John Goullet: A Veteran IT Staffing Executive and Principal of Diversant, LLC


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John Goullet, the chairperson of Diversant, LLC, is an Ursinus College graduate who majored in computer science. Goullet has experience of working for various IT companies since the 1990s. His area of specialization includes Application Development, Web Solutions, Infrastructure Support, Data Analysis & Architecture, Quality Assurance, and Network Engineering.

Goullet’s early life and career

John Goullet began his career over two decades ago as an IT consultant. His job was to evaluate components of the computer such as software and hardware. Goullet also provided maintenance, programming, and database management services to various companies.

In 1994, he decided to establish a company known as Info Technologies, Inc. This establishment was formed to offer IT staffing solutions. Its primary mission was to create diversity in the workplaces of most U.S.-based companies. Goullet formed Info Technologies since he had observed that there were few IT staffing firms and professionals. His agenda was to avail an easy way for businesses to hire IT talents.

This company hired over 200 skilled employees to cater to the increasing need of staffing solutions in the country. Info Technologies, Inc. operated for 15 years until it was merged with Diversant Inc. Before the merger, Info Technologies, Inc. was worth $30 million, and it was listed as one of the fastest rising companies in the U.S.

John Goullet and Diversant, LLC

Diversant Inc. was established by Gene Waddy and specializes in providing IT Staffing solutions. Goullet and Waddy decided to merge their companies forming Diversant, LLC. Gene Waddy became the chief executive officer while Goullet was named the principal and chairperson of the firm. Diversant, LLC is one of the largest African-American owned IT Staffing companies in the United States.

Under the management of Goullet, the company has expanded its addressable market and increased the number of clients. The company now serves GlaxoSmithKline, Bank of America, Verizon, and Met Life. The company also offers consulting services to Fortune 500 corporations and the mid-market businesses. Additionally, John Goullet ensures that his company meets the needs of its vast clientele. He also empowers employees and encourages them to be creative and uphold ethical business practices.

Why Online Reputation Is Crucial for Your Business Or Profession


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Simply put, whatever reputation you’ve built up over time can be utterly destroyed within a few moments with the click of someone’s mouse or the swipe their fingertips across a digital device. Never in recorded history has it been easier to either build a positive image of your profession–or tarnish it.

The various reasons for which your online reputation matters and indeed may need the services of a reputation online reputation manager (ORM) we’ll cover below in our article.

According to recent statistics, over 92 percent of the companies surveyed screen their applicants online. Furthermore, 34 percent of the companies have reported that they have actually turned away applicants based on their online profiles and reputation discrepancies.

Amazingly, Facebook is the favorite hiring tool for a full 83 percent of the colleges looking for potential teaching staff. In addition, student backgrounds are also subject to these searches as well. The reality is that someone is more than likely Googling you right now for your background information.

ORM Is A Must For Various Reasons

If you’re applying for a job or to attend college, then guess what? Someone is searching you out. If you’re in line for a promotion, raise or developing a business start-up, then someone wants to know more about you.

Are you considering entering into a relationship with someone, then you’d better check out that person via the Internet. Applying for a loan? Someone wants to know about any solvency issues you may have.

Better Watch What You Say

Even presidential candidates have been diminished by comments that have been made to various sources in the past. Once something is posted on the Internet, it becomes a matter of public domain and recorded history–permanently. Don’t be haunted by your embarrassing comments from the past now being transferred to your future.

If you’re a business, be aware that nearly 90 percent of Internet users read online reviews before buying a product. Furthermore, parents are growing in numbers as to first checking out medical referrals–to the tune of nearly 72 percent.

Putting it simply, either watch what you say and do on the Internet, or let a strong online reputation management firm go to work in your behalf with prevention, response and a proactive program of positive online reputation building.