Real Estate Developer Sam Boraie Is An Economic Game Changer In New Jersey


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New Jersey is ranked number two in the country when it comes to slow job growth. The only state to gain fewer jobs over the last three years was Alaska. New Jersey ranks 36th in economic growth, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. And to top off those figures, New Jersey is the 5th most expensive place to live in the United States. Even though New Jersey has some work to do when it comes to jobs, economic growth, and the cost of living, the state has a lot of good qualities. New Jersey may be overshadowed by New York and Pennsylvania, but the state has a rich history and a winning spirit. Men like real estate developer, Sam Boraie, contribute to that winning spirit every day.

The Boraie family has been changing the economic dynamics of New Brunswick, New Jersey for more than 40 years. Omar Boraie, the Egyptian chemist turned real estate developer, is responsible for bringing New Brunswick’s inner city back to life. Sam Boraie and his brother, Wasseem, and sister Hiam, are keeping Omar’s vision for New Jersey alive through new commercial and residential development projects in New Brunswick as well as in Newark and Atlantic City. Sam Boraie is one of the vice-presidents of Boraie Development LLC. Sam’s father, Omar, started the company, and he is still active in the business.

Boraie Development is one of New Jersey’s top real estate developers and real estate managers. In the inner city of New Brunswick, the Boraie’s have made a major impact on commercial and residential growth. Downtown New Brunswick is a thriving business center these days, and a convenient and safe place to live, thanks to the real estate projects Sam Boraie and his family completed over the last 20 years. The Aspire luxury condominium building is one of those downtown Boraie projects. The Aspire is a New York City style high-rise that offers professionals the amenities they would find in New York.

Albany Street Plaza One is another Boraie commercial masterpiece. Plaza One was one of the first high-rise building in the downtown area in the 1980s. Thanks to the positive feedback from businesses moving to New Brunswick, Boraie Development finished the One Spring Street residential building and Albany Street Plaza Two a few years later.

Sam Boraie is the face of Boraie Development these days. He is a New Jersey State Theater Board member, and a member of the board of the non-profit, Elijah’s Promise. Sam is an economic and social game changer in New Jersey. Boraie is responsible for making Newark’s One Riverview condominium building a reality, and he is currently working on the first Millennial apartment complex in Atlantic City.

New Jersey may not get a lot of positive press these days, but men like Sam Boraie are giving New Jersey another chance to be a great state.


John Goullet: A Veteran IT Staffing Executive and Principal of Diversant, LLC


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John Goullet, the chairperson of Diversant, LLC, is an Ursinus College graduate who majored in computer science. Goullet has experience of working for various IT companies since the 1990s. His area of specialization includes Application Development, Web Solutions, Infrastructure Support, Data Analysis & Architecture, Quality Assurance, and Network Engineering.

Goullet’s early life and career

John Goullet began his career over two decades ago as an IT consultant. His job was to evaluate components of the computer such as software and hardware. Goullet also provided maintenance, programming, and database management services to various companies.

In 1994, he decided to establish a company known as Info Technologies, Inc. This establishment was formed to offer IT staffing solutions. Its primary mission was to create diversity in the workplaces of most U.S.-based companies. Goullet formed Info Technologies since he had observed that there were few IT staffing firms and professionals. His agenda was to avail an easy way for businesses to hire IT talents.

This company hired over 200 skilled employees to cater to the increasing need of staffing solutions in the country. Info Technologies, Inc. operated for 15 years until it was merged with Diversant Inc. Before the merger, Info Technologies, Inc. was worth $30 million, and it was listed as one of the fastest rising companies in the U.S.

John Goullet and Diversant, LLC

Diversant Inc. was established by Gene Waddy and specializes in providing IT Staffing solutions. Goullet and Waddy decided to merge their companies forming Diversant, LLC. Gene Waddy became the chief executive officer while Goullet was named the principal and chairperson of the firm. Diversant, LLC is one of the largest African-American owned IT Staffing companies in the United States.

Under the management of Goullet, the company has expanded its addressable market and increased the number of clients. The company now serves GlaxoSmithKline, Bank of America, Verizon, and Met Life. The company also offers consulting services to Fortune 500 corporations and the mid-market businesses. Additionally, John Goullet ensures that his company meets the needs of its vast clientele. He also empowers employees and encourages them to be creative and uphold ethical business practices.

The New Importance of Online Reputation Management


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In the world of online business, online reputation management has become more and more important. It used to deal with reversing negative Google search results. but now it involves coming up with a strategy to promote a company’s brand. Here are a few reasons why companies should pay attention to ORM.

Customers will post messages, both positive and negative.

Brands that did not pay enough attention to customers changing attitudes have

68 percent of customers trust reviews that have been posted online.

86 percent of buyers can be influenced by negative online reviews.


Here’s a good reason why companies should pay attention to customer reaction. 24 percent of American adults have posted comments about products or services they have purchased. Positive reviews from customers can help you a little, but bad reviews can have five times more impact on the negative side.

Word of mouth about products and services have become increasingly important when it comes to online perception of a company and what it has to offer. Customers especially believe in word of mouth assessments when it comes from relatives and friends. Online reputation management should be seen on a global scale even if your company has not reached that point in scope. If you focus on good quality customer service your reputation may shine past even your customer base.

Too many bad reviews can do harm to a company in an immediate fashion. With the use of ORM there are ways you can start to bounce back. If negative reviews are a part of only a few total reviews, ORM can use methods to get more total reviews, hoping that a good portion of them will be positive. If the negative reviews are legitimate, then a company has to quickly solve the problem and fix bad reviews. In some cases a company has no control over super negative comments they may receive. Some action can be taken if there is defamatory language used. If there is intent to damage a company’s reputation, or if the information spread is blatantly incorrect.

The Search Fixers is an example of an Online Reputation management company that will help companies reverse negative press they are experiencing on the internet. They are currently offering thirty percent off the first month of a subscription for the ORM service.

Performance Analysis For Madison Street Capital For The Year 2015 And 2016 Predictions.


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One of the most prestigious and most successful firms in the investment banking industry is Madison Street Capital, LLC. This firm operates internationally and offers investment baking solutions to its clients worldwide. Madison Street Capital have a reputation of giving high quality investment banking solutions that include strategic and financial advisory to its clients and also for its top notch customer services. This firm has alot of experience in the world investment banking markets since it has been operational in the industry for quite a long time. Their staff are highly qualified and professional and have good market knowledge and expertise in the investment banking sector. This factors have been able to put Madison Street Capital among the leading firms in the investment banking sector.

This top notch investment firm recently issued out their performance analysis in their 4th edition of the hedge fund industry M&A overview. This edition covered the general performance of the firm and its transaction activity and M&A opportunities for the just-ended year. It also focuses on this firm’s expectations for the due 2016 financial year. The reports indicate that this investment banking bigwig was able to pen down 42 hedge fund deals in 2015, from its clients all over the world. This was a record of more than 10 transactions in comparison to the 32 transactions for the previous year 2014. To add on this, from statistics released by AUM, the transaction volume went up by 27% in 2015 in comparison to 2014. The firm experienced numerous transactions in the fourth quarter of the year 2015. This increased transactions rate facilitated the good performance of the firm in the previous financial year.

According to Madison, their notably good performance in 2015 helped them come up with key drivers that increased their deal momentum. This means that the firm is currently in a good position for 2016. According to then, this year records will be broken and reset. They plan to make even more M&A transactions that will beat all previous records.

This Madison report also goes on to reveal that the assets of hedge fund industry still are at their all time high. There was also a poor performance in most strategies used by hedge funds in 2015. Institutional investors had to make investment allocations in the alternative asset management sector in numbers due to the snail-paced performance by hedge funds. This move was to offer these investors higher returns that are competitive with the rising liabilities. Things were tougher for small hedge funds, whose managers were desperate for new capital thus has to operate below optimal portfolio capacity levels. In general, all hedge funds had a higher operational costs and a downward fee pressure. In light of this, hedge funds had to consider strategic alternatives that would help the survive in the industry.


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Sanjay Shah: What Made Him A Millionaire? The Solo Capital Legacy Explained!


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Today, former British stocks trader turned philanthropist, Sanjay Shah manages a fairly large collection of companies. Solo Capital became the investor’s golden enterprise, which earned him the better percentage of his fortune. Among Uk’s top-earning hedge fund capitalists, he’s amassed over $280 million. Prior to establishing Solo Capital, Shah held different positions trading in the investment and financial markets. Global Citizen-Magazine, a prominent media boutique revealed that Shah initially set out to become a medical doctor. While he was in pursuit of a career in medicine, Shah became an accountant. The well-founded King’s College graduate didn’t settle for a life of endless record keeping either. His desire for an eventful city life was too resolute. Firstly, Shah secured a job with Merrill Lynch Bank before joining others: Rabobank, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and ING.

While working for these companies, Shah learned a lot. Unfortunately, the investment banking executive career ended prematurely as institutions faced unpredictable challenges. As chaos consumed investment and financial markets in 2009, these institutions had no choice to redundant workers. Sanjay Shah was among the batch that was let off. He didn’t allow this disappointing reality to shape his future. Having earned an education from first-hand experiences commanding different investment banking institutions, agencies, and financial firms. This job uncertainty became his motivation. Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital and subsidiaries. Under controlling partner, Solo Capital Holdings, Shah manages other financial groups. The tally of companies he owns today is beyond 36. These companies are spread across different countries, including Luxembourg, London, Dubai, the BVI (British Virgin Islands), Cayman Islands, and Malta. Old Park Lane-Capital is the group’s latest acquisition. Today, Shah no longer trades as he’s focused attention to running his conglomerates and organizations.

Now, the retired investor organizes charity concerts presented by Autism Rocks. Shah son Nikhil is autistic. This life-altering reality opened his heart to giving. Through Autism Rocks, Shah has funded ongoing research conducted by ART (Autism Research Trust) and ARC (Autism Research Center). A component of Cambridge University, ARC conducts needed research into understanding autism. Sanjay Shah, a trustee of ART which funds ARC programs has been helping children worldwide especially the disadvantaged in India. He sponsors them through the charitable foundation, Plan International. Additionally, he took up office as director back in 2013, a position he still holds.

Autism Rocks presents some of the entertainment industry’s finest music acts, including rapper Snoop Dogg, Drake the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Prince and Michael Buble among others. Sanjay Shah Autism Rocks concerts are an invitation-only occasion, accommodating the country’s privileged donors and music lovers. Recently, Shah commissioned Done Events, a prominent entertainment consultancy agency in Dubai. With the new contract, Shah plans to promote his organization as he hopes to organize expansions. In 2014, he hosted a reggae festival, an event he’s planning to host yearly with Done Events expertise on entertainment planning.

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Charles Koch’s Interview And A Little About Him


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Charles G. Koch, a businessman and a republican, recently discussed the Republican candidates that are trying to become the Republican nominee. One of the things Koch suggested was that big money was losing it’s influence, at least when it came to politics.

Koch expressed concerns over Donald Trump’s policies and Senator Ted Cruz’s policies.

Koch, who is 80-years-old, mentioned how he thinks there are things that America needs right away, but nothing is being done to address those needs. He went onto mention how the plan to keep Muslims from other countries from entering America is not what America represents. He was speaking out against Trumps plans to place a ban on Muslim foreigners from entering the country.

Cruz’s plan is to bomb ISIS militants, but Koch didn’t agree with that. He said that would be fruitless, and he questioned whether the next step would be for America to go from one Muslim country to the next, with the goal to bomb them.

Furthermore, Koch also discussed how he studied revolutionaries , and acknowledged that America has to defend themselves and they need to improve intelligence, but America has not done a good job at creating unfriendly havens for terrorists in Muslim countries and communities.

It was just a year ago when Charles Koch and his brother hinted that their network of like-minded donors would spend more than $800 million in advancing Republican candidates. However, Trump mocked the brothers’ influence and has gone as far as calling candidates who accept their money puppets.

A Little About Charles Koch
Charles Koch is the brother of David Koch. He is a businessman who is worth more than $30 billion. He has been married for more than 30 years and in 2011, he was named as one of the most influential people by Time’s Magazine.

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Environmental Law is the protection of the natural environment through the use of policies against harmful human activities. Impact assessment is the study that measures the outcome of these human activities to the environment. This test ensures that the following factors are in perfect condition: air quality, water quality, management of waste, chemical safety and contamination cleanup. Environmental law as a discipline is comprised of several principles that compliment its operations. These principles consist of equitable boundary responsibility, sustainability development together with transparency. Environmental Law is a very vast and detailed discipline that requires the complete commitment to pursue it. However, there have been veterans in this field who have tackled Environmental Law and prospered to great heights. One legendary Attorney in this field goes by the name Frans Schoeman on slideshare, a versatile and prominent attorney who has accomplished a lot in this field.

Environmental Law was more of a calling to Frans Schoeman since he picked up his career at a rather high notch. His latest endeavors were in 2010 when he became the Legal Director of TG Mister Consulting, an independent and accomplished law firm. He settled down immediately and dutifully undertook his duties diligently which included: negotiation of contracts, drafting and completing legal mergers. He later on became the Managing Director of Phatsima Diamond in the year 2006 whereby he was responsible for ensuring the mining concession was working perfectly. His law firm’s credential is quite admirable as it happens to have various attorneys whose knowledge and capabilities are way above par. Their prowess is well known to many, and they have used this as a factor to attract more clients for the good of their firm. Many of its clients comprise of other companies and well-established businesses that may require the services of the firm from time to time in case of any legal constraints.

Frans Schoeman has got a massive range of complicated skills that he may offer if need be. These skills have made him to stand out as an accomplished attorney hence increasing his demand in the legal world. His skills comprise of corporate governance, commercial litigation, legal writing, legal advising and also litigation. His education credentials marches his pedigree of being an established attorney. He graduated from Free State University back in the year 1990. The school’s history gives him credence for being a very industrious and hardworking student in his pursue his Law degree. In campus, he also joined the Student Legal Society, which was considered as a move of showing interest in Law while still at a juvenile stage of his life. He also happens to have won several certificates thanks to his hard work in the field of Environmental Law. For instance, he achieved a paramount certificate known as the Certificate of the Law Society of RSA. This is a firm where Frans Schoeman was able to go and sharpen his attorney skills and was later awarded this certificate because of how professional he turned out to be. Various organizations have also enjoyed his contributions. This includes the likes of LSSA organization for which he started being a member back in 1990.

Middle Class Investment Options


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Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, LLC, Brad Reifler, saw a problem and worked toward a solution. Family members, including his father-in-law, wanted similar investment opportunities as those that were being offered to the one percenters. However, they were unaccredited, meaning they did not qualify for the same opportunities.

Reuters said that using his experience as a successful entrepreneur, founder of multiple business firms and an investment advisor, Mr. Reifler founded Forefront Income Trust, a closed end investment company. This new enterprise was formed to benefit the middle class by organizing diverse product offerings in order to mitigate the risk that is inherent with higher yield investment opportunities. The funds chosen for investment opportunities are well collateralized and clearly structured.

Mr. Reifler hopes that by making these opportunities available to the middle class, that the economic gap between them and the upper class will shrink. This lucrative business plan is structured to cater to the investor, mitigating their risk, and providing them with peace of mind. LinkedIn also writes that the return on an investment must be more than 8% before a management fee is charged.

His recent successes as CEO and founder of several other investment firms only lends more confidence and credence to his latest efforts. Mr. Reifler feels that this may be his most rewarding and profitable venture.

Beauty Products Designed for Individual Expression


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For centuries, women have been using beauty products to enhance their appearance. In ancient civilizations women would outline their eyes with charcoal and enhance the color of their lips with berry juice. Today, women have the ability to not only enhance their natural features with makeup, but to also express their individuality.

The Natural Look

There are many beauty products designed to create a natural appearance for a woman’s face by subtly hiding the imperfections. Foundations and powders can help even out skin tones to make the face color appear smooth and even. A bronzer or blusher will add a subtle highlight or glow to cheeks, foreheads and noses, creating a natural sun-kissed look. To create a natural look with makeup products, the colors chosen are generally a shade or two lighter or darker than the actual skin tone.

The Bold and the Beautiful

In contrast to the natural look, there is also the bold look. To achieve this look, women will choose more colorful lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes. Lips could be enhance with a shade of deep burgundy or highlighted with a pastel blue. Eyes could be made more dramatic with a magenta or more mysterious with a soft shade of plum. This look draws attention to specific features, while enhancing the natural beauty of the woman.

Makeup for Creative Expression

The line of products available from Lime Crime are designed on dollskill to let people express their creative side. The Grunge Palette of colors includes powdered shadows in both light and dark shades. These colors range from the deep chocolate Icon to the cream colored Aura. These shadows can be further enhanced with the addition of any Zodiac glitter color placed on either the lid or under the brow.

The line of products from Lime Crime provides people with freedom of expression. People can express their individuality by combining multiple colors for creating looks unique to them. Combining the blue lip color with the rose color will create a subtle and sensuous shading on the lips. Nails can become canvases for artistic expression by combining the different vibrant shades available from Lime Crime.

Beauty Products for Everyone

Products designed to enhance a person’s features are not limited by age or gender. While the majority of people who use makeup are female, males can also use beauty products to enhance their features. Many young men use lip and nail colors to express their individuality. These colors can range from the darkest black to the more expressive lime green. Many young people will choose makeup colors they can coordinate with their expressive hair colors.

Older adults can also express their creative side by choosing deeper shades to highlight their eyes for an evening out. Deep rich shades of plum, magenta and brown can be used to create the perfect look for clubbing. The artistic colors of beauty products can also be used to replicate looks worn by many top models.

Brian Mulligan is Always Ready For Change


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Change is Constant
Brian Mulligan is the C.E.O. who knows very well that change is a constant within every aspect of life. This includes the world of business. Mr. Mulligan is a leader who can keep up with the ever changing world. He is a remarkable and very fortunate man who believes in good old fashioned values. This includes a strong work ethic, a trustworthy character, along with the ability to keep up with the constant changes that are inevitable. A positive mental attitude is vital for any leader. Brian holds the powerful belief that a clear mental attitude is necessary for everyone. He includes himself in this belief.

The Current CEO of Brooknol Advisors
Brian Mulligan is the CEO of Brooknol Advisors. This is a media, entertainment, and sports advisory company. He is well versed in many areas. He has held the numerous positions. Brian Mulligan has a broad career that certainly reflects his own high standards and values. He is currently the CEO of Brooknol Advisors. This is a company that is all about media, entertainment, and sports advisory. Sound business innovation plays a vital role in this industry. Mr. Mulligan has been at Brooknol Advisors since January of 2006. This media and entertainment consulting does need an individual who is always ready for change.

The Man With the Impressive Career
Brian Mulligan does indeed have a broad and highly impressive career. This is a highly talented individual who proves to be impressive in everything that he does. He is interesting in every way. Success and Brian Mulligan are a trustworthy combination. It may be his unbending values that have led this man to a path of constant success. He is an individual who stays on top of the ever-changing world.

Always Involved
Brian Mulligan is more that just business and career. This is an individual who is always involved in the world. His life clearly shows his commitment in many ways. He does indeed have a full life that is separate from work and change. He has been involved in many philanthropic activities. He is an active participant of life. He has set an outstanding example for many. Sports has been a major expertise for Mr. Mulligan. His interests have spread out to Children’s Research Hospital. He has been known to coach and mentor youth. This is a man who is always involved and who is known to be ready for change.