California Leads Country With Solar Power Solution


Posted by LLJ43 | Posted in California Leading the Way, Solar Power Solutions | Posted on 28-05-2015

On Wednesday, low income residents of California had a reason to rejoice: The state finally began installation of free rooftop solar panels for those with qualifying income levels as outlined in the 2011 SB 535 bill. The solar panels are designed to help low income residents save more money on their energy bills each year.

Environmentalists and social activists have been telling local, state and federal officials for years that even partial use of solar panels for electricity generation could help people see significant utility bill reductions. Solar panels also help reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions that come from fossil fuel burning that is often related to electricity usage in many areas.

According to GRID Alternatives, the non-profit company providing the panels, one system should supply one low-income California resident and his/her family with more than $22,000 in savings over 30 years. The manufacturing and installation of the panels will also help bring new jobs to several areas.

Of course, Daniel Amen recognizes that many people have criticized the plan. Some have pointed out that solar panel creation and disposal involves the use of materials and methods that can cause harm to the environment and also require the use of fossil fuels. Additionally, the plan only benefits 1,600 residents at this point. Some critics have stated that this is a drop in the bucket and that too many residents are not seeing solutions soon enough.