift in the psychology of investors. It is where the good news for 2016 lie.

Analysts and other prognosticators also see little to excite. They have also settled for outlooks that have been built on trend extension and conservative optimism.

James “Jim” Dondero has built HCM from the ground up.It has a talented staff who are chosen with precision. The company manages over $21 billion worth of assets and has offices all over the world. It is known for the innovative financial products in has pioneered in its time. Some of them include CDOs in 1996.

Jim is a generous businessman who contributes to activities that better the community. Mr Dondero has been actively in public policy and veteran’s affairs since Childhood. He chairs institutions such as Cornerstone Health Care, Nexbank and CCS, Medical.

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Banking Strategies Implemented By BMG


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BMG is conscious of its conventional profile and seeks to boost the productivity of its products through responsible credit and enhanced the quality of their customer portfolio. Additionally, the bank is working tirelessly in the development of new businesses that meet its customers’ needs and that put in value to the organization. Below discussed are some of the strategies put in place by BMG to ensure its success.
Increasing profitability is one of the strategies by BMG. The company is focused on growing the loan portfolio in a sustainable manner, making sure there are attractive levels of profitability while enabling the continuation of its entire business.
The second strategy is the ensuring of asset quality. BMG is focused on high quality of credit portfolio that is built on: their conservative policy on credit; senior credit team that ensures technical and detailed analysis based on intelligence of the industry; well defined and strict approval levels, being that decisions are taken up in joint forums; and the capability of monitoring and controlling the bank.
Diversifying the sources of funding is another strategy by BMG. The corporation strives to expand the funding, by seeking long-term and sustainable lines. One of the proponents fo0r this strategy is BMG invest, a platform of fixed income geared towa5ds companies and individuals, that work with a small average ticket and consequently- have low liquidity risks for the bank. The structure of funding substantially comprises of securitization, external funding, letras finacnieras and deposits.
Efficiencies in the operations of the bank is another very crucial strategy. BMG has a competent management and corporate structure that is majorly focused on cost control. Due to this, the bank utilizes a scalable network of software systems and sales that ensure communication with the sales networks as well as process optimization. These elements permit the operational gains and development of business from economies of scale.
Human capital is crucial amongst the strategies since it is the engine of the corporation. The bank has an aim of building high-performance teams, whose personal talents will only make sense when they are capable of forming winning teams. The company will value highly the individuals that take pleasure in working for the company, serving customers effectively and overcoming barriers in a competent and efficient manner. Ricardo Annes Guimares is the bank’s CEO and also double up as the president.
The above are some of the strategies that are employed by BMG in its operations and dealings that ensure it stays the top and leading financial institution in Brazil. All other financial entities should borrow a leaf from these organizations if they want to stay afloat of competitive business practices.

Costa Rica uses only renewable energy in 2015


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The Central American country of Costa Rica has been showing off the many projects it has instigated using renewable energy by using only renewable forms of energy in 2015, The Telegraph reports. For the first 75 days of 2015 the country kept its electricity supplies active with the use of its extensive geothermal, hydroelectric and solar energy production providers. The country has long been seen as a leader in renewable energy and often ranks in the top ten of countries across the globe using green electricity production options.

According to Christian Broda and, Costa Rica often finds itself at an advantage in the use of renewable energy as it does not have a large heavy industry needing to be powered by large amounts of energy. Instead, the country of just under five million people relies on tourism, a computer processor plant and agriculture to drive its economy and remains in a position as one of the most developed countries in Central America. In 2014 only six percent of energy was produced using fossil fuels, with the latest level of renewable energy use being helped by heavy rainfall that has meant hydroelectric power producing dams are being used more than ever before. A further geothermal project designed to use heat from active volcanoes within Costa Rica will go online soon and drive up renewable energy figures even more.

Achievements of Christopher Cowdray


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Christopher Cowdray was born in Zimbabwe. He pursued a degree in hotel management while in Zimbabwe. He later enrolled at Columbia University in New York, where he graduated from its Business School’s Executive Program. Christopher Cowdray is a member of the Hotel Catering and Institutional Management Association, a master’s degree holder, an honorary professor at Thames Valley University, and the former Chairman of the British Hospitality Association.

Cowdray’s Career

Cowdray’s career spans an impressive 30 years in various capacities. He has managed hotels in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. Specifically, he was the General Manager of the Al Bustan Palace Hotel in Oman, Managing Director of Claridge’s in London, and the General Manager of The Dorchester. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of The Dorchester Collection; a post he has held since November 2007. In 2013, Cowdray received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards.

The Dorchester Collection

The Brunei Investment Agency owns the Dorchester Collection. Under Cowdray’s leadership, the Dorchester Collection has grown from managing five self-subsisting hotels, five years ago, to ten renowned hotels now, under a single brand. These hotels include The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane in London, Hotel Principe DI Savoia in Milan, Coworth Park in the United Kingdom, Le Meurice and Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris, Hotel Eden in Rome, Hotel Bel-Air and The Beverly Hills Hotels in Beverly Hills, California, and Le Richemond in Geneva. The Dorchester Collection is on a plan to expand its business in North America, European cities such as Madrid, as well as resorts and less-developed Middle Eastern destinations such as Qatar.

Formula for Success

Cowdray has remarked repeatedly that the success of any organization comes from its employees. The hotels have been keen to hire the right personnel and invest in service training. The hotels are also widely known for their spas, which Cowdray says, have now started working with other brands such as Dior and La Prairie to meet customer preference. Due to their diverse clientele, the hotels have invested heavily in technology, specifically high-speed, high bandwidth Wi-Fi as well as using state of the art reservation systems.

Another aspect that has raised the profile of the hotels under the Dorchester Collection is their hosting of regular fashion shows. In an initiative to help the youth, Cowdray instituted a policy of holding the fashion shows for designers launching their labels and more so young newcomers. He believes that the success of the group is in the individuality of its hotels.